Busmopolitan. Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. January 2020.


Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the January 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

The introduction of the new trains on Greater Anglia has continued this month. Stadler Flirts have been introduced to the Marks Tey-Sudbury branch, and there is now a regular Class 754 diagram on the Norwich-London main line.

At First Essex, the new Scania/Enviro 400 double deckers for the X30 Southend-Chelmsford-Stansted Airport have arrived. They will be launched later.

In the air, Flybe has run into monetary problems again, and this time has been “bailed out” by government intervention.

Out of the Busmopolitan area, but significant for the bus industry, was the sudden collapse of north west council fleet Halton Transport on 24/1/20. This followed two years of significant financial losses. Even a cash injection of £750K by the council could not solve the problem. This leave just 8 former municipal bus fleet in the UK now, one of which is the local Ipswich Buses.

Mb 0816D/UVM YN58 AFA is now with Ahmed, Newcastle upon Tyne.

New is Yutong Tc9 AC69 ERN.

Volvo B7RLE/Wright 3826 (GN07 AVP) was on loan from Southend, to cover for acident damaged Dart SLF/Caetano 1562 (RX07 KPG), while the lateer was repaired.
Routes 133 (Braintree-Stansted Airport), 900 (Braintree Freeport Shuttle) ran on New Years Day.
Odd sightings:
2/1/20: StreetLite 4261 (GN64 DXR) on 1; short Dart SLF/Caetano 1565 (HX04 HUK) on 8. 5/1/19: ADL/E200 3986 (GN07 DLO) on 900 – usually StreetLite. 6/1/20: Route 133 StreetLite 4324 (SK68 GWV) on 1. 9/1/20: Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1563 (RX07 KPJ) on 8; 4261 on 1. 14/1/20: VDL DB300LF/Pulsar Gemini 4459 on 1. 15/1/20: Dart SLF/Pointer 3413 (SN54 HWY) on 77 – usually E200. 22/1/20: StreetLite 4261 on 2. 29/1/20: 4459 on 1.

GN07DLO 3986 AR CR 900 (BE FREEPORT) 5-1-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 3986 at Braintree Freeport on 5/1/20. (Simon Austin).

From 6/1/20, new Bishop’s Stortford town service 311 commenced. It is on Herts CC contract.
A new Stansted Airport-London express coach service is also imminent.
New liveried ADL/Enviro 200 4008 (YX61 FZN) is here from Hemel Hempstead. It was new to Tower Transit and came to Arriva via Ensign.

KX09KDU 3779 AR SD 9 (RAYLEIGH) 31-1-20
Above: VDL SB300/Wright Pulsar 3779 at Rayleigh Station on 31/1/20. (John Podgorski).

ENL18 has been transferred to Barking.

King Long XMQ6900 MX16 BFP is ex J&B Travel, Stanningley.

25/1/20: DR75408/9 at Broxbourne.

Operations have moved from Horse Heath (Cambs) to Haverhill (Suffolk).

Above: Vehicles are now parked at Star Buses, Haverhill. ADL/Enviro 200s KX59 CXP/R pictured on 25/1/20. (John Podgorski).

BLUE TRIANGLE. Odd sightings: 19/1/20:Volvo B9TL/Geminis WVL468, 476 on 104.

New Wednesdays only routes 375 (Sudbury-Bury St Edmunds), 379 (Hadleigh-Bury St Edmunds) started on 15/1/20.

BX55FYJ 2 CHAMBERS (HO HD) 25-1-20
Above: Mercedes Touro no 2; now with Hedingham at Sible Hedingham depot on 25/1/20. It is used on Hedingham School Bus 5. (John Podgorski).

8/1/20: 37254 tnt 37099 on 1Q97 Ferme Park-Cambridge.
9/1/20: 70809 on 6M66 Oxwellmains-West Thurrock cement.
21/1/20: 37610 + NR 96604, 6260, 62287, 9808, 9703 on Cambridge-FermePark NR test train.
28/1/20: 70817 on 6M66 Oxwellmains-West Thurrock and 4S89 return.

