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Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the July 2016 edition of Busmopolitan.

R643MNU 73 HO TY LAST DAY 22-7-16
Tollesbury depot of Hedingham Omnibuses, closed after service on 22nd/23rd July. This ends an era, as there had been a bus garage in this Essex riverside village since 1917, when G W Osborne started a service between Tollesbury and Colchester via Birch; a forerunner of the present day 92. Osbornes sold out to Hedingham in 1997.
The premises on New Road dated from 1965, but the site had been used to berth buses for many years prior to that. The picture (above) shows TY driver Brian Tedgerdine on one of the last commercial workings. Full details of the resultant traffic and vehicle changes are explained below.
And Go-Ahead Blue Triangle has vacated its depot at Rainham. Acquired with the Blue Triangle business in 2006, the premises at Ferry Lane had been extensively upgraded, but were still limited by the size of the site.
And there have been ends of eras in Suffolk, with the closure of Soames Coaches and the abolition of middle schools (except 3 independant academies). Soames has traded out of Otley for some 90 years, and its demise was only due to the lack of a successor to continue the business. The middle school finale will see changes to many school bus contracts from September.

Above: Soames Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panther S4 GET on the A140 (southbound) at Stoke Ash, Suffolk on 11/6/16.

Ipswich station is undergoing major works. The bus stops and taxi rank are being swapped over, with the buses stopping immediately outside the station building in a new circular bus station. The taxis are where the buses used to be. Inside, the booking hall has been relocated, along with some retail outlets. The picture (above), was taken on 10th July.
Also, a new shelter has been erected on platform 2 at Marks Tey. This stretches from the footbridge to the waiting room. The old retort building has been dismantled, after having lain derelict for some time. It is understood that the brick have been salvaged for use at the Chappel and Wakes Colne Railway Museum. It was originally used to produce gas for the lanterns of Marks Tey station.
The derelict station buildings at Alresford, Kirby Cross and Weeley have been sold to Tendring District Council for the nominal sum of £1 each. This follows local resistance to the proposed demolition of the structure at Alresford. AGA stated that it would not be economically viable to restore these Victorian buildings, which date from the opening of the Colchester to Walton on the Naze line. Hythe station had an identical building which was pulled down in 2009 and replaced with a “bus shelter”, when that station was modernised with extended platforms.
The hot weather in mid July caused operational problems. On 20th July, an 80 mph speed restriction was imposed (at Shenfield), and 14 services through there were cancelled as a result. EMU 317501 has received the new livery, along with MkIII FO 11085, and TSOs 12034/66, 12130.
EMU 321364 has had its end unit numbers moved from the valence to the solebar.
They are in black on a white background and are of a smaller font. The Class 321s are being internally refreshed.
MkIIIa RFM (Restaurant Buffet First Modular) carriage, no 10200 has been withdrawn for conversion to a TSOB Tourist Standard Open Micro-Buffet. This left 10212/29. RFM 10247 has become TSOB 10417. TSOB 10406 has received Abellio livery, leaving just (off lease) 10241/63/65 in the old ONE scheme.

Sold is Bova Futura RJI 4670.

Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointers 1558 (KX56 HCP), 1559 (EU56 GVG), short Dennis Dart SLF/Caetano Nimbus 1563 (RX07 KPJ) and SLF/Pointer 3418 (SN54 HXE) are now in Arriva colours, ex TGM. 3418 had Route 1 branding on its old scheme, leaving 3419 (SN54 HXF) as the last bus with this. 3418 retains roller destination blinds.
The final bus with the old ‘Network Colchester’ fleet names is Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 3314 (S312 JUA).
SLF/Pointer 3327 (X519 GGO) has been returned to Harlow after only a brief stay .

X519GGO 3327 AR CR 8 NORTH HILL 1-7-16
Above: Rare footage of Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer no 3327; then recently moved from Harlow to Colchester; ascending North Hill in Colchester, on 1/7/16.

SN54HWZ 3412 AR CR 1A 1-7-16
Above: Freshly repainted into Arriva corporate colours; Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer no 3412 approaches central Colchester, along Maldon Road; also on 1st July.

