Busmopolitan – Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage – March 2018.


Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the March 2018 edition of Busmopolitan.
The new 18 registration plate has come out, and first local vehicle noted is an Irizar i6 of South East Coaches at South Woodham Ferrers.
Ensignbus has revised its Thurrock and Brentwood  networks and published timetable booklet no 30.
First Essex has upgraded its Colchester fleet with some ex West of England Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis.
On Good Friday, Hedingham ran an X76 special, using 2 Volvo B10M coaches. It is understood this type will be retired from pcv use later in 2018.
The month ended with drama at Stansted Airport, when one of the car park shuttle buses caught fire – outside the terminal building. There was much disruption to flights (and trains), and the airport was criticised over how it handled the situation.

Above: VDL200/Wright 3379 (KX09 KDU) at Southend Travel Centre in March 2018. (Connor Hamilton).

VDL200 3379 was used in Southend between 6/3/18 and around 25/3/17. It had been in Short Street workshops for the previous 6 months as a major rebuild project. It has now returned to Stevenage.
ADL/Enviro 400MMCs 6501/4/15 were loaned to Arriva Colchester over the Easter weekend for a Colchester-Hythe Rail replacement. DAF SB120/Wright Cadets 3529/34 (LF02 PNJ/U) were borrowed from Colchester in exchange.

SN66WJM 6515 AR SD (HYTHE CR RRP) 31-3-18 (S AUSTIN)
Above: 6515 at Hythe rail station, Colchester on 31/3/18. (Simon Austin).

Ex Arriva London Sojuth ADL/Enviro 200 ENL3 was allocated to Barking (DX), but quickly moved onto Grays (GY). Sister ENL6 also came to DX. Both had previously been at Wood Green (WN).
Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis VLW467/91/92 have been allocated to Edmonton (EC) for TfL123 (Wood Green-Ilford).

Dennis Dart SLF/Marshall Capital 142 is reinstated.

Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 566 (W428 WGH) has seatbelts.
Withdrawn is Volvo B10M/Van Hool accessible coach 3 (M655 KVU).

6/3/18: 60002 on 6L44 Oxwellmains-West Thurrock.
7/3/18: 66848 on 6L37 Hoo Junction-Whitemoor.
8/3/18: 60026 on 6L44.
15/3/18: 66848 on 0L47.
22/3/18: 60076 on 6L44. 66846 on 0L37.
26/3/18: 70805 on Acton Lane-Barnetby via Cambridge.
29/3/18: 66848 on 6o36 Whitemoor-Hoo Junct.

Returned to their lessor are ADL/Enviro 200s DA2-12 (YX62 DHC/D/Y, DKD/E/L/ DMU, DPF, DSZ, DTV/Y).

37606 has been stored at Derby.
6/3/18: 59001 on 0L21 from Dagenham to Acton, light through Leyton Midland Road @ 1919. 66170 on Wakefield-Felixstowe.
7/3/18: 66053 on Potters Bar-Whitemoor autoballasters.
13/3/18; 90034 at Ilford.
14/3/18: 66080 on Wakefield-FLX.
19/3/18: 66167 on 4L45 Wakefield-FLX.
21/3/18: 66012 on Chelmsford stone.
25/3/18: 66075 on Knebworth-Whitemoor engineers. 66152 on Whitemoor-Alexaner Palace engineers.
27/3/18: 59101 on 6L21 Whatley-Dagenham. 66035 on 4L18 Trafford Park-FLX.
28/3/18: 66086 on 4L40 Cowley-Purfleet.

Has acquired ex Turners of Essex Leyland Olympian/NC K735 ODL, ex loan.

From Blue Triabgle are Scania N230UD/Olympuses 741/44/47-51.
ADL/Enviro 200/MCV Evolution AE56 OUK has gone to Shelton Motors, Ely, for scrap – via Ensign.

19/3/18: 37405 with 5 GA MkIIIs on 5P82 Ilford-Norwich. 57312 with 1 DVT on Cardiff-Norwich via GEML. 88008 on 0Z88 Norwich-Crewe via GEML, after visiting MNR gala.
22/3/18: 37405 on 1Z99 Norwich-Liverpool St light engine, to collect ECS back to Norwich as 5P04. Dead GA 90015 was on rear.
23/3/17: 37607 + DBSO 9701 in Felixstowe area – late at night.
24-25/3/17: 37607 + 9701 on 3Z66 Colchester-Derby.
27/3/18: 90034 at Ilford depot.
29/3/18: 37608 on Old Oak-Ilford light engine.