Above: Two coaches previously with Essex operators, on GA RRP at Cambridge North on 5/1/20. Ex Graham’s of Kelvedon Scania/Irizar T361 JWA is in front of ex Philips of South Woodham Ferrers Volvo B10M/VH S756 XYA. (Alex Hazell).

2/1/20: 66125 on Trafford-London Gateway.
7/1/20: 90034 at Ilford depot.
8/1/20: 66111 on 4E25 Biggleswade Plasmor-Bow. 66140 on Acton-Griffin Wharf Ipswich. 66147 on 6L35 Mossend-Dagenham cartics.
10/1/20: 66154 6V80 Marks Tey-Brentford empties.
14/1/20: 66111 on 4E25 Bow-Heck Plasmor.
17/1/20: 59005 on 6L30 Acton-Chelmsford.
23/1/20: 59104 on 6L21 Dawley Loop-Dagenham Dock ARC.
28/1/20: 59102 on on Acton-Chelmsford.
29/1/20; 66090 on 6L07 Acton-Ipswich Griffin Wharf then 6V07 return to Neasden. 66149 on 4E25 Bow-Heck.
31/1/20: 66030 on 6V80 Marks Tey- Crawley.

ADL/Enviro 200 SE152 is here from London General, for commercial use on the FarEast shuttles in Stratford. However it was soon transferred to London General at Morden Wharf.

Has been awarded a new contract to operate Ford automotive rail services between Dagenham and Garston (Liverpool). This is in partnership with STVA UK.
7/1/20: 57306 towing GWR 387136 on 5Q50 Reading-Ilford ECS.
9/1/20; 37608 on Leicester-Ilford light loco.
21/1/20; 68002 tnt 68012 on Southminster nuclear flasks.
31/1/20: 57306 took GWR 387141/30 to Ilford and took 387134/39 back to GWR, Reading.

Routes 22 (Grays-Aveley), 44 (Grays-Purfleet), 73A (Lakeside-Tilbury), X80 (Chafford Hundred-Bluewater) ran on New Years Day.
ADL/Enviro 200s 705-8/11/12 (YX10 ECA, SN11 FFJ-L/P/R) have passed to Warrington’s Own Buses, for use on ex Halton Transport routes, following the latter’s sudden collapse.
For the London Overground Walthamstow to Barking e-rail, the following ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 400s were temporarily put into the fleet from sales stock: SN09 CDY, CEF/X, CFM, LK55 KJX.

Now has MCV Evoras M20 FXO, M80 FXO.

New Scania N250UD/Enviro 400 MMCs 36837-43 (YN69 XXU-W, XYA-D) for X30 (Southend-Chelmsford-Stansted Airport) have been delivered to Chelmsford. They are two tone blue. The X30 will be relaunched as ‘Essex Airlink’.

YN69XYD 36843 FE X30 NEW (WT) 16-1-20 (PETER CLACKETT)
Above: Brand new X30 Scania N280UD/Enviro 400MMC 36843 (YN69 XYD) in Witham on 16/1/20, en route from Chelmsford depot to TruckEast. (Peter Cackett).

Further ex First West Yorkshire Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis at Colchester (CR) are 37034 (YJ06 XKZ), 37053/54 (YJ06 XMD/E), 37060-62 (YJ06 XMM/O/P).
Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32475 (AU53 HJJ) has moved to First Eastern Counties at Ipswich.
Trident/President 33086 (LN51 GMG) has transferred from CR to Basildon (BN).

one size-full wp-image-22127″ src=”https://jpodgorski1.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/sn13cpe-37805-fe-98-cn-22-12-19.jpg” alt=”SN13CPE 37805 FE 98 (CN) 22-12-19″ width=”960″ height=”720″ />
Above: ADL/Enviro 300 67805 on the 98 at Jackson Road, Clacton on 22/12/19. The car park in the background is the site of the old bus station – closed in 1989. (Simon Austin).

MX05CCN 66803 FE 97 (LT CLACTON) 28-12-19 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Volvo B7RLE/Wright Solar Eclipse 66803 on the 97 at Little Clacton on 28/12/19. (Simon Austin).