KE54HHF 3860  510 ST  1-05
The last bus in SxConnect livery here; Volvo B7RLE/Wright 3860 (KE54 HHF) – is now in Arriva corporate colours. It is on loan to Arriva Kent and Surrey at Tunbridge Wells, as a repaint float. Four SxConnect liveried examples remain at Colchester, however. The picture, above shows 3860 in original condition – at Stansted Airport Coach Station in January 2005.
Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 3327 (X519 GGO) is back here from Colchester (qv).
Optare Solo 1455 (YJ06 FXU) has gone to Hemel Hempstead, while Dart SLF/Pointer 3293 (Y293 TKJ) has returned from Stevenage.
Withdrawn is accident damaged Optare Solo 1473 (YJ56 ATY).
Previously withdrawn Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer 3483 (W483 YGS) and SLF/Pointer 3701 (S701 VKM) have gone for scrap.

Ex Chariots/Flavin of Stanford Le Hope is MAN powered EOS EOZ180 L111 PVW, which was new to Crusader Holidays.
Livery changes have seen Volvo B10M/Plaxton aramount OAZ 5315 don overall orange, while Bova Futura LUI 2244 now has orange lower panels. Traditionally the fleet livery has been white with orange lining.
Double deck coaches offered for sale are Neoplan Skyliner A105 MWT, and Ayatts Bravo M155 BWR.
Mercedes 0404/Hispano R690 RGM is now YSV 645.

Volvo B10M/VH 2170 PO is L659 ADS again.

Rainham (BE) garage closed after service on 1st July, with all work moving to the new depot at River Road, Barking (RR). BE remained in use for overflow parking, however.

Above: Rainham depot as seen in June 2012.

Above: A pre Go-Ahead era view of Rainham base; in September 2004.

Transferred to London General are ADL/Enviro 400s E100-4/5/13/19/24 (LX09 EZU/V/W/Z, LX09 FAJ, FBD/N/Z) and Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer LDP35 (P735 RYL). From London Central is ADL/Enviro 400 E202 (SN61 BKJ).

Above: AEC PRV Routemaster RML2613 on a Burnham on Crouch to Cold Norton prom private hire, on 28th June. (James Sadd).

This is a new Cypriot airline which runs a Larnaca to Stansted service; using Airbus A320s. It is the second air carier from Cyprus to be formed, after the dissolution of Cyprus Airways in 2015. The other being Tus Airways.

AEC PRV Routemaster RML2296 (CUV 296C) has left First Site.

The first of the Class 345 EMUs, no 345001 was launched to the press at Bombardier, Derby on 29th July. 66 are ultimately due for the ‘Elizabeth Line’, with the first to enter public service from May 2017.

All of the Class 66 EMD diesel electric locomotives have been bought from the leasing company.

Route 333 (Great Yeldham-Sudbury), ended after 1/7/16.

Withdrawn are Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis WVL94/95 (LF52 ZNG/H). They have gone to store at the Belvedere (BV) site of London General.

New are Airbus A320-214s G-EZPM/N/O.

Against a dramatic sky, Airbus A320 G-EZOG climbs away from Stansted on 3/7/16.

BCIs ENSIGNBUS 30-7-16.jpg
The first BCI 12 metre tri-axle double deckers have arrived. Ensign initially has four, which will enter traffic later in 2016. Three were pictured together on 30th July.
Temporary additions (for rail work), are ex Metroline Dennis Dart SLF/Caetano Nimbuses 796-8 (LK03 NLJ/M, LK53 FDN) and ex DawsonRentals SLF/Plaxton Pointer 799 (KU02 YTX).
Volvo B10M/Caetano Enigma 604 (864 DYE) has reverted to its original FN04 FSE mark. Volvo B7R/Plaxton Profile 603 (ULL 933) is now YN54 ACY again. YN54 ACY has passed to HJ Coach Hire, Thornton Heath.
Dennis Trident/ALX400 364 (V364 OWC) has returned from New Venture at Maidstone, off loan.

