Busmopolitan. Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. September 2020.

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Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the September 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

The return of the schools has seen extra routes and duplicate buses drafted in for social distancing. On the railways, it has been announced that the passenger TOC franchising model will be discontinued, in favour of a new contract based system.

A2B, CAMBRIDGE. Has ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 200 YX10 BFU – via Ensign.

AMI COACHES, ILFORD. For the 2020/2021 academic year, 3 coaches are contracted to King Edward School in Chelmsford.

ARRIVA KENT THAMESIDE COLCHESTER. Dart SLF/Pointer 3420 (AY54 FRC) is back in use, ex SORNED at Southend.  Park and Ride ADL/Enviro 200s 4072/73 (SK15 GXS/T) are on loan to Southend. Odd sightings: 7/9/20: R133 4323 on 2. 8/9/20: 1558 on 8; 4224 on 2. 9/9/20: 1558 on 8; 1563 on 8; 4224 on 1. 10/9/20: 1565 on 8; R133 4324 on 8. 14/9/20: 1558/59 on 8. 16/9/20: 4224 on 1. 17/9/20; 1563 on 8; R133 4323 on 1. 28/9/20: 4224 on 1.


GN07AVP 3826 AR HA 59 (CF) 26-9-20 (S AUSTIN)

Above: Volvo B7RLE/Wright Solar Eclipse 3826 (GN07 AVP) is now at Harlow. This much travelled bus had previously been at Southend, Colchester and originally Northfleet. It was pictured in Chelmsford on 26/9/20. (Simon Austin).

ARRIVA KENT THAMESIDE SOUTHEND. From 28/9/20, the following duplicates were provided: M&M Neoplan MM68 BUS on 1 1534 Shoebury-Rayleigh.

ARRIVA LONDON NORTH. During September, New Routemaster LT183 was at Enfield for staff training. This was in advance of LTs appearing on TfL313 (Chingford-Potters Bar) from October. It was replaced by LT220 at the end of September.

AVANTI WEST COAST. 4/9/20: 222113 on Barton-Ilford ECS. 18/9/20; 221109 on Ilford-Barton ECS.

BLUE TRIANGLE. Transferred from within GA London were Volvo B5H/Wright Geminis WHV60-69 (BP15 OMD, BF65 WJD/E/C/K/N/M/J/V/U)and Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini WVL205. Acquired Abellio ADL/E200 SEN44 (YX16 OAV) is here ex London Central. This is part of a larger batch spread across Go-Ahead London.

CHAMBERS. Optare Solo 911 (SF04 SKE) has been returned to Hedingham. Scania Omnidekka 804 (YN55 PZF) has received fleet livery, ex Anglian.

COLAS. 2/9/20: 37099 on 3Q61 on Cambridge-Ferme Park via Chingford and Southend Victoria test train. 37099 on 3Q70 Ferme Park-Colchester test train. 37218 on RHTT to Stowmarket. 3/9/20: 37099 + 9701 on 3Q69 Colchester-Norwich-Harwich-Manningtree test train. 4/9/20: 37099 + 9701 on 3Z69 Manningtree-Cambridge, then 3Z66 Cambridge-Colchester, then 3Q66 Colchester to Derby via Felixstowe and London Liverpool Street. 14-15/9/20: 37219 tnt 37254 on 1Q90 Deby-Ferme Park via Harlow Town. 16/9/20: 37254 tnt 37219 on Ferme Park-Cambridge via Liv St, Harwich Town, Clacton. 23/9/20; 37254 tnt 97304 on 3Q72 Norwich-Colchester via Yarmouth and Lowestoft. 24/9/20: 97304 tnt 37254 on 3Q71 Colchester-Norwich via Cambridge, Lowestoft.




Above: The commemorative crest and plaque to remember the old Colchester Corporation/Borough Transport depot on Magdalen Street. The crest was recovered from one of the old buildings. This was redeveloped as flats between 2018 and 2020. These images were taken on 16/9/20. (John Podgorski),

COLCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL. For the 2020/2021 academic year, east London operators AJK Coaches of Ilford & Leyton, Goldline of Leytonstone & Manor Park are contracted to run into Colchester.


Above: Goldline Mercedes 816D/Turas YN16 BMY at Colchester on 4/9/20. (John Podgorski).

COLCHESTER ROYAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL. For the 2020/2021 academic year, Z Coaches London of Barking is contracted to run into Colchester. Beestons of Hadleigh, Suffolk continues to serve this school, also.


Above: Z Coaches Mercedes Sprinter BSZ 3739 at Colchester on 4/9/20. (John Podgorski).

DBS. 1/9/20: 66117 on Felixstowe-EM Gateway. 66154 on 6L12 Wembley-Bow. 2/9/20: 66005 on 6L69 Peterborough-Bow Plasmor. 66019 on 6O79 Marks Tey-Crawley RMC sand train. 66175 ‘Rail Riders’ on 6V07 Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden. 8/9/20: 59102 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66162 on 4L45 Wakefield-Felixstowe. 9/9/20: 66118 on 6V07 Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden. 16/9/20: 59101 on Acton-Chelmsford and 6V12 return. 66110 on 6V07 Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden. 19/9/20: 66005 on 4M79. 23/9/20: 66117 on FLX-EM Gateway. 66177 on Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden. 24/9/20: 59201 on 6/30/6V12 Acton-Chelmsford-Acton. 66009 on 6L69 Peterborough-Bow Plasmor. 66187 on 6L38 Hither Green-Marks Tey sand. 25/9/20: 59004 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 66125 on Heck-Bow Plasmor. 26/9/20: 66121 on 4M79 FLX-EM Gateway. 30/9/20: 66006 on 6L07 Acton-Ipswich Griffin Wharf. 66083 on 6L74 Mountsorrel-Harlow Mill and 4M21 return.

DOCKLANDS BUSES. Withdrawn are Scania Omnicity ‘deckers 968-970 (YT59 DYO/P/S).



(Alex Hazell).

From Lodge, High Easter are Dennis Trident/ELS T273/74 /77 BPR, V428 DRA. Withdrawn are Leyland Olympian/Alexander RLs H816 CBP, J623 GCR. The following have been named: ADL/Enviro 200 DK60 AHO – Toby; Trident/ELs T273 BPR – The Old Faithful, T277 BPR – Lady Dorothy; Leyland Olympian H816 CBP from Lady Sarah to Lady Beryl; Scania Omnidekka YN08 MLF – Lady Sarah.


37059 + 66427 DRS RHTT (CR) 25-9-20 (J COLE)

Above: 37059 leads 66427 “up” through Colchester on the 3S60 RHTT on 25/9/20. (James Cole).

3/9/20: 66303/04/ 427 on 0Z66 Crewe-Stowmarket light loco move for GA RHTT ? 4/9/20: 57002 on 0Z02 Norwich-Willesden light loco. 23/9/20: 66427 tnt 37716 on 3S60 Stowmarket-Southend Vic RHTT and return. 88001 on 6L48 Garston-Dagenham Dock car transporters. 24/9/20: 37716 on 0Z16 Stowmarket-Willesden light loco. 25/9/20: 37069 + 66426 on 0Z95 Willesden-Stowmarket light loco via GEML. 66427 tnt 37059 on 3S60 RHTT on Stowmarket-Wickford-Southend Vic and return RHTT. 28/9/20: 37059 tnt 37069 on 3S60 RHTT. 30/9/20: 37401 tnt 37218 on 3S60.

37401 DRS RHTT (CHITTS HILL) 30-9-20 (J COLE)

Above: 37401 with 37218 on 3S60 “up” at Chitts Hill on 30/9/20. (James Cole).

DOCKLANDS BUSES. Acquired from Abellio London (for school extras) are ADL/Enviro 200s SEN53, 54 (YX16 NZZ, YX16 OAA), SEN56, 57 (YX16 NZW/S). These are part of a larger batch spread across Go-Ahead London.

ENSIGNBUS. Has ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 400s 970-975 (LK58 KGJ/O, KHG/H/O/R). They are for TfL schools extras working with Blue Triangle. On hire to Yellow Buses, Bournemouth are ADL/Enviro 200s 714-716 (YN62 AOH, MX63 ARF, YX60 EOR). Southend seafront route 68 finished for the season on 20/9/20. A visit on 27/9/20, found ADL/Enviro 200s 712/19 (PX12 BSY, SK15 HBB), withdrawn at the depot and 702 (PX61 AYA) withdrawn in the sub yard.


Above: ADL/Enviro 400 971 at Gants Hill on 2/9/20. (Malcolm Conway).


Above: Ex Ensignbus 709 (SN11 FFM), an ADL/Enviro 200, is now with Simonds of Diss, Norfolk. It was pictured at Old Cattle Market, Ipswich on 11/9/20. (Simon Austin).



Above: The old Cambridge Heath depot has disappeared under a new development of flats called Empress Works. Seen on 5/9/20. (John Podgorski).

FIRST EASTERN COUNTIES (IPSWICH). A new series of rural services has been launched.


Above: Ex First Essex ADL/Enviro 200 44518 (YX09 ACZ), on route 59 to Rushmere at Old Cattle Market, Ipswich on 11/9/20. (Simon Austin).


WX55VHO 37005 FE 67C (CR B S) 7-9-20 (S MILTON)

Above: Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 37005 (WX55 VHO), has become the dedicated bus for 67C (West Mersea-Colchester Norman Way), which is now for school students only. Seen at Osborne Street, Colchester on 7/9/20. (Sonny Milton).

Acquired from First South Yorkshire is Volvo B7RLE/Wright 69024 (SF55 UAS) – at Chelmsford (CF), and ex First Leicester are Volvo B7RLE/Wrights 66970/71 (KX05 MJV/Y) – at Colchester (CR). ADL/Enviro 200 44005 (LK57 EJJ), has moved from Hadleigh (HH) to Chelmsford (CF) – the second time in 6 months. ADL/E200MMCs 65165/66 (YY66 PBO/U) have been loaned by CF to BN. For social distancing, Volvo B7TL/ALX400s 32562/67 (WU02 KVE/H) and B7TL/Gemini 37005 (WX55 VHO) are dedicated school buses at Colchester for 17 bus 1 and bus 2 (West Bergholt-Stanway School) and 67C (West Mersea-Norman Way Schools) respectively. Some ex Tower Transit Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis have been borrowed from Ensign for schools in the Basildon and Southend areas – 36141 (BJ11 EBP), 36143 9BJ11 EAF), 36148 (BJ11 EAW), 36153 (BJ11 DVX), 36156 (BJ11 DZY), 36161 (BJ11 EBA). All are at HH, bar 36148/53 which are at BN. The new school term saw route 67 and 75 interwork on Saturdays only. In early September, an extra bus was trialled short term on the 174/175 serving TLA School in Colchester, but was not pursued. Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 32673 (SN55 HFA) entered service at CR in late September, having been VOR since acquisition in February. It retains blue livery, like sister 32669 9SN55 HDZ0 . B7TL/Gemini 37062 (YJ06 XMP) now has a super rear advert for Unite the Union. Ex CR Trident/Presidents 33088 (LN51 GMU), 33178 (LR02 LYX) have moved to BN. ADL/Enviro 300 VX54 MRU has been resold via Ensign to Picture Vehicle Co, Pinewood Studios. Dart SLF/Pointer WX05 RVF was resold by Ensign to Shelton Motors, Ely for scrap.


Above: Dart SLF/Caetano 41521, on Staff Shuttle at St Botholphs Circus, Colchester on 3/9/20. (Daniel Pretty).

LK57EJJ 44005 FE 71C (LX RD CR) 6-9-20 (D PRETTY)