Operation of commercial routes 75B (Colchester-University of Essex), 97, 98 (Colchester-Clacton-Walton) ceased after 4/1/20. Hedingham has provided replacement facilities. (See below). The last 97 was worked by Trident 33178 (LR02 LYX) after ADL/Enviro 300 67741 (SN62 AKJ) failed at Holland on Sea.
Sunday/bank holiday contracts 76 (Colchester-Clacton) and two M-Sat evening 74B (Colchester-St Osyth-Clacton)  journeys continue for the time being. First and its predecessors had served ‘The Essex Sunshine Coast’ for more than 100 years.
Also after 4/1/20, the 71B Chelmsford-Witham shorts were renumbered to 71D and 88 no longer served Great Yeldham and all journeys terminated at Halstead.
From 5/1/20, route 62 (Colchester-Brightlingsea) was revised. A new 62B variant was introduced, running via Hythe Hill. (The 62 continues to serve East Hill). Combined frequency has been increased to a peak of every 10 minutes. On Sunday/holidays there is now a 62C.
Routes X10 (Basildon-Stansted Airport), X30 (Southend-Stansted Airport) ran on New Years Day.
From 6/1/20, new registered school route 570 (Great Dunmow-Colchester) replaced the old 508 and 509. The 570 does not serve Stebbing and Rayne, however.
Also from 6/1/20, operation of route 24 (Southend-Southchurch) passed to Stephensons.

SN62ASU 67756 FE 97 LAST DAY (CR) 4-1-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: ADL/Enviro 300 67756 at Stanwell Street, Colchester on the last day of First operation of route 97 on 4/1/20. (Simon Austin).

SN62AKJ 66741 FE 97 LAST DAY (CN) 4-1-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: ADL/Enviro 300 67741 at Pier Avenue, Clacton on the last day of First operation of route 98 on 4/1/20. (Simon Austin).

Wright StreetLites 63328/29 (SK65 PXJ/L) have transferred from CR to HH, due to the route changes above. ADL/Enviro 300s 44596/97 (EU60 LFS, FJ58 YSL) moved from HH back to CF. B7TL/ALX400 32485 (AU53 HKC) – CF-CR, for an extra 70 duty. Sister 32483 (AU53 HKA) has a super rear advert for CT1. Volvo B7RLE/Wright 66813 (MX05 CDO) returned to BN with 66848 to CF in exchange. B7RLE/Wright 69430 (AU58 FFV) has been repainted.

YS03ZKB 62407 FE 65 (CR) 25-1-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 62407 enters Queen Street, Colchester on 25/1/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Scania L94UB/Wright Solars 65688-90 have been sold to Ensign. 62408 is withdrawn. This leaves just 62407/10, 65679 active at CR. They were replaced by a combination the ex First Glasgow ADL/E300s and service reductions – such as the withdrawal of the 97 and 98.
BMC 1100s 68510/20/31 (KX54 ANR, KP54 AZU, LK54 FNC) also passed to Ensign, and were quickly resold to Southern Transit.
Volvo B10BLE/Wright trainers 62139 (X618 NSS), 66179 (W379 EOW) have gone to Alpha for scrap.

Above: 66179 being taken away for scrap from Chelmsford depot on 4/1/20. (Dale Bell).

