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Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Highlights for September, include revisions to the commercial networks of Hedingham and Chambers, and the sale by Arriva of its Original London Sightseeing Tour (OLST) operation to French giant RATP.
Chambers Colchester-Sudbury-Bury St Edmunds “main line” service has once again become a through facility, having been split in half in recent years and converging at Sudbury. Hedingham meanwhile, has extended its established Colchester-Halstead route, through to Braintree; terminating at that town’s railway station.
OLST has a base in Metropolitan Essex; at Rainham – on the same industrial estate as Go-Ahead Blue Triangle and Stagecoach East London. It’s main depot is a Jews Row, Wandsworth.
Meanwhile, Regal Busways experienced its second low bridge collision in 18 months, when on 4th September, one of its double deck Tridents hit the railway overbridge at Battlesbridge, while of service 3 (Southend-Chelmsford) – which is scheduled for single deck operation. Back in May 2013, there was a virtually indentical incident, involving another Trident – on the same route, at the arched bridge at Duke Street in Chelmsford. On both occasions the buses were deroofed, and the latest incident resulted in a passenger needed hospital treatment. Surely such record brings into question the competence of the bus operator concerned.

Now in the new AGA livery are DVTs 82118/36; Class 90 loco 90005.
315821/46 are now plain white with red doors.
315846 AGA PLAIN WHITE (BD)  20-9-14
Above: 315846 departs Brentwood on 20/9/14; forming the rear of a Shenfield to Liverpool Street service.

Acquired from Galloway of Mendlesham are Mercedes 0814D/Plaxton Beavers GJ52 GYD, EY53 GPK, HF54 NLE/G.

From 1/9/14, operation of Essex CC contract 37 (South Woodham Circular) was taken over from Hedingham.
SK07HLV AMBUS 269 (BD)  30-8-14
Above: Ambus ex RATP London United ADL/Enviro 200 SK07 HLV, at Brentwood High Street in August 2014.

Acquired via Ensign are ex Hatts of Chippenham Volvo B7R/Plaxton Prima W218 UMV and ex Fowlers of Holbeach Drove Dennis Javelin/Berkhof N946 LBX.
Volvo B10M/Berkhof Y2 CCH is now with Acorn of Tamworth.

Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 6122 (LJ05 BKV) has transferred to Arriva The Shires.

The first 64 reg buses to record are Wright Streetlite Maxs 4261/2 (GN64 DXR/S).

Was sold to RATP on 11/9/14.
There are bases at Wandsworth and Rainham (Essex).
Above: The OLST Rainham yard in June 2012, with ex Arriva London North DAF DB250L/Plaxton Presidents DLP42 and DLP48 present.

HSL660 (REAR) BLUELINE (AK)  27-9-14
Above: AEC PRV Routemaster HSL 660 (originally WLT 891), seen at Streatham High Road on 27/9/14, while on a private charter from Cheam.

Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH H705 PTW has been sold, in exchange for ex Munden of Bristol Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere 320 N608 APU.

Received from London Central are SLF/Pointer LDP195 (SN51 UAH) and Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini WVL79 (LF52 ZPK).
Volvo B7TL/Wright PVL115 (W415 WGH), Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini2s WVL451/2/3 (LJ61 GWM/N/O) have moved over from Docklands Buses, along with Dart SLF/MCV ED28 (LX07 BYU).
Sold to Ensign are Volvo B7TL/Plaxton Presidents PVL67/8 (W467/8 WGH), 95-7 (W495-7 WGH),
PVL70 (W578 DGU).
One time B7TL/Wright Gemini WVL91 (LF52 ZNZ) has been resold by Ensign to Travelmasters of Sheerness.

Volvo B12B/Caetano BC06 BWC is re-registered to 7947 RU.
Volvo B9R/Plaxton FJ58 LUL is now 1023 RU.

G727XDL CARTERS 94 (CR)  12-2-14
Above: Carters ex Damory Coaches Leyland Olympian G727 XDL, on a route 94 Hadleigh working, at Osborne Street, Colchester in February 2014.

Service changes saw the direct Hadleigh-Colchester link withdrawn, and Mistley now longer served. There were further revisions to the 94 Colchester-Ipswich route, which saw some journeys serve Wherstead and Tattingstone instead of Washbrook and Copdock, plus the headway on 94 altered to hourly.
The 193 Ardleigh to East Bergholt schools route, has been taken over from First Essex.