Above: 44005 at Lexden Village, Colchester on Sunday, 6/9/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Odd sightings: 1/9/20: R62 B9TLs 37133/34 on 65; R62 37136 on 61; R62 37139 on 65. 2/9/20: B7TL 32485 on 174; X30 Scanias 37839/41 on 70; R62 37133/34 on 61. 3/9/20: R62 37133/36/38 on 61. 5/9/20: R62 37134 on 88/A; R62 37138/39 on on 61. 7/9/20: B7TLs 32628 on 103; 37007 on 104. 8/9/20: B7TLs 32087 on 102; 37010 on 64; 37034 on 103; R62 B9TL 37134 on 65.9/9/20: B7TL 32087 on 102; 32477 on 64; X30 Scania N280UDs 36839 on 70; 36841 on 42; B7TLs 37004 on 103; 37015 on 102. 10/9/20: B7TL 32478 on 64A; X30 Scania 36839 on 70; B7TLs 37010 on 174; 37016 on 103; R62 B9TL 37133 on 174. 11/9/20: B7TL 32477 on 174; X30 Scania 36838 on 70; B7TL 37004 on 103; 37006 on 174. 12/9/20: B7TL 32477 on 64A; B9TL 37140 on 64. 13/9/20; X10 67164 on 100. 14/9/20: Airlink 36838 on 70; X10 67160 on 8; X10 67161 on 5; X10 67164 on 8A. 15/9/20; 32476 on 64A; 32547 on 103; Airlink 36838 on 70; 37004 on 102; R62 37139 on 70; X10 67160 on 16; X10 67162 on 100; Airlin k67163 on 25; X10 67164 on 8A. 16/9/20: 32547 on 64A; 37017 on 102; 37027 on 103; X10 67160 on 94A; X10 67161 on 8; X10 67162 on 8A;X10 67164 on 25. 17/9/20: 32629 on 104; Airlink 36839 on 70; 37006 on 175 amn; 37037 on 64A; 37053 on 64; Dart SLF/Pointer 42935 (SN05 DZS) on 71; X10 67160 /62 on 5; X10 67164 on 8A. 18/9/20: 37004 on 64; 37007 on 104; 37062 on 67; R62 37139 on 61; 37140 on 104; X10 67160 on 5B; X10 67161 on 100; X10 67162 on 8A; X10 67164 on 5. 19/9/20; R62 37136 on 61; R62 37139 on 68; Long StreetLite 63166 (SN64 CJJ) on 26; X10 67161 on 5; X10 67162 on 100. 20/9/20; R62 37133/36 on 65/61. X10 67161 /62 on 8. 21/9/20: 37035 on 104; R62 37133 on 61; R62 37136 on 65; short ADL/E200 MMC 44659 (YX66 WBD) on 70; X10 67160 on 5; X10 67162 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 100; X10 67164 on 25. 22/9/20: 32478 on 104; 37016 on 174 pm + 67; 37017 on 67; 37037 on 103; 37054 on 102; 37062 on 104; R62 37139 on 61; X10 67160 on 5; X10 67162 on 8A; Airlink 67163 on 8; X10 67164 on 100. 23/9/20: 32477 on 102; 32485 on 103; 32628 on 104; R62 37138 on 74B; X10 67160 on 8; X10 67162 on 25; Airlink 67163 on 8A; X10 67164 on 25. 24/9/20; 32477 on 103; 32629 on 64A; Airlink 36838 (YN69 XXV) on 70; 37005 on 17 pm – usually on 67C; 37010 on 175 am.; 37037 on 103; R62 37134 on 75; R62 37136 on 88; X10 67160 on 5; X10 67162 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 5B; X10 67164 on 5A. 25/9/20: 32476 on 103; 32673 on 65 and bis; Airlink 36839 (YN69 XXW) on 70; R62 37133 on 74B; R62 37134 on 61; R62 37136 on 2A; X10 67162 on 5; Airlink 67163 on 5; X10 67164 on 8A. 26/9/20: R62 37134 on 67 + 75; R62 37139 on 2A; Dart SLF/Pointer 42931 (SN05 EAO) on 71A; X10 67160 on 16; Airlink 67163 on 8A. 27/9/20; Dart SLF/Pointer 42937 (SN05 DZP) on 71C/X; Airlink 67163 on 16. 28/9/20: 32485 on 103; 32628 on 64A; Airlink 36838 on 70; Airlink 36839 on 70 + 71X; 37140 on 175 am; Dart SLF/Pointer 42941 (WX56 OAO) on 71; X10 67160/64 on 5. 29/9/20: 32087 on 175 am; 32629 on 103; Airlink 36842 (YN69 XYC) on 70; 37140 on 104; StreetLite 63335 on 75; X10 67160 on 8A; Airlink 67163 on 5; X10 67164 on 100; ADL/E300 67738 (SN62 AJU) on 75. 30/9/20: 37140 on 174 pm; Dart SLF/Pointers 42922/30 (EU05 AUO, SN05 EAM) on 71; Vo B7RLE/Wrights 66828, 66970 (MX05 CFE, KX05 MJV) on 75.

FLAGFINDERS. Has restarted operations. Tollesbury outstation has closed. In practice it was last used on 20/3/20, when the schools closed prior to the Covid-19 lockdown. Its two buses are now run from Kelvedon depot. The Mersea Island to Thurstable School (Tiptree) run has been reduced to one bus and East Mersea is no longer served.

FORDS, ALTHORNE. Has recommenced school services.


86632 + 86613 FL (CR GOODS LOOP) 19-9-20

Above: 86632 + 86613 in Colchester Goods Loop on 19/9/20, on a Trafford Park to Felixstowe service. (John Podgorski).

90006/10 to revenue service, still in Greater Anglia white. 1/9/20: 66537 on 4L57 Birch Coppice-Felixstowe. 66550 on Ipswich-Lindsay tanks. 2/9/20: 66513 on 4E24 London Gateway-Leeds. 66533 on 4L36 Wentlog-FLX. 66538 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX. 66543 on 4M93 FLX-Lawley St. 66550 on 4M63 FLX-Trafford. 66553 on 4L32 FLX-Wentloog. 66554 on 4M88 FLX-Ditton. 66557 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX. 66952 on 4M94 Felixstowe-Lawley Street. 86608/37 on 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe, then 4M87 Felixstowe-Trafford. 86622/07 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 90006/11 to service. 3/9/20: 66562 on 4M94 FLX-Lawley St. 86611/38 + 90011 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 86613/32 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX then 4M87. 86637/08 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX. 4/9/20: 86622/07 on 4L89. 4/9/20: 86607/22 on 4M87. 86613/32 on 4L91. 5/9/20: 86613/32 on 4L97. 86622/07 on Crewe-FLX. 86639/38 on 4L91. 7/9/20: 86613/32 on 4M87. 8/9/20: 66502 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX.66504 on 4L32. 66513 on 4M94. 9/9/20: 66414 on 4L63. 66504 on 4M63 FLX-Trafford. 66520 on 4L32 Wentlog-FLX. 66526 on 4M94. 66541 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX. 66557 on 4M88 FLX-Ditton. 66598 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX. 86607/38 on 4L91. 86613/32 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 10/9//20: 86609/08 on 4L91. 86632/13 on 4M87. 11/9/20: 66510 on 4M63 FLX-Trafford. 66513 on 4M88 FLX-Ditton. 66525/48/97 on FLX-Leeds. 66531 on 4S83 London Gateway-Coatbridge. 66534 on 4E24 London Gateway-Leeds. 66545 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX. 66550 on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX. 66556 on on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 86613/32 on 4L91. 86622/39 on 4M87. 12/9/20: 86609/08 on 4L93 Crewe-FLX. 86613/32 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 13/9/20: 66524 tnt 66545 on Whitemoor-South Tottenham pw. 14/9/20: 86608/09 on 4M87. 15/9/20: 66562 on 4L78 Tees-FLX. 86604/37 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX. 86609/08 on 4L91. 16/9/20: 66512 on 4M63. 66517 on 4L36. 66533 on 4M88. 66536 on 4L41. 66558 on 4L78 Tees-FLX. 86604/37 on 4L91. 86609/08 on 4L97. 86622/39 on 4L91 and 4M87 return. 18/9/20: 66413 on 4L78. 66504 on 4M94. 66526 on 4L93 FLX-Lawley St. 66552 on 4L32. 86604/37 on 4L91. 19/9/20: 66416 on Whitemoor-Ipswich engineers. 86609/08 + 86622/39 on 4L93. 66632/13 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 21/9/20: 66534 on 4L78. 66536 on 4M87 in place of 86608/09. 86608/09 on 4M88. 86613/32 on 4R67 Colchester-Ipswich/FLX. 86622/39 on 4S88. 22/9/20: 66552 on 4L78. Pink 66587 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX. 86624/04 on 4L89. 23/9/20: 66548 on FLX-Crewe. 66562 on 4L78. 86604/14 on 4L91. 86622/39 on 4M87. 86639/22 on 4L89. 24/9/20: 66528 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 66536 on 4M63. 66566 on 4L41. Pink 66587 on 4M88. 86614/04 on 4L97. 86632/13 on 4L91. 25/9/20: Orange 66413 on 4M94. 66587 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX. 66602 on 6L80 Tunstead-Marks Tey sand. 29/9/20; 66554 on 4L41. 30/9/20: 66419 on 4L78. 66509 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 66561 on 4L78. 66955 on 4L41. 86604/22 on 4L97. 86609/39 on 4L91. 86613/32 on on 4L89.

66543 FL FLX-BIRMINGHAM (CR) 2-9-20 (J COLE)

Above: 66543 approaches Colchester, on a Felixstowe-Lawley Street (Birmingham) intermodal on 2/9/20. (James Cole).

GARDNER, CHELMSFORD. This operator has been reported as being bought by Vectare of Loughborough.


Above: Gardner’s ex Stirling Executive of Paisley Mercedes 0815D/Sitcar SF04 ZLV, at William Hunter Way, Brentwood on 2/9/20. On a new school contract. (Robert Downton).

GBRf.1/9/20: 66716 on Felixstowe-Doncaster. 66719 on Felixstowe-Birch Coppice. 66755 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 2/9/20: 66721 on 0Z30 etc Peterborough-NE London route learners. 66736 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall. 66742 on 0Z70 Whitemoor-London Fields route learner and subsequents. 3/9/20: 66706 on Peterborough-NE London route learners. 66723 on 4L98 Tess Dock-London Gateway and 4E85 return. 66742 on London Fields route learners. 66755 on 6P40 Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 4/9/20: 66721 on 0Z39 Acton Main Line-Liverpool Street route learner. 7/9/20: 66721 on 0Z30-0Z36 Ilford/Temple Mills route learners. 8/9/20: 66749 on Stratford/Temple Mills route learners. 66780 on Hertford East/Enfield Town route learners. 9/9/20: 66703 on 4E20 FLX-Masboro. 66749/80 on 0Z25-0Z28 Enfield Town/Hertford East/Stratford/Temple Mills route learners. 66755 on 4M23.11/9/20: 66709 on Doncaster-FLX. 66768 on 4M23. 12/9/20: 66729 on 6T64 Whitemoor-Stratford-Ipswich engineers. 66729 on identical 6T65. 66789 on 4M23. 14/9/20: 66735 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 66782 tnt 66721 on 3S70 Whitemoor to Whitemoor RHTT via West Anglia and C2C lines. 15/9/20: 66749 on 0Z25 Whitemoor-Enfield Town route learner. 16/9/20: 66749 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks with 66735 dit after it failed at Norwich. 66772 on 4M23. 17/9/20: 66725 tnt 66729 on 6S70 Whitemoor-Barking RHTT and return.66758 on NE London route learners. 66749 + 66735 dit on 0A32 N Walsham-Harwich tanks but light loco. 19/9/20: 66716 on 4M26 FLX-Hams Hall. 66780 on 4L70 Hams Hall-Parkeston. 66789 tnt 66781 on 6T63 Whitemoor-Stratford-Ipswich engineers. 21/9/20: 66725 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 23/9/20: 66708/26 Whitemoor-Broxbourne for RHTT. 66759 on Doncaster-FLX. 24/9/20: 66728/29 on 6Z52 Whitemoor-Broxbourne for RHTT. 66761 on 4M23. 26/9/20; Cemex 66780 on 4M26 FLX-Hams Hall. 30/9/20; 66735 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.


Above: 66726 at Chitts Hill on 12/9/29, on 6T64 Whitemoor-Stratford-Ipswich. (James Cole).


321902 GA (LST) 5-9-20

Above: Ex Northern 321902 at London Liverpool Street on 5/9/20. (John Podgorski).

Some Class 317/6s have gone to Parkeston for storage. 1/9/20: 720508 delivered to Ilford between 47739/49. 745001 on 5M01 Norwich-Orient Way ECS. 745003 on Norwich-Hornsey for tyre turning. 745107/08 on Liv St-Stansteds. 745109 on Hornsey-Norwich ECS. 4/9/20: 720537/38 on Wickford-Southend Vic test. 5/9/20: 360121 on 5Q60 Northampton-Ilford ECS between GBRf 47749/27. 6/9/20: 360120 Ilford-Northampton ECS betwen 47727/49. 7/9/20: 720508 on Ilford-Worksop ECS between GBRf 47727/49 as 5Q20. 8-9/9/20: 720511/17 on 5Q02 Southend Vic-Shenfield training runs. 8/9/20: 745103 Norwich-Hornsey for tyre turning -returned on 9/9/20. 11/9/20: 321903 on 1702 Liv St-Norwich with 2 other ‘321s. 12/9/20: 360120 on 5Q60 Northampton-Ilford between GBRf 47739/27. 13/9/20: 360116 on 5Q60 Ilford-Northampton between 47727/39. 16/9/20: 745106 on 5Q01 Orient Way-Norwich maintenance move. 17/9/20: 317656/61/67 Ilford to Parkeston Quay for storage. 19/9/20; 360116 Northampton-Ilford between GBRf 47727/39. 20/9/20; 360113 Ilford-Northampton between GBRf 47727/39 as 5Q60. 26/9/20: 360113 on 5Q60 Northampton-Ilford between GBRf 47739/27. 27/9/20: 360103 Ilford-Northampton between 47739/27. 28/9/20; 317512/03 Ilford-Kilmarnock behind ROG 57312. 30/9/20: 745110 on 5Q52 Liv St-Norwich test. Just an update for GA Norwich. Will have 720 (future) too. Also looks like the class 08s will remain. Depot drivers at Crown Point sign these.

317650 GA (CAMBRIDGE HEATH) 5-9-20

Above: 317650 at Cambridge Heath on 5/9/20. (John Podgorski).

HACKNEY PLAYBUS. LX54 HAO is an ex Go Ahead London Volvo B7TL/President, supplied via Ensign.

HCT GROUP. On loan from Ensign, for social distancing on schools services is ADL/Enviro 400 DN33792 (SN13 CHD).


SN10CFE, CFF 601, 602 HO (CN) 10-9-20 (S AUSTIN)

Above: Newly into service, ex Konect ADL/Enviro 400s 601/02 (SN10 CFE/F) in Pier Avenue, Clacton on 10/9/20. (Simon Austin). 

SN10CFF 602 HO 5 (POINT CLEAR0 10-9-20 (A LAW)

Above: 602 at Point Clear on 10/9/20. (Alex Law).