SN11FFP 711 ENSIGNBUS 21 (BD) 16-7-16.jpg
Above: Ensignbus now runs the southern part of the former Townlink service 21. ADL/Enviro 200 no 711 was at Brentwood railway station on 16/7/16.

KJD260P 7 CUL260 EATM 10-7-16 (N EADON-CLARKE)
Above: Ensign Heritage Fleet Metro Scania Metropolitan MD60 with presserved London Transport AEC664T/Metro Cammell trolleybus no 260, at the East Anglian Transport Museum, Carlton Colville on 10/7/16. (Nigel Eadon-Clarke).

From 2/7/16, one pm journey of 66 (Waltham Cross Circular) also now serves Epping College, while 86 (Harlow Circular) additionally serves Waltham Cross Bus StationLK03NLL EOS 66 (WALTHAM X) 19-3-16.jpg
Above: EOS Dennis Dart SLF/Caetano Nimbus no 753 on the 66, at Waltham Cross Bus Station on 19/3/16.

New is Airbus A320-214 D-AEWK.

Sold are ex Terravision contract King Long XMQ6129 BK63 ZSP and Volvo B11R/Sunsundegui tri-axle BL14 LSO.

Toyota Optima/Caetano T792 JNT has been sold to TK Travel of Burghfield Common, Berkshire.

BV13ZBP 69910 X10 (CF) 25-7-16.jpg
New service X10 (Basildon-Stansted Airport), began on 24/7/16. Initially, Volvo 7900H hybrids were noted on this. 69002 (BV13 ZBD) performed the inaugural run. All of the batch, 69902/6/10/13 have received ‘X10 Here to Air’ branding, and 69010 (BV13 ZBP) was captured at Chelmsford on 25/7/16.
Dennis Trident/Plaxton President 32905 (W905 VLN) is now a semi open topper, with First Eastern Counties at Great Yarmouth. It is in a blue based livery.
Trident/Presidents 32809/10/47 (T809/10/47 LLC) are now with First Hants & Dorset.
From 25th July, the seasonal 75B (Colchester North Station-Colchester Zoo) started again. On the same date, route 47 in Chelmsford was adjusted at Victoria Road, to serve Tesco. Also from 26th July, shoppers route 26 (Belfairs-Leigh Rail Station) became Tuesdays only and no longer runs on Fridays.
Commercial service 300 (Basildon-London Gateway), ceased from 24/7/16. This had been aimed at staff at the DP Gateway port complex. Services 100, 200 provide alternative facilities, but don’t run into the port as such.
Dennis Trident/Plaxton President 33052 (LN51 GKJ) has arrived from First South Yorkshire. Dennis Dart/Plaxton 42486 (SN03 WMX) has gone from Chelmsford (CF) to Clacton (CN) for the summer season.
Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 32481 (AU53 HJY) has lost its super rear advert.
Volvo B7RLE/Wright Solar 66809 (MX05 CDE) is delicensed due to fire damage.
Long term disused Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 62406 (YS03 ZKA), has been removed from Clacton for scrap.
Above: 62406 at Salisbury Avenue, Colchester in April 2005.

The driver of a lorry, involved in a serious accident with a First Essex bus at West Mersea last September, appeared at Colchester Magistrates Court on 30th July; to answer 6 counts of causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving. Philip Last, aged 52 of Great Yarmouth, entered no plea and the case was committed to Ipswich Crown Court on 23rd August. Mr Last was released on unconditional bail until then.
The incident happened on 26th September 2015, when a DAF XF articulated low loader, operated by Cowles of Lowestoft, shed its Burrell steam traction engine load, onto a First Essex Scania/Wright on East Road, West Mersea – crushing the front offside of the bus. The bus driver and 5 passengers were badly injured and the bus written off. Mr Last had been arrested at the scene and was charged later that day.
S573TPW 65573 (ACCIDENT DAMAGE)  23-9-15

Acquired is minibus DG53 BNX.