From 1/9/14 through ticketing and travel facilities were re-introduced on the 753/4 (Colchester-Sudbury-Bury St Edmunds) services, while the 84 (Sudbury-Colchester) route was revised, with an 84A variant.
The 84s are now extended from Sudbury Bus Station to the Tesco superstore at Chilton Road, via a new bus only thoroughfare.
Also from 1st September, Braintree-Sudbury (Siemens) works service 111 became available for public use between Braintree and Halstead, with Hedingham tickets valid.
A second ex Plymouth CityBus Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President here is 1449 (Y731 TGH).
W487WGH 570 CHAMBERS 753 (BSE)  23-8-14
Above: Chambers Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President no 570, departs Bury St Edmunds on the 753 service in August 2014.

Ex LWB of Watford Volvo B12M/Berkhof KC02 EEX has been acquired.

Took over Essex CC 17 (Great Bardfield-Saffron Walden) from Hedingham from 1/9/14. It is to be run of a 6 month trial, in the first instance.

Bova Futura FHD Y664 HWY is now with Silver Choice of East Kilbride, Scotland.

Berkhof bodied Volvo B10M 1023 RU has been re-registered back to R943 SJM, while Volvo B10M/Van Hool 7947 RU haas reverted to its original identity of L712 PHE. The 7947 RU mark is now on a Brentwood Coaches Volvo B12B (qv).
Sold are Volvo B10M/VH 5189 RU; Mercedes 0814D/Plaxton Beavers 5281 RU, S195 HOK.
S195 HOK is now with Taylor of Stourport-on-Severn.

Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis WVL81/2 (LF52 ZPM, ZNP) are from London Central.

Acquired from a preservationist is BEV 105X; a Plaxton Supreme MkIV Leyland Leopard new to Hedingham. It is for spares only.

Former fleet members resold by Ensign, are Volvo B7TL/Plaxton Presidents VP5 (X154 FBB) (to Redline of Aylesbury), and VP15 (X167 FBB) (to Qualiti Conversions of Southampton).
LF52TKO DW7 201 (AK)  27-9-14
Above: There are still a lot of former East Thames Buses vehicles at work with Go-Ahead in south London. DAF SB120/Wright Cadet DW7, now with London General, was seen at Streatham Hill on 27/9/14; on a short working of the TfL201 Morden to Herne Hill service. It was unable to use the usual bus stand, due to roadworks – which can be seen to the left of the picture. TfL201 passed to Abellio on retender, a week later.

SN11FFO EX HATTS S05 (ENSIGN)  14-9-14
Acquired from the now defunct Hatts of Chippenham (t/a Wiltshire Bus) are ADL/Enviro 200s YX10 ECA, SN11 FFJ/K/L/M/O/P/R/T. These are to replace the Y reg ex Stagecoach London SLF/ALX200s.
The first to receive Ensign fleet livery was SN11 FFM, now fleet no 709. SN11 FFJ/O were being prepared for repaint in mid September.
An addition to the coach fleet is ex New Enterprise Volvo B7R/Plaxton Prima YN54 DCY.
Delicensed is SLF/ALX200 734 (Y334 FJN).
Withdrawn is Volvo B10A/Plaxton Expressliner bendi coach 401 (P671 LWB).
Sold are SLF/”mini” ALX200 649 (Y249 FJN) – to Nottingham Minibus Company and “long” SLF/ALX200 731 (Y331 FJN) to Chambers of Maidstone.

Mercedes Sprinter 515CDi EM57 BUS has been re-registered to UU57 BOY.

The shells of Trident/Presidents 32963 (X963 HLT) and 32901 (W901 VLN) have passed to Delta Force Paintball, Woking.

Further vehicles in the “bottle green” Refreshed livery are B7TL/ALX400 32486 (AU53 HKD); Volvo B7RLE/Wrights 66850 (MX05 CHD), 66957 (WX55 TZU). 32486 also has a super rear advert for CO OP Funeral Service.
Above: Volvo B7RLE 69007 shows the “Charcoal Refreshed” (actually bottle green) local First livery, at Ipswich on 26/9/14.

