Busmopolitan. Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. September 2020.

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Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the September 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

The return of the schools has seen extra routes and duplicate buses drafted in for social distancing. On the railways, it has been announced that the passenger TOC franchising model will be discontinued, in favour of a new contract based system.

A2B, CAMBRIDGE. Has ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 200 YX10 BFU – via Ensign.

AMI COACHES, ILFORD. For the 2020/2021 academic year, 3 coaches are contracted to King Edward School in Chelmsford.

ARRIVA KENT THAMESIDE COLCHESTER. Dart SLF/Pointer 3420 (AY54 FRC) is back in use, ex SORNED at Southend.  Park and Ride ADL/Enviro 200s 4072/73 (SK15 GXS/T) are on loan to Southend. Odd sightings: 7/9/20: R133 4323 on 2. 8/9/20: 1558 on 8; 4224 on 2. 9/9/20: 1558 on 8; 1563 on 8; 4224 on 1. 10/9/20: 1565 on 8; R133 4324 on 8. 14/9/20: 1558/59 on 8. 16/9/20: 4224 on 1. 17/9/20; 1563 on 8; R133 4323 on 1. 28/9/20: 4224 on 1.


GN07AVP 3826 AR HA 59 (CF) 26-9-20 (S AUSTIN)

Above: Volvo B7RLE/Wright Solar Eclipse 3826 (GN07 AVP) is now at Harlow. This much travelled bus had previously been at Southend, Colchester and originally Northfleet. It was pictured in Chelmsford on 26/9/20. (Simon Austin).

ARRIVA KENT THAMESIDE SOUTHEND. From 28/9/20, the following duplicates were provided: M&M Neoplan MM68 BUS on 1 1534 Shoebury-Rayleigh.

ARRIVA LONDON NORTH. During September, New Routemaster LT183 was at Enfield for staff training. This was in advance of LTs appearing on TfL313 (Chingford-Potters Bar) from October. It was replaced by LT220 at the end of September.

AVANTI WEST COAST. 4/9/20: 222113 on Barton-Ilford ECS. 18/9/20; 221109 on Ilford-Barton ECS.

BLUE TRIANGLE. Transferred from within GA London were Volvo B5H/Wright Geminis WHV60-69 (BP15 OMD, BF65 WJD/E/C/K/N/M/J/V/U)and Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini WVL205. Acquired Abellio ADL/E200 SEN44 (YX16 OAV) is here ex London Central. This is part of a larger batch spread across Go-Ahead London.

CHAMBERS. Optare Solo 911 (SF04 SKE) has been returned to Hedingham. Scania Omnidekka 804 (YN55 PZF) has received fleet livery, ex Anglian.

COLAS. 2/9/20: 37099 on 3Q61 on Cambridge-Ferme Park via Chingford and Southend Victoria test train. 37099 on 3Q70 Ferme Park-Colchester test train. 37218 on RHTT to Stowmarket. 3/9/20: 37099 + 9701 on 3Q69 Colchester-Norwich-Harwich-Manningtree test train. 4/9/20: 37099 + 9701 on 3Z69 Manningtree-Cambridge, then 3Z66 Cambridge-Colchester, then 3Q66 Colchester to Derby via Felixstowe and London Liverpool Street. 14-15/9/20: 37219 tnt 37254 on 1Q90 Deby-Ferme Park via Harlow Town. 16/9/20: 37254 tnt 37219 on Ferme Park-Cambridge via Liv St, Harwich Town, Clacton. 23/9/20; 37254 tnt 97304 on 3Q72 Norwich-Colchester via Yarmouth and Lowestoft. 24/9/20: 97304 tnt 37254 on 3Q71 Colchester-Norwich via Cambridge, Lowestoft.




Above: The commemorative crest and plaque to remember the old Colchester Corporation/Borough Transport depot on Magdalen Street. The crest was recovered from one of the old buildings. This was redeveloped as flats between 2018 and 2020. These images were taken on 16/9/20. (John Podgorski),

COLCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL. For the 2020/2021 academic year, east London operators AJK Coaches of Ilford & Leyton, Goldline of Leytonstone & Manor Park are contracted to run into Colchester.


Above: Goldline Mercedes 816D/Turas YN16 BMY at Colchester on 4/9/20. (John Podgorski).

COLCHESTER ROYAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL. For the 2020/2021 academic year, Z Coaches London of Barking is contracted to run into Colchester. Beestons of Hadleigh, Suffolk continues to serve this school, also.


Above: Z Coaches Mercedes Sprinter BSZ 3739 at Colchester on 4/9/20. (John Podgorski).

DBS. 1/9/20: 66117 on Felixstowe-EM Gateway. 66154 on 6L12 Wembley-Bow. 2/9/20: 66005 on 6L69 Peterborough-Bow Plasmor. 66019 on 6O79 Marks Tey-Crawley RMC sand train. 66175 ‘Rail Riders’ on 6V07 Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden. 8/9/20: 59102 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66162 on 4L45 Wakefield-Felixstowe. 9/9/20: 66118 on 6V07 Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden. 16/9/20: 59101 on Acton-Chelmsford and 6V12 return. 66110 on 6V07 Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden. 19/9/20: 66005 on 4M79. 23/9/20: 66117 on FLX-EM Gateway. 66177 on Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden. 24/9/20: 59201 on 6/30/6V12 Acton-Chelmsford-Acton. 66009 on 6L69 Peterborough-Bow Plasmor. 66187 on 6L38 Hither Green-Marks Tey sand. 25/9/20: 59004 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 66125 on Heck-Bow Plasmor. 26/9/20: 66121 on 4M79 FLX-EM Gateway. 30/9/20: 66006 on 6L07 Acton-Ipswich Griffin Wharf. 66083 on 6L74 Mountsorrel-Harlow Mill and 4M21 return.

DOCKLANDS BUSES. Withdrawn are Scania Omnicity ‘deckers 968-970 (YT59 DYO/P/S).



(Alex Hazell).

From Lodge, High Easter are Dennis Trident/ELS T273/74 /77 BPR, V428 DRA. Withdrawn are Leyland Olympian/Alexander RLs H816 CBP, J623 GCR. The following have been named: ADL/Enviro 200 DK60 AHO – Toby; Trident/ELs T273 BPR – The Old Faithful, T277 BPR – Lady Dorothy; Leyland Olympian H816 CBP from Lady Sarah to Lady Beryl; Scania Omnidekka YN08 MLF – Lady Sarah.


37059 + 66427 DRS RHTT (CR) 25-9-20 (J COLE)

Above: 37059 leads 66427 “up” through Colchester on the 3S60 RHTT on 25/9/20. (James Cole).

3/9/20: 66303/04/ 427 on 0Z66 Crewe-Stowmarket light loco move for GA RHTT ? 4/9/20: 57002 on 0Z02 Norwich-Willesden light loco. 23/9/20: 66427 tnt 37716 on 3S60 Stowmarket-Southend Vic RHTT and return. 88001 on 6L48 Garston-Dagenham Dock car transporters. 24/9/20: 37716 on 0Z16 Stowmarket-Willesden light loco. 25/9/20: 37069 + 66426 on 0Z95 Willesden-Stowmarket light loco via GEML. 66427 tnt 37059 on 3S60 RHTT on Stowmarket-Wickford-Southend Vic and return RHTT. 28/9/20: 37059 tnt 37069 on 3S60 RHTT. 30/9/20: 37401 tnt 37218 on 3S60.

37401 DRS RHTT (CHITTS HILL) 30-9-20 (J COLE)

Above: 37401 with 37218 on 3S60 “up” at Chitts Hill on 30/9/20. (James Cole).

DOCKLANDS BUSES. Acquired from Abellio London (for school extras) are ADL/Enviro 200s SEN53, 54 (YX16 NZZ, YX16 OAA), SEN56, 57 (YX16 NZW/S). These are part of a larger batch spread across Go-Ahead London.

ENSIGNBUS. Has ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 400s 970-975 (LK58 KGJ/O, KHG/H/O/R). They are for TfL schools extras working with Blue Triangle. On hire to Yellow Buses, Bournemouth are ADL/Enviro 200s 714-716 (YN62 AOH, MX63 ARF, YX60 EOR). Southend seafront route 68 finished for the season on 20/9/20. A visit on 27/9/20, found ADL/Enviro 200s 712/19 (PX12 BSY, SK15 HBB), withdrawn at the depot and 702 (PX61 AYA) withdrawn in the sub yard.