From Ensign are Ex Metrobus Scania Omnidekkas YN56 FDD/F/X and ex Metroline Volvo B7TL/Plaxton Presidents LK03 NHF/G/V.

Above: Line up of Class 66 diesels and a Class 86 electric loco at Ipswich Station sidings on 10/7/16, with Abellio Greater Anglia Class 153 DMU and Class 321 EMU stock to the left.

The depot has moved from Boreham to Rettendon.

Caledonian liveried Class 92 electric loco 92023, was stabled at Dagenham Dock on 3rd July.

66753 GBRf (IPSWICH) 10-7-16
Above: GBRf EMD diesel electric locomotive 66753 stabled at Ipswich on 10/7/16.

Two years after it was withdrawn, Mercedes 711D/Onyx P2 BST remains on site.

X509WRG L407N HO 37 TY 20-2-13.jpg
Above: Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer L407 outside Tollesbury depot on 20/2/13. It is blinded for Essex CC supported South Woodham Ferrers town service 37. This had previously been operated by Jacksons of Bickacre and then NIBS of Wickford. After Hedingham, the 37 was contracted to Amber of Rayleigh, but from April 2016 became part of new First Essex route 94.

Tollesbury (TY) depot and MOT station officially closed on 22/7/16, although buses ran on 23rd July for the Saturday Essex CC 50, 63 and 92 services. There were “residual” workings on 91/92/95 from TY the following week. Complete closure happened in the week commencing 31st July. Work moved to Clacton (CN), Kelvedon (KN) and Sible Hedingham (HD). The last commercial service in was Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 739 (T117 DBW), on a 91 journey from Witham, and driven by the depot manager, Mr Paul Mullender.
Services 50 (Colchester-Layer/Tollesbury), 50B (Blackheath-Great Wigborough-Colchester – Mons only), 63 (Mason Road-Colchester-Berechurch -Sats only), 69/A (East Mersea-Colchester – Tue only), 79 (Tiptree-Colchester – Fri only), 85 (Layer Breton-Colchester – Wed only), 92 (Essex CC Tollesbury-Colchester – Sats only) have moved to Clacton (CN). 95A (Tollesbury-Maldon Plume School) has moved to KN; along with the “closed” Plume school contract. The Stanway School contracts 021/023 went to HD.
Monday to Friday routes 91 (Tollesbury-Witham), 92 (Tollesbury-Colchester) and 95 (Tollesbury-Maldon) all ceased commercially after 22nd July; but continue with Essex CC support (still with Hedingham). A revised timetable was effective from 25th July.
Maintenance for KN vehicles will be done by Sible Hedingham (HD), for the time being. MOTs will be performed at the VOSA Ipswich Test Station.
Resultant vehicle movements are as follows:
Transferred from TY to KN are Volvo Olympian/NCs 71/2/3 (R626/9/43 MNU), 91/2/3/6 (N540 LGH, P910 RYO, R273 LGH, R552 LGH); Volvo Olympian/Alexander RLs 74/5 (R702 DNH, S300 XHK); Olympian/Alexander RHs 83/6 (M273/94 UKN).
Volvo Olympian/NCs 67 (P605 CAY), 70 (P612 CAY), 87 (P489 MBY), 89 (N529 LHG), 90/2/5 (N427 JBV, P910 RYO, R279 LGH); Olympian/Alexander RHs 76 (S127 RLE), 84 (M276 UKN) were already working from KN at the time of the TY closure.
From TY to Clacton: SLF/Pointer 260 (EU56 FLR); Trident/ELs 723/6 (W823/6 NNJ).
From TY to HD: SLF/Pointer 256 (EU55 BWC); Trident/ALX400s 737/8/9/43 (T107/8/17 DBW, X386 NNO). From CN to HD: SLF/Pointer 259 (EU56 FLP). From HD to CN: SLF/Pointer 251 (PJ02 RHE). Ford Transit engineers’ van EJ57 PXY went to Chambers.
(Some of these transfers are provisional, and may change before September).
Optare Solo 904 (MX53 FDN) has been returned to Anglian Bus. Volvo Olympian/Alexander RL 86 (M294 UKN) and Volvo Olympian/NC 96 (R552 LGH) are withdrawn. 86 was “switched off” on 20th July, but was moved back to KN on 25th July and subsequently cannibalised. 96 was parked up at KN on 25th July. Withdrawn Volvo Olympian/NC 66 (P602 CAY) remained at TY at the end of July. It has been stripped out internally and awaits donation to a school, for static use.
Long term withdrawn Volvo Olympian/NC 69 (P608 CAY), Leyland Olympian/Alexander RH 80 (J838 TSC), Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointers 281 (V250 BNV), 284 (W792 VMV) and Volvo B10BLE/Wright 485 (R232 HCD) have passed to Alpha Recovery, Weetslade for scrap. Other, unidentified B10BLEs have also gone to Alpha, from the “graveyard” at Anglian, Ellough.