From 1/9/20, school term service schedules were reintroduced. This resulted in the transfer of some route 63 duties from Kelvedon back to Clacton. An extra bus was provided on certain school runs for social distancing; , eg Thomas Lord Audley in Colchester (as route TLA3), 19 (Rowhedge-TLA School) and 95A Tollesbury to Plume School in Maldon. The Clacton Breeze open top service ceased for the winter after 6/9/20. Volvo B7TL/President 500 (PL51 LDJ) went to undercover storage at HD on 24/9/20. From 13/9/20, operation of route 21 (Bocking-Braintree-Black Notley – Sundays/holidays) moved from Sible Hedingham (HD) to Kelvedon (KN). The Marks Tey-Honywood school run has become registered bus route 910, running via Copford, Easthorpe, Feering, Kelvedon and back through Feering. Transferred from Konect are ADL/Enviro 400s 601/02 (SN10 CFE/F), which are at Clacton (CN). Scania Omnilink 457 (AU61 AVK) moved from HD to CN and now has Hedingham fleetnames, ex Chambers, but then returned to HD. Sister 460 (YN05 HFF) now has a multi coloured overall advert for Greatest Hits Radio, ex the blue scheme for Dream FM. Optare Solo 911 (SF04 SKE) has been returned from Chambers. Dart SLF/Pointer 259 (EU56 FLP) and Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 291 (EU06 KCX) are additional buses with front “face covering” branding. Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 569 (W484 WGH) has returned to use ex SORNED – one of the last buses to do so. Acquired B7TL/Presidents 586-88 (X584 EGK, PL51 RDU, PJ02 RBY) are located as follows: 586 – CN then KN, 587 – CN VOR then HD, 588 – HD VOR. Omnidekka movements: 4/9/20: 819 – CN-KN. 8/9/20: 811 – Chambers-KN; 813 – KN-Chambers. 9/9/20: 816 – CN-KN.  15/9/20: 813 – Chambers-KN.  28/9/20: 819 – KN-CN. 30/9/20: 811 – KN-Chambers; 813 – Chambers-KN.                                                                                        


Above: Clacton Breeze branding and destination on Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 500, at Pier Avenue on 4/9/20. This finished for the winter on 6/9/20. (Sonny Milton).


Above: In its new Greatest Hits Radio overall advert; Scania Omnilink 460 (YN05 HFF) at Pier Avenue, Clacton on 10/9/20. (Simon Austin).

Hedingham ancillary vehicles: Vauxhall Corsa van 9005 (GY57 LUD) returned to use at CN, having been parked up over the lockdown. Ford Transit van 9001 (EX61 NZV) has been offered for sale as a non runner. Mb Vito MPV 9014 (RJ56 TYK) has moved from CN to HD.



Above: The ADL/Enviro 400MMC demonstrator YX19 ONU, at Ipswich Rail Station on 12/9/20. It was working a rail replacement to/from Stowmarket for Greater Anglia. It is normally used on the 2A Feering-Ipswich Schools. (Simon Austin).


Above: ‘Nacton Nippers’ ADL/Enviro 200 78 (YX14 RWL), on Crown Street on 11/9/20. (Simon Austin).

From 1/9/20, route 3 (Ipswich-Euro Retail Park) was relaunched as ‘Nacton Nippers’, using branded ADL/Enviro 200s 78-80. They are named ‘Nasher’, ‘Nipper’, ‘Naomi’ and ‘Natasha’. From the same date, Suffolk CC routes 118, 119 (Ipswich-Framlingham) were taken over from Galloway of Mendlesham on retender. The Feering-Ipswich Schools “Bus Club” run has been gained from Suffolk Norse and numbered 2A. Double deckers have returned to route 93 (Ipswich-Colchester). The DAF DB250LF/ELs are back in use, ex SORNED. Scania Omnicity ‘decker 46 has been re-registered SGZ 3346 from YN08 MRV. Similar YN08 MRX/Y have come via Ensign. They are 47, 48 and have become SGZ 3347/48. All of these have been repainted at Ipswich and fitted with white led destinations. Another arrival is an ex Thompsons of Framlingham Volvo B7R/Jonckherre coach numbered 1 (SGZ 3351 ex FL02 ZXK) – this is for schools only. The ex Bus Eirean ADL/E200s have received UK registration marks. 71 is LX58 LMO, 72 is LX58 LMM, 76 is LX58 LML. They are named ‘Ciara’, ‘Niamh’ and ‘Siobhan’.


Above: Ex Bus Eirean ADL/E200 71 (LX58 LMO) at Crown Street on 11/9/20. (Simon Austin).


Above: School coach no 1 at Constantine Road depot on 11/9/20. (Simon Austin).


Above: Dart SLF/Super Pointer 137 on school route RC1 at Northern Approach, Colchester on 4/9/20. (James Cole).

KLARNERS, COLCHESTER. The first bus for this fleet is Scania L94UB/Wright Solar Eclipse YJ05 WKE, ex Trustybus at Roydon via Croft, Stockton.

LONDON GENERAL NORTH. Acquired from Abellio London (for school extras) are ADL/Enviro 200s SEN50, 51, 52 (YX16 OAM, YX16 NZU, YX16 OAG). These are part of a larger batch spread across Go-Ahead London. Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini WVL205 (LX05 EZA) is reinstated here. The ex route 192 WS Class Wright StreetLite WFs have transferred to Metrobus at Orpington, for new TfL contracts from mid September.


Above: StreetLite WS7 in its new territory at Pickhurst Lane, Hayes on 26/9/20. (John Podgorski).


710123 LO (STAMFORD HILL) 12-9-20

Above: 710123 at Stamford Hill on 12/9/20. (John Podgorski).

There have been driver training runs in advance of Class 710s replacing the ‘315s on the Romford-Upminster branch. 710110 completed the deliveries of new Aventra Class 710s. The last 3 pairs to enter service should be 710106/10, 710114/15, 710118/22. 315801/05/10 on Romford-Upminster during September. Withdrawn are 315811/33. 315808/22 to Booths, Rotherham for scrap. 1/9/20: 315803/31 on Northampton-Ilford ECS. 3/9/20: 315803/31 on Ilford to Sims, Newport Docks for scrap. 6/9/20: 315808/22 Northampton-Ilford ECS. 8/9/20; 710261/68 to Chingford and Enfield Town of staff training. 10/9/20: 315822/08 on 5Q55 Ilford-Booths Rotherham for scrap behind ROG 37800. 710101/112 to service. 14/9/20: 710114/115 to service. 17/9/20: 315811/33 withdrawn. 20/9/20: 315801/15 on Liv St-Cheshunts. 24/9/20: 710118 on 5G62 Liv St-Gidea Park driver trainer. 25/9/20: 315833/11 on 5Q30 Ilford-Northampton ECS for storage. 710260/71 WN-IL. 26/9/20: 710118/22 to revenue service. 710130 on 5G62 Liv St-Gidea Park driver trainer. 29/9/20: 710115 on 5G62 Liv St-Gidea Park driver trainer. 710271/60 on Liv St-Cheshunt/Enfield/Chingford. 30/9/20: 710115 on 5G62 Liv St-Gidea Park driver training. 710118/122 on 3T20 Liv St-Chingford driver trainer and return.

315802 LO (CAMBRIDGE HEATH) 5-9-20

Above: 315802 + 811 at Cambridge Heath on 5/9/20. (John Podgorski).

MTR ELIZABETH LINE. 3/9/20: 315818/51 on 2W55 Shenfield-Liv St. 315820/34 on 5C44 Liv St-Gidea Park ECS. 315857/43 on 2W54 Liv St-Shenfield. 8/9/20: 345029 IL-OC behind ROG 37884. 10/9/20: 345020 IL-OC behind ROG 37884. 19/9/20: 315929/56 on part of 2W43 Shenfield-Liv St duty – unusual on a Saturday. 24/9/20; 315818/38, 315819/53, 315820/56 at work.


Above: 345016 at Bishopsgate Low Level on 12/9/20. Seen from London Overground 315830. (John Podgorski).

NETWORK RAIL. 24/9/20: Harsco Rail Grinder DR79277/267 on 669V Romford-Marks Tey move.

NEW HORIZON TRAVEL, FRATING. Has recommenced operations.

NIBS, WICKFORD. Volvo B7TL/EL 702 (PG04 WHU) has transferred to sister company Galloway of Mendlesham.


Above: Two double deckers are outstationed at Brentwood Coaches, Hutton depot – for school contracts. This view was taken on 27/9/20. (John Podgorski).

PANTHER TRAVEL. Route X15 (Harwich-Colchester) was withdrawn from 2/9/20, with Harwich town circular 2 beingrevised from the same date. The Ipswich school contracts, which has ceased upon the lockdown in March, have now passed to Ipswich Buses. Panther’s only school contract is now for Manningtree School. Acquired is Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 V130 MEV. New to Stagecoach London, it was latterly with ACME Bus of Molehill Green, but ex Bishop of Downham Market. Back in use ex SORNED, are Volvo B7TL/ALX400 BIG 7758, Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panther DC53 PAN, Volvo Olympian/Alexander Royale BIG 9210. To Reserve are Dart SLF/Mini Pointer BIG 9856, Plaxton Primo SB07 PAN and Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panthers AB53 PAN, DC53 PAN. Also from 2/9/20, registered scholars route 118 (Ramsey-Harwich School) had return journeys back to Harwich Bus Station added, numbered 18.


(John Podgorski).

PARKSIDE PRIMARY SCHOOL, CHINGFORD. Has ex Metroline Volvo B7TL/President LK04 CVE for static use – via Ensign.

ROG. 2/9/20: 37608 on VTSP Orient Way-Colchester, then as 6M37 Colchester-Stapleford & Sandiacre. 67611 on 0M00 Norwich-Orient Way light loco. 3/9/20: 373218 on Stowmarket-Norwich then to Manningtree light loco. 4/9/20: 37611 on 0P37 on Orient Way-Norwich light loco.47812 on Manningtree-Norwich light loco. 5/9/20: 37608 on Leicester-Orient Way light loco. 5/9/20: 57310 towed HEX 387136 Ilford-Oxford ECS. 7/9/20: 37601 on 0L53 Leicester-Ilford light loco, then dragged HEX387137 Ilford-Oxford ECS as 5Q74. 9/9/20: 47812 on Norwich-Manningtree light loco. 10/9/20: 37608 at Orient Way. 11/9/20: 37601 dragged HEX 387133/35 Old Dalby to Ilford. 18/9/20: 57310 dragged HEX 387130 Ilford-Reading as 5Q74. 28/9/20: 37608 dragged GA 745003 Temple Mills-Norwich then returned on 0P45 Norwich-Orient Way light loco.

STAGECOACH EAST LONDON. New are ADL/Enviro 400 MMCs 11393/94 (SK20 BDE/F), 11395/96 (SK20 BDO/U), 11397/98/99 (SK20 BDV/X/Y).


Above: Loaned from the provinces for social distancing on schools services. Stagecoach East Optare Solo SR 48025 at Gants Hill on 2/9/20. (Malcolm Conway).

Borrowed from Stagecoach East, were ADL/E200 36017 and Optare Solo SRs 48024/25. ADL/Enviro 200s 36363/64 (LX59 ECJ/N), have gone from West Ham to Stagecoach Selkent at Bromley. This was for the gain of TfL246 (Bromley-Westerham/Chartwell) from Go-Ahead.

LX59ECJ 36363 ST SELKENT EX EL 314 (HAYES) 26-9-20

Above: ADL/Enviro 200 36363 in Hayes on 26/9/20. Still bearing its old West Ham (WH) depot codes. (John Podgorski).

Meanwhile, 15 ADL/Enviro 400s (ADE Class) were borrowed form RATP for temporary assumption of TfL 173/673 from Arriva London from October. They were initially stored at West Ham.

STEPHENSONS. Full pre-Covid-19 frequencies reappeared on all routes from 1/9/20.


Above: Stephensons has been borrowing coaches from Galloway, for social distancing on school services. Mb Tourismo 6399 PP was providing a route 38 duplicate (Braintree depot) when seen in Halstead on 9/9/20. Setra S415 3379 PP, Volvo 9700 5611 PP were also in use (at Maldon), with Volvo B9R/Caetano Levantes 1842 PP, FN62 CCD at Boreham. All of these coaches were kept at Galloways Mendlesham depot, when not required by Stephensons. (Simon Austin).

TALISMAN, GREAT BROMLEY. What looks like an ex Jersey Bedford SB/Duple Dominant 7 foot 6 inch wide coach has appeared in storage here.

TONY GLEW/A1, COLCHESTER: Most of of the larger coaches had been withdrawn by September. These were Mercedes 806D YJ12 GXS, Scania/Irizar YN54 NYH. Meanwhile, Volvo B12B/Sunsundegui FJ10 DNU was SORNED. The home to school minibuses continue.

TOWER TRANSIT. Wright StreetLites SN64 CVM/O/P have been sold to Ensign. Resold via Ensign are; Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis BJ11 DZX – to Mundare Ltd, Chester; BJ11 EAK – to Abbey Travel, Erith; BJ11 EAX – to Coach Services, Thetford; BJ11 EBG – to Mayfair Coaches, London W14; Wright StreetLites SN64 CVF/R – to Trustybus, Roydon.


Above: BJ11 EBG with its new owner, Mayfair Coaches. Seen on South Western Railway RRP at Hounslow on 19/9/20. (Simon Austin).

TRUSTYBUS, ROYDON. Has ex Tower Transit Wright StreetLites SN64 CVF/R and ex RATP London Optare Solo YJ09 MHO – all via Ensign.

UNO. Wright StreetLite WS46 (SN64 CVA), is ex London General North, for schools duplicates on TfL395 (Westway Cross-Harrow) – on behalf of RATP London Sovereign.

VECTARE, LOUGHBOROUGH. From 1/9/20, this new operator took over ex Swallow routes 13 and 61 from Arrow Taxis. Vectare use 2 Mb Sprinter accessible minibuses (one is BF20 VGE), based locally to Brentwood (at the Gardner Coaches depot at Rettendon). Two ex Diamond Bus Volvo B7RLE/Wrights have also arrived; BK13 NZM/R, along with a Wright StreetLite WF – SN64 CUO – new to Go-Ahead London.

WARD’S, ALRESFORD. Operations have ceased. There were no vehicles present at either of the 2 sites in September. The PSV Circle recorded the fleet as being withdrawn. This was Scania/VH EX52 WSV, Scania/Irzar YN04 GGZ and Ford Transits AY59 XJE, MV59 YVT.

WEST MIDLANDS TRAINS. 19/9/20: 172337 on Tyseley-Ilford ECS.

With thanks to: Angliagen, S Austin, J Cole, M Conway, R Downton, A Hazell, A Law, S Milton, D Pretty, J Sadd.