Above: ADL/Enviro 400 971 at Gants Hill on 2/9/20. (Malcolm Conway).


Above: Ex Ensignbus 709 (SN11 FFM), an ADL/Enviro 200, is now with Simonds of Diss, Norfolk. It was pictured at Old Cattle Market, Ipswich on 11/9/20. (Simon Austin).



Above: The old Cambridge Heath depot has disappeared under a new development of flats called Empress Works. Seen on 5/9/20. (John Podgorski).

FIRST EASTERN COUNTIES (IPSWICH). A new series of rural services has been launched.


Above: Ex First Essex ADL/Enviro 200 44518 (YX09 ACZ), on route 59 to Rushmere at Old Cattle Market, Ipswich on 11/9/20. (Simon Austin).


WX55VHO 37005 FE 67C (CR B S) 7-9-20 (S MILTON)

Above: Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 37005 (WX55 VHO), has become the dedicated bus for 67C (West Mersea-Colchester Norman Way), which is now for school students only. Seen at Osborne Street, Colchester on 7/9/20. (Sonny Milton).

Acquired from First South Yorkshire is Volvo B7RLE/Wright 69024 (SF55 UAS) – at Chelmsford (CF), and ex First Leicester are Volvo B7RLE/Wrights 66970/71 (KX05 MJV/Y) – at Colchester (CR). ADL/Enviro 200 44005 (LK57 EJJ), has moved from Hadleigh (HH) to Chelmsford (CF) – the second time in 6 months. ADL/E200MMCs 65165/66 (YY66 PBO/U) have been loaned by CF to BN. For social distancing, Volvo B7TL/ALX400s 32562/67 (WU02 KVE/H) and B7TL/Gemini 37005 (WX55 VHO) are dedicated school buses at Colchester for 17 bus 1 and bus 2 (West Bergholt-Stanway School) and 67C (West Mersea-Norman Way Schools) respectively. Some ex Tower Transit Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis have been borrowed from Ensign for schools in the Basildon and Southend areas – 36141 (BJ11 EBP), 36143 9BJ11 EAF), 36148 (BJ11 EAW), 36153 (BJ11 DVX), 36156 (BJ11 DZY), 36161 (BJ11 EBA). All are at HH, bar 36148/53 which are at BN. The new school term saw route 67 and 75 interwork on Saturdays only. In early September, an extra bus was trialled short term on the 174/175 serving TLA School in Colchester, but was not pursued. Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 32673 (SN55 HFA) entered service at CR in late September, having been VOR since acquisition in February. It retains blue livery, like sister 32669 9SN55 HDZ0 . B7TL/Gemini 37062 (YJ06 XMP) now has a super rear advert for Unite the Union. Ex CR Trident/Presidents 33088 (LN51 GMU), 33178 (LR02 LYX) have moved to BN. ADL/Enviro 300 VX54 MRU has been resold via Ensign to Picture Vehicle Co, Pinewood Studios. Dart SLF/Pointer WX05 RVF was resold by Ensign to Shelton Motors, Ely for scrap.


Above: Dart SLF/Caetano 41521, on Staff Shuttle at St Botholphs Circus, Colchester on 3/9/20. (Daniel Pretty).

LK57EJJ 44005 FE 71C (LX RD CR) 6-9-20 (D PRETTY)

Above: 44005 at Lexden Village, Colchester on Sunday, 6/9/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Odd sightings: 1/9/20: R62 B9TLs 37133/34 on 65; R62 37136 on 61; R62 37139 on 65. 2/9/20: B7TL 32485 on 174; X30 Scanias 37839/41 on 70; R62 37133/34 on 61. 3/9/20: R62 37133/36/38 on 61. 5/9/20: R62 37134 on 88/A; R62 37138/39 on on 61. 7/9/20: B7TLs 32628 on 103; 37007 on 104. 8/9/20: B7TLs 32087 on 102; 37010 on 64; 37034 on 103; R62 B9TL 37134 on 65.9/9/20: B7TL 32087 on 102; 32477 on 64; X30 Scania N280UDs 36839 on 70; 36841 on 42; B7TLs 37004 on 103; 37015 on 102. 10/9/20: B7TL 32478 on 64A; X30 Scania 36839 on 70; B7TLs 37010 on 174; 37016 on 103; R62 B9TL 37133 on 174. 11/9/20: B7TL 32477 on 174; X30 Scania 36838 on 70; B7TL 37004 on 103; 37006 on 174. 12/9/20: B7TL 32477 on 64A; B9TL 37140 on 64. 13/9/20; X10 67164 on 100. 14/9/20: Airlink 36838 on 70; X10 67160 on 8; X10 67161 on 5; X10 67164 on 8A. 15/9/20; 32476 on 64A; 32547 on 103; Airlink 36838 on 70; 37004 on 102; R62 37139 on 70; X10 67160 on 16; X10 67162 on 100; Airlin k67163 on 25; X10 67164 on 8A. 16/9/20: 32547 on 64A; 37017 on 102; 37027 on 103; X10 67160 on 94A; X10 67161 on 8; X10 67162 on 8A;X10 67164 on 25. 17/9/20: 32629 on 104; Airlink 36839 on 70; 37006 on 175 amn; 37037 on 64A; 37053 on 64; Dart SLF/Pointer 42935 (SN05 DZS) on 71; X10 67160 /62 on 5; X10 67164 on 8A. 18/9/20: 37004 on 64; 37007 on 104; 37062 on 67; R62 37139 on 61; 37140 on 104; X10 67160 on 5B; X10 67161 on 100; X10 67162 on 8A; X10 67164 on 5. 19/9/20; R62 37136 on 61; R62 37139 on 68; Long StreetLite 63166 (SN64 CJJ) on 26; X10 67161 on 5; X10 67162 on 100. 20/9/20; R62 37133/36 on 65/61. X10 67161 /62 on 8. 21/9/20: 37035 on 104; R62 37133 on 61; R62 37136 on 65; short ADL/E200 MMC 44659 (YX66 WBD) on 70; X10 67160 on 5; X10 67162 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 100; X10 67164 on 25. 22/9/20: 32478 on 104; 37016 on 174 pm + 67; 37017 on 67; 37037 on 103; 37054 on 102; 37062 on 104; R62 37139 on 61; X10 67160 on 5; X10 67162 on 8A; Airlink 67163 on 8; X10 67164 on 100. 23/9/20: 32477 on 102; 32485 on 103; 32628 on 104; R62 37138 on 74B; X10 67160 on 8; X10 67162 on 25; Airlink 67163 on 8A; X10 67164 on 25. 24/9/20; 32477 on 103; 32629 on 64A; Airlink 36838 (YN69 XXV) on 70; 37005 on 17 pm – usually on 67C; 37010 on 175 am.; 37037 on 103; R62 37134 on 75; R62 37136 on 88; X10 67160 on 5; X10 67162 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 5B; X10 67164 on 5A. 25/9/20: 32476 on 103; 32673 on 65 and bis; Airlink 36839 (YN69 XXW) on 70; R62 37133 on 74B; R62 37134 on 61; R62 37136 on 2A; X10 67162 on 5; Airlink 67163 on 5; X10 67164 on 8A. 26/9/20: R62 37134 on 67 + 75; R62 37139 on 2A; Dart SLF/Pointer 42931 (SN05 EAO) on 71A; X10 67160 on 16; Airlink 67163 on 8A. 27/9/20; Dart SLF/Pointer 42937 (SN05 DZP) on 71C/X; Airlink 67163 on 16. 28/9/20: 32485 on 103; 32628 on 64A; Airlink 36838 on 70; Airlink 36839 on 70 + 71X; 37140 on 175 am; Dart SLF/Pointer 42941 (WX56 OAO) on 71; X10 67160/64 on 5. 29/9/20: 32087 on 175 am; 32629 on 103; Airlink 36842 (YN69 XYC) on 70; 37140 on 104; StreetLite 63335 on 75; X10 67160 on 8A; Airlink 67163 on 5; X10 67164 on 100; ADL/E300 67738 (SN62 AJU) on 75. 30/9/20: 37140 on 174 pm; Dart SLF/Pointers 42922/30 (EU05 AUO, SN05 EAM) on 71; Vo B7RLE/Wrights 66828, 66970 (MX05 CFE, KX05 MJV) on 75.