Former Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini LF52 THG, latterly with London General; has gone to Shelton Motors, Ely, for scrap – via Ensign.

New are Airbus A320-214s G-EZRP/U, A320-251n G-UZHE.

It’s 45 years since the depot and bus station at West Mersea closed.

Mersea Museum RG03_BUS_003
Above: The West Mersea bus station office, seen around 30/3/1973. (Ron Green Collection-Mersea Museum).

Below: Staff line up at West Mersea depot/bus station on 30/3/1973, the penultimate day of operations. The Bristol MW in the background was the last bus kept there. (Ron Green Collection-Mersea Museum).
Mersea Museum RG03_BUS_001

Mersea Museum MMC_P900_B
Above: Bristol K5G/ECW no 1294 (MPU 17), on the forecourt of West Mersea garage/bus station. Worked as am outbase of Colchester, the premises had been acquired with the Berrys business in 1935. (R A Jenkinson-Mersea Museum).

There were changes to the main Thurrock network from 3/3/18.
12 – revised to run between Aveley The Village Estate and Ockendon Station to a revised timetable. It finishes on Friday 25/5/18 when funding ends.
22 – will operate via Lakeside Tesco and Retail Park at all times to a revised timetable with reliability measures.
22A – ceased. Sun and hol service covered by 22 and 66.
33 – Additional M-F peak journeys, revised timetable.
44 – Additional M-F peak journeys, revised timetable to improve reliability.
66 – revised timetable and new Sunday service. M-F, every other journey will be a 66A which will take a different route between Grays and Lakeside.
66A – revised timetable. Between Grays and Lakeside, buses will operate between London Road, Weston Avenue and Lakeside Tesco.
73/A, 83 – Revised timetables to improve reliability. Some additional M-F journeys.
88 – Withdrawn from Lakeside. M-F off-peak frequency altered to 60 mins.
88A – new M-F service Stifford Clays-Lakeside.
X80 – new Sunday service introduced.
Changes to the Brentwood network from 26/3/18:
21 – M-F, 10:50 and 19:08 from Ongar extended to Lakeside as X21. X21 returns to Ongar @ 09:48, 16:05.
81 – M-F, all peak journeys extended to/from Warley Eagle Way.

LX15GVE 131 ENSIGNBUS 21 (ONGAR) 21-10-17
Above: Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini2 131 at Ongar on 21/10/17. (John Podgorski).

Fleet news is that ex Stephensons of Easingwold ADL/Enviro 200 SK15 HBB has been added, as no 719, while short ADL/E200 650 is reinstated.

WX55VHU 37009 FE 65 (HIGHWOODS) 14-3-18 (S AUSTIN)
From First West of England at Bristol are Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis 37009/10 (WX55 VHU/V), 37015 (WX15 VJC), 37016/17 (WX55 VJD/E), 37020 (WX55 VJJ) – all allocated to Colchester (CR). 37009 (seen above) at Highwoods Square, Colchester on 14/3/18 by Simon Austin.
Scania Omnicity 65028 (YN06 TDO) is now in refreshed livery. 65031 (YN06 TDX) is the last of the type at Chelmsford.
Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 65689 (YS03 ZKJ) has move from CR to Clacton (CN). 65748 delicensed due to chassis failure.

YN06TDO 65028 FE REFRESHED 76A (CR B S) 12-3-18 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Omnicity 65028 at Colchester bus station on 12/3/18. It is on the fast 76A service, which competes against Hedingham X76 and by-passes Little Clacton and Weeley. (Simon Austin).

EO02 NFE 53123 FE CF CREW FERRY (CF B S) 11-3-18 (S AUSTIN)
Optare Solo 53123 (EO02 NFE) is now a crew shuttle at Chelmsford (CF). Pictured (above) on 11/3/18 by Simon Austin. It is not that long ago that new cars and minibuses replaced old buses as crew ferries at First Essex.
Optare Solos 53113 (EO02 NDY), 53133 (EO02 NFR) are withdrawn. 53133 has gone to store at Clacton. Indeed, all of the 02 reg Solos looked to have been taken out of revenue service, by the end of March. They have been replaced, in the main by the ex London/Potteries Dart SLF/Caetanos. Regular haunts for the 02 Solos had included routes 14/15 (Chelmsford-Wickford), 37 (Warley-Brentwood-Bishops Hall), 40 (Galleywood-Chelmsford-Broomfield), 41 (Galleywood-Chelmsford-Chignal), 351 (Chelmsford-Brentwood). Also occasional appearances on 73 (Chelmsford-Heybridge-Maldon) and even the odd run on 71 (Chelmsford-Colchester).