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Busmopolitan Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. August 2020.

Busmopolitan Logo 02

Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the August 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

ANGUS, NEEDHAM MARKET. This coach operator, founded in 1997, closed on 31/8/20.

ARRIVA KENT THAMESIDE COLCHESTER. Dart SLF/Caetano 1563 (RX07 KPJ) returned to passenger service in late August, having been on Staff Shuttles since June.
Odd sightings:
5/8/20: Dart SLF/MPD 1559 (EU56 GVG) on 8; R133 StreetLite 4323 (SK68 TWU) on 8.
6/8/20: Dart SLF/MPD 1558 (KX56 HCP) on 8; Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1565 (HX04 HUK) on 2.
7/8/20: StreetLite 4224 (GN62 HMY) on 2.
9/8/20: ADL/E200s 4011/18 (GN58 BTO, BUE) on 133.
10/8/20: 1559 on 8; Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1565 on 1; R133 StreetLite 4324 (SK68 TWV) on 2.
11/8/20: 1558 on 8; 1565 on 1; Park and Ride ADL/E200 4074 (SK15 GXU) on 1 + 2; StreetLite 4262 (GN64 DXS) on 2. 14/8/20: R133 4324 on 8. 17/8/20: R133 4324 on 8. 20/8/20: R133 StreetLite 4323 on 1.                                          23/8/20: 1563 on 8. 25/8/20: R133 4324 on 8. 26/8/20: 1559 on 133; 4017 on 133; 4324 on 8. 28/8/20: StreetLite 4224 on 1.

MX61AXW 4459 AR CR 8 (MERSEA RD) 28-8-20Above: Arriva Colchester’s solitary double decker; VDL DB300LF/Wright Pulsar Gemini low height 4459 (MX61 AXW), on Mersea Road on 28/8/20. (John Podgorski).

ARRIVA KENT THAMESIDE HARLOW. The new Mercedes Tourismo coaches for the (currently) delayed new 720 (Stansted Airport-London) service have been registered – 7200-15 (BV20 HRA/C-G/J-P/R/U/W). Some have been loaned to Arriva The Shires at Luton for use on Green Line 755 and 757 (Luton-London). They carry the latest Green Line livery.

ARRIVA KENT THAMESIDE SOUTHEND. Heritage liveried ADL/Enviro 400 MMC 6499 (SN66 WHS), has been named ‘Geoff Arthur’ after a long serving staff member.

ADL/Enviro 400s T22, 25, 29, 30, 31, 34 have been transferred to Edmonton (EC).
VDL DB250LF/Wright Gemini DW136 has been withdrawn from the training fleet and transferred to Grays (GY) as a staff rest/meal relief vehicle.
Volvo B7TL/ALX400 VLA131 (LJ05 GMF) has passed to Bromley Bus Preservation Group.
Withdrawn VLA57 and VLA116 (LJ05 BKG) are parked up at Barking garage.
As a result of recent TfL contract losses, Stamford Hill (SF) garage has been mothballed.

6/8/20: 221101 on Ilford-Barton under Needlewood ECS. 21/8/20: 221111 on Ilford-Barton ECS.

BLUE TRIANGLE. Transferred from within GA London were ADL/Enviro 200s SE1 (LX07 BXH), SE2 (LX07 BXJ), SE92 (YX11 CPY).

CHAMBERS.AN61LAN 455 CHAMBERS 754 (CR) 28-8-20Above: 455 at Osborne Street, Colchester on 28/8/20. (John Podgorski).

Below: 455 with Anglian Bus, in Great Yarmouth on 9/8/17. (Roger Pope).

AN61LAN 455 Anglian Bus Great Yarmouth 9.8.17 RGPope

Scania Omnilinks 454 (YT11 LVF), 455 (AN61 LAN) are in the new livery, ex Anglian. Borrowed from Hedingham Optare Solo 910 (SF04 SKD) has been swopped for 911 (SF04 SKE).
From 3/8/20, for 3 weeks, the B1508 was closed at the river bridge on Bridge Street in Bures. This affected route 754, which was split into 2 shuttles. The section to/from Colchester was covered by Hedingham Kelvedon depot for the duration. This terminated at the Eight Bells pub in Bures Hamlet.

YN55PZR 812 HO 754 BURES SHUTTLE (KN) 23-8-20Above: Hedingham Scania Omnidekka 812 (YN55 PZR) blinded for the Colchester-Bures 754 shuttle. (John Podgorski).

COLAS. 17/8/20: 37254 tnt 37175 on 1Q90 Derby-Ferme Park via Liverpool St. 18/8/20: 37175 tnt 31175 on 1Q95 Ferme Park-Shoebury-Ripple Lane; then 1Q96 Ripple Lane-Leigh/Fenchurch St-Ferme Park. 21/8/20: 37254 tnt 37175 on 1Q99 Cambridge-March via Ipswich and Felixstowe. 31/8/20: 70813/817 on 6C60/61 Whitemoor-Woodgrange Park engineers and return.

COOKS, WESTCLIFF. Restarted activities in August.

Above: Ex First Essex Scania L94UB/Wright Solar YS03 ZKF on Greater Anglia rail replacement to Bury St Edmunds, at Ipswich on 1/8/20. (Simon Austin).

DANS LUXURY TRAVEL, WALTHAM ABBEY. The fleet at end of trading was: Jasvelin/Plaxton YN57 BWA; Volvo B10M/Jonckhere Y137 CDS; Volvo B12B/Jonckherres YJ07 ADO/X; Volvo B7R/Plaxton Primas YN07 DUH/Y, KGZ; Mercedes Tourismos BK11 CNX, BF16 XRE, BL16 FYV, BN17 JLO, BF67 WKW, YN18 CLY; King Longs BX14 FZY/Z; Volvo B11R/Jonckherres YJ64 HDU, SH15 WWX; Yutong Tc9 YC15 WCT; Yutong Tc12 YG65 APK. Sold are King Long XMQ6130 BX14 FZZ – to Dealtop, Clyst St Mary, Devon, Volvo B7R/Plaxton YN07 KGX; Javelin/Plaxton YN57 BWA – to 1st Choice, Llanelli and Yutong Tc12 YG65 APK – to Mitchell, South Croydon. YN57 BWA was downseated from 70 to 57 before sale.

5/8/20: 59004 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66089 on 6L07 Acton-Ipswich Griffin Wharf and 6V07 return. 66127 on Hither Green-Marks Tey sand yard.
6/8/20: 66051 on 4L45. 66128 at Bow Yard. Blue 66162 on 4M79. 12/8/20: 66206 on Acton-Ipswich Griffin Wharf. 17/8/20: 66129 on 4L56 Trafford-London Gateway. 18/8/20: 66051 on Wakefield-FLX.  19/8/20: 50102 on Acton-Chelmsford and return on 6V12. 66079 on Acton-Ipswich Griffin Wharf, and then 6V20 to Neasden. 20/8/20: 66051 on FLX-Wakefield. 66116 on Bow-Heck Plasmor. 66162 on FLX-EM Gateway. 22/8/20: 66162 on 4M79 FLX-EM Gateway. 24/8/20: 66092 on Acton-Ipswich Griffin Wharf. 66158 on 6L69 Peterborough-Bow Plasmor. 24/8/20: Blue 66006 on 4L45. 25/8/20: 66077 on 4M70 FLX-EM Gateway. 66133 on Peterborough-Bow Plasmor. 26/8/20: 66092 on 6V07 Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden sand. 66102 on FLX-EM Gateway.

DOCKLANDS BUSES. Ex Abellio ADL/Enviro 200s SEN53-57 (YX16 NZZ, OAA, NZY/W/S) are here. Transferred from within GA London was ADL/Enviro 200 SE29 (SN57 DWV).

Above: Ex Ensignbus ADL/Enviro 200 PX12 BSZ, freshly repainted and at Parsonage Down depot on 2/8/20. (Alex Hazell).

Leyland Olympian/Alexander RLs F602/04 MSL, have been sold for preservation.

DRS.68026 + 57002 DRS (MT) ON STOWMARKET-BRENT 19-8-20 (J COLE)Above: 68026 is towed by 57002 through Marks Tey during the afternoon of 19/8/20. They are en route from Stowmarket  to Willesden Brent.  (James Cole).

12/8/20: 57002 on 0Z02 Willesden-Norwich light loco via NLL and GEML. 19/8/20: 57002 towed 68026 on 0Z02 Stowmarket-Willesden Brent light loco. 26/8/20: 57002 on Norwich-Willesdwn Brent light loco. 27/8/20: 57002 on 6Z02 Eastleigh Works-Dagenham Dock empty cartics – 8743750255/438/164/107/461 – then 57002 ran light back to Norwich.

ENSIGNBUS.TSU639 339 ENSIGNBUS 68 (SOUTHEND PIER) 11-8-20 (D PRETTY)Above: Trident 339 at Southend Pier on 11/8/20. (Daniel Pretty).

ADL/Enviro 200s 717/18 (YX60 EOS/T) have passed to Lloyd, Bagilt. New service 77/A (Aveley-Tilbury) began from 29/8/20. Odd sightings: 1/8/20: Routemaster open topper RM371 on 68. 8-9/8/20: Daimler Fleetline open top 333 (EGP 33J); MCW Metroliner open top 372 (A112 KFX), replica B Type open top 946 WAE – all on 68. 11/8/20: 333 on 68.

Above: Eastern National heritage liveried Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 37007, at Greenstead Road, Hythe, Colchester on 6/8/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Transferred from First South Yorkshire are Volvo B7TL/ALX400s 30564/67 – at CR. From First Eastern Counties at Lowestoft are ADL/Enviro 200s 44513/14 – at BN. Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 43846 (SN55 CXF) to First Eastern Counties at Ipswich. ADL/E200 MMCs 67160/61 (YY66 OZV/W) have received Airlink livery, ex X10. Volvo B9TL;/Gemini 37986 (BJ11 ECY) is now in Eastern National Tilling cream and green heritage coach livery, ex X30. Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 37009 (WX55 VHU) is currently stored at CF. It has been VOR since fire damage in August 2018. However, 37010 (WX55 VHV) is back in use at CR, ex long term VOR. In late August, exhibition unit Dart SLF/Caetano 41521 (LK03 UEY) appeared at Colchester on Staff Shuttles.

From 2/8/20, Colchester routes 61 (Highwoods-Wivenhoe) and 65 (Highwoods-Tollgate) interworked on Sundays. From 3/8/20, routes 67 (West Mersea-Colchester) and 75 (Colchester-Maldon) interworked, meaning more double deckers on the 67.
Odd sightings:
1/8/20: B7TL/Gemini 32547 (SF54 OSK) on 64. R62 B9TL/Gemini 37136 (SN57 HCU) on 65 + 1A; StreetLite 63344 (SM65 EFC) on 103; X10 ADL/E200 MMC 67161 (YY 66 OZW) on 100; X10 ADL/E200 MMC 67164 (YY 66 PBF) on 100.
3/8/20: R62 37136 on 65 + 1A; R62 B9TL/Gemini 37138 (SN 57 HCX) on 61; B7RLE/Wright 66816 (MX05 CDY) on 75; X10 ADL/E200 MMC 67162 (YY 66 OZX) on 5B; X10 67164 on 8. 4/8/20: R62 B9TL/Gemini 37133 (SN57 HDH) on 75; StreetLite 63335 (SK65 PXR) on 102; X10 67162 on 25; X10 67164 on 8A; B7RLE/Wright 69429 on 70. 5/8/20: B7TL/Gemini 37007 (WX55 VHR) on 64A; R62 37133 on 68; R62 B9TL/Gemini 37134 (SN57 HDJ) on 75; R62 37138 on 64A; R62 B9TL/Gemini 37139 (SN57 HCY) on 104; 63335 on 74B; StreetLite 63341 on 104; X10 67162 on 8; X10 67164 on 25. 6/8/20: B7TL/ALX400 32476 (AU53 HJK) on 174; 32547 on 103; ; 37007 on 64; R62 37133 on 2A; R62 37134 on 61; ; R62 37138 on 68; 42935 on 71A; StreetLite 63337 on 75; X10 67162 on 25; Airlink ADL/E200 MMC 67163 (YY66 PAO) on 100; X10 67164 on 8. 7/8/20: R62 37133 on 68; X10 67162 on 8; Airlink 67163 on 25; X10 67164 on 100. 8/8/20: R62 37134/36 on 61; R62 37138 on 68; R62 37139 on 2A; X10 67162 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 5; X10 67164 on 100. 9/8/20: R62 37133/34 on 65; X10 67162 on 8A; Airlink 66163 on 251; X10 67164 on 100. 10/8/20:R62 37133 on 65; R62 37136 on 75; R62 37138 on 2A; StreetLite 63339 on 75; B7RLE 66810 (MX05 CDF) on 75; X10 67162 on 8A; Airlink 67163 on 25; X10 67164 on 8. 11/8/20: R62 37133 on 75 + 67; R62 37136 on 75; R62 37138 on 2A; R62 37139 on 61; X10 67162 on 25; Airlink 67163 on 8; X10 67164 on 25; ADL/E300 67742 (SN62 AKO) on 62. 12/8/20: R62 37136 on 88; R62 37138 on 2A; X10 67162 on 25; Airlink 67163 on 25; X10 67164 on 8A. 13/8/20; 37027 on 64; R62 37134 on 61; R62 37136 on 88; R62 37138/39 on 61; 63332 on 102; 63334 on 62; 63337 on 75; X10 67162 on 5B; Airlink 67163 on 100. 16/8/20: R62 37136 on 61; R62 37139 on 65; X10 67162 on 8; Airlinks 67163 on 100. 17/8/20: B7TL/Gemini 32628 on 104; R62 37133 on 68; R62 37134 on 75; R62 37138 on 61; 37140 on 64; Airlink 67161 on 100; X10 67162 on 25; X10 67164 on 16. 18/8/20: R62 37136/38 on 88; ADL/E200 MMC 44659 on 71. 19/8/20: R62 37138 on 65; ADL/E200 44004 on 13/A/14; B7RLE 66801 on 70 + 71A; ADL/E300 67737 on 62. 20/8/20: 37006 on 102; 37016 on 64; 44004 on 71; 63341 on 74B; Airlink 67161 on 8; X10 67162 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 8; X10 67164 on 25. 21/8/20; 32629 on 64; 37015 on 64; R62 37134 on 61; R62 37136 on 65; R62 37138 on 61; R62 37139 on 75 + 67; Dart SLF/Pointer 42939 (WX05 SVE) on 71; StreetLite 63333 (SK65 PXP) on 62; 63336 (SM65 EEU0 on 2A; B7RLE 66730 (WX54 XCP) on 71; Airlink 67161 on 100; X10 67162 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 5; X10 67164 on 8. 22/8/20: R62 37134/38 on 61; R62 37139 on 75 + 67; Airlink 67161 on 100; X10 67162 on 25; Airlink 67163 on 100; X10 67164 on 100. 23/8/20: 32628 on 64; 37010 on 64; 37017 on 102; R62 37139 on 65; ADL/E200 MMC 44659 on 70; Airlink 67163 on 100; X10 67164 on 25. 24/8/20: R62 37133 on 2A; Airlink 67161 on 8; X10 67162 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 8; X10 67164 on 8. 25/8/20: R62 37133 on 65; Airlink 67160 on 5; Airlink 67161 on 25; X10 67162 on 9; Airlink 67163 on 94A; X10 67164 on 25.