FLAGFINDERS. Has restarted operations. Tollesbury outstation has closed. In practice it was last used on 20/3/20, when the schools closed prior to the Covid-19 lockdown. Its two buses are now run from Kelvedon depot. The Mersea Island to Thurstable School (Tiptree) run has been reduced to one bus and East Mersea is no longer served.

FORDS, ALTHORNE. Has recommenced school services.


86632 + 86613 FL (CR GOODS LOOP) 19-9-20

Above: 86632 + 86613 in Colchester Goods Loop on 19/9/20, on a Trafford Park to Felixstowe service. (John Podgorski).

90006/10 to revenue service, still in Greater Anglia white. 1/9/20: 66537 on 4L57 Birch Coppice-Felixstowe. 66550 on Ipswich-Lindsay tanks. 2/9/20: 66513 on 4E24 London Gateway-Leeds. 66533 on 4L36 Wentlog-FLX. 66538 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX. 66543 on 4M93 FLX-Lawley St. 66550 on 4M63 FLX-Trafford. 66553 on 4L32 FLX-Wentloog. 66554 on 4M88 FLX-Ditton. 66557 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX. 66952 on 4M94 Felixstowe-Lawley Street. 86608/37 on 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe, then 4M87 Felixstowe-Trafford. 86622/07 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 90006/11 to service. 3/9/20: 66562 on 4M94 FLX-Lawley St. 86611/38 + 90011 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 86613/32 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX then 4M87. 86637/08 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX. 4/9/20: 86622/07 on 4L89. 4/9/20: 86607/22 on 4M87. 86613/32 on 4L91. 5/9/20: 86613/32 on 4L97. 86622/07 on Crewe-FLX. 86639/38 on 4L91. 7/9/20: 86613/32 on 4M87. 8/9/20: 66502 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX.66504 on 4L32. 66513 on 4M94. 9/9/20: 66414 on 4L63. 66504 on 4M63 FLX-Trafford. 66520 on 4L32 Wentlog-FLX. 66526 on 4M94. 66541 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX. 66557 on 4M88 FLX-Ditton. 66598 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX. 86607/38 on 4L91. 86613/32 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 10/9//20: 86609/08 on 4L91. 86632/13 on 4M87. 11/9/20: 66510 on 4M63 FLX-Trafford. 66513 on 4M88 FLX-Ditton. 66525/48/97 on FLX-Leeds. 66531 on 4S83 London Gateway-Coatbridge. 66534 on 4E24 London Gateway-Leeds. 66545 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX. 66550 on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX. 66556 on on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 86613/32 on 4L91. 86622/39 on 4M87. 12/9/20: 86609/08 on 4L93 Crewe-FLX. 86613/32 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 13/9/20: 66524 tnt 66545 on Whitemoor-South Tottenham pw. 14/9/20: 86608/09 on 4M87. 15/9/20: 66562 on 4L78 Tees-FLX. 86604/37 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX. 86609/08 on 4L91. 16/9/20: 66512 on 4M63. 66517 on 4L36. 66533 on 4M88. 66536 on 4L41. 66558 on 4L78 Tees-FLX. 86604/37 on 4L91. 86609/08 on 4L97. 86622/39 on 4L91 and 4M87 return. 18/9/20: 66413 on 4L78. 66504 on 4M94. 66526 on 4L93 FLX-Lawley St. 66552 on 4L32. 86604/37 on 4L91. 19/9/20: 66416 on Whitemoor-Ipswich engineers. 86609/08 + 86622/39 on 4L93. 66632/13 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 21/9/20: 66534 on 4L78. 66536 on 4M87 in place of 86608/09. 86608/09 on 4M88. 86613/32 on 4R67 Colchester-Ipswich/FLX. 86622/39 on 4S88. 22/9/20: 66552 on 4L78. Pink 66587 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX. 86624/04 on 4L89. 23/9/20: 66548 on FLX-Crewe. 66562 on 4L78. 86604/14 on 4L91. 86622/39 on 4M87. 86639/22 on 4L89. 24/9/20: 66528 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 66536 on 4M63. 66566 on 4L41. Pink 66587 on 4M88. 86614/04 on 4L97. 86632/13 on 4L91. 25/9/20: Orange 66413 on 4M94. 66587 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX. 66602 on 6L80 Tunstead-Marks Tey sand. 29/9/20; 66554 on 4L41. 30/9/20: 66419 on 4L78. 66509 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 66561 on 4L78. 66955 on 4L41. 86604/22 on 4L97. 86609/39 on 4L91. 86613/32 on on 4L89.

66543 FL FLX-BIRMINGHAM (CR) 2-9-20 (J COLE)

Above: 66543 approaches Colchester, on a Felixstowe-Lawley Street (Birmingham) intermodal on 2/9/20. (James Cole).

GARDNER, CHELMSFORD. This operator has been reported as being bought by Vectare of Loughborough.


Above: Gardner’s ex Stirling Executive of Paisley Mercedes 0815D/Sitcar SF04 ZLV, at William Hunter Way, Brentwood on 2/9/20. On a new school contract. (Robert Downton).

GBRf.1/9/20: 66716 on Felixstowe-Doncaster. 66719 on Felixstowe-Birch Coppice. 66755 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 2/9/20: 66721 on 0Z30 etc Peterborough-NE London route learners. 66736 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall. 66742 on 0Z70 Whitemoor-London Fields route learner and subsequents. 3/9/20: 66706 on Peterborough-NE London route learners. 66723 on 4L98 Tess Dock-London Gateway and 4E85 return. 66742 on London Fields route learners. 66755 on 6P40 Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 4/9/20: 66721 on 0Z39 Acton Main Line-Liverpool Street route learner. 7/9/20: 66721 on 0Z30-0Z36 Ilford/Temple Mills route learners. 8/9/20: 66749 on Stratford/Temple Mills route learners. 66780 on Hertford East/Enfield Town route learners. 9/9/20: 66703 on 4E20 FLX-Masboro. 66749/80 on 0Z25-0Z28 Enfield Town/Hertford East/Stratford/Temple Mills route learners. 66755 on 4M23.11/9/20: 66709 on Doncaster-FLX. 66768 on 4M23. 12/9/20: 66729 on 6T64 Whitemoor-Stratford-Ipswich engineers. 66729 on identical 6T65. 66789 on 4M23. 14/9/20: 66735 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 66782 tnt 66721 on 3S70 Whitemoor to Whitemoor RHTT via West Anglia and C2C lines. 15/9/20: 66749 on 0Z25 Whitemoor-Enfield Town route learner. 16/9/20: 66749 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks with 66735 dit after it failed at Norwich. 66772 on 4M23. 17/9/20: 66725 tnt 66729 on 6S70 Whitemoor-Barking RHTT and return.66758 on NE London route learners. 66749 + 66735 dit on 0A32 N Walsham-Harwich tanks but light loco. 19/9/20: 66716 on 4M26 FLX-Hams Hall. 66780 on 4L70 Hams Hall-Parkeston. 66789 tnt 66781 on 6T63 Whitemoor-Stratford-Ipswich engineers. 21/9/20: 66725 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 23/9/20: 66708/26 Whitemoor-Broxbourne for RHTT. 66759 on Doncaster-FLX. 24/9/20: 66728/29 on 6Z52 Whitemoor-Broxbourne for RHTT. 66761 on 4M23. 26/9/20; Cemex 66780 on 4M26 FLX-Hams Hall. 30/9/20; 66735 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.


Above: 66726 at Chitts Hill on 12/9/29, on 6T64 Whitemoor-Stratford-Ipswich. (James Cole).


321902 GA (LST) 5-9-20

Above: Ex Northern 321902 at London Liverpool Street on 5/9/20. (John Podgorski).