EO02NFV 53136 FE 41 (CF B S) 10-2-18
Above: Optare Solo 53136 outside Chelmsford bus station on 10/2/18. (John Podgorski).

Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 42900 has lost its super rear advert for Haynes International Motor Museum.

From 26/3/18, was rerouted in Chelmsford, due to forthcoming appearance of double deckers. All journeys from Southend revised to run via Parkway, Rainsford Road to the bus station. Towards Southend, via Coval Lane to Parkway. This is to avoid the arched railway bridge on Duke Street.

Above: Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 32476 (AU53 HJK) at the top of Market Hill, Halstead on 2/3/18, on a Colchester bound 88. (Simon Austin).

Below: Wright Streetlite 63334 at The Commons, Prettygate, Colchester in March 2018, on a Sunday working of Essex CC 1A. (Daniel Pretty).

Ancillary vehicles: Ford Transit NA64 CDV is in use as a staff shuttle.

VDL Bova SO15 UBS is here. It arrived in orange livery.

7/3/18: 66619 at Bow Olympic. 66621 on Chaddesden-Broxbourne.
15/3/18: 66618 on Bow-Tunstead.
18/3/18: 66602/597 top and tail through Cambridge North on 6Y71 Finsbury Park-Whitemoor engineers.
22/3/18: 66516 on 6L04 Wembley-Barrington and 6M07 return.
23/3/18: 66516 on 6L04/6M04 again. 66617 at Bow Olympic.
26/3/18: 66532 on 6L04/6M04.
27/3/18: 66428 on 6L48 Daventry-Purfleet.
28/3/18: 66532 on 6L04/6M04.
29/3/18: 66540 on Whitemoor-Parkeston.

Ex DBS 66783 has received Biffa red/orange livery and named ‘The Flying Dustman’.
4/3/18: 66725/40/45/58 on 0L33 Peterborough-Ipswich-Felixstowe/Parkeston Quay light engine.
6/3/18: 66724 on 4MO6 Felixstowe-Hams Hall. 66725 on 4M23. 66740 on 4M29 Felixstowe-Birch Coppice. 66725 on FLX-Hams Hall. 66747 on 4Z33. 66757 on 4R03 Hams Hall-FLX. 66758 on Harwich-North Walsham tanks. 66765 on FLX-Doncaster.
7/3/18: 66724 on 4Z81 Masboro-FLX. 66726 at Bow Midland.
8/3/18: 66728 dead in 4M02.
9/3/18: 66714 on 4L18 Trafford Park-FLX. 66758 on 4L02. ‘Large logo’ 66789 at Bow Midland on 6O60/6O74 from/to Tonbridge empty hoppers.
12/3/18: 66770 on FLX-Hams Hall.
13/3/18: 66702 on Parkeston-N Walsham light engine.
14/3/18: 66740, 66758 at Bow Midland.
15/3/18: 66726 on 4L02. 66740 at Bow Midland.
16/3/18: 66789 on 6L36 Hoo Junct-Whitemoor.
18/3/18: 66740/727 top and tail on 6T60 Straford-Whitemoor engineers.
19/3/17: 66732 on 6P40 Parkeston-N Walsham tanks, unusuall routed via Chelmsford, Stratford, Tottenham Hale, Audley End, Cambridge, Ely, Thetford. 66740/727 on 0L33. 66751 on 0M02 PBO-FLX light engine. 66754/701 on 4Z26.
20/3/18: 66761 at Bow Midland.
21/3/18: 66701 on 4L02. 66764 at Bow Midland.
22/3/18: 66702 at Bow Midland.
23/3/18: 66703 on 4M21 FLX-Trafford Park. 66754 on 4Z02 Masboro-FLX. 66765 on 4M04 FLX-Hams Hall.
25/3/18: 66727/51/55/73 on 0L33.
26/3/18: 66751 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 66753 on 4L22. 66781 on 6L37 – on hire to Colas.
27/3/18: 66701 on 6L36. 66761 at Bow Midland on 6M47 aggregates to Bardon Hill.
28/3/18: 66751 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 66756 at Bow Midland on 6M47.
29/3/18: 66751 on Harwich-N Walsham. 66774 on 6T60 Whitemoor-Romford engineers.
30/3/18: 66702 on engineers at Gidea Park. 66772 on 4L02.