PL05UBR 69532 71A (FEERING)  2-9-14
Above: Still with ‘Ipswich’ fleet names, First Essex ex First Eastern Counties Volvo B7RLE/Wright no 69532 passed through Feering, Colchester bound on 2/9/14.

Delivery of the new Wright Streetlite DFs for Hadleigh (HH), began at the end of September.
63161-9 are the vehicles concerned.
Ex First Eastern Counties is Scania L94UB/Wright 65630 (V830 FSC), while from First Hants and Dorset is Optare Solo M850 53008 (W808 PAF).
From 1/9/14, Essex CC routes 8 (Clacton-Walton, eves only), 9 (Great Holland-Walton, Tue/Thu/Fri), 14/15/A (Chelmsford-Wickford), 15 (Colchester North Station-Lexden, M-F peaks), 21 (Bocking-Braintree-Black Notley, eves), 74B, 76 (Clacton-Colchester, eves, Suns/hols), 83/A (Colchester-Colne Engaine/Mount Bures, M-Sat), 352 (Chelmsford-Braintree-Halstead, eves) were gained from Hedingham.
The 14/15/A were initially operated by Solos 53138/9 and short ADL/E200 44900 from CF. Then SLF/MPDs 43845/6 were reallocated from BN. SLF/Super Pointer 42933 has moved from CF to BE. BE needs newer buses for its new Essex CC contracts on 21 and 352.
Volvo B10BLE/Wright 66169 (W369 EOW), latterly at CF has appeared at CR. Sister 66165 (W365 EOW) – repainted into Refreshed livery and then stored, has entered service at BE, (pictured below, at Colchester). 66168 (W368 EOW) is also now in Refreshed colours – also at BE.
W365EOW 66165 REFRESHED 70 (CR)  29-9-14
SLF/Super Pointer 42482 has moved BE to CF, while SLF/MPD 43356 (V356 DVG) has gone the other way. B7RLE/Wright 69434 (EU58 JWZ) – at CF from new, is now at CR. B7RLEs 66794, 817/8 were loaned to CR from CF at various times during September.
Some of the ex First Manchester Volvo B7RLE/Wrights have been retro fitted with front driving lights; 66801/19 have been so noted. B7RLEs 66817 and 69532 now have super rear adverts for Essex Fire Brigade – Kitchen Safety.
Sold to Alpha for scrap are Volvo B10BLE/Wrights 60766 (R644 CVR) and 60863 (R641 CVR).
KX05MHF 66979 REFRESHED 65 (CR)  2-9-14
Above: Freshly repainted into Refreshed livery, First Essex ex First Wyvern Volvo B7RLE/Wright no 66979 at Southway, Colchester in September 2014.

Ex Stagecoach Fife is Volvo Olympian/Alexander RL R754 DRJ.
Trident T697 KPU has passed to Ensign.

66420 DRS-FL 4M94 (KN)  17-9-14
Above: 66420 heads the 4M94 Felixstowe to Birmingham (Lawley Street) Frieghtliner, through Kelvedon on 17/9/14.

66420 now has ‘Freightliner’ branding on DRS livery.
A loco does not now neccessary stable at Dagenham Dock, with Cricklewood being used as an alternative. This is to do with the Dagenham-Cardiff scrap metal train.

Sold are Dennis Javelin/Berkhof P890 FMO; MAN18.310/Marcopolos T884 JBC, V327 EAL; left hand drive Volvo B10M/Marcopolo X995 JJH; LDV Convoys AD02 HCP , YF03 AGC and former Dublin Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH T570 EGD. P890 FMO and T884 JBC went to MC Tractors, Ramsey for scrap.

VDL SB180/MCV 337 (YJ60 GDO) has come from Reays of Wigton, Cumbria.

Scania Omniexpress YT09 FLF is ex Bull (KB Coaches) of Pytchley, Northants, via Moseley, Doncaster (dealer).
It had previously served with Little’s of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, and was new to Clarkes of London.
P2BST GRAHAM'S 25-9-14
Withdrawn is Mercedes 711D/Onyx P2 BST, (above).
AE54FMG GRAHAM'S (MN)  4-9-14
Above: Graham’s has gained contracts for the independant Colchester High School, previously with New Horizon.
Ex Chelmsford Taxibus Mercedes 0814D/Euro Pantera AE54 FMG was seen at the Maldon terminus of one of the routes, on the first day of operation; 4/9/14.