Odd sightings: 2/1/20: B7TL/ALX400 32068 (KP51 VZS) on 62; Trident 33044 (LN51 DVH) on 65; Trident 33088 (LN51 GMU) on 62; B7TL/Gemini 37010 on 64A; Route 62 B9TL/Geminis 37133/34 on 75; Roite 62 B9TL/Gemini 37139 (SN57 HCY) on 64; StreetLite 63334 on 62; 3/1/20: 32068 on 62; B7TL/ALX400 32478 (AU53 HJO) on 65; Trident 33080 (LN51 GNP) on 64; Trident 33178 (LR02 LYX) on 65; 37134 on 75; StreetLite 63335 on 62. 4/1/20: Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37133 on 75; 37134 on 70; 37135 on 64; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37138 (SN57 HCX) on 61 + 1A; 37139 (SN57 HCY) on 75. 5/1/20: 32068 on 62A; 37139 on 61. 6/1/20: 37134 on 88A. 7/1/20; 32485 (AU53 HKC) on 62B. 8/1/20: Trident 33044 on 174; StreetLite 63340 on 75. 9/1/20: B7TL/ALX400 32475 (AU53 HJJ) on 65; B7TL/ALX400 32476 (AU53 HJK) on 174; Trident 33086 (LN51 GMG) on 65; 33087 (LN51 GMO)on 66; B7TL/Gemini 37027 on 64A; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37136 on 70. 10/1/20; Trident 33044 on 65; Route 62 B9TL 37136 (SN57 HCU) on 64A. 11/1/20: B7RLE 66798 (MX05 CCA) on 75. 13/1/20: Scania L94UB/Wright 62410 (YS03 ZKF) on 75. 14/1/20: 65679 on 75. 15/1/20: B9TL/Gemini 37140 at Colchester Fuel Injection. 16/1/20: 62407, 67756 on 75. 18/1/20: Route 62 37136 on 88; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67171 on 71. 20/1/20; B7TL/Gemini 37037 on 64A. 21/1/20: Trident 33044 on 62; Route 62 B9TL 37134 (SN57 HDH) on 17 + 65 pm peak. 22/1/20: B7TL/ALX400 32477 on 62; Dart SLF/Pointer 42941 (WX56 OAV) on 71. 23/1/20: Trident 33080 on 65. 24/1/20; YX09 AFV on 100. 27/1/20; Route 62 B9TL 37139 on 175. 28/1/20: Route 62 37133 on 70 + 2A. 31/1/20: Route 62 B9TL 37133 on 67/C am; 44909 on 100.

Has Mb Atego 1524L/UNVI SN15 CDE ex Mint, Kilburn.

Scania Omnidekka YN08 MLY is ex Nottingham City Transport via Ensign.
Sold is Volvo Olympian/Alexander RL R758 DRJ.

Above: Scania Omniexpress Y4 FLG ex YT09 FLF at Colchester, on GA Ipswich-Marks Tey rail replacement on 12/1/20. (Simon Austin).

A year after it had previous run into financial difficulties and been rescued by a consortium of Virgin, Stobart and a financier; Flybe ran into trouble again – after another year of losses. The UK Government struck a rescue deal. Flybe serves London City and Southend airports, in the ‘Busmopolitan’ area.

2/1/20: 70002 on 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe. 86628/07 on 4L91 Wembley-Felixstowe.
4/1/20: Orange 66415 on 4L41 Ditton-Felixstowe. 66571 on 1127 Chelmsford-Stoke Gifford FLHH stone. 86632/22 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 86637/27 on 4L93 Crewe-FLX.
7/1/20; 65501 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton stone. 86627/37 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 86638/12 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX.
8/1/20; 86607/09 on 0L89 Crewe-Ipswich light loco.86610/13 on 4L97. 86622/32 on 4L91.
9/1/20: 66610 on Acton-Chelmsford stone arr 0533 dep 1054. Orange 66623 on Tunstead-West Thurrock arr 0415. 86612/38 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX.86627/39 on 4L91.
10/1/20: 66570 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 70002 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX. 70007 on 4M81 FLX-Crewe. 86612/38 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 86632/22 on 4L97.
13/1/20: 86639/27 on 4L89.
14/1/20: 86605/8 on 4L97. 90046/48 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX.
15/1/20: 66501 on 4L52 Garston-London Gateway. 66560 on 4E24 Gateway-Leeds. 66588 on 4M56 Gateway-Garston.
16/1/20: 66957 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 70016 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX.
17/1/20: 66957 on Acton-Harlow Mill stone. 86605/8 on 4L91.
21/1/20: 86609/37 on 4L89.
25/1/20: 66587/93 on Shenfield engineers. 66533/951 on 6Y13 Parkeston Quay-Shenfield engineers. 66594/617 on 6Y14 Whitemoor-Shenfield engineers. 66418//554 on Brentwood engineers.
27/1/20: 66431 on 4M07 Tilbury-Daventry. 66597 on 4Z53 Wembley-London Gateway. 70014 on 4L91 Wembley-FLX.
28/1/20: 86608/12 on 4L89. 86628/39 on 4L41.
29/1/20: 66559 on 6L30 Acton-Chelmsford. 86604/9 on 4L91. 86605/32 on 4L41. 86613/22 on 4L89.
30/1/20: 86605/32 on 4L41. 86613/22 on 4L91. 86639/28 on 4L89.
31/1/20: 70020 on 4L46 Lawley St-Gateway.86622/13 on 4L41. 86604/9 on 4L89. 86628/39 on 4L42.