DK57SXG 44513 FE EX FEC ARRIVES AT BN DEPOT 30-8-20 (D PRETTY)Above: ADL/Enviro 200 44513 (DK57 SXG), arrives at Basildon from Lowestoft on 30/8/20. (Daniel Pretty).

FLAVIN, STANFORD LE HOPE. Volvo B10M/Van Hool K11 FCL has received a “Hearse Coach” livery of black and “Grim Reaper” decals – to highlight the decline of the UK coach industry due to Covid-19.

FREIGHTLINER.86637 + 86 + 66 FL (COATBRIDGE-FLX AT CR) 25-8-20 (JAMES COLE)Above: 86637 leads a triple header Coatbridge-Felixstowe at Colchester on 25/7/20. (James Cole).

1/8/20: 86604/09 on 4L97 Trafford-Felixstowe. 86607/32 on 4L91 Trafford-Ipswich/Felixstowe.
5/8/20: 86607/32 on 4S88. 86609/39 on 4L89. 86613/22 on 4L91. 86614/37 on 4M45.
6/8/20: 66505 on 4L93. 66517 on 4M81. 86607/32 on 4L89. 86609/39 on 4L91. 86614/37 on 4M45.
7/8/20: 66516 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66592 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 86607/32 on 4L91. 86639/09 on 4S88 FLX-Coatbridge.
8/8/20: 86638/04 on 4L93 Crewe-FLX.
10/8/20: 66511 on 4S88 IPS-FLX section. 86604/38 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 11/8/20: 86604/38 on 4M87. 86607/32 on 4L89. 86608/22 on 4S88. 12/8/20: 86638/04 on 4L91.                                                                                              14/8/20: 66517 on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX. 17/8/20: 66414 on 4L35 Avonmouth-London Gateway. 66536 and 66571 on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX. 66555 + 562 tnt 6X04 Parkeston-Brentwood engineers. 66594 on 4M94 FLX-Lawley St. 86638/04 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford.18/8/20: 66558 on 4M94. 66590 on 6E50 Ipswich-Lindsay tanks. 86638/04 on 4L91. 86614/13 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford.  19/8/20: 66601 on 6M81 Marks Tey-Tunstead. 86608/22 on 4L89 Crewe-FLX. 86613/09 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX. 20/8/20: 66515 on 4M87. 66547 on 4L89 and then 4M87. 66548 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX. 66550 6L80 on Tunstead-Marks Tey. 66565 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66599 on 4M86 FLX-EM Gateway. 86608/22 on 4L91. 86609/13 on 4L97. 86632/37 on 4M45 and 4L45 return. 22/8/20: 66511 on 4L40 Doncaster-FLX. 66523 on 4L41 Ditton-FLX. 25/8/20: 66517 on Ipswich-Lindsay tanks. 26/8/20: 86639/09 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX. 90042/49 + 86637/32 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX – ’90s detached at Willesden. 26/8/20: 66513 on 4E24 London Gateway-Leeds. 66554 on 4L36. 86609/39 on 4M87. 27/8/20: 66543 on 4M87. 86639/09 on 4L91. 28/8/20: 66533 on 4M88 FLX-Ditton. 66545 on 4L36. 66563 on 4L41. 66548 on 4M63 FLX-Trafford. 86637/32 on 4L89 and 4M87. 86639/09 on 4L97. 29/8/20: 86608/13 on 4L91. 30/8/20: 66562 on Colchester-Broxbourne-Whitemoor engineers.

GALLEON TRAVEL, ROYDON. Mb Sprinter 516/EVM GU19 KKE has been reregistered CC64 GAL.

GARDNER, CHELMSFORD. All of the full size coaches have been withdrawn. Scania/Irizars S332 SET, YN04 GPJ, YN55 PXD/W, YR58 SNK; Volvo B10M/Jonckherre V342 JTO. Plus Mb0816D/Plaxton Cheetah2 CX09 FJE.

GBRf.66770 GBRf (WITHAM) 1-8-20Above: 66770 in the “up” loop at Witham on 1/8/20. (John Podgorski).

2/8/20: 47739/27 on 0Z59 Ferme Park-Ilford light loco.
5/8/20: 66713 on 0Z20 Ipswich-Lowestoft route learner. 66770 on route learner from Peterborough to Cambridge and London Fields via WA lines, then onto NLL and Acton, then return as above – 0Z52 to 0Z58.
6/8/20: 66708 on 4E21. 66749 on 4L18 Trafford-FLX failed at Wembley, and DBS 66128 replaced train loco. 66774 on 0Z30 Peterborough-Chingford route learner.
66740 on 4M29. Biffa 66783 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall.
7/8/20: 66772 on 4M21 FLX-Trafford with DBS 66128 dit as far as Wembley.
8/8/20: 66783 ‘Flying Dustman’ on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall.
10/8/20: 66723 on 0Z23 route learning from Ipswich. 66771 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.                                      12/8/20: 66722 on 0Z23 Ipswich-Ipswich via East Suffolk Line route learner. 66759 on 0Z63 Stratford-Hornsey route learner. 13/8/20: 66711 on 0Z52-58 London Fields-Richmond route learner. 66759 on 0Z64 Hornsey-Stratford route learner. 14/8/20: 66759 on Stratford route learners. 17/8/20: 66710 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 66713/51 on 6L37 Hoo-Whitemoor. 66736 on 4M02 FLX-Hams Hall. 66759 on 4M00 London Gateway-Masboro. 66782 on 6V32 Tilbury-Troste. 18/8/20: 66725 on 0Z25 Peterborough-London Fields route learner.        19/8/20: 66725 on 0Z63 Peterborough-Stratford route learner. 66755 on 0Z52 Peterborough-London Fields learner, then 0Z53 to Richmond and back. 20/8/20; 66710 on 0Z52 Peterborough-London Fields/Richmonds route learner. 66723 on 4L18 Trafford-FLX and 4M21 return. 66725 on 0Z63 Ferme Park-Stratford route learner. 22/8/20: 66772 on 4E20 FLX-Masboro. 24/8/20: 66755 on 0Z30-35 Whitemoor to London Fields route learners. 25, 26/8/20: 66755 on London Fields route learners. 66785 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 27/8/20: 66702/40 with DBS 66065 on 6L37. 66755 on London Fields route learners. 28/8/20: 66760 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall.

GREATER ANGLIA.   322481, 482 NORTHERN TO GA (CHITTS HILL) 24-8-20 Above: 322481/82 are towed past Chitts Hill on 24/8/20, by ROG 37800. (John Podgorski).                                         

322481/82 are ex Northern. This completes the transfer over of the ex Northern Class 321s and 322s. 317660/68 are withdrawn.

1/8/20: 360106 towed Northampton-Ilford between GBRf 47739/27 as 5Q60.
2/8/20: 360111 towed Ilford-Northampton by GBRf 47727/39 as 5Q60.
8/8/20: 360111 towed Northampton-Ilford, between GBRf 47727/39 AS 5Q60. 9/8/20: 360112 towed Ilford-Northampton. 14/8/20: 317660/68 dragged Ilford-Ely for storage, by ROG 37884. 16/8/20: 360108 in 5Q60 Ilford-Northampton ECS between GBRf 47727/49. 18/8/20: 745007 on 5Q90 Norwich-Hornsey ECS for wheel lathe; returned on 19/8/20. 22/8/20: 360108 dragged Northampton-Ilford between GBRf 47739/27. 23/8/20; 360114 dragged Ilford-Northampton between GBRf 47727/39. 24/8/20: 321901/02 on 5V09 Clacton-Ilford ECS. 322481/82 towed Doncaster-Clacton ECS by ROG 37800. 25/8/20: 745004 Norwich-Hornsey ECS for tyre turning – returned on 26/8. 26/8/20: 755421 defective in Colchester yard. 29/8/20: 360114 towed as 5Q60 Northampton-Ilford ECS between GBRf 47727/49. Failed 745010 towed Colchester-Norwich by ROG 47812. 30/8/20: 360121 towed 5Q60 Ilford-Northampton ECS between GBRF 47749/27. 31/8/20: 745109 on Norwich-Hornsey ECS for tyre turning.

745009 GA (LIV ST 1930 TO NORWICH) 29-8-20Above: 745009 at London Liverpool Street on 29/8/20, on the 1930 to Norwich. (John Podgorski).

745107 GA STANSTED EXPRESS (LIV ST) 15-8-20Above: 745107 was one of the first Stadler Flirts to appear in service on Stansted Express; the other being 745108. Pictured at London Liverpool Street on 15/8/20. (John Podgorski).

Refurbishment of the ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 200s for TfL W13 was completed with the return of 1338 from ADL, Harlow. It had been delayed by the Covid-19 lockdown.

HEDINGHAM.EU56FLM 257 HO (FACE MASK) X76 (CR) 28-8-20 (D PRETTY)Above: Dart SLF/Pointers 253/57/60 (EU04 BVF, EU56 FLM/R) have received “face coverings”. 257 was at Colchester on 28/8/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Acquired Volvo B7TL/Presidents are X584 EGK, PL51 LDU – from Go North East, and PJ02 RBY – from East Yorkshire. X584 EGK has fleet no 586; PL51 LDU is 587; PJ02 RBY is 588.

Above: Freshly repainted into the new fleet livery; Scania Omnilink 457 at Greenstead Road, Hythe, Colchester on 6/8/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Above: 457 in its days with Anglian Bus. Pictured at Gordon Road, Lowestoft on 12/3/16. (Simon Austin).

Mercedes Touros 1, 2 (BX55 FYH/J) have been reinstated for future schools use.
Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 570 (W487 WGH) is bis ex SORNED at HD. But 572/75 (W489/516 WGH) are VOR again at HD. In mid August, 572 returned to use at KN, while 568 (W458 WGH) and 573 (W491 WGH) were removed from store at KN, to CN and KN respectively. 574 (W506 WGH) was active again at Clacton from late August. 570 HD to KN by 26/8. 571/74/79 CN to KN on 26/8. 584  CN to KN on 27/8. 565 CN to KN on 28/8/20. Acquired 586 allocated to HD on 27/8. Most of the vehicles which had been SORNED or Reserve during Covid-19 are now back in use. HD Dart  SLF/Pointer 258 (EU56 FLN) unusually appeared at KN from 17/8/20, due to a vehicle shortage and was returned on 26/8.
Optare Solo 911 (SF04 SKE) no longer has the “Olivia cartoon” on its super rear advert for services in Clacton. 911 was loaned to Chambers during August, with 910 (SF04 SKD) coming back.

YN55PZV 814 HO RL 63 D3010 (LX RD CR) 3-8-20 (J COLE)
Above: Scania Omnidekka 814 on Lexden Road, Colchester on 3/8/20, running light to take up the evening part of the 3010 duty on service 63. The Busmopolitan/Bus Fayre editor is driving. (James Cole).

Omnidekka movements:
1/8/20: 802 – Chambers-KN. By 6/8/20: 811 – Chambers-KN. By 7/8/20: 807 – KN-Chambers; 810 – Chambers-KN; 814 – KN-Chambers. 10/8/20: 814 – Chambers-KN. 13/8/20: 811 – Chambers-KN. By 14/8/20: 802/08 – KN-Chambers; 810 – Chambers-KN. 18/8/20: 812 – Chambers-KN. By 19/8/20: 800 – KN-Chambers; 810 – Chambers-KN.
Odd sightings:
4/8/20: Solo 911 on X76. 10/8/20: Omnidekka 810 on D1. 18/8/20: 258 on D1. 23/8/20: 910 on 74 + X76. 24/20; 814 on KN Duty 3011  -15, 83, 82, 15. 27/8/20: 574 on 63.

LB02YXE 513 HO 63 (ST JOHNS ST CR) 4-8-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 513 at St Johns Street, Colchester on 4/8/20. The Busmopolitan/Bus Fayre editor at the helm. Note the social distancing measures to the left. (Daniel Pretty).

During the closure of the B1508 at the river bridge on Bridge Street in Bures, route 83 terminated at the Eight Bells pub, instead of Bures Church. This was for the first 3 weeks of August.