A visit on 31/3/18 found the old depot now occupied by Limelite Graphics Company, having previously been used as a car sales lot. All of the remaining coaches have gone, except for the Bedford/Plaxton in the lean to, which has been there since at least 1975.

Above: A view of the rear of Goldsmiths premises in November 2004. The Dutfield bodied Vulcan in the foreground went for preservation, as did ex Surrey Motors of Sutton AEC Reliance/Plaxton Panorama Elite II LGH 431P (right).  The lean to is out of the picture to the left. (John Podgorski).

The Class 365 Networkers are now being withdrawn, as new Class 700s come on stream for the Cambridge services.
14/3/18: 365503/19 through Cambridge North to Ely @ 1649 for storage behind 47301.
15/3/18; 365529/35 through Cambridge North @ 1321 behind 47301 and to Ely for storage.
365501/505 also stored at Ely.
The Class 700s employ ATO (Automatic Train Operation) on the section through central London, between Kings Cross Thameslink and Blackfriars. This is a first on the UK main line railway.

Ex Great Northern 321403 has been received.
To the new livery are Turbostar DMU 170205 and EMU 317512. Now in Renatus colours are EMUs 321312-14/16.
321312 is no longer named ‘Southend on Sea’.
4/3/18: A Class 317 headed by DTSO 77068, leading a UID 321 “up” through Ingatestone @ 1653. Also of note that the GEML south of Witham was closed for engineering that day.
8/3/18: 321323/305 on 5M70 Ilford-Wolverton ECS.
On 14/3/18, there were two incidents which disrupted train services.
There was a landslip on the Clacton line between Alresford and Great Bentley, while on the Felixstowe branch, there was a collision between a freight train and road vehicle on the level crossing at Liberty Park, between Derby Road (Ipswich) and Trimley stations. Replacement buses ran Colchester-Thorpe Le Soken and Ipswich-Felixstowe respectively and rail tickets were valid on parallel local bus services. Normal rail services did not resume until w/c 19/3/18. There was a second, smaller landslip on 28/3/18.
15/3/18: 90003 + 82133 and set running in reverse formation. 321313 on Doncaster-Ilford ECS.
16/3/18: 90003 + 82133 again running in reverse.
19/3/18; 170202 running with 2 rather than 3 cars.
26/3/18: 321426 on 1P24 1130 LST-NOR. 322484 on 5E22 Ilford to Leeds Neville Hill ECS.
29/3/18: 321316 on Doncaster-Ilford ECS.

New is HT18 BUS, an iveco 60C/Excel 16 seater, named ‘Storm’.
Iveco 45C15/Excel 16 seater FJ09 NEO has passed to Richards of Cardigan. Sister MX07 UFB is now with Woodlands School, Basildon.

Above: Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere no 5 at Ridgewell on 19/3/18. It is on an ex Turners of Essex contract to Hedingham School. (Laurence Kinsella-Ilot).

R453FWT 8 HO X76 SPECIAL (CR B S) 30-3-18
Above: B10M/Premiere 8 at Colchester on 30/3/18. See text below. (John Podgorski).

On 30/3/18, Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premieres 8 (R453 FWT) and 10 (S291 TVW) worked a Good Friday Special on X76 (Clacton-Colchester). Takings went to charity. X76 doesen’t normally run on Suns/public holidays.
From Konect is former Anglian Scania Omnicity double decker 552 (AO57 HCD). It is at Clacton (CN). It normally works on the ST2 Stanway School run.
Another driver training vehicle is ex London General Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 9016 (PJ02 REU).
Three Scania Omnidekkas have been used at KN during March. 1512 (YN55 PZR) and then 1514 (YN55 PZV) were there at the end of the month, alongside regular 1518 (YN06 JYC).
ADL/Enviro 200 262 (EU58 JCJ) was in use at Kelvedon (KN) for the first time during early March. It is a HD vehicle. Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer 290 (EX02RYR) was on loan from HD to CN in early March.
Withdrawn Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 739 (T117 DBW) has been cannibalised. Parts have been used to repair 737 (T107 DBW).
Volvo Olympian/NC 95 (R279 LGH) was collected from Kelvedon by Alpha Recovery on 20/3/18.
Some CN route 63 duties are now covered by HD. There is also a Saturday 63 duty where CN drivers crew KN vehicles on meal reliefs.