66722 GBRf (CR) 4-1-20
Above: 66722 at Colchester on 4/1/20. (John Podgorski).

2/1/20: 66714 on 4L18 Trafford-Felixstowe. 66730 on 4L18 Garston-Dagenham car transporters.
4/1/20: 66719 on 4M26 FLX-Hams Hall. 66722 held on down goods loop at Colchester with late running 4L29 Birch Coppice-FLX intermodal. 66752 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall.
7/1/20: 66716 on 4M23.
8/1/20: 66773 on N Walsham-Ipswich light loco. 66789 on 6L37 Hoo-Whitemoor.
9/1/20: 66770 on Grain-Harlow Mill. 66773 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 66789 on 4L04 Hams Hall-FLX.
11/1/20: 66704 on 4E14 FLX-Doncaster. 66729 on 4M07 FLX-Birch Coppice. 66786 on FLX-Trafford. 66789 on Hams Hall-FLX.
13/1/20; 66716 on 4M23. 66746 on 6L37.
14/1/20: 66716 on 4M23. 66723 on 4M46 London Gateway-Hams Hall. 66789 on 4L02.
15/1/20: 66723 on 4M46 London Gateway-Hams Hall.
16/1/20: 66775 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 66785 on 4M23.
17/1/20: 66789 on 4L02.
18/1/20: 66789 on 4L02.
22/1/20; 66763 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks and return.
23/1/20: 66781 on 4M29.
25/1/20: 66714 on Maryland engineers. 66735 on 6T63 Whitemoor-Forest Gate engineers.
27/1/20: 66723 on London Gateway-Hams Hall.
29/1/20: 66706 on 4M23. 66722 on 4L47 Wemble-London Gateway.
30/1/20: 66785 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks.

755332 GA MT FIRST DAY 21-1-20
Above: 755332 at Marks Tey on 21/1/20. The first day of ‘755 revenue operation on the Sudbury branch. (John Podgorski).

All of the Stadler Flirts have now been delivered. 745107 had the honour of being the last.
New is 720509 – first of its class.
Class 755 operation began on the Marks Tey-Sudbury on 21/1/20.

755412 GA (IPSWICH) 19-12-19 (A HAZELL)
Above: Stadler Flirt bi-mode 755412 at Ipswich on 19/12/19. It is on an East Suffolk Line service. A London bound Class 321 waits on the opposite platform. (Alex Hazell).

Class 90s and MkIII carriages are now starting to be debranded.
156407/16/18 transferred to EMT.
158418 ‘ESTA’ was de-branded and de-named.
2/1/20: 755007 on 5Q91 Norwich-Liverpool Street test run.
4/1/20: The 1403 at Colchester Norwich-Liverpool Street ran as 6 coaches, due to 12091, 12139 being locked out of use.
8/1/20: 745007 on 0740 Norwich-London; the first ‘745 in revenue service.
9/1/20: 317514/08 on 5F96 Ilford-Witham test run. 745006 on 5Q92 Liverpool Street-Norwich test run. 745007 on 0740 NOR-LST again. 755325/401 delivered – completing batch.
10/1/20: 745007 on 0740 NOR-LST.
11/1/20: 745007 on 0700 NOR-IPS – due to engineering.
13/1/20: 156419 on 5V01 Norwich-Ilford ECS. 710119/21 on West Anglia training runs – Liverpool St-Enfield Town (for all of week). 720509 delivered to Ilford.
14/1/20: 156407 – to EMT. 317342 towed Kilmarnock-Ilford by DRS 57312.
16/1/20: 156418 on 2T27 Sudbury-Marks Tey, then 5P27 ECS to Norwich with 156416 replacing as 2T28 Marks Tey-Sudbury. 745006 on 5Q92 Norwich-Liverpool Street ECS/test and 5Q92 return. 745007 on 1P37 Norwich-London. 745107 delivered.
19/1/20: 745010 on 5Q91 Norwich-London test.
20/1/20: 90014 towed Norwich-Crewe by DRS 37401 as 0Z90. 156416 on last working of type on Marks Tey-Sudbury.
21/1/20: 90008 towed back from Crewe by DRS 37401. 156416 on 2E70 Colchester-Peterborough, then 2L71 back to Ipswich. 755332 on Marks Tey-Sudbury – first revenue working on this route.
24/1/20: 156419 transferred to EMR. 3 MkIIIs towed to Leeds Neville Hill by DRS 37402 at 2 MkIIIs brought back.
27/1/20; 156416 transferred to EMR.
28/1/20; 745010 failed at Forest Gate on 1P15 0740 NOR-LST; recovered by DRS 37611 as 1Z99.
31/1/20: 156417 is last ‘156 on GA.