IPSWICH BUSES. Ex RATP London, via Ensign are Scania Omnicity  ‘deckers 46, 47,48 (YN08 MRV/X/Y). They were converted to single door and fitted with white led destinations, prior to delivery. They will be repainted into IB livery at Ipswich.SN53AVP 137 IB (IPSWICH) 1-8-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Dart SLF/Super Pointer 137 (SN53 AVP) is still going strong. Pictured at Princes Street/Civic Drive/Franciscan Way junction on 1/8/20. The well known Willis Faber building is to the right. This intersection used to be a roundabout, and up to the 1980s featured a nightclub called ‘Bogarts’. (Simon Austin).

YK08EPF 149 IB 2 (CLACTON) 1-8-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Optare Versa 149 at Pier Avenue, Clacton on ex Panther Travel route 2 on 1/8/20. (Simon Austin).

Above: Optare Metrocity YJ67 FXE at Hythe Tesco, Colchester on 6/8/20. This has regularly appeared on route 4. (Daniel Pretty).

2 demonstrators were trialed in August. ADL/E400 MMC YX19 DNU and Optare Metrodecker saloon YJ67 FXE.
Due to Covid-19, some orders for new/used buses were cancelled. These involved some new ADL/E200s and some ex Wellglade Group Mb Citaros. The ex Bus Eirean ADL/Enviro 200s, 71, 72, 76 – had been outshopped in fleet livery by late August. They have been given Irish girls names – 71 – ‘Ciara’, 72 – ‘Niamh’, 76 – ‘Siobhan’. Meanwhile, ADL/E200s 78-81 (YX14 RWL, YX63 ZVW/V, YX63 LGE) have been repainted and branded for a relaunched service 3 (Ipswich-Euro Retail Park) – from September 1st.

Suffolk CC route 111 passed to Mulleys and 116 passed to First Eastern Counties after 29/8/20. Both on retender.

It is understood that there has been an increase in rail replacement activity for Greater Anglia.

Reopened from 1/8/20.

Has recommenced operations.

LODGE, HIGH EASTER. Trident/EL PN04 XDL is now C20 DGE. It has received a 100th anniversary livery. Withdrawn are Trident/ELs T273/74/78 BPR, V428 DRA.

LONDON GENERAL NORTH. Ex Abellio ADL/Enviro 200s SEN50-52 (YX16 OAM, NZU, OAG) are here. Transferred from within GA London were ADL/Enviro 200s SE25 (SN57 DWM), SE27 (SN57 DWP).

LONDON OVERGROUND. New are 710101/12.
315806/17/27/36 gone for scrap. 315812/25 withdrawn.
315805/07/08 on Romford-Upminster during August.
4/8/20: 315825/12 on 5Q30 Ilford-Northampton ECS. 13/8/20: 710111/125 to revenue service. 14/8/20; 710104/26 to revenue service. 15/8/20: 315831/03 on 5Q30 Ilford-Northampton ECS. 19/8/20: 315808/22 from Ilford to Northampton for storage. 315812/25 returned to Ilford ex storage at Northampton. 20/8/20: 315812/25 dragged Ilford-Northampton for storage by ROG 37884 as 5Q60. 20/8/20: 315830/01 on 2T44 Liv St-Chingford. 315802/11 on 2T46 Liv St-Chingford. 315859/15 on 2T51 Chingford-Liv St. 28/8/20: 710112/01 on Willesden-Ilford ECS. 29/8/20: 720113/127 to revenue service.

315812 2012 LIVERY ONE FGE LIV ST 4-05Above: Flashback to April 2005. 315812 at London Liverpool Street in “Make Britain Proud” livery for the 2012 Olympics. The UK was awarded the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games in July 2005, The stadium at Stratford was of course to be in clear view of the GE Main Line. Back in 2005, the 61 Class 315s were one large pool, allocated to both Great Eastern and West Anglia Lines, and when the creation of London Overground and the Elizabeth Line were a mere twinkle. (John Podgorski).

LONDON UNDERGROUND. Stepney Green station (District Line) reopened on 31/8/20.

MTR ELIZABETH LINE.345014 MTR (MILE END) 22-8-20Above: 345014 at Mile End on 22/8/20. (John Podgorski).

7/8/20: 345022 OC-IL.
8/8/20: 345017 OC-IL. 18/8/20: 315818/20 on 2W55 Shenfield-Liv St. 315829/19 on 2W63 Shenfield-Liv St.

NATIONAL EXPRESS.BF68LCL 106 NX-GALLOWAY 482 (EAST HILL, CR) 11-8-20Above: Galloway Scania K410/Caetano Levante III 106 (BF68 LCL) at East Hill, Colchester on 11/8/20. (John Podgorski).

From 1/8/20, new route 482 started. It combined the old 250 and 481 and runs Ipswich-Colchester-Marks Tey-Braintree-Stansted-London Victoria, daily. There are 4 return trips to Stansted and 2 through to London. Galloway of Mendlesham is the operator. Some ‘A’ Services from Stansted Airport have also restarted. However, Liverpool Street rail station in London is no longer served, with the stop on Bishopsgate being replaced by a widened pavement for social distancing.      Start Hill based Scania/Levantes have been seen working from Luton Airport depot on route A1 (Luton-London). Contractor De Courcey of Coventry went into administration on 24/8/20. This ran the 777 (Birmingham-Stansted Airport).

Proposed 97304 ex 37217 ‘John Tilley’ on 1Q18 NR Test Train with 9708 and 975091.
5/8/20: Milton Keynes-Ferme Park, then to Southminster/Colchester. Unfortunately Essex section cancelled due to staff shortages and only ran to St Albans.26/8/20; 950001 on Derby-Ipswich move.

NEW HORIZON, FRATING. Has ex Seaford and District Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis SFZ 525 ex LF52 TGO, SFZ 818 ex LF52 TJO – via Ensign. They retain their cherished registrations and green/cream livery. They were new to East Thames Buses and subsequently Go-Ahead London.

NIBS, WICKFORD. Transferred from Stephensons is Scania Omnidekka 634 (YN55 NHF).

OLST. Rainham depot reopened in August.

OLST DEPOT RAINHAM (MOTHBALLED) 4-7-20Above: A mothballed OLST Rainham depot on 4/7/20. (John Podgorski).

Ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 200 YX10 BFJ has been re-registered DB10 PAN. DAF DB250LF/EL DC52 PAN has passed to Lloyd of Machllyneth, while Volvo B12M/Plaxton Paragon AB02 PAN has been sold to Glovers of Derby after re registration back to WV02 EUP.


RAILWAY MISCELLANEOUS. Yeoman liveried JHA bogie hopper wagon 19316 was in the “defective” siding at Bow in late August.

JHA19316 YEOMAN HOPPER WAGON (BOW) 22-8-20Above: JHA19316 on 22/8/20. (John Podgorski).

MAN NL273F/Wright Meridians WX08 DFN and RG09 BUS, are now with Hattons of St Helens.

6/8/20: 37608 on Manningtree-Norwich light loco, then visiting Gt Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Harwich International and back to Manningtree as 0Z01 etc.
7/8/20: 37608 replaced 37611 at Orient Way. 37611 dragged GA 745103 on 1P16 Liv St-Norwich ECS.
8/8/20: 37601 on Old Oak-Ilford MTR Class 345 EMU drag.
10/8/20: 37800 dragged GWR 387140 Reading to Ilford. 12/8/20: 37608 dragged failed GA 745101 Liv St-Norwich, then 37601 light loco with 37611 to Orient Way as 0F03. 17/8/20: 37611 on 0P99 Norwich-Parkeston light loco. 18/8/20: 37601 dragged GWR 387130 Reading-Ilford and 387140 Ilford-Reading. 21/8/20: 37601 dragged HEX 387141/16 Oxford-Ilford. 24/8/20: 37800 dragged ex Northern 322481/82 Doncaster to GA Clacton depot, then light loco to Wembley. 26-27/8/20: 47812 dragged failed 755421 Colchester-Clacton for repair – then 47812 back to Manningtree.

37800 + 321481, 482 ((CHITTS HILL) 24-8-20Above: 37800 with 322481/82 at Chitts Hill on 24/8/20. (John Podgorski).

New is Mb Tourismo tri-axle MC20 SBC.

KC19SBC SBC LEISURE (AMAZON RUN, SD) 11-8-20 (D PRETTY)Above: Mercedes Tourismo KC19 SBC at Victoria Circus, Southend – on the Amazon staff service to Tilbury. This is worked by SBC, on behalf of Ensignbus. Pictured on 11/8/20. (Daniel Pretty).

SJH TRAVEL, CANVEY. Ex First Eastern Counties is Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 W743 DWX.

STAGECOACH CAMBUS. There were major service revisions from 30/8/20. There were some new routes, including 915 (Royston-Cambridge), CITI15 (Cambridge-Fenstanton).

The first of the new ADL/Enviro 400 MMC Smart Hybrids to enter revenue service was 11380 (SK20 BBO). This was on an N25 in the early hours of 8/8/20. This was followed by 11376/77 (SK20 BBE/F), 11378/79 (SK20 BBJ/N), 11381/82/84 (SK20 BBU/V/Z), 11385/86/87/88/89 (SK20 BCE/F/O/U/V), 11390/91/92 (SK20 BCX/Y/Z). Although intended for TfL425, they are appearing on 25, 205, 277 also.

STANS, GREAT TOTHAM. The O licence was surrendered in August, bringing the close on this long standing Essex operator.

STEPHENSONS. Braintree and Maldon bases reopened on 10/8/20, when full service was reinstated on routes 38/A and 90. During the Covid-19 restrictions, these had been run from Boreham. White liveried ADL/Enviro 200 449 (YX10 FFK) is now at Maldon ex Haverhill. Withdrawn is Optare Solo 319 (YJ06 YRN).

SWALLOW, NORTH WEALD. Scania Omnicity saloon 701 (YR10 AZO) passed to Ensign, and was resold to Cymru Coaches, Swansea..

TENDRING TRAVEL, THORPE LE SOKEN. Coaching restarted in late August, with Scania/Berkhof RY57 ZKJ being seen.

TRUSTYBUS, ROYDON. From Yellow Buses, Bournemouth are Optare Tempo X1200s YJ10 MDE/U. Reregistered are Optare Solos YJ05 XNV to RGZ 7806, YJ55 YGN to RGZ 7807, YG07 EGE to SGZ 2218; Scania Onicities YN56 NNE/G to SGZ 1087/89.

WEST MIDLANDS TRAINS. 11/8/20: 172335 on 5Q72 Tyseley-Ilford ECS. 13/8/20: 172342 on Ilford-Tyseley ECS. 28/8/20: 172331 at Ilford depot.

With thanks to: Angliagen, S Austin, J Cole, A Hazell, London Bus Group FB, LOTS, R Pope, D Pretty.

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Busmopolitan. Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. July 2020.

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Edited by John Podgorski, BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the July 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

Lockdown measures continued to be lifted during July.
Bus companies further increased frequencies, returned vehicles to service, and took staff off furlough. During July, social distancing was also reduced.
Ipswich Buses has raised some eyebrows, by further entering the north Essex bus scene from 27th July, when it began three council contracts it had won through the retender process.
However, the coach industry remained largely dormant. National Express restarted a limited network from 1st July, but in Essex only serving the London-Stansted-Cambridge-Norwich corridor – and still on a “skeleton” headway.
There are reports of some small coach companies ceasing to trade. Some of these are subject to verification.

Has ex RATP London Scania Omnicity ‘decker YN08 DHO, via Ensign.

It is reported that the fleet has been offered for sale.

AH MINIBUSES, CLACTON. Ford Transit 16 seater HT18 YMZ is ex Eng, Park Royal – via Ventura, Cranfield (dealer).

Above: 1562 at Osborne Street on 20/7/20. (John Podgorski).

Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1562 (RX07 KPG) returned to use – but only as a crew ferry, at the start of July.
ADL/Enviro 400 MMC 6503 (SN66 WHW) was returned to Southend in mid July. Sister 6504 (SN66 WHX) was last used on 27/7/20, but was then parked up at Colchester. Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1564 (HX04 HUH) and Dart SLF/Pointer 3420 (AY54 FRC) also went to Southend, but for storage. Meanwhile, 1565 (HX 04 HUK) and 3421 (AY54 FPZ) were returned to service, ex SORNED, but 1565 has only so far seen occasional use. P&R ADL/E200 4072 (SK15 GXS) returned to use on 21/7/20.
From 6/7/20, the Colchester Park and Ride reopened. ADL/E200s 4071/3-5 returned to service with this. 4072 did so later – see above.
Routes 4 (Tollgate-Colchester-Hythe), 11 (Highwoods-North Station), passed to Ipswich Buses from 27/7/20, with the 24th being the last day by Arriva. ADL/E200 4017 worked the last Arriva journeys on the 11 and 4.
Odd sightings:
1,2/7/20: Dart SLF/MPD 1558 (KX56 HCP) on 8.
2/7/20: ADL/E400 MMC 6504 (SN66 WHX) on Staff Shuttle.
3/7/20: StreetLite 4224 (GN62 HMY) on 2.
6/7/20: 1558 on Staff Shuttle. ADL/E200 4019 (GN58 BUF) on 4.
7/7/20: Short Dart SLF/Caetanos 1562/63 (RX07 KPG/J) on Staff Shuttle.
9/7/20: 1563 on Staff Shuttle; StreetLite 4262 (GN64 DXS) on 2.
10/7/20: 4224 on 4.
14/7/20: 1563 on Staff Shuttle.
15/7/20: 1559 on 8.
20/7/20: 1562 on Staff Shuttle; StreetLite 4262 on 2; R133 StreetLite 4324 on 8.
21/7/20: 1562 on Staff Shuttle; Park & Ride ADL/E200 4072 (SK15 GXS) – bis.
30/7/20: StreetLite 4261 on 2.
31/7/20: StreetLite 4224 on 2.

GN62HMY 4224 AR CR 4 (THE COMMONS) 10-7-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: On the soon to change operator route 4; Wright StreetLite 4224 at The Commons, Prettygate on 10/7/20. A StreetLite was always unusual on this. (Daniel Pretty).