Some Class 317/6s have gone to Parkeston for storage. 1/9/20: 720508 delivered to Ilford between 47739/49. 745001 on 5M01 Norwich-Orient Way ECS. 745003 on Norwich-Hornsey for tyre turning. 745107/08 on Liv St-Stansteds. 745109 on Hornsey-Norwich ECS. 4/9/20: 720537/38 on Wickford-Southend Vic test. 5/9/20: 360121 on 5Q60 Northampton-Ilford ECS between GBRf 47749/27. 6/9/20: 360120 Ilford-Northampton ECS betwen 47727/49. 7/9/20: 720508 on Ilford-Worksop ECS between GBRf 47727/49 as 5Q20. 8-9/9/20: 720511/17 on 5Q02 Southend Vic-Shenfield training runs. 8/9/20: 745103 Norwich-Hornsey for tyre turning -returned on 9/9/20. 11/9/20: 321903 on 1702 Liv St-Norwich with 2 other ‘321s. 12/9/20: 360120 on 5Q60 Northampton-Ilford between GBRf 47739/27. 13/9/20: 360116 on 5Q60 Ilford-Northampton between 47727/39. 16/9/20: 745106 on 5Q01 Orient Way-Norwich maintenance move. 17/9/20: 317656/61/67 Ilford to Parkeston Quay for storage. 19/9/20; 360116 Northampton-Ilford between GBRf 47727/39. 20/9/20; 360113 Ilford-Northampton between GBRf 47727/39 as 5Q60. 26/9/20: 360113 on 5Q60 Northampton-Ilford between GBRf 47739/27. 27/9/20: 360103 Ilford-Northampton between 47739/27. 28/9/20; 317512/03 Ilford-Kilmarnock behind ROG 57312. 30/9/20: 745110 on 5Q52 Liv St-Norwich test. Just an update for GA Norwich. Will have 720 (future) too. Also looks like the class 08s will remain. Depot drivers at Crown Point sign these.

317650 GA (CAMBRIDGE HEATH) 5-9-20

Above: 317650 at Cambridge Heath on 5/9/20. (John Podgorski).

HACKNEY PLAYBUS. LX54 HAO is an ex Go Ahead London Volvo B7TL/President, supplied via Ensign.

HCT GROUP. On loan from Ensign, for social distancing on schools services is ADL/Enviro 400 DN33792 (SN13 CHD).


SN10CFE, CFF 601, 602 HO (CN) 10-9-20 (S AUSTIN)

Above: Newly into service, ex Konect ADL/Enviro 400s 601/02 (SN10 CFE/F) in Pier Avenue, Clacton on 10/9/20. (Simon Austin). 

SN10CFF 602 HO 5 (POINT CLEAR0 10-9-20 (A LAW)

Above: 602 at Point Clear on 10/9/20. (Alex Law).

From 1/9/20, school term service schedules were reintroduced. This resulted in the transfer of some route 63 duties from Kelvedon back to Clacton. An extra bus was provided on certain school runs for social distancing; , eg Thomas Lord Audley in Colchester (as route TLA3), 19 (Rowhedge-TLA School) and 95A Tollesbury to Plume School in Maldon. The Clacton Breeze open top service ceased for the winter after 6/9/20. Volvo B7TL/President 500 (PL51 LDJ) went to undercover storage at HD on 24/9/20. From 13/9/20, operation of route 21 (Bocking-Braintree-Black Notley – Sundays/holidays) moved from Sible Hedingham (HD) to Kelvedon (KN). The Marks Tey-Honywood school run has become registered bus route 910, running via Copford, Easthorpe, Feering, Kelvedon and back through Feering. Transferred from Konect are ADL/Enviro 400s 601/02 (SN10 CFE/F), which are at Clacton (CN). Scania Omnilink 457 (AU61 AVK) moved from HD to CN and now has Hedingham fleetnames, ex Chambers, but then returned to HD. Sister 460 (YN05 HFF) now has a multi coloured overall advert for Greatest Hits Radio, ex the blue scheme for Dream FM. Optare Solo 911 (SF04 SKE) has been returned from Chambers. Dart SLF/Pointer 259 (EU56 FLP) and Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 291 (EU06 KCX) are additional buses with front “face covering” branding. Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 569 (W484 WGH) has returned to use ex SORNED – one of the last buses to do so. Acquired B7TL/Presidents 586-88 (X584 EGK, PL51 RDU, PJ02 RBY) are located as follows: 586 – CN then KN, 587 – CN VOR then HD, 588 – HD VOR. Omnidekka movements: 4/9/20: 819 – CN-KN. 8/9/20: 811 – Chambers-KN; 813 – KN-Chambers. 9/9/20: 816 – CN-KN.  15/9/20: 813 – Chambers-KN.  28/9/20: 819 – KN-CN. 30/9/20: 811 – KN-Chambers; 813 – Chambers-KN.                                                                                        


Above: Clacton Breeze branding and destination on Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 500, at Pier Avenue on 4/9/20. This finished for the winter on 6/9/20. (Sonny Milton).


Above: In its new Greatest Hits Radio overall advert; Scania Omnilink 460 (YN05 HFF) at Pier Avenue, Clacton on 10/9/20. (Simon Austin).

Hedingham ancillary vehicles: Vauxhall Corsa van 9005 (GY57 LUD) returned to use at CN, having been parked up over the lockdown. Ford Transit van 9001 (EX61 NZV) has been offered for sale as a non runner. Mb Vito MPV 9014 (RJ56 TYK) has moved from CN to HD.



Above: The ADL/Enviro 400MMC demonstrator YX19 ONU, at Ipswich Rail Station on 12/9/20. It was working a rail replacement to/from Stowmarket for Greater Anglia. It is normally used on the 2A Feering-Ipswich Schools. (Simon Austin).


Above: ‘Nacton Nippers’ ADL/Enviro 200 78 (YX14 RWL), on Crown Street on 11/9/20. (Simon Austin).

From 1/9/20, route 3 (Ipswich-Euro Retail Park) was relaunched as ‘Nacton Nippers’, using branded ADL/Enviro 200s 78-80. They are named ‘Nasher’, ‘Nipper’, ‘Naomi’ and ‘Natasha’. From the same date, Suffolk CC routes 118, 119 (Ipswich-Framlingham) were taken over from Galloway of Mendlesham on retender. The Feering-Ipswich Schools “Bus Club” run has been gained from Suffolk Norse and numbered 2A. Double deckers have returned to route 93 (Ipswich-Colchester). The DAF DB250LF/ELs are back in use, ex SORNED. Scania Omnicity ‘decker 46 has been re-registered SGZ 3346 from YN08 MRV. Similar YN08 MRX/Y have come via Ensign. They are 47, 48 and have become SGZ 3347/48. All of these have been repainted at Ipswich and fitted with white led destinations. Another arrival is an ex Thompsons of Framlingham Volvo B7R/Jonckherre coach numbered 1 (SGZ 3351 ex FL02 ZXK) – this is for schools only. The ex Bus Eirean ADL/E200s have received UK registration marks. 71 is LX58 LMO, 72 is LX58 LMM, 76 is LX58 LML. They are named ‘Ciara’, ‘Niamh’ and ‘Siobhan’.


Above: Ex Bus Eirean ADL/E200 71 (LX58 LMO) at Crown Street on 11/9/20. (Simon Austin).


Above: School coach no 1 at Constantine Road depot on 11/9/20. (Simon Austin).


Above: Dart SLF/Super Pointer 137 on school route RC1 at Northern Approach, Colchester on 4/9/20. (James Cole).

KLARNERS, COLCHESTER. The first bus for this fleet is Scania L94UB/Wright Solar Eclipse YJ05 WKE, ex Trustybus at Roydon via Croft, Stockton.

LONDON GENERAL NORTH. Acquired from Abellio London (for school extras) are ADL/Enviro 200s SEN50, 51, 52 (YX16 OAM, YX16 NZU, YX16 OAG). These are part of a larger batch spread across Go-Ahead London. Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini WVL205 (LX05 EZA) is reinstated here. The ex route 192 WS Class Wright StreetLite WFs have transferred to Metrobus at Orpington, for new TfL contracts from mid September.


Above: StreetLite WS7 in its new territory at Pickhurst Lane, Hayes on 26/9/20. (John Podgorski).


710123 LO (STAMFORD HILL) 12-9-20

Above: 710123 at Stamford Hill on 12/9/20. (John Podgorski).