156407 GA (MT) 9-1-20
Above: 156407 at Marks Tey on 9/1/20. (John Podgorski).

321336 GA (RAYLEIGH) 31-1-20
Above: 321336 at Rayleigh on 31/1/20. On a late evening Liverpool Street to Southend Victoria service. (John Podgorski).

Odd sightings:
15/1/20: ADL/E20D 1237 on 20.

OU57FHA 298 HO (CN) 15-1-20
Above: 298 at Clacton depot on 15/1/20. (John Podgorski).

Transferred from Konect is short ADL/Enviro 200 298 (OU57 FHA). This is connected with the route changes/gains below.
Withdrawn is Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 563 (V307 LGC). The only B7TL/President now not fitted for OPO is 570 (W487 WGH).
Route 137 ran on New Years Day.

SF04SKD 910 HO 74 FIRST DAY (CR) 5-1-20 (S MILTON)
Above: Optare Solo 910 at Stanwell Street, Colchester on the first day of new route 74; 5/1/20. (Sonny Milton).

Hedingham took over ex First commercial routes 97, 98 from 5/1/20. They are being run as Clacton-Walton only. 97 terminates at The Naze and 98 turns at the Columbine Centre. Daytime frequencies are 30 minutes. to cover the Colchester-Clacton sections, there have been frequency increases on X76 (Clacton-Colchester) Mon to Sat and the introduction of new commercial service 74 (Clacton-St Osyth-Wivenhoe-Colchester). In Colchester, 74 terminates at Head Street Mon to Sat, and at Stanwell Street on Suns/hols. M-Sat, 74 interworks with X76 and is usually Omnidekka worked. On Suns/holidays, 74 interworks with 97/98 and uses saloons, due to the low railway bridge at Kirby Cross. M-Sat 97/98s use saloons for the same reason. Due to this, 16 and some 82/83s transferred from CN to KN (using an existing Omnidekka), while 16A and some 50, 63 and 82 duties moved from CN to HD (using an existing ADL/Enviro 200). Hedingham is now the dominant bus operator in Clacton and district.

SF04SKD 910 HO 97 FIRST DAY (PIER AVE CN) 5-1-20 (A LAW)
Above: 910 on the new route 97 at Pier Avenue, Clacton on 5/1/20. The Boots shop to the left stands on the site of the old Suttons Coaches depot (closed 1980). (Alex Law).

Above: Scania Omnilink 458 at Rochford Way, Frinton on Sea on 11/1/20. (Sonny Milton).