GN58BUA 4017 AR CR LAST ARRIVA 11 24-7-20
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 4017 at North Station on 24/7/20, on the very last Arriva journey on route 11. (John Podgorski).

Above: Normally used at London City Airport, ADL/Enviro 200 MMC YX68 UUN was stored at Southend during the lockdown, and was on Staff Shuttle on 11/7/20. Pictured at Victoria Circus. In the background is the site of the old Eastern National Southend bus depot, now a Sainsbury’s. (Simon Austin).

VDL 200/Wright Pulsar 3777 (KX09 CDN) is in the new Arriva livery.
Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban 3816 (GN07 AVC) has been named ‘Jan Roy’.
Optare Versa 4203 (YJ61 CHV) has returned from Guildford & West Surrey.
Sapphire ADL/E400 6529 (YX17 NFG) has moved to Arriva Guildford and West Surrey.

ARRIVA LONDON NORTH. From Arriva London South were ADL/Enviro 400s T22, 26-30, 32-35. T22, 26, 34, 35 have been allocated to Edmonton as driver trainers.
Above: VDL DB300LF/Wright Pulsar Gemini DW251 at Heathway, Dagenham on 4/7/20. (John Podgorski).

9/7/20: Robel DR97506/606/806 on York-Romford.
10/7/20: Robel DR97504/604/804 on York-Romford.

Above: Matisa B41UE tamper at Romford depot on 18/7/20. (John Podgorski).

BLUE TRIANGLE. Transferred from London Central is Mercedes Citaro MEC14. From London General North are Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis WVL249/50.
Above: New Routemaster LT930 at Ilford Hill on 13/7/20. Maximum socially distanced capacities on London buses changed from the start of July. See TfL section at bottom of this page. (Simon Smiler).

Above: Has ex First South Yorkshire Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President LT52 WUC. It has been converted into a mobile eatery. Pictured on 29/7/20. (John Podgorski).

1/7/20: 67023 tnt 67027 on 1Q08 NR Cambridge-Reading test past Broxbourne @ 1825 and through Gidea Park @ 1902.
8/7/20: 37612 + 9714 with 99666, 72630, 9801, 62384 on 3Q70 Ferme Park- Colchester via KX and Liv St NR test train.
9/7/20: 37612 on 3Q69 Colchester-Colchester NR test via Norwich.
10-11/7/20: 37612 on 3Q66 Colchester-Derby via Felixstowe and London.
13/7/20: 43013/62 on 1Q66 Heaton-Cambridge NR test.
16/7/20: 37254 on 3Q11 Derby-Ferme Park via Southminster and Upminster branches.
18/7/20; 37254 on 3Q01 Ferme Park-Derby test via NE London.
21/7/20: 37175/254 on Derby-Ferme Park via LTS.
22/7/20: 37175/254 on 1Q18 Ferme Park-Cambridge via LTS and GEML Essex NR test train.
24/7/20: 37175 tnt 37254 with 975091, 72631, 977997, 9523 on 1Q18 Cambridge-Mrch via Felixstowe, Ipswich, Manningtree, Colchester.
26/7/20: 70811 on 6C61 Ripple Lane-Whitemoor.

DAN’S LUXURY TRAVEL, WALTHAM ABBEY. This company has been wound up by its administrators.

1/7/20: 66050 on 4M79 FLX-EM Gateway. 66051 on 4E45 FLX-Wakefield. 66188 on 6L38 Hither Green-Marks Tey sand yard and on 6O79 departure to Crawley.
2/7/20: 66012 on 6L43 Mountsorrel-Kennet. 66017 on 6L74 Mountsorrel-Harlow Mill. 66119 on 4M79. 66162 on 6L69 Bigglewade-Bow Plasmor.
4/7/20: 66127 at Dagenham Dock.
8/7/20: 66039 on Tilbury-Ince sand train. 66113 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich on 6V07 to Neasden.
9/7/20: 66119 on 6L69 Peterborough-Bow Plasmor. 66164 on 4M79 FLX-EM Gateway.
14/7/20: 66013 on 4E25 Bow-Heck Plasmor.
15/7/20: 66149 on Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden.
17/7/20: 59004 at Dagenham Dock. 59202 on 7Z29 Acton-Bow. Maritime 66005 on 6L39 Mountsorrel-Kennett. 66165 on 6L35 Mossend-Dagenham Dock car transporters.
20/7/20: 66051 on 4L45. 66075 on 6V07 Ipswich Griffin Wharf-Neasden.
21/7/20: 59205 on 7Z29 Acton-Bow. 66031 on 4M07 Tilbury-Daventry Tesco. 66120 on Mountsorrel-Kennett.
22/7/20: 66112 on 6O79 Marks Tey-Crawley sand.
28/7/20: 66005 on 6L41 Mountsorrel-Kennett. 66080 on 4L76 EM Gateway-FLX. 66136 on 6L69 Biggleswade-Bow Plasmor.
29/7/20: 66100 on Dagenham Dock-Mossend car transporters.
30/7/20: 66192 on 6L38 Wembley-Marks Tey sand; then failed at Shenfield and assisted by ROG 37608. 59004 on 6L30 Acton-Chelmsford.
31/7/20: 66104 on 6L69. 66176 on Peterborough-Chesterton Junction.

2/7/20: 56103 on 0Z57 Ferme Park-Cambridge route learner.

DOCKLANDS BUSES. Transfeered from within Go-Ahead London are ADL/Enviro 200s SE23, 86.

DON’S, DUNMOW. Ex Ensignbus, Purfleet is ADL/Envrio 200 PX12 BSZ. Leyland Olympian/Alexanders F602/04 MSL have both gone for preservation.
Above: Irizar i6 DH18 DON participating in ‘Honk For Hope’ on 20/7/20. (Alex Hazell).

21/7/20: 66422 moved GA 745102 Parkeston to Norwich.
24/7/20: 66304/05 on West Ealing-Norwich.
29/7/20: 66429 stabled at Dagenham Dock.
31/7/20: 66305/04 on 0Z66 Norwich-Willesden Brent light loco.

It was announced that the bases at Southend and Stansted were to close.

ENIGMA TRAVEL, COLCHESTER. Mercedes 0814D/Plaxton Cheetah T639 JWB has been sold to Car and Van Central, (dealer) Coventry..

Above: Trident 339 at Leigh station on 11/7/20. (Simon Austin).

Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 open topper 339 (TSU 639) and Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini open topper 392 (392 MBF) have been repainted red/silver, ex plain red and plain blue respectively.
From 11/7/20, operation of the seasonal Southend seafront service 68 began. In the past, this had been run by Go-Ahead London from Northumberland Park.
392 is the regular bus for route 68, with 339 as back up.

Above: Volvo B7TL 392 on Southend seafront on 11/7/20. (Simon Austin).

ADL/Enviro 200 704 (PX12 BSZ), has been sold to Don’s of Dunmow.
ADL/Enviro 400s SN09 CDV/Y, CEX, CFM have passed to Warrington’s Own Buses after temporary rail replacement use.

The 88 Ipswich-Stowmarket routes have been branded as ‘Stowmarket Swift’.
Route 66 is being branded too, as ‘Mainline 66’.

Above: Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32655 with ‘Mainline’ branding at Foundation Street depot on 30/7/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Above; Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclispe Urban 69005 (AU05 DME), awaits repaint at Simon Morris, Ipswich on 24/7/20. (John Podgorski).

Above: Westcliff on Sea Motor Services heritage liveried Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini 37985 (BJ11 XGY), at Victoria Circus, Southend on 11/7/20. (Simon Austin).

Below: 37985 at Prittlewell on 6/6/20; just prior to repaint. (John Podgorski).

From 6/7/20, the Chelmsford Park and Ride reopened. ADL/E200 MMCs 67190/91/92/96 were put back into use on this, but their sisters remained working at Hadleigh on normal bus routes. 67189 joined them at the end of July.
Dart SLF/Pointer 42956 (WX06 OMO) has come from First Eastern Counties and is at CF.
ADL/Enviro 200 44004 (LK57 EJG) appeared at CF from HH again in mid July. B7RLE/Wright 69518 (BJ11 ECT) returned to HH from BN.
Volvo B7TL/Wright Genmini 37007 (WX55 VHR) has been repainted out of First Bristol colours, into Badgerline era Eastern National yellow/green heritage livery. Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini 37986 (BJ11 ECY) has been repainted out of X30 colours. ADL/E200 MMCs 67167/68/71 received First Interurban livery ex X30. Volvo B7RLE/Wright 69532 (PL05 UBR) also repainted. B7RLE/Wright 66846 (MX05 CGV) is back in use ex SORNED.
Wright StreetLite 63165 (SN64 CJF) has returned from repairs at WrightBus/Bamford Bus Company. It went to Ballymena in April 2019, and was subsequently delayed by firstly the collapse of Wrightbus, and secondly by the Coronavirus lockdown. 63165 will re-enter service at HH, replacing Dart SLF/Pointer 42487 (SN03 WME).
Sold to Ensign were Dart SLF/Mini Pointers SN55 CXH/J, WX05 RVF; Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urbans 66802/27/29 (MX05 CCK, CFD/G).
Resold by Ensign to Shelton Motors, Ely for scrap were Trident/President 33080 9LN51 GMO), Dart SLF/Pointer 42557 (WX05 UAN), Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 62408 (YS03 ZKE), Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urbans 66802/07/27/29 (MX05 CCK/Y, CFD/G), ADL/E300 67641 (VX54 MRV).
ADL/Enviro 300 67641 (VX54 MRV) was taken away from Ensign for scrap on 7/7/20.

VX54MRV 67641 EX FT ESSEX (ENSIGN) 4-7-20
Above: 67641 at Ensign on 4/7/20. (John Podgorski).

Odd sightings:
The appearance of double deckers on route 65 in Colchester is currently a daily occurrence, with most of this service being run as such. Likewise, Route 62 Volvo B9TLs seen ‘off route’ is now common. The X10 branded ADL/E200 MMCs 67160-62 and their Airlink liveried sister 67163 are now often found on Basildon routes such as 8, 94 and 100. The sole remaining X30 liveried ADL/E200 MMC – 67171 is used on various routes at Chelmsford. An Airlink X30 double decker appeared on a regular duty on 70 during July.
1/7/20: R62 B9TL 37136 on 61; ADL/E200 MMC 44660 on 71; ADL/E200 44910 (YX09 AFZ) on 71A. 2/7/20: B7TL/Gemini 37027 on 102; R62 37134 on 61; Dart SLF/Pointer 42922 (EU05 AUO) on 71. 3/7/20; R62 37133/34 on 61; R62 37136 on 68; R62 37139 on 61; Dart SLF/Pointer 42937 (SN05 DZT) on 71. 4/7/20: B7TL/Gemioni 37062 on 64; R62 37133 on 61; R62 37136 on 65. 7/7/20: X30 Scania N280UD/E400 City 36839 on 70. 8/7/20: X30 Scania N280UD/E400 City 36841 (YN69 XYB) on 70; R62 37134 on 68; R62 37139 on 2A; Dart SLF/Pointer 42936 (SN05 DZS) on 71A. 10/7/20; X30 Scania N250UD/E400 City 36842 on 70; R62 37138 on 71A, but not via Duke Street bridge ! 11/7/20: Dart SLF/Pointer (MX56 HXZ) 42940 on 71A. 12/7/20: B7TL/Gemini 32642 on 42;  R62 37134 on CR Staff Shuttle; Short ADL/E200 MMC 44660 on 71A; X10 67161 on 100; CF P&R ADL/E200 MMC 67191 (SN66 WKM) on 71A. 13/7/20: X30 36838 on 70; R62 37134 on 68; R62 37138/39 on 61; X10 67160 on 8A; X10 67161 on 94A; X10 67162 on 8A; Airlink 67163 on 94; X30 67171 on 36. 14/7/20: X30 36840 on 70; R62 37134 on 2A; R62 37138/39 on 61; X10 67161/62 on 8A; X30 67171 on 31B. 15/7/20: R62 37134 on 2A; R62 37139 on 61; 63344 on 75; X10 67161/62 on 8A; Airlink 67163 on 94; X10 67164 on 100; X30 67167 on 42; X30 67171 on 71. 16/7/20: X30 36842 on 70; R62 37134 on 2A; R62 37136 on 68; R62 37139 on 61; X10 67161 on 94A; X10 67162 on 25; Airlink 67163 on 100; X10 67164 on 100; X30 67171 on 71 + 351. 17/7/20: X30 36840 on 70; R62 37138 on 2A; R62 37139 on 61; X10 67161/62 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 100; X10 67164 on 94A; X30 67171 on 71A. 18/7/20: R62 37133 on 68; R62 37136 on 61; R62 37138/39 on 61; X10 67161 on 9; X30 67171 on 42A. 19/7/20: 32672 on 42. 20/7/20: X30 36838 on 70; R62 37138 on 2A; X10 67161 on 94A; X10 67162 on 8A; X10 67164 on 94A; X30 67171 on 36. 21/7/20: X30 36841 on 70; R62 37133 on 61; R62 37138 on 2A; 44661 on 71; X10 67161 on 8; X10 67162 on 100; X10 67164 on 94A; X30 67171 on 31. 22/7/20: X30 36841 on 70; R62 37133 on 61; R62 37136 on 2A; X10 67161 on 100; X10 67162 on 94A; Airlink 67163 on 100; X10 67164 on 100; X30 67171 on 36. 23/7/20: X30 36837 on 70; 37020 on 65 + 104; R62 37133/34 on 61; R62 37138 on 2A; X10 67161 on 100; X10 67162 on 94A; X10 67164 on 100; X30 67171 on 36. 24/7/20: X30 36840 on 70; R62 37133 on 61; R62 37134 on 68; X10 67161 on 94A; X10 67162 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 100; X10 67164 on 100; X30 67171 on 36. 25/7/20: R62 37133/36 on 61; X10 67161 on 25; X10 67164 on 100; ADL/E200 MMC 67167 on 700 Chelmsford P&R; X30 67171 on 36. 26/7/20: B7TL/Gemini 32672 on 42; R62 37134 on 61. 27/7/20: X30 36838 on 70; R62 37134/36 on 61; B7RLE 66730 on 45; x10 67161 on 8A; Airlink 67163 on 25; X10 67164 on 8; X30 67171 on 36. 28/7/20: R62 37133 on 61; X10 67161 on 100; Airlink 67163 on 100; X10 67164 on 8A. 29/7/20: R62 B9TL 37134 on 66. 30/7/30: X30 36840 on 70; B7TL/Gemini 37054 on 64A; R62 37133 on 2A; Dart SLF/Pointer 42934 on 71; Volvo B7RLE/Wright 66846 (MX05 CGV) (Basildon) on route learning on Lexden Road, Colchester – westbound @ 1420; X10 67161 on 94A; X10 67162 on 8; X10 67164 on 94A.
31/7/20: X30 36839 on 42; R62 37133/34 on 61; R62 37136 on 68; R62 37138 on 61; 63335 on 103; 63338 on 104; X10 67161 on 94A; X10 67162 on 25; X10 67164 on 94A.