There have been driver training runs in advance of Class 710s replacing the ‘315s on the Romford-Upminster branch. 710110 completed the deliveries of new Aventra Class 710s. The last 3 pairs to enter service should be 710106/10, 710114/15, 710118/22. 315801/05/10 on Romford-Upminster during September. Withdrawn are 315811/33. 315808/22 to Booths, Rotherham for scrap. 1/9/20: 315803/31 on Northampton-Ilford ECS. 3/9/20: 315803/31 on Ilford to Sims, Newport Docks for scrap. 6/9/20: 315808/22 Northampton-Ilford ECS. 8/9/20; 710261/68 to Chingford and Enfield Town of staff training. 10/9/20: 315822/08 on 5Q55 Ilford-Booths Rotherham for scrap behind ROG 37800. 710101/112 to service. 14/9/20: 710114/115 to service. 17/9/20: 315811/33 withdrawn. 20/9/20: 315801/15 on Liv St-Cheshunts. 24/9/20: 710118 on 5G62 Liv St-Gidea Park driver trainer. 25/9/20: 315833/11 on 5Q30 Ilford-Northampton ECS for storage. 710260/71 WN-IL. 26/9/20: 710118/22 to revenue service. 710130 on 5G62 Liv St-Gidea Park driver trainer. 29/9/20: 710115 on 5G62 Liv St-Gidea Park driver trainer. 710271/60 on Liv St-Cheshunt/Enfield/Chingford. 30/9/20: 710115 on 5G62 Liv St-Gidea Park driver training. 710118/122 on 3T20 Liv St-Chingford driver trainer and return.

315802 LO (CAMBRIDGE HEATH) 5-9-20

Above: 315802 + 811 at Cambridge Heath on 5/9/20. (John Podgorski).

MTR ELIZABETH LINE. 3/9/20: 315818/51 on 2W55 Shenfield-Liv St. 315820/34 on 5C44 Liv St-Gidea Park ECS. 315857/43 on 2W54 Liv St-Shenfield. 8/9/20: 345029 IL-OC behind ROG 37884. 10/9/20: 345020 IL-OC behind ROG 37884. 19/9/20: 315929/56 on part of 2W43 Shenfield-Liv St duty – unusual on a Saturday. 24/9/20; 315818/38, 315819/53, 315820/56 at work.


Above: 345016 at Bishopsgate Low Level on 12/9/20. Seen from London Overground 315830. (John Podgorski).

NETWORK RAIL. 24/9/20: Harsco Rail Grinder DR79277/267 on 669V Romford-Marks Tey move.

NEW HORIZON TRAVEL, FRATING. Has recommenced operations.

NIBS, WICKFORD. Volvo B7TL/EL 702 (PG04 WHU) has transferred to sister company Galloway of Mendlesham.


Above: Two double deckers are outstationed at Brentwood Coaches, Hutton depot – for school contracts. This view was taken on 27/9/20. (John Podgorski).

PANTHER TRAVEL. Route X15 (Harwich-Colchester) was withdrawn from 2/9/20, with Harwich town circular 2 beingrevised from the same date. The Ipswich school contracts, which has ceased upon the lockdown in March, have now passed to Ipswich Buses. Panther’s only school contract is now for Manningtree School. Acquired is Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 V130 MEV. New to Stagecoach London, it was latterly with ACME Bus of Molehill Green, but ex Bishop of Downham Market. Back in use ex SORNED, are Volvo B7TL/ALX400 BIG 7758, Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panther DC53 PAN, Volvo Olympian/Alexander Royale BIG 9210. To Reserve are Dart SLF/Mini Pointer BIG 9856, Plaxton Primo SB07 PAN and Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panthers AB53 PAN, DC53 PAN. Also from 2/9/20, registered scholars route 118 (Ramsey-Harwich School) had return journeys back to Harwich Bus Station added, numbered 18.


(John Podgorski).

PARKSIDE PRIMARY SCHOOL, CHINGFORD. Has ex Metroline Volvo B7TL/President LK04 CVE for static use – via Ensign.

ROG. 2/9/20: 37608 on VTSP Orient Way-Colchester, then as 6M37 Colchester-Stapleford & Sandiacre. 67611 on 0M00 Norwich-Orient Way light loco. 3/9/20: 373218 on Stowmarket-Norwich then to Manningtree light loco. 4/9/20: 37611 on 0P37 on Orient Way-Norwich light loco.47812 on Manningtree-Norwich light loco. 5/9/20: 37608 on Leicester-Orient Way light loco. 5/9/20: 57310 towed HEX 387136 Ilford-Oxford ECS. 7/9/20: 37601 on 0L53 Leicester-Ilford light loco, then dragged HEX387137 Ilford-Oxford ECS as 5Q74. 9/9/20: 47812 on Norwich-Manningtree light loco. 10/9/20: 37608 at Orient Way. 11/9/20: 37601 dragged HEX 387133/35 Old Dalby to Ilford. 18/9/20: 57310 dragged HEX 387130 Ilford-Reading as 5Q74. 28/9/20: 37608 dragged GA 745003 Temple Mills-Norwich then returned on 0P45 Norwich-Orient Way light loco.

STAGECOACH EAST LONDON. New are ADL/Enviro 400 MMCs 11393/94 (SK20 BDE/F), 11395/96 (SK20 BDO/U), 11397/98/99 (SK20 BDV/X/Y).


Above: Loaned from the provinces for social distancing on schools services. Stagecoach East Optare Solo SR 48025 at Gants Hill on 2/9/20. (Malcolm Conway).

Borrowed from Stagecoach East, were ADL/E200 36017 and Optare Solo SRs 48024/25. ADL/Enviro 200s 36363/64 (LX59 ECJ/N), have gone from West Ham to Stagecoach Selkent at Bromley. This was for the gain of TfL246 (Bromley-Westerham/Chartwell) from Go-Ahead.

LX59ECJ 36363 ST SELKENT EX EL 314 (HAYES) 26-9-20

Above: ADL/Enviro 200 36363 in Hayes on 26/9/20. Still bearing its old West Ham (WH) depot codes. (John Podgorski).

Meanwhile, 15 ADL/Enviro 400s (ADE Class) were borrowed form RATP for temporary assumption of TfL 173/673 from Arriva London from October. They were initially stored at West Ham.

STEPHENSONS. Full pre-Covid-19 frequencies reappeared on all routes from 1/9/20.


Above: Stephensons has been borrowing coaches from Galloway, for social distancing on school services. Mb Tourismo 6399 PP was providing a route 38 duplicate (Braintree depot) when seen in Halstead on 9/9/20. Setra S415 3379 PP, Volvo 9700 5611 PP were also in use (at Maldon), with Volvo B9R/Caetano Levantes 1842 PP, FN62 CCD at Boreham. All of these coaches were kept at Galloways Mendlesham depot, when not required by Stephensons. (Simon Austin).

TALISMAN, GREAT BROMLEY. What looks like an ex Jersey Bedford SB/Duple Dominant 7 foot 6 inch wide coach has appeared in storage here.

TONY GLEW/A1, COLCHESTER: Most of of the larger coaches had been withdrawn by September. These were Mercedes 806D YJ12 GXS, Scania/Irizar YN54 NYH. Meanwhile, Volvo B12B/Sunsundegui FJ10 DNU was SORNED. The home to school minibuses continue.

TOWER TRANSIT. Wright StreetLites SN64 CVM/O/P have been sold to Ensign. Resold via Ensign are; Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis BJ11 DZX – to Mundare Ltd, Chester; BJ11 EAK – to Abbey Travel, Erith; BJ11 EAX – to Coach Services, Thetford; BJ11 EBG – to Mayfair Coaches, London W14; Wright StreetLites SN64 CVF/R – to Trustybus, Roydon.


Above: BJ11 EBG with its new owner, Mayfair Coaches. Seen on South Western Railway RRP at Hounslow on 19/9/20. (Simon Austin).

TRUSTYBUS, ROYDON. Has ex Tower Transit Wright StreetLites SN64 CVF/R and ex RATP London Optare Solo YJ09 MHO – all via Ensign.

UNO. Wright StreetLite WS46 (SN64 CVA), is ex London General North, for schools duplicates on TfL395 (Westway Cross-Harrow) – on behalf of RATP London Sovereign.