ADL/E200 261 was at KN again from 6/1/20. B7TL/Gemini 524 returned from KN to CN on 2/1/20. B7TL/President 570 returned from KN to HD on 6/1/20. B7TL/Gemini 520 – CN-KN on 7/1/20 and returned on 10/1/20. B7TL/Gemini 521 – CN-KN on 15/1/20. 521 – KN-CN on 17/1/20. 511 – HD-KN on 21/1/20 – returned on 23/1/20. 570 – HD-KN on 23/1/20.
Omnidekka movements: 2/1/20: 819 – CN-KN. 6/1/20: 819 – KN-CN. 7/1/20: 811 – Chambers-KN; 814 – KN-Chambers. 8/1/20: 816 – CN-KN. 13/1/20: 819 – CN-KN. 17/1/20: 813 – KN-Chambers. 23/1/20: 812 – KN-Chambers; 813 – Chambers-KN. By 24/1/20: 800 – KN-Chambers. 30/1/20: 800 – Chambers-KN; 813 – KN-Chambers. By 31/1/20: 802 – KN-Chambers.
Odd sightings: 5/1/20: Solos 910/11 (SF04 SKD/E) on 74, 97/98 due to diversion via Pork Lane, Great Holland, due to closure of the main road, usually larger saloons would be used. From 7/1/20: B7TL/Gemini 520 on PL4. 7/1/20: B7TL/President 571 on 63. 8/1/20: Omnidekka 816 on 15 pm. 9/1/20: Dart SLF/Pointer 257 (EU56 FLM) on 74 + X76; B7TL/President 563 on 74 + X76; B7TL/President 565 (W425 WGH) on 19 + 63; B7TL/President 579 (W526 WGH) on 74 + X76. 13/1/20: 819 on TLA B pm. 14/1/20: 574 on 19 + 63. 15/1/20: 521 on TLA B pm. 16/1/20: 816 on TLA A/B. 17/1/20: 565 on 19 + 63; 812 on TLA am; 814 on TLA B pm. 20/1/20: B7TL/Presidents 563, 572 on 74 + X76. 21/1/20: 579 on 19 + 63. 23/1/20: ADL/E200 262 on 74 + X76; Omnidekka 816 on 15 pm.
24/1/20; 565 on 19 + 63. 27/1/20: Dart SLF/MPD 291 on 903 am; B7TL/President 572 on 19 + 63; B7TL/President 574 (W506 WGH) on 63. 28/1/20: B7TL/President 568 (W458 WGH) on 19 + 63.
(Note that following the start of new route 74 and the gaining of 97, 98 – Volvo B7TL/Presidents are appearing more on stage work again).
Ancillary vehicles:
Vauxhall Combo van 9004 (W761 TRE) is withdrawn. It has been parked up at Clacton.

JACKSONS, BICKNACRE. Withdrawn is Mb 0814D/Euro AE06 JNF.

KEVENDY’S, WICKFORD. Ex Soul of Olney is Neoplan Skyliner YR02 UOB.

Dennis Javelin/Plaxton Premiere M291 FAE is now with ACE Training, Sawbridgeworth.

Wright StreetLites WS64, 136 have bben transferred here from within Go-Ahead London.

Above: SEe86, one of the recent BYD ADL/E20EV electric buses for TfL214 (Parliament Hill Fields-Moorgate). At Finsbury Square on 16/1/20. (Robert Downton).

378323 to new livery.
The Romford-Upminster saw 315801/6/9 during January.
10/1/20: 315833/59 on 5Q21 Northampton-Ilford.
13/1/20: 315833/59 back to Northampton from Ilford.
29/1/20: 710103 on 5H72 East Ham-Willesden inter depot positioning move.

MILESTONE, CANVEY.                                                                                            From Premier of Luton is Neoplan Tourliner K6 TDT ex PO63 FMY.

7/1/20: 345056 working on GEML.
23/1/20; 345020 working on GEML.

31/1/20: Plasser and Theurer ballast regulator DR77905 Stowmarket-West Ealing behind DRS 37401. Plasser and Theurer ballast regulator DR77907 on 6U47 Romford-Stowmarket.

DK09OBH 417 NIBS 21 (BE BUS PARK) 5-1-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Ex Ensignbus ADL/Enviro 200 417 at Braintree Bus Park on 5/1/20. NIBS only operates in Braintree on Sundays and public holidays. (Simon Austin).

Above: ADL/Enviro 200 AB09 PAN at North Station Road, Colchester on 4/1/20. (John Podgorski).