Above: J838 TSC at Aingers Green in May 2009; en route from Clacton depot  to Colne School at Brightlingsea.

R643MNU 73 HO 92 (CR)  17-3-15
Above: Volvo Olympian no 73 at Maldon Road, Colchester – on a Tollesbury bound 92 on 17/3/15. The bus had recently been transferred from HD to TY when the picture was taken, and the destination display was subsequently repaired.

H160HJN L160 HO 95 (TY)  21-11-13
Above: Leyland Olympian/Alexander RL no 60, on service 95 at Tollesbury Square on 21/11/13. It still carried its old fleet no at the time of the photo. This bus is now in preservation.

SN16OGK 104 IB 15  10-7-16
Above: One of the recent “classic” ADL/Enviro 200s; no 104 was seen at Princes Street on 10th July.
Below: No 103 passes the futuristic Willis building on 9th July. (Simon Austin).

Optare Solo 234 (X234 MBJ), latterly TIL 4051 with Centrebus as no 334, has gone for scrap.

Neoplan Skyliner YN03 AWH ex SIL 7486 has passed to Palxton, Anston (dealer).

New is K15 DYS, a Van Hool T916 tri-axle coach.
From Boyce of Ramelton, Eire is Van Hool T916 08-DL-4298. It has received UK registration K15 DYS.

Former East Thames Buses DAF SB120/Wright Cadet DWL18 (BX04 BXL) is now a trainer at Camberwell (Q).

EMU 317719 is now in LOROL colours.

LJ60AVE T157 & LJ54BFL 907 LOROL RRP BK 30-7-16.jpg
Above: A view of the LOROL Barking to Walthamstow section of the rail replacement to Gospel Oak. On 30th July, Ensignbus Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 no 907 (left) arrives at Barking,  as Arriva London North ADL/Enviro 400 T157 departs for Walthamstow Central, for connection with the LUL Victoria Line. This provides a link to the other RRP from Tottenham Hale.

C77 driving car 5721 has been donated to London’s Transport Museum.
D78 Stock withdrawn is 7006+17006+8006; 7524+17524+7525.
To Vivarail: 7006/24/25.
To Booth Roe for scrap: 17006+8006, 17524.

LK08DWF DEL853 714 ML (LUTON) 6-16 (G WOOD).jpg
Commercial limited stop service 714 (New Barnet-Luton), ceased after 16/7/16. It has been replaced by an extension of altenate route 84A (New Barnet-St Albans) journeys towards Luton.
ADL/Enviro 200 DEL853 was seen (above) at Luton Interchange in June 2016. (Picture by G Wood).
Below: ADL/Enviro 200 DEL 849 in St Albans on the last day of the 714.
LK08DWA DEL849 (REAR) ML 714 (LAST DAY) 16-7-16

YE52FHL MYALLS 132 CAMBRIDGE 17-7-16.jpg
Optare Solo YE52 FHL departs Cambridge Railway Station on 17th July, on the Sundays/holidays only Cambridgeshire CC 132 Cambridge-Saffron Walden service.
This is covered at other times by the commercial Stagecoach Citi 7, but on Suns/hols Citi 7 only runs between Cambridge and Sawston.