VECTARE, LOUGHBOROUGH. From 1/9/20, this new operator took over ex Swallow routes 13 and 61 from Arrow Taxis. Vectare use 2 Mb Sprinter accessible minibuses (one is BF20 VGE), based locally to Brentwood (at the Gardner Coaches depot at Rettendon). Two ex Diamond Bus Volvo B7RLE/Wrights have also arrived; BK13 NZM/R, along with a Wright StreetLite WF – SN64 CUO – new to Go-Ahead London.

WARD’S, ALRESFORD. Operations have ceased. There were no vehicles present at either of the 2 sites in September. The PSV Circle recorded the fleet as being withdrawn. This was Scania/VH EX52 WSV, Scania/Irzar YN04 GGZ and Ford Transits AY59 XJE, MV59 YVT.

WEST MIDLANDS TRAINS. 19/9/20: 172337 on Tyseley-Ilford ECS.

With thanks to: Angliagen, S Austin, J Cole, M Conway, R Downton, A Hazell, A Law, S Milton, D Pretty, J Sadd.

Courtworth Banner cropped

Busmopolitan Blog. Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. January 2015.


Busmopolitan Logo 02

Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the first ‘Busmopolitan Blog’ of 2015.
There have been several interesting developments on the local railway scene.
The first battery powered train to run on the British railway network in more than half a century appeared on trials in north east Essex from mid January, while the end of the month saw the linking up of the main running tunnels on CrossRail get closer – to a mere 800 yards.
Meanwhile, a refurbishment project has begun on the fleet of MkIII carriages working the Abellio Greater Anglia London-Norwich service, and it seems that an idea to rebuild ex London Underground D78 stock trains into diesel electric multiple units, when they are retired from use in the Capital is to become reality. Withdrawal of D78s from the District Line has now commenced.
On the bus front, Hedingham has revised its Colchester-Brightlingsea service, after New Horizon ceased competition, while the latter operator has enhanced its remaining 77 stage operation.
The Halstead town service has ended, after current operator Turners pulled out in mid January.
And the latest London route to go over to New Routemasters is TfL55, between Leyton Green and Oxford Circus.
Arriva/TGM has raised the profile of its fleet in Harlow, by importing some late model Optare Versas from Arriva Southern Counties, while at First Essex repaints into the new Refreshed livery seem to be gathering pace.
Meanwhile, Hedingham has introduced white led destinations to the area.

On 9/1/15, 317513 + 317657 were on Liverpool Street – Shenfield Metro services.
Now in the new Abellio white livery are DMU 153314, EMUs 315838/47/9/59, 317506 and MkIII carriages FO 11072, TSOs 12046/61/7/82, 12110/26, plus DVTS 82105/12. All of these had been on ONE colours.
Refreshment of the MkIII coach fleet has begun. Carried out by Vossloh-Kiepe, the work involves a complete strip down, with the fitting of new carpets, tables, LED lighting and at-seat power points.
The toilets are being replaced with the new controlled emission type.
12143 (M'TREE)  25-5-14
Above: MkIII TSO no 12143 at Manningtree on 25/5/14.
12035 INTERIOR (M'TREE) 12-11
Above: Interior of MkIII TSO no 12035, pictured in December 2011.

‘Electrostar’ EMU 379013 has been converted to battery power and was tested in this mode on the Manningtree-Harwich branch, commencing January 13th; for 5 weeks. The train is part of the Independently Powered Electric Multiple Unit (IPEMU) project and was converted at Derby Litchurch Lane temporarily to battery power in the latter part of 2014. This is composed of two 768 volt lithium iron magnesium phosphate battery rafts, mounted below the solebar and wired in parallel. Continuous cycle is 30 kilometers under battery power and 50 kilometers from the “mains”.
It retains its 25kv overhead power equipment as well, and when trials are finished, will revert to its original condition.

379013 AGA (KN)  12-1-15
Above: Running off the overhead; battery fitted 379013 heads through Kelvedon on 12/1/15; en route to Colchester, to take up duties on the Harwich line the following day.
It sports ‘Batteries Included’ branding, below its front saloon windows.

DAF SB120/Wright Cadet 3504 (KE51 PUH) was on loan to Arriva Guildford and West Surrey and then replaced by SLF/Super Pointer 3324 (T824 NMJ).

On the Hertford-Waltham Cross corridor, service 310A was merged into 310 from 4th January.

Sold to Keane of Linford, are Leyland Olympian/Alexander RL BIG 8751 (orig G705 TCD) and Volvo Olympian/NC R284 LGH.

6884 YG is a Setra S215, last with Bruce of Goole.
It has an Essex connection though, as it was new to Crusader Holidays of Clacton, a N117 FHK.

Ex London United ADL/Enviro 200 SEN38 (SK07 HLO) is here.
Scania N230UD/Optare Olympuses 870/1/4/90 (PN09 EKR/T/W, ENK) have come from Docklands Buses, ex loan. Sister 886 (PN09 ENC) and Dart SLF/MCV ED28 (LX07 BYU), have gone to Docklands. In from London Central are Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis WVL75 (LF52 ZPE) and WVL98 (LF52 ZNL). SLF/Pointer LDP195 (SN51 UAH) has moved to London General.

Acquired from Lloyd of Bagilt are MAN18.360/Plaxton coaches YN57 ADX/Z.

Volvo Olympian/Alexander Royale N589 BRH, is ex Dart Pleasure Craft of Totnes, Devon.

Sold is Ford Transit/Red Kite welfare bus 76 (L866 MJN).

The old garage on Tintern Avenue, Westcliff – behind the London Road office, still stands, but is no longer used to house coaches; the current fleet members being too tall. The present OC is at Purdeys Way, Rochford.

The main east-west cross London tunnel was getting closer to being joined up on 29/1/15, when there was a “breakthrough” at Liverpool Street.
Once 800 yards of new tunnel has been bored to Farringdon; all of the CrossRail tunnels will be linked together and installation of the infrastructure can commence.
Farringdon is due to be reached in Spring 2015.
CrossRail, will open for business in 2018; linking Reading and Maidenhead in the west, with Abbey Wood and Shenfield in the east.
Works are now starting at the Essex end of the route.

66070 DBS-EWS UP MT SAND (KN)  1-15
Sand trains serve Marks Tey yard to a flexible timetable, and often run at night. Here, 66070 heads an “up” working from Marks Tey through Kelvedon on a murky January, 2015 morning – likely destined for Brentford in London.

Operates National Express service 777 (Birmingham-Stansted) on contract. It has done so since Veolia ceased in June 2011.
NX standard Volvo B9R/Caetano Levantes are used. They carry MD prefixed fleet numbers.
FJ11GKG MD12  NX-DE COURCEY  777  (LST)  18-1-15
Above: De Courcey Volvo B9R/Levante MD12 at Stansted on 18/1/15.

From Blue Triangle is Scania N230UD/Optare Olympus 886 (PN09 ENC) (qv).
Transferred to London Central are ADL/Enviro 200s SE151/2 (YX61 DTY/Z) and Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis WVL79, 81/2 (LF52 ZPK/M, ZNP).

FN62CEA 74 EYMS-NX 484 (CR)  22-12-14

East Yorkshire runs a National Express diagram into Essex, on the 484 London to Walton service.
Here, Volvo B9R/Caetano Levante no 74, calls at Colchester on 22/12/14.

Out of this area, but of great significance; EYMS Group has sold its Whittle subsidary to Johnsons of Henley in Arden.

Ex TGM Volvo B12B/Caetano FN04 FSE has joined the fleet as no 604.
Trident/ALX400 LX04 FXU is fleet no 159. It has now received fleet livery. LX04 FXR/S/T are nos 156/7/8.
Ensign participated in a Jubilee Line rail replacement between Waterloo and Canada Water in early January, connected with the rebuilding of London Bridge station for Thameslink 2000. Some sales stock buses were allocated to this and numbered in the temporary fleet series. They were ex Arriva London North Wright Gemini integral hybrids 507/8 (LJ58 AVG/K); ex Wilts and Dorset Trident/EL 909 (T748 JPO); ex Brighton and Hove Trident/Presidents 910/1 (Y848/9 GCD), 912 (PK02 RDO); Ensign’s own plain white B7TL/President 913 (X653 LLX).
These have been retained for future rail work.
Heritage collection former BEA AEC Regal IV/Park Royal coaches MLL722/35 have passed to London Bus Company at Northfleet, for continued restoration/preservation.
Another ex ISS Ford Transit crew ferry minibus is HN10 THZ. Originally a 14 seater, it has been downseated to 8, like its sisters.
Ford Transit crew ferry van YG04 ARX is withdrawn due to accident damage.
T748JPO 909 ENSIGN TEMP LUL  11-1-15
Above: Ex Wilts and Dorset Trident no 909, “dressed” for the Waterloo-Canada Water RRP.