LX05EZR 517 HO (HALSTEAD) 13-3-18 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Ex London General North Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 517 in Halstead on 13/3/18. Note is currently retains dual doors, limiting it to school contracts. The site of the old Eastern National bus garage is just out of the picture to the left. (Simon Austin).

R436 FWT is a Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere, ex International Coaches of Thornton Heath and understood to be on loan. It was at Rochford outstation in late March.

Above: R436 FWT at Ingatestone on Greater Anglia rail replacement on 30/3/18. (John Podgorski).

Two more ex Metroline Scania Omnicity ‘deckers 46/47 (YR61 RPX, RVA).
Withdrawn are Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 6 (LG02 FCE) and DAF DB250LF/EL Lolander 58 (PJ53 OLA).
Trident 14 (LG02 FDJ) went to PSV Recycling, Hadleigh for scrap, while also sold are Tridents 4, 17 (LG02 FEV/M) respectively and Dart SLF/EL Myllenium 86 (PJ53 OLG).

New are Boeing 737-800s G-JZBK/L.

Setra S315 IJZ 474 has reverted to its W213 UGX mark.

Setra S250 K19 BYS has been re-registered to R958 AEV and sold to Kevendy’s of Wickford. Sister K100 BYS is now 761 UAR and with Stainton of Crooklands, Cumbria.

Class 345 deliveries have reached 345034. 345020/22/23/29 have appeared on the GWR for staff training. 022/23 at Old Oak Common and 029 at Maidenhead. 020 was seen running at Ealing Broadway on 7/3/18.
Withdrawn are 315855/58.

On 30/3/18, one of the Mb Citaro bendybuses, 8541 (R500 LSA ex KX58 GUA) was destroyed by fire at Stansted Airport. The terminal was evacuated as a result. There was damage to some surrounding infrastructure. Flights were delayed or cancelled.
An application has been made to put the Stansted and Luton operations on the West Midlands Travel O licence.

Essex CC contracted Sun/hol Route 501 was withdrawn after 25/3/18. Replaced by Trustybus service 420 from Good Friday 30/3/18.

Above: Mb Sprinter AB03 PAN at South Woodham Ferrers rail station, on the shuttle for Greater Anglia to Battlesbridge and Wickford. Taken before dawn on 9/3/18. This runs M-F Peak hours only and is because platform works at Battlesbridge are temporarily preventing 12 car trains from stopping there. (Alex Hazell).

Above: Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer KV51 KZK on a rural stretch on the X15, between the Oakleys and Wix on 2/3/18. (Chris Sampson).

Above: The new Northumberland Park outstation at Meridian Way. Plaxton Primo SB07 PAN and Mb Sprinter LF/Koch BX56 VTE get ready for another day’s duty in March 2018. This is located in the Meridan Waters construction compound of Volker Fitzpatrick.  (Alex Hazell).

Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panther AB53 PAN is back in use. Sister ex Turners YN54 WWT entered service at Great Dunmow outstation in late March. YN54 WWT has been fitted with a led destination and is initially running in plain white.

The Rochford compound had been cleared by early March. It to be occupied by Southend Airport Car Parking.

15/3/18: 47848 at Ilford.

Irizar i6 YN67 VDD has received silver lettering on its metallic light blue base livery.

New are Boeing 737-800s EI-GJE-K/M.

New is Irizar i6 YN18 ZNY. It was pictured (above) at Witham on 25/3/18, on Greater Anglia rail replacement to Newbury Park. (John Podgorski).

Scania K114/Irizar GRZ 4247 is now with Sovereign Coaches of Walsall.

LV52HKO 34362 ST EL DT (WH GGE) 28-3-18 (D W RHODES)
Above: The only Plaxton Pointer Dennis Dart SLFs left with Stagecoacgh East London are driver trainers. In a new livery is 34362 (LV52 HKO), at West Ham depot on 28/3/18. It contrasts with 34353 (LV53 HKE) in “tradional” colours. (D W Rhodes).