R231HCD 484 HO 88 TO BE (CR)  4-9-14
Above: Hedingham Volvo B10RLE/Wright no 484, awaits the 1510 service 88 departure from Colchester to Braintree, on 4/9/14.

From 1/9/14, there were changes to some commercial services.
88 (Colchester-Halstead) was extended to/from Braintree and doubled in frequency. A M-F peak hours/college days 88X variant started; running Colchester-Eight Ash Green, as non-stop, then to Great Yeldham all stops (and visa versa).
89 (Great Yeldham-Halstead-Braintree) was also increased in frequency.
The 87 (Colchester-Brightlingsea) has been revised, with timings adjusted to compete more directly against the New Horizon 78/A (basically 4 minutes ahead). 87 has reverted to saloon operation throughout.
Operation of 88B (Colchester-Great Tey) has transferred from HD to CN. It now inter-works with the evening 88s.
Another Essex CC contract to go is the 417/8/9 (Newport Schools/Saffron Walden – Rayne/Great Saling/Wethersfield); to Stephensons – from 15/9/14.
There have been internal vehicle movements to do with the service changes.
SLF/Pointers 253 (EU04 BVF), 260 (EU56 FLR) have moved from Sible Hedingham (HD) to Tollesbury (TY). SLF/Pointer 251 (PJ02 RHE), SLF/MPDs 281/5 (V250 BNV, W799 VMV); ADL/Enviro 200 292 (EU59 AFF) have relocated from TY to Clacton (CN), (but 285 then back to TY). Volvo Olympians 82/4/6 (M146, 276/94 UKN), Volvo B10BLE/Wright 485 (R232 HCD) and Trident/ALX400 740 (V161 MEV) are now at TY ex CN. Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 560 (EU53 MVZ) from HD to CN.
Ex Anglian is Dennis Trident/EL 724 (W824 NNJ), while from Chambers are Volvo Olympian/NCs 92 (P910 RYO) and 96 (R552 LGH).
Chambers Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 561 (V301 LGC) has been on loan.
Withdrawn are Leyland Olympian/Alexander RL 60 (H160 HJN) and the last Optare Excel, 202 (T789 XVO).
Dennis Lance SLF/Wright 212 (M211 WHJ) has passed to Panther Travel.
Stanway school contracts 091 (Chappel and Great Tey) and 122 (Copford, Easthorpe, Hardys Green, Birch, Heckfordbridge), which had been worked from Little Tey are now operated from Tollesbury (TY). 122 has been renumbered 025 is now saloon worked, ex double deck. New is 026 (Alderman Blaxill Centre-Stanway School), which is subbed to Stan’s of Great Totham.
Two runs; routes 4 (Easthorpe) and 10 (Feering and Kelvedon) on Honywood School, Coggeshall contract 041 (renumbered from 068) have been reallocated from Kelvedon (KN) to Clacton (CN), while Honywood buses 2 (Bradwell and Stisted) and 3 (Silver End) have moved from KN to Sible Hedingham (HD) . The allocation at KN is thus reduced to 7 vehicles.
EU56FLR 260 HO 92A (CR)  1-9-14
Above: Newly transferred to TY from HD, SLF/Pointer no 260 traverses Headgate, Colchester on 1/9/14. It is on the 92A Tollesbury – Colchester peak hour variant, which runs via Layer De La Haye instead of the usual 92 Layer Breton and Birch routing.
H160HJN 60 HO (w) KN  8-9-14
Above: Hedingham Leyland Olympian no 60 after withdrawal; at Kelvedon on 8/9/14.

Now in the new livery is Trident/ALX400 11 (LG02 FCX).

F401 UAD is ex Rendells of Bridgwater.

Acquired from East Yorkshire are Volvo Olympian/NC Countybuses P557/74 EFL.
From Weaver of Newbury are former Nottingham City Transport Dennis Trident/EL Lolynes V434/5 DRA.
All the above are for new school contracts.
Meanwhile, an outstanding arrival is Ford Model T SV6936; bought from a preservationist.