Former Metroline Trident/President LT02 ZZV is in use.
Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer W947 ETW, has been re-registered HSK 177.
From 26/1/15, route 66 ceased to serve Harlow and ran as Debden/Loughton-Waltham Cross instead.

From First Eastern Counties are Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 65670 (SN51 UYC) and Volvo B7RLE/Wright 69433 (AU58 FFW). They are at Clacton (CN) and Colchester (CR) respectively.
SLF/Super Pointer 43715 (R715 DJN) is withdrawn and has gone to store at Braintree. Parts from it are to be used to repair sister 43480 (R680 DPW).
Withdrawn Scania L94/Wrights 65569 (S569 TPW) and 65576 (T576 JNG) have been stripped of parts at Colchester.
SLF/Super Pointers 42930/6 (SN05 EAM, DZS) have moved from Chelmsford (CF) to Braintree (BE), with 42487/9 (SN03 WME, SN53 KJY) going in exchange. Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 65667 (SN51 UXY) is now at CN ex CR. SLF/Marshall 43679 (R679 MEW) has been on loan to CF from BE. Volvo B7RLE/Wright 66798 (MX05 CCA) has gone from CR to CF.
Repainted into Refreshed livery with ‘Essex’ fleet names are Volvo B7RLE/Wrights 66803/4/7/28 (MX05 CCN/O/Y, CFE).
Magdalen Street site has been offered for sale by it’s owner, Colchester Borough Council. The closed Harwich depot has been offered for sale through Newman Estate Agents.
Work on the new base at Haven Road in Colchester was well advanced at the end of January.

Ex Southern Vectis via Ensign is Leyland Olympian K741 ODL.

Ex Stagecoach Wales Volvo B10M/Alexander PS M765 RAX is here, via Ensign.

New is Irizar i6 CC64 PGC.
Scania K360/Lahden YT60 OTC has passed to Irizar, Worksop (dealer).

From 5/1/15, there were revisions to the commercial 87 Brightlingsea to Colchester route. Daytime frequency on Mondays to Saturdays was increased from half hourly to every 20 minutes.
Dart SLF/Super Pointer 256 (EU55 BWC) and short ADL/Enviro 200 293 (EU59 AFJ) now have white led destination displays.
Mini Pointer Dennis Dart SLF 284 (W792 VMV) has transferred from Sible Hedingham (HD) to Clacton (CN), while sister 287 (X347 YGU) is withdrawn and has passed to Panther Travel.
W792VMV L405 HO 89 (GT YELDHAM)  5-7-13
Above: SLF/MPD 284, with its old fleet number of L405; at Great Yeldham in July 2013.

Ford Transit minibuses RF02 KWB and CU03 CXR have passed to A1 Van and Truck (dealer), Clacton for resale.

MAN11.190/Optare Vecta M73 WYG has returned to its native Yorkshire, having been secured by the Keighley Bus Museum.

New S7 Stock units are 21441/2; 21445/6.
Withdrawal of the D78 sub surface stock has commenced; with 7058 + 7510 departing Ealing Common depot, by road for Long Marston on 19/1/15; followed by 7065 on the 21st. A forth car has gone to a design consultant, for experiments on interior layouts. All of this is to do with a project detailed below. A summary of D78s withdrawn so far are single ended units 7025 + 17025 + 8025; 7056 + 17056 + 8056; 7058 + 17058 = 8058; 7065 + 17065 + 8065; 7082 + 17082 + 8082; 7114 + 17114 + 8114; 7129 + 17129 + 8129. The formations are DM + T + UNDM. Also withdrawn is double ended unit 7510 + 71510 + 7511 – formation DM + T + DM.
Uncoupling non driving motors (UNDMs) 8025/56/8/65/82/114/289 have gone to Booth Roe, Rotherham for scrap.
Driving motors (DMs) and trailers (Ts) 7025/17125, 7056/17056, 7058/17058; 7065/17056; 7082/17082, 7114/17114, 7129/17129 have passed to VIVArail at Long Marston – see below.
The proposal to convert D78 stock driving motor vehicles to Diesel Electric Multiple Units (DEMUs) for use on National Rail, when they are retired from the District Line, is to happen, and the cars which have passed to VIVArail are to launch this venture.
The project (called D-Train) will use the D78 bodyshells, bogies and traction motors, as the basis for DEMUs. These could be a solution to a current shortage of DMUs and to replace Class 142/3/4 ‘Pacers’ on branch lines in the north of England, and South Wales.
The rebuilt D78s will feature brand new cabs, control gear and engines – featuring hybrid technology (3.2 litre Ford 5 cylinder diesel engines powering two traction motors on each bogie). They are ideal for this role, as their aluminium bodies could be converted for forthcoming DDA requirements and they also have a Railway Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) Safety Case, as they have run on Network Rail (NR) metals between Gunnersbury and Richmond throughout their London Underground careers; and also Putney Bridge to Wimbledon, when that was under NR.
D78s are to be replaced by new S7 Stock in London by summer 2016.
Built by Metro Cammell and introduced between 1980 and 1983, they have been regarded as one of the most successful types of London Underground train.
D78s serve the ‘Busmopolitan’ area, east of Bromley By Bow.
7027 D78 UPMINSTER 4-05
Above: A D78 train in original condition, headed by car no 7027 – at Upminster in April 2005.

New for the TfL34 (Walthamstow-Barnet) contract are Volvo B5LH/Wright Gemini2 hybrids VWH2043-49/51/2/5/6 (LK64 EHM/N/O/P/R/S/T/V/W/Z, EJA).
They have replaced the TE class ADL/Enviro 400s intially used. In practice the VWHs will appear on all routes from Potters Bar (PB) for which they are allocated; eg TfL82 (North Finchley-Victoria).

Scania K340EB6/Caetano Levante SH39 (FJ57 KHG) has returned from contractor De Courcey of Coventry. Volvo B9R/Caetano Levante SR171 (FJ11 MLF) has been on loan to Travel West Midlands.
Transferred to NX contractor SGBC of Patchway are K340/Levantes SR23, 51 (FJ57 KHK, KJU).

AY54FPZ 3421 NC EX NH 1 (HIGH ST, CR)  1-15
Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Super Pointer 3421 (AY54 FPZ) has come from Network Harlow (pictured above); with SxConnect liveried Volvo B7RLE/Wright 3817 (GN07 AVD) going the other way.
SLF/Caetano Nimbus 1565 (HX04 HUK) is now in TGM livery, ex Classic Coaches red and grey.
LDV Convoy mid roof 16 seaters AV53 KVO and FJ05 KWV are currently crew ferries here.
SLF/Pointer 3312 (S310 JUA) has gone to Ripley of Carlton for scrap.
RX07KPG 1562 NC 1A  1-15
Above: Having been on loan to New Enterprise at Tonbridge, Kent; Dart SLF/Caetano Nimbus no 1562 had reached Colchester by January 2015, and was pictured at Head Street.

Received from Arriva Medway Towns are Optare Versas 4230/1 (KX62 JVW, JWF) and 4237/9 (KX13 DHG/K). They are in full Arriva Interurban livery, and this will begin the phasing out of the Network Harlow brand.
Gone for scrap is Volvo B6BLE/Wright 3250 (V250 HBH).
Volvo B9R/Caetano Levantes 4101/2 (FJ60 HYH/K) are now with Arriva The Shires for Green Line 757 (Luton-London).
Volvo Olympian/NC 5944 (R614 MNU) has been donated to the Southend SOS Bus Project.

S264YOO NHT 177  CR  7-1-15
Above: One of New Horizon’s pair of ex Redbridge Transport Volvo Olympians, S264 YOO was seen on service 177, at Maldon Road, Colchester on 7/1/15.