Acquired is ex Falcon of Shewpperton Scania K340EB4/Berkhof Axial YN06 CJV.
The last vehicle in Cedric’s livery, Volvo B10M/Berkhof Axial R20 CED, has been sold to Beestons of Hadleigh, (as dealer) along with Volvo B10M/Jonckherre Mistral R179 SUT.
Volvo B12M/Berkhof Axial S25 NHT (ex FJ03 AAZ) have been offered for sale.
Above: R20 CED, with Cedric’s – at Cardiff in May 2004.

DC56PAN PANTHER 446B 1-8-16.jpg
302 (Bishops Stortford-Saffron Walden High School), 446 (Manuden-Saffron Walden High School) and 446B (Clavering-Joyce Franklin Academy), stopped after 22/7/16. 346 (Dumow-Leaden Roding School) ended on July 29th. Stage work from Stansted depot has thus ceased.
Panther is providing two staff buses for Grampian Country Foods on a short term contract.

BIG9248 PANTHER (WITHAM) 25-7-16
Leyland Olympian G296 UYK is now registered BIG 9248. It was pictured at Witham on 25th July.
Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panther DC04 PAN is re-registered back to YU04 XFC and has passed to Barrett of Nantwich.
Ford Transit 16 seater DC52 PAN and Leyland Olympian/Alexander RL BIG 7596, have been offered for sale. Previously sold Volvo B7R/Plaxton Prima BIG 6002 has been put up for sale again by its subsequent keeper Lovett of Coleshill; and repainted burgundy red.
Olympian BIG 7596 was withdrawn at the end of the school term, and re-registered back to F639 LMJ, as pictured below.

F639 LMJ PANTHER 302 ST  6-8-16

K518ESS PANTHER w 1-8-16
Long term stored Leyland Olympian/Alexander RL K518 ESS is being cannibalised (above). Other long term laid up vehicles are Leyland National Greenaway GUW 452W and Leyland Olympian/ECW C73 CHM. All are at Matching Tye workshop.
All Stansted based minibuses now park at Airport House. This follows the closure of the car park on First Avenue, for conversion to a ‘meet and greet’ facility.
The Stansted Northside Shuttle ceased to serve the coach station after 29/7/16. It was diverted to Enterprise House from 1st August.
Ipswich outstation has had to be temporarily relocated to the car park on West End Road, due to building works at the railway station.

TC-ASP PEGASUS (LSN) 21-5-16.jpg
This Turkish low cost carrier serves Stansted from Istanbul and Tehran. Boeing 737-800 TC-ASP was seen at Stansted on 21/5/16, on a service to/from the Turkish capital.
Turkey is of course currently in the world spotlight, following the failed coup.
Arrivals are Boeing 737-8AL TC-CRB and Airbus A320-251 TC-NBA.

Scania K420EB6/Irizar PB PB10 WUL is now V23 ROM.

Has ex Flights Hallmark Scania N230UD/Olympuses YN08 OBY/Z. Sourced through Ensign, they were new to Network Colchester.

There has been another derailment on the Cambridge Guided Busway. Stagecoach Huntingdonshire Volvo B8RLE/Wright 21310 (BF65 HXZ), left the southbound track at Trumpington, early on 7/7/16. It was running light to take up service and there were no injuries. The busway remained open during the day, and the stricken vehicle was recovered after the end of traffic.
This accident happened virtually opposite the site of a similar crash in February 2016, in which there were several casualties. The location is where there is a short guided section, between two unguided intersections where an ordinary road is crossed and where the busway becomes single track to pass beneath a bridge.
The Uni4 service ceased after 22/7/16. Whippet began a new venture the following day.

AE08NVR 36041 CAM UNI4  4-10
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 36041 seen on an eastbound Uni4 in April 2010. Orchard Park was a (then) new housing development in north east Cambridge (near the Busway). The replacement Whippet service only follows the western part of the old Uni4.