Two services serving Essex have swapped numbers.
Clacton-Liverpool is now 305 ex 350.
Southend-Liverpool is now 350 ex 305.
Selwyns of Runcorn remains the contractor.
A new Nottingham-Stansted route has started. Numbered 349 it runs via Leicester, Peterborough, Huntingdon and Cambridge. It interworks with 350; but on Stansted-Liverpool short workings only. Johnson Brothers of Hodsthorpe, Worksop is the contractor, or partner as NX now calls its external service providers.

Scania K340/Caetano Levante SR60 (FH06 URH) is now with M&D Travel, Stockton.

Mercedes 413 16 seater MX53 PUH has been sold.

HX51LRL 3409 NC 4 (MALDON RD)  11-9-14
Colchester town service 4 (Head Street-Tollgate) was taken on as a commercial venture from 1/9/14. It had previously been with Hedingham.
Ex Hedingham commercial service 3 has also been “taken on”, by diverting the Colchester end of the 105 Walton route.
From Arriva London North are Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis 6130/1 (LF02 PLN/O). They have been refurbished/converted to single door/led destination fitted, and are in TGM livery.
Scania Omnidekka 5373 (YN06 TFZ), has been on loan to Network Harlow.
Withdrawn are Trident/ALX400s 5451/2 (KN52 NCD, NEF) and SLF/Pointer 3315 (S313 JUA).
LF02PLN 6130 NC 1  1-9-14
Above: B7TL/Gemini no 6130 at Queen Street, Colchester on its first day in service with ‘Network’; 1/9/14.
HX04HUK 1565 NC 1  22-9-14
Above; Network Colchester ex Classic of Annfield Plain SLF/Caetano Nimbus no 1565, at Colchester High Street, on 22/9/14.

On loan from Arriva Kent and Sussex is Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 3701 (S701 VKM), while Trident/EL 5443 (T406 SMV) has been borrowed from Arriva Medway Towns.

Y663NLO NHT 77 (CR)  28-5-13
Above: New Horizon Dart SLF Y663 NLO, picks up at High Street, Colchester on route 77 on 28/5/13.

From 1/9/14, there were changes to commercial service 77 (Colchester-Aingers Green).
It was revised in Colchester to no longer serve the General Hospital or North Station, terminating in the town centre, but calling at the University of Essex. The Saturday service was withdrawn, and frequency M-F reduced to every 90 minutes.
Withdrawn is ex Cedric’s Scania K124/Irizar FIG 6292.
Ex Cedric’s Optare Spectra M137 KRU has been sold.

Ex Stagecoach Devon is “short” Dart SLF/Alexander ALX200 S472 BWC.
Withdrawn are Dart SLF/MPD V194 ERG, SLF/Super Pointers Y662/72 NLO and DAF SB3000/VH coach Y314 HUA.
Sold are Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointers 202/3/5 (P678/81/5 RWU), 206 (P741 RYL), S117 EGK; SLF/Alexander ALX200 LX51 FHF; SLF/Marshall 208 (P831 BUD); Iveco 65C/UNVI minicoach 402 (EU07 XGL); Iveco Euroider/Beaulas 70 seater coach DCZ 7109 and Iveco 50C minicoach LK03 PZW.

Sold are Volvo B10M/Plaxton Paramount F886 SMU and Mercedes 614D/Crest W538 CDN.

Gained its first local bus contracts from 1/9/14. 103 (Ramsey-Harwich) – from Hedingham and 302 (Bishops Storford-Saffron Walden); previously with First Essex. These are both schooldays only services.
For the new school year, the former Hedingham operations from Parkeston outstation have been gained and a new outbase has opened at Clacton (c/o the First depot).
Optare Solo S627 JRU has come from Yorkshire Tiger.
Acquired from Hedingham is Lance SLF/Wright  M211 WHJ, which is now BIG 7793.
Ex Hedingham Optare Excel V203 ENU has been re-registered BIG 9861.
Sister R835 FNG is being used as a store shed at Parkeston.

Ex Johnsons of Henley-in-Arden Bova Futura FHD YJ08 NTE is here.

Overnight on 19-20/9/14 there were thunderstorms which resulted in flooding in the Witham station area.
The old Stanway civil engineer’s yard, near Colchester, closed in the mid 1980s, is now being redeveloped.
Some may remember withdrawn Class 306 EMUs being stored there, in the early ’80s.

Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 1303 (X387 NNO) collided with the low railway bridge at Battlesbridge, while on a Southend to Chelmsford working on route 3 on 4/9/14, and was deroofed. One passenger was injured. The bus is withdrawn.
Solo S627 JRU is on loan from Panther Travel.
Routine withdrawals are of mini Optare Solo 208 (YJ58 CDE), SLF/Mini Pointer 602 (YN04 PZZ), SLF/Pointer 606 (V124 GBY), Optare Tempos PO1, 3 (YJ56 WVX/Y).

Scania K124/Irizar T378 JWA has been sold.

Mercedes 0814D/UVG R711 TRV, is from Heggarty of Bowness, Cumbria.

J300 PCT is a LDV Convoy 16 seat minibus, acquired from Allen of East Tilbury.

Above: Some Tridents which had served at the Commonwealth Games, went to Stagecoach regional fleets after the event had ended. One was 17452; seen in Thameside days at Harold Hill in May 2010, but now in Manchester.

Some ADL/Enviro 200s have been retro fitted with front driving lights; 36370 has been noted.
Various Tridents which had been at Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games, have reappeared at Stagecoach Manchester – on MagicBus services; while others have stayed in Scotland – (see below).
Withdrawn are Tridents 17460/98, 17508/9/26/36/47/50/2/5/62/5/6/9/70/6/7.
Returned to their lessor are Tridents 18221-31/4/5.
Tridents 17749/98/9, 17802 have moved from T to WH; 17755, 17788 BW to WH; 17796 T to NS.
Transferred to Selkent are Tridents 17797, 17800/23.
Received from Selkent are Tridents 17788/94.
Trident 17571 has been loaned to Norfolk Green.
Now with Stagecoach Manchester are Tridents 17452/84/6/93/4/7/9, 17500/1/4/7/11/6/9/20/1/2/7/35/67/75/8.
Stagecoach Scotland now has Tridents 17425/48/9, 17549/91, 17740-4/85/6/7.
Trident 17525 has been posted to Stagecoach West.
Sold to Ensign is Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s LX04 FXV/W, 18234/5 (LX04 FYA/B).
LX04FYJ 18242  473 (SILVERTOWN)  14-6-14
Above: Trident no 18242 at Silvertown in June 2014.

The excursions have passed to Lodge of High Easter, while all but 2 of the school contracts are now with Fords of Althorne.

DK57OPZ 466 STEPHENSONS 247 (CR)  1-9-14
Above: Stephensons ADL/Enviro 400 no 466 at Colchester Bus Station, on the first day of operation of ex Beestons route 247; 1/9/14.

New are “short” ADL/Enviro 200 423 (EU64 CVT) and Scania N230UD/Enviro 400s 607/8 (EU64 CVP/R).
Ex London United Scania Omnidekkas YN55 NHV, NJE, NJK/V, YN55 NKG/H asre numbered 636/7/9/40/4/5.
Dart SLF/MPD 412 (SK02 XGP) was “on loan” at Boreham, from Rochford.
SLF/Super Pointer 457 (GU59 HJY) has transferred from Haverhill to Boreham.
SLF/Super Pointer 459 (GU52 HKD) replaced ADL/Enviro 200 466 (DK57 OPZ) as the Hadleigh outstation bus, at the end of September.
Many schools services are now low floor operated.
Commencing 1/9/14, the following Essex CC contracts were won.
9/10 (Great Notley Skyline Business Park-Braintree-Great Bardfield) – from First Essex.
And from Hedingham:
1 (Ashen-Sudbury).
8 (Toppesfield-Haverhill).
10 (Braintree-Cornish Hall End).
23 (Braintree-Steeple Bumpstead).
59 (Haverhill-Clavering).
89B (Halstead-Haverhill).
176 (East Mersea-Colchester).
417/8/9 (Newport Schools-Saffron Walden-Rayne/Great Saling/Wethersfield) – (from 15/9/14).
A commercial route taken over from Hedingham is 80 (Boxted-Colchester-Fordham).
Gained from Beestons was Essex/Suffolk CC 247 (Colchester-Dedham-Hadleigh), and a new outstation has been established at Hadleigh. However, on Saturdays the 247 is worked from Boreham depot.
YN08OAO 511 80 STEPHENSONS (CR)  10-14
Above: Scania N230UD/Olympus no 511 is the regular Stephensons vehicle on service 80.