For the new Megasightseeing Tour are Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s 18467/71/73-75/77/82/96/97 (LX55 EPV, ERK/U/V/Y, ESF, BDZ, LX06 AHC/D). They were converted to open top by ADL at Harlow and are in the blue/yellow Magabus livery.
Trident/ALX400 driver trainers 17363/64/68/95-97/99, 17426/27/34, 17834 have moved from West Ham (WH) to Rainham (RM). Tridents 18467/71/75/77/82/96/97 have moved to Bow (BW).
Also reallocated from WH to RM are driver trainer Optare Versas 25301-5 and Daer SLF/Pointers 34535/55/57/58/62.
Withdrawn are Trident/ALX400s 17788 (LX03 BWB), 17845 (LX03 BYY), 17993 (LX53 KCA), 18215 (LX04 FXC), 18480 (LX55 ESO), 18452, 18477.
Trident 18202 (LX04 FWM) has been donated to the Metropolitan Police, while 18210 (LX04 FWW) has gone for scrap.
Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s 17820 (LX03 BXR), 17907 (LX03 OSA) have gone to Shelton Motors, Ely, for scrap – via Ensign.
17889 (LX03 OPY) is now with Nu Venture, Aylesford – via Lister PSV, Bolton (dealer).

LX03BXE 17810, LX03BXB 17807 ST EL ENG TRNG (WH GGE) 28-3-18 (D W RHODES)
Above; Engineering Training Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s 17810 and 17807 at West Ham depot on 28/3/18. (D W Rhodes).

Below: Still in the old livery are Dennis Trident/ALX400 driver trainers 17397 and 17363 at West Ham depot on 28/3/18. (D W Rhodes).
Y397NHK 17397 ST EL DT (WH GGE) 28-3-18 (D W RHODES)

Overall advert changes:
ADL/Enviro 40H 12142 (LX61 DDV) – back to red.
New Routemasters LT239 to Go Kerela; L241 to Michael Kors; LT249 to Ralph Lauren; LT367 to Coach; LT385 to Breyers Delight; LT387 to DKNY.

From the now defunct Stephensons of Easingwold are ADL/Enviro 200s SN66 WKF/G.They have been numbered 467/68, with 468 posted to Rochford.
Ex Express Motors Scania N230UD/Enviro 400s CY12 EMS, CX14 EMS are numbered 609/10. They are allocated to Rochford and Haverhill respectively.
Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 455 (EG02 NZO) has been on loan to Galloway. This is from Stephensons Reserve fleet.
The Bury St Edmunds outstation allocation at 31/3/18 was:
ADL/Enviro 200s 431/32 (EU10 NVP/R); Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer 414 (EU03 CFY).

No longer provides rail replacement control for Greater Anglia.

Sold are Scania K360/Irizars YR10 BEO, YT10 WLH.

Has ex Turners of Essex Setra S315 LSU 788.

Above: Van Hool electric bus BH63102 at London Bridge on 13/3/18. (Simon Austin)

Sold to Ensign are ADL/Enviro 400s SN12 AVR/T/U/V/W/X. SN12 AVU/V/W/X. They were quickly resold to Sullivan Buses.

SN12AVV, AVU (ENSIGN EX TT)) 24-3-18
Above: SN12 AVV/U await collection by Sullivans from Ensign on 24/3/18. (John Podgorski).

Dennis Trident/Plaxton President TN32822 (T822 LLC) has passed to the Bromley Bus Preservation Group.

Supplied via Ensign are ex Go South Coast Dennis Dart/Plaxton Mini Pointers SN03 EBU, HW54 BTZ. EBU ex Bluestar, BTZ ex Salisbury Reds.
Scania L94UB/Wright Solar NK53 UNW entered traffic in March, after repaint.
From 30/3/18, a Sun/hol service was introduced on 420 (Harlow-Ongar/North Weald).
There had been this facility on the now withdrawn 420A. The new order replaced axed NIBS 501.

The Great Maplestead depot has been sold, via Rightmove to a building design company.

With thanks to: Anglia Gen, S Austin, EBN, Ensignbus, R Green, C Hamilton, A Hazell, Hedingham, RA Jenkinson, LOTS, Mersea Museum, Panther Travel, D Pretty, PSVC, DW Rhodes, J Sadd, C Sampson.

Courtworth Banner cropped

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