ADL/E40Ds are being received from Selkent, to replace older Tridents on TfL86/N86 at Romford North Street (NS).
Sold to Ensign are Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s 17909/12/13/14/15/19/21/25 (LX03 OSC/G/J/K/L/R/V, OTA), 18236/7/8/40/53/56 (LX04 FYC/D/E/G/W, FZA). Resold through Ensign are Tridents 17915 (LX03 OSL) – to Racoon London Ltd, Edenbridge; 18238/42/49/52 (LX04 FYE/J/S/V) – to Horsburgh of Livingston.

Interesting arrivals are almost new short ADL/Enviro 200s 440/1 (SN16 ORS/U). They came from the now defunct Silcox of Pembroke Dock.
Withdrawn are Leyland Olympian/Alexander RL 724 (J624 GCR); Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH 831 (N960 FKK); Leyland Olympian/NC 862 (J562 HAT).
But Leyland Olympian/NC 947 (H547 VAT) is reinstated.
The outbasing of an Olympian at Don’s of Dunmow has ceased, following the end of the contract on which that bus was used. This was between Bishops Stortford and Cambridge Regional College, and passed to Richmond of Barley.

The fleet of 16 Avro RJ100 “whispering jets” are to be replaced by new Bombardier CS300s on its routes into London City, over the next few years. This view was taken from Charlton on 5/4/15.

The Liverpool John Lennon Airport-Manchester service was suspended from the start of July.

Most vehicles have been repossessed and removed from the Parkway site.
These included 19 Dennis Darts, plus assorted coaches and workshop equipment.
This list is as follows:
DAF SB3000/VH Y314 HUA
Dart SLF/ALX200s Y293/6/344/6/51 FJN, LX51 FFW, FGJ/O/N/U, FHA/B/G/H/J/L.
Dart SLF/Pointers Y553/4/XAG.
Iveco Eurorider/Beaulas XIB 3914, F10 BUS, LV02 LKD.
Iveco/Indcars FN02 VBK, YN05 ARX
Iveco Turbo Dailys NX04 CTV, EU54 LWZ.
Scania/Irizars T50 APT, YN06 CKY
Volvo B10M/Plaxton Excalibus V281 SBW.
This left Dart SLF/Mini Pointer V196 ERG – as a security post; non runner SLF/Pointer Y237 NLK and Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panther CN05 DZF. Also the Iveco Turbo Daily and Renault Clio service vans, MX05 GWO and M996 WVX.

V196ERG & Y237 NLK TOWNLINK HA 3-8-16.jpg

Acquired via Ensign are Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer KM51 BFO and Volvo B7RLE/Wright YX53 GXJ.
Volvo B10BLE/Wright X924 WGR has been re-registered WNZ 1864. Others are now WNZ 1094, 1102, 1480/90, 1589, but previous identities not yet known.
Withdrawn is ADL/E200 SK07 HLR.
ADL/Enviro 200 MX10 DXY and ADL/Enviro 300 SN61 CYY have passed to Ensign.
Offered for sale via ebay are Dart SLF/Alexander ALX200 Y239 FJN – still in Fleetbuzz of Basingstoke yellow/black; Mercedes 0814D/Plaxton Beaver KV51 KZD and Volvo B10M/Alexander PS UNZ 7507. Sold is Mb 0814D/Plaxton Beaver KV51 KZF.
LDV Convoy minibus AD02 HCP has gone to MC Tractors, Ramsey for scrap.

From 23/7/16, new Cambridge city route ‘U’ (Addenbrookes Hospital-City-West Cambridge-Madingley Park and Ride) started. Called ‘Universal’, it replaced Stagecoach Uni4, and a Saturday service has been reinstated. Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini WD438 was seen on the first day.

More National Express additions are ex Edwards of Llantwit Fardre Volvo B9R/Caetano Levantes FJ11 GMX/Y, FJ12 FXC.

With thanks to: S Austin, T Barfield, A Barham, N Eadon-Clarke, A Hazell, P Mullender, K J Smith, G Wood.

And joining the Busmopolitan fleet………………………………


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