ADL/Enviro 200s AB09 PAN, DB09 PAN have reverted to their original registrations YX09 AFA, AEV and with sales stock ADL/E200 YX10 BCU, passed to Warrington’s Own Buses. This was top do with the sudden collapse of Halton Transport on 24/1/20.
Long disused Dennis Dart/Alexander Dash BIG 8843 has reverted to P390LPS and Dennis Javelin/UVG BIG 8796 has gone back to P653 LRV.
The current OCs are: Depot and HO at Parkeston; sub depot at Colchester; outstation at Great Dunmow (not always used); workshop at Weeley.
The Greater Anglia rail replacement cross platform shuttle at Marks Tey, is now provided by on demand taxi.

Above: Ex Stanleys of Durham Dart SLF/Mini Pointer DC56 PAN, turns from Northern Approach into Turner Road, Colchester on 31/1/20. Contributor A Hazell is driving. (John Podgorski).

8/1/20: 37611 at Colchester.
21/1/20; 37800 at Cambridge on 0Q13 light loco from Norwich – returned as 5Q14 ECS.
23/1/20: 37800 dragged 755328 as Ipswich-Norwich ECS.

Green liveried BYD ADL/Enviro 400EV City electric buses LF69 UYV/Y have appeared at Cowley Road depot, Cambridge. They are on loan from Stagecoach Manchester and are for staff training.
Scania N230UD/Enviro 400 15463 (AE09 GYN) is now in fleet livery, ex green.

Above: Scania N230UD/Enviro 400 15959 at Haverhill Bus Station on 25/1/20. (John Podgorski).

Odd sightings:
25/1/20: Standard liveried ADL/E400 19588 (AE10 BWZ) on Gold 13A.

BYD ADL Enviro 200EV battery electric demonstrator LJ68 CYO was on loan at West Ham in early January.
New TfL route 497 (Harold Hill-Harold Wood), began on 25/1/20.
Overall adverts:
LT314 – to Oat-Ly!; LT367 – Sonic; LT383 – Florida.
Back to red: LT313/15/66/69/70/77/78/81.

Above: Ex Whippet Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis LK54 FLB/G, on depot on 25/1/20. (John Podgorski).

Above: Scania Omnidekka 643 in Haverhill on 25/1/20. It has arrived on route 14 from Bury St Edmunds and will return on route 15. (John Podgorski).

Took over operation of route 24 (Southend-Southchurch) from First Essex, from 6/1/20. Ex Yourbus ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs 435/36 (YY67 USC/D) are the usual vehicles.
Also from 6/1/20, there were changes to the registered Newport Academy routes. 418 no longer ran, while 419 was extended to/from Great Saling.
A reminder that the Suffolk fleet at Haverhill and Bury St Edmunds is segregated from the Essex fleet. Although vehicles tend to be constant at all of the depots and outstations, there is a “common user” approach with no set allocations as such. There are rotations between depots and outstations; eg Boreham to Braintree and Boreham to Clacton. Current OCs are: Depots at Boreham, Haverhill, Maldon, Rochford. Outstations at: Braintree, Bury St Edmunds, Clacton.
Odd sightings:
11/1/20: Dart SLF/Pointer 460 (EU05 CZA) on 30.

Above: Dealer white ex Abellio London ADL/Enviro 200 449 in Haverhill on 25/1/20. (John Podgorski).

The last two Plaxton Presidents in TfL service are Tridents TPL926/27. They are normally used on school routes. They were new to Blue Triangle.

Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere BU51 ZAK is ex P&M of Wickford.

The latest acquired minibus is Ford Transit hi cube 16 seater LC16 KZM.

Ex RATP London United are Optare Tempos YJ112 EHO/W.

Mb Citaro MB304 suffered an engine fire in Cranfield on 24/1/20 and is withdrawn.

7-8/1/20: Matisa B45 tamper DR75303 on driver training at Stratford.
10/1/20: Matisa R24S Ballast Regulator DR77802 on 1140 Romford-Manningtree.

Above; Scania Omnicity YN58 BCV at Ingatestone on GA RRP to/from Newbury Park on 26/1/20. (Alex Hazell).

With thanks to: Angliagen, S Austin, D Bell, P Cackett, L Cornwell, D Disbury, A Hazell, A Law, S Milton, D Pretty.

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