Bradley the Bus.

Image‘Bradley the Bus’ is the creation of Inderjit Puaar. ‘The Magic Puzzle’ charts the adventures of this globetrotting London bus, as he travels around the world, searching for missing pieces to complete a magic puzzle.

The book is aimed at pre-school and Key Stage 1 children. It is supported by Transport for London.

Copies are available at the shop at London’s Transport Museum at Covent Garden, as well as other selected bookshops. Also see

‘Bradley’ is pictured at Covent Garden, with Inderjit, his creator, (in the bowler hat). 14/12/2013.

With many thanks to Ensignbus, for supplying the Routemaster.


‘The eyes have it !’


No, you are not hallucinating. This Routemaster does have “eyes”.

Ensignbus RML2405 plied some of London’s better known thoroughfares on 14th December 2013, to promote the childrens’ book ‘Bradley the Bus – The Magic Puzzle’.

This view shows it on Victoria Embankment.

Busmopolitan is returning !

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After an enforced absence of nearly 3 years, the Busmopolitan – Essex& District Bus News Page, is set to return.

In the meantime,welcome to the ‘Busmopolitan Blog’.

H160LJN 60 HO TY 9-4-14

We begin with a pic of Hedingham Omnibuses’ “Elder Statesman” Leyland Olympian no 60; seen outside Tollesbury depot on 9th April, 2014.