The remaining local bus service; commercial 77 from Great Bentley to Colchester, underwent some adjustments from 5/1/15. The basic frequency is now every 90 minutes, with peak journeys extended from Head Street in Colchester to ASDA at Turner Rise and also to/from Norman Way on schooldays. The 77 continues to operate Monday to Friday only.
X989CNO NHT 77 (GREEN-WHITE) (CR) 5-12
Above: Seen when just acquired in May 2012; New Horizon Volvo B6BLE/Wright X989 CNO, works an outbound 77 down Colchester High Street.

Ex Cedric’s Scania K113/Irizar FIG 6292, has been sold to a dealer at Barnsley.

Following the end of the “regular” 78/A, SLF/Super Pointers Y152 NLK, Y661/8 NLO, RX51 FNS/V are withdrawn and have been offered for sale.
They are parked up at Ardleigh depot, along with withdrawn ex Cedric’s Volvo B10M/Jonckherre K908 RGE and Toyota Optima/Caetano P960 DNR.
Frating yard has been further extended.
RX51FNS&FNV NHT 7-4-13
Above: SLFs RX51 FNS/V at Frating (Lufkin Farm) depot in April 2013.

The old Cedric’s, Wivenhoe depot is now a car wash.

From Purple Parking of Southall is Volvo B7R/Plaxton Prima T105 JBC, which is now BIG 6002.
Ex Hedingham Dart SLF/Mini Pointer X347 YGU has been acquired for spares only.

Above: Optare Solo BIG 7006 ex S627 JRU at Parkeston depot.
New to Wilts and Dorset and ex Damory Coaches, this is one of the oldest Solos in regular service.

Rover 200 crew ferry car T913 LRT has lost its Panther magnetic signs. Other staff cars include BMW 525 estate LB52 DXW; ex Essex Police Ford Focus estate EU06 EUY, Ford Fiesta FN08 OGV, Ford Focus estate AB59 PAN.
AB09 PAN is a Ford Fiesta engineers van; AB56 PAN is a Vauxhall Astra engineers van; AB57 PAN and AB60 PAN are VW Caddy service vans; AB63 PAN is a new Ford Transit SWB engineers van; KY08 NMX is a Mercedes Sprinter LWB fitters’ van, while Ford Transit SWB engineers van V967 DBJ is parked up at Stansted, and is VOR. DBJ was the second original A Barham/Panther Travel ancillary vehicle and may be preserved. Renault Clio engineers van AB51 PAN is delicensed. Fiat Doblo Cargo EN51 ABF is withdrawn at Parkeston. These vans may double as crew ferries.
Reg marks AD63 PAN, AB64 PAN are also owned, but are not on fleet vehicles.
(AB are the initials of founder/director Adam Barham).

A further Volvo B7TL is President bodied ex Metroline LK51 XGN, via Ensign.

Neoplan Starliner MX10 DFK, is ex City Circle of Hayes.
Plaxton President bodied Dennis Trident 1402 (T122 KLD) is withdrawn following an engine fire.
A routine withdrawal is of Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 605 (W133 WGT).
Previously withdrawn SLF/pointer 604 (R510 SJM) has gone to S&D Commercials (dealer), Upwell, Cambs.

Volvo B10M/Van Hool 70 seater coach N469 PYS, has been acquired from Brent Community Transport, London NW.

Scania K114/Irizar YN55 PVX is now GXZ 4247.

There are some roads which have “ghost” bus stops, with the flags repainted plain white, following the withdrawal of bus services along these sections.
They can be found on Manners Way between Oakengrange Drive and Rochford Road near Southend Airport; in Leigh on Sea along Marine Parade; at Chalkwell on Kings Road; and Westcliff on Sea at Genesta Road and Canewdon Road.
Above: One of the phantom bus stops at Marine Parade, Leigh.

ADL/Enviro 400 19589 (AE10 BXA) is delicensed due to accident damage.

TfL55 (Leyton Green-Oxford Circus) has been converted to LT operation.
Due to long term rebuilding work at London Bridge railway station, peak extras are being run by West Ham (WH) on TfL47 (Shoreditch-Catford Garage) – normally the province of Selkent.
The Scania Omnicity double deckers at Rainham (RM) are now spreading their wings. Previously regular on 248 (Cranham-Romford) with appearances on 372 (Horncurch-Lakeside); they are now frequent on 365 (Romford-South Horncurch) and have been seen on 174 (Dagenham-Harold Hill).
Trident 17856 (LX03 NEY) has moved from Barking (BK) to West Ham (WH); 17857/9 (LX03 NFA/D) from BK to Romford North Street (NS).
Received from Selkent are Tridents 17950/2/5/6/62 (LX53 JYO/R/V/W, JZE).
Transferred to Selkent is Trident 17896 (LX03 ORJ).
Trident 17506 (LX51 FNJ) has temporarily joined the training fleet from Selkent.
Tridents 17427/66 (LX51 FKA, FLC), 17505/45/88/9 (LX51 FNH, LY02 OAU, LV52 HFX/Y) have been reinstated to Reserve; 17559/74 (LY02 OBL, LV52 HFF) have gone to Reserve.
Ex Selkent SLF/Pointer 34380 (LX03 BZM) has returned from Finland, and gone into store at West Ham (WH).
Trident 17566 (LV52 HDZ) has gone to Metal Waste Recycling, Edmonton for scrap.
Tridents resold by Ensign are 17460 (Y529 NHK) and 17576 (LV52 HFJ) – to Bryans Coaches of Enfield; 17547/55 (LY02 OAW, OBG) – to South East Bus Supplies of Bromley (Kent); 18224 (LX04 FXM) – to Brylaine, Boston, Lincolnshire.
It appears that the East London Bus operations at Rainham (RM), have been absorbed into the main East London Bus and Coach Company fleet.
This change only affects O licence discs and legal lettering.
LX03NEY 17856 ST LON 145 REAR IL 6-04
Above: Trident 17856 spent its career at BK until transfer to NS (see text). This view shows it in original condition, at Green Lane, Ilford in June 2004.

YX14 RXB, the ADL/Enviro 200 demonstrator, continued on loan – covering for warranty work.
Used arrivals are ex Stagecoach South Caetano bodied Dennis Dart SLFs HV52 WTC/E. Leyland Olympian/NCs 949/51 (H549/51 VAT) have passsed to Xelabus of Eastleigh.
With the Hadleigh outstation buses; SLF/MPD 413 (EU03 CFX) was swapped for long ADL/Enviro 20D 464 (EU62 FDF) at the start of January, and this was subsequently replaced by SLF/Super Pointer 459 (GU52 HKD).
EU62FDF 464 STEPHENSONS 247 (CR)  1-15
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 no 464, on the 247 at Colchester High Street in January 2015.

The site of the old depot at Leigh on Sea, at the junction of London Road and Elm Road, has disappeared under a new block of flats. It was replaced by a new facility at Chandlers Way, Temple Sutton in the early 1990s.
After the original Supreme went into liquidation in 2005; it’s successor initially used Stock Road – just around the corner from Chandlers Way as a depot, before moving to Rettendon in 2007.

PIL 4683, an ACI bodied Mercedes 814D, has been acquired from Spratts of Wreningham.

Scania K410EB6/Irizar YN64 AMX is delicensed due to accident damage.

Resold by Ensign are SLF/Super Pointer SPD3 (SNZ 7293) – to Watts of Bonvilston, Wales; and SLF/MPD PDS17 (TNZ 1186) – to Manns Travel of Gravesend.
On a visit to Leicester on 3/1/15; short ADL/Enviro 200 PAZ 9346 was observed, as Centrebus no 549. This was once Trustybus LK07 ATF, which passed to Centrebus when it took over Trustline. No 549 subsequently migrated to Leicester and gained its new identity in September 2014. The PAZ reg mark was previously carried by an ex Kimes of Folkingham DAF DB250/NC Palatine double decker.
PAZ9346 549 (REAR) CENTREBUS (LE)  3-1-15

The ‘Halstead Hopper’ circular town service, was de-registered from 15/1/15. This commercial venture had been operated by Florida Coaches, but following the acquisition of that firm by Flagfinders, the route changed hands, along with Florida’s former Bournemouth EL2000 bodied Dennis Dart; M462 LLJ.
Above: M462 LLJ with Florida in February 2011. It retained this livery with Turners; ableit with Florida names removed.

Ex Hedingham Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer X509 WRG has been acquired, via Panther Travel (as dealer).

Alpha numeric fleet numbers have been applied.

Courtworth Banner cropped