Also from 1/9/14, there were revisions to the ‘Breeze’ network of town services in Bury St Edmunds. There were adjustments to Breeze 1 and 2, while Breeze 3 was withdrawn. Horringer Court Estate is now served by Breeze 2 as a result.
Stephensons has been running local routes in Bury since First pulled out in March 2012.
EG02NZD 455 STEPHENSONS 2 (BSE)  23-8-14
Above: Stephensons ex Souls of Olney SLF/Pointer no 455, on ‘Breeze’ service 2 at Out Risbygate,
Bury St Edmunds, on 23/8/14.

N426JBVw ENFIELDIAN  20-9-14
Volvo Olympian/NC NV26 (N426 JBV), latterly with Falcon of Enfield; was parked in “withdrawn” condition in the highway maintenance yard next to Sullivan’s South Mymms depot in 9/14.
Above: Sullivan Buses Trident ALX3 disguised for BBC TVs ‘East Enders’.

Commenced new commercial bus routes in the Harlow and Loughton areas from 1/9/14.
Operated under the title of EOS London, there are two services.
66 runs between Debden and Harlow, via Loughton, Waltham Abbey, Upshire, Epping and North Weald – M-Sat, while 66A served Upshire to Debden, via Waltham Abbey and Loughton M-F.
The EOS fleet wears an orange and black livery.
W947ETW 777 EOS 66 (L)  20-9-14
Above: EOS London SLF no 777 departs Loughton, on 20/9/14.

Apart from the main fleet, listed in August, 2014 ‘Busmopolitan Blog’, two temporary vehicles have appeared, in the shape of Plaxton Primo BU08 ACV and Dennis Trident/EL W832 NNJ.

New are Scania/Irizar tri axles YN64 AMO/U/V/X.
Some coaches have received green rear three quarter super rear adverts reading ‘When in Italy – do as Italians do’.

Acquired from Sanders of North Norfolk is Mercedes 0814D/Robin Hood L111 ANT, which had previously been with Neaves of Catfield, (who Sanders acquired during 2014).

Lea Interchange (LI) allocated Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini2 VN36105 (BJ11 DSV) is in an overall advert for David Gandy underwear.

From 15/9/14 there were enhancements to Harlow-Waltham Cross commercial routes 410/411/412.
This includes more through buses to Waltham Cross, a 410A variant serving Hunsdon/Brookfield Centre and limited stop journeys numbered 410X.
Fleet numbers have been allocated to the following buses: Mercedes 0814Ds EIG 1357, KV51 KVD – MP5, MP7;
ADL/Enviro 200s YX08 HCC – EDL34, MX10 DXY – EDS36.
SLF/Pointers SPD1 (SNZ 7259) and KM51 BFZ have been resold (via Ensign) to Heritage Coaches of Brighton, for its Sussex Bus operations. SLF/ALX200 AD21 (FXZ 2175), SLF/Pointer SPD4 (NFZ 3255) are now with Charlton of Maidstone – also through Ensign.
SLF/Pointers AD21 (FXZ 2175), NFZ 3255 are now with Runwood Green Farm, Langley (Kent).
SLF/Pointer SPD2 (GRZ 4522) has passed to Laurenson, Preston (dealer).
SLF/Pointer S91 EGK and ex Logic Bus SLF/Pointer V125 GBY have gone to Erith Commercials for scrap.

MX12CFL S1 UNO  PB1  6-12
Above: UNO Wright Streetlite no S1 on the PB1 in June 2012.

The Herts CC PB1 (Potters Bar Town Service) contract has passed to Metroline, who will run it “interim” until March 2015.

Took over working of Essex CC 318 (Thaxted-Bishops Stortford, Thu only), from Hedingham from 1/9/14.
Scania K114/Irizar GO02 CLA is now SUI 9014.

ZVV Cobra Tram - Zurich Film Festival  9-14 (NJ Hodges) DSC05307
(NJ Hodges).
What is this smartly dressed man doing standing in the road, holding a length of barrier tape ?
Answer: Controlling movement of trams during the Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland.
In the UK, such an event would probably result in a road closure !
Where is his hi-vis, by the way ?

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