YN69XXW 36839 FE X10 (CF) 11-7-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: On loan to Basildon from Chelmsford for Airlink X10; Scania N250D/Enviro 400 City 36839 in Chelmsford on 11/7/20. (Daniel Pretty).

YY66OZV 67160 FE X10 ON 100 (CF) 11-7-20
Above: The ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs previously used on X10 and X30 are now used on ordinary bus routes. They will eventually received standard fleet livery, (except 67163 which is in Airlink). 67160 in Chelmsford on 11/7/20. (Daniel Pretty).

86632 + FL (CR) 7-20 (J COLE)
Above: 86632 leads a “down” intermodal past the engine shed at Colchester in July 2020. (James Cole).

Ex Greater Anglia 90014 has been repainted into the new orange livery and named ‘Over the Rainbow’. 90041/49 were at Ipswich in late July for training purposes. This was for staff to regain Class 90 traction knowledge, which had lapsed.
1/7/20: 66510 on 6Y34 to Parkeston. 66534 on 4L92 Ditton-FLX. 66557 on 6X04 to Parkeston. 66560 on 4L57 Birch Coppic-FLX. 86607/09 on 4M53. 86608/32 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX. 86613/22 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX. 86622/13 returned on 4M87 FLX-Trafford with 66956 dit.
2/7/20: 66549 on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX.
5/7/20: 66557 tnt 66504 with March-Harwich HOBC.
6/7/20: 66537 on 4L32 Wentloog-FLX. 66542 on 4L90 Trafford-FLX. 66545 on 4L57 Birch Coppice-FLX. 66597 on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX. 86607/39 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 86608/32 with 86609/28 dit on 4S88 FLX-Coatbridge.
7/7/20: 66957 on 4L36. 86614/38 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 86639/07 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX.
8/7/20: 66597 on 4L36. 86608/09 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX.
9/7/20: 66420 on 6L30 Acton-Chelmsford. 66516 on 6E23 FLX-Leeds. 66561 on 4M94 FLX-Lawley St. Pink 66587 on 4M81 FLX-Crewe. 86638/14 on 4L89.
10/7/20: 86607/14 on 4L91. 86608/09 on 4L89/4M87.
11/7/20: 86607/14 + 86632/37 dit on 4M45 FLX-Garston. 86608/09 on 4L91.
13/7/20: 66424 on Seabrook-Dagenham car transporters then 0Z48 to Norwich.
14/7/20: 66505 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66537 on Ipswich-Linsay tanks. 66561 on 4M86 FLX-EM Gateway. 66596 on 4L32 Wentloog-FLX. 86637/07 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX. 86622/13 on 4L89.
15/7/20: 66952 on 4M94. 66544 on 4E24 London Gateway-Leeds. 86622/13 on 4L91. 86638/39 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX and 4M87 FLX-Trafford.
16/7/20: 66516 on Acton-Chelmsford. 86608/09 on 4M45 FLX-Garston. 86613/22 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 86632/38 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX.
17/7/20: 66430 on 4M07 Tilbury-Daventry. 66513 on Acton-Harlow Mill and return. 66545 on 4M94. 66546 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 66552 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX. 66568 on 4L52 Garston-London Gateway. 66590 on 4M56 London Gateway-Garston. 66607 on 6L45 Hope-Dagenham cement. 86607/37 on 4L89. 86608/09 on 4M45.
20/7/20: 66422 on 0Z66 Willesden Brent-Colchester light loco. 66587 on 4L93 Lawley St-FLX. 86604/32 on 4S88. 86607/37 on 4M87. 86613/22 on 4M53. 86638/39 on 4L60.
21/7/20: 66414 on 4M94. 66422 towed 745102 Parkeston-Norwich. 66528 on 4L91. 66549 on 4L52 Garston-London Gateway. 66587 on 4L32 Wentllog-FLX. 66590 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX. 66594 on 4L89 instead of 2 x ’86s. 66610 on 4M81 FLX-Ditton. 86622/13 on 4L97.
22/7/20: 66422 on 0E37 Norwich-Willesden Brent light loco. 66501 + 86637/07 dit on 4L91.66546 on Acton-Chelmsford. 86632/14 on 4L89. 86637/07 on 4L91.
23/7/20: 66955 on 4L32 Wentloog-FLX. 86622/13 on 4L89 and 4M87. 86632/14 on 4L91.
24/7/20: 66510 on FLX-Ditton. 86604/09 on 4L89 and 4M87. 86614/32 on 4S88. 86622/13 on 4L91. 86632/14 on 4L97.
25/7/20: 86604/09 on 4L91.
28/7/20: 66528 tnt 66548 on 6X04 Parkeston-Brntwood engineers. 66544 on Wentloog-FLX. 86632/14 on 4L91. 86639/38 on 4L91.
29/7/20: Orange 66623 on 13:18 West Thurrock-Tunstead. 90041/049 on Ipswich-Norwich training and return.
30/7/20: 66514 on 4L89. 90041/49 + 86613/12 on 4M45 FLX-Garston.
31/7/20: 66566 on Acton-Chelmsford. 86607/32 on 4L91. 86614/37 on 4L89.

GALLEON TRAVEL, ROYDON. Acquired from EVM, Crawley (dealer) is Mercedes Sprinter/EVM GU19 KKE.

66740 GBRf (CR) 18-7-20
Above: 66740 at Colchester on 18/7/20. (John Podgorski).

1/7/20: 66722 on 4L43.Cemex 66780 on 0L43 Peterborough-FLX light loco, then on 4E43 FLX-Doncaster replacing failed 66727.
4/7/20: 66768 tnt 66773 on 6T63 Whitemoor-Blackhorse Road engineers.
6/7/20: 66710 on 4L18 Trafford-FLX. 66785 tnt 66755 on 6T70 Whitemoor-Hockley engineers. 66789 on 4E00 London Gateway-Masboro.
7/7/20: 66755 tnt 66785 on 6T72 Whitemoor-Mountnessing engineers. 66779 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall.
8/7/20: 66775 on 6P40 Harwich-N Walsham tanks.9/7/20: 66735 on 4L00 Masboro-London Gateway.
9-10/7/20: 66764/711 on 4Z35 Doncaster-FLX with 66711 detaching at Peterborough.
10/7/20: 66751 on 0Z72 Peterborough-London Fields light loco. 66764 on 4E21 FLX-Doncaster.
13/7/20: 66786 on 0Z72 Peterborough-Broxbourne route learner.
14/7/20: 66708 on 4M02 FLX-Hams Hall. 66722 on Doncaster-FLX. 66735 on 4E00 London Gateway-Masboro. 66743 on 4L00 Masboro-London Gateway. 66766 on 4Z81 Masboro-FLX. 14-15/7/20: 66786 on 0Z72-75 Lea Valley lines route learners.
15/7/20: 66743/38 on 4L00 Masboro-London gateway, but replaced by 66786 at Peterborough.66752 on 4L02 Hams Hall-FLX.
18/7/20: 47727 tnt 47749 with GA 360118 on 5Q60 Northampton-Ilford ECS. 66731 ‘Sir Tom Moore’ on 6O60 Bow-Tonbridge.
20/7/20: 66713 on 4L18 Trafford-FLX. 66730/40 om 0L33 Peterborough-Ipswich light loco. 66786 on London Fields route learner.
21/7/20: 66740 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
22/7/20: 66754 on 6L37 Hoo Junct-Whitemoor.
27/7/20: 66719 on FLX-Doncaster. Rainbow 66720 on 4M02 FLX-Hams Hall. 66745 on Birch Coppice-FLX. 66789 on Masboro-FLX.
28/7/20: 66722 on 0Z21 Ipswich-Lowestoft route learner. 66780 on 4Z81 Masboro-FLX replaced 66789 from Peterborough.
29/7/20: 66751 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
31/7/20: 66722 on Ipswich-Lowestoft route learner.

47749 GBRf (STRATFORD) 11-7-20
Above: 47749 at Stratford on 18/7/20. (John Podgorski).

379013 GA (B STORTFORD) 25-7-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: 379013 at Bishop’s Stortford on 25/7/20. These will be replaced on Stansted Express by new Class 745/1s. (Simon Austin).

745002 GA (CR) 18-7-20
Above: 745002 at Colchester on a Liverpool Street to Norwich on 18/7/20. (John Podgorski).

Class 745/1s debuted on Stansted Express on 28/7/20.
321903 and 322483/84/85 have come from Northern Rail.
317659/62/71, 317888 are withdrawn.
720537/38 are new.
745001 to revenue service in last week of July.
Some new ‘Flirts’ have been stored at Parkeston sidings.
1/7/20: 720536/17 on 5Q24 Liv St-Colchester test. 745103, 755407/09 all at Orient Way.
3/7/20: 745103 to revenue service. 755338 on 5E01 Norwich-Hornsey and 5L02 return.
4/7/20: 36017 Northampton to Ilford between 47727/49 as 5Q60.
5/7/20: 360102 Ilford-Northampton between 47727/49 as 5Q60.
From 6/7/20, 18 extra services were reintroduced between Norwich and London Liverpool Street.
6/7/20: 321901/02 on 5M14 Liv St-Orient Way ECS. 745108 to revenue service.
7/7/20: 321901/02 on 1N50 Liv St-Clacton.
8/7/20: 720509 Ilford-Worksop for store as 5Q48.
11/7/20: 360102 Northampton-Ilford between 47727/49.
12/7/20: 360118 Ilford-Northampton between 47727/49 as 5Q50.
13/7/20: 317662/88 moved from Wembley to Ely Papaworth for storage by ROG 57312 as 5L46. 321903 and 322484 transferred from Northern – Doncaster Belmont to Clacton ECS move.
14/7/20: 745101 to revenue service. 755410 on 5Q91 Norwich-Liv St.
15/7/20: 720517/36 on 5Q02 Ilford-Southend Vic test.
18/7/20: 720537/38 delivered to Ilford.
19/7/20: 360106 towed Ilford-Northampton by GBRf ’47s.
21/7/20: 755325 to revenue service.
24/7/20: 317886 towed Kilmarnock-Ilford by ROG 37884. 745001 towed Bounds Green-Norwich by ROG 37608.
25/7/20: 755328 failed on 1K28 Norwich-Stastensred at Wymondham and rescued by Class 37.Stansted Express 745108 on 1530 Liv St-Norwich.
27/7/20: 317649/64 on 1F84 Liv St-Colchester.
28/7/20: 745102 towed to Crown Point via GEML by ROG 37608. 745103/06/08 in first day of 745/1s on Stansted Express.
30/7/20: 321483/85 on 5L50 Doncaster-Clacton ECS.
31/7/20: 317659/71 on 5E46 Ilford-Ely Papworth for storage, behind ROG 57312.

322483+485 (CHITTS HILL) 30-7-20
Above: 322483 + 485 at Chitts Hill on 30/7/20. (John Podgorski).

BYD/ADL E400EV demonstrator LF69 UXJ moved on to Metroline at Holloway from 10/7/20.

Above: ADL/Enviro 200 no 262 at The Naze, Walton on 2/7/20. It is on Sundays/holidays/evenings route 99. (Sonny Milton).

Open top Volvo B7TL/President 500 (PL51 LDJ) was moved from storage at KN back to CN on 1/7/20. The Clacton seafront service operated again from 10th July, now branded as ‘Clacton Breeze’, with no 500 carrying this. Volvo B7TL/Gemins 510 (LB02 YWX), 520 (LX05 EZC), 523 (LX05 EZF), Volvo B7TL/Plaxton Presidents 565 (W425 WGH), 572 (W489 WGH), 575 (W516 WGH), 584 (PJ02 REU); and Omnidekka 815 (YN55 PZX) are bis ex SORNED/Reserve.
Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 285 (SN03 EBV) is withdrawn.
Omnidekka movements:
1/7/20: 810 – Chambers-KN. 6/7/20: 808 – KN-Chambers; 814 – Chambers-KN. 13/7/20; 800 – KN-Chambers; 807 – Chambers-KN. 16/7/20: 807 – Chambers-KN; 814 – KN-Chambers.
22/7/20; 808 – Chambes-KN; 809 – KN-Chambers. By 31/7/20: 800 – Chambers-KN; 810/11 – KN-Chambers; 814 – Chambers-KN.
From 6/7/20, more services returned to basically a normal frequency, post lockdown.
Omnicity ‘deckers 850 (AO57 EZM), 852 (AO 57 HCD) have received the new fleet livery, ex yellow/blue.

AO57EZL 851 HO NEW LIVERY 74 (U OF E) 23-7-20 (S MILTON)
Above: 851 in the new livery at South Courts, University of Essex on 23/7/20. It is working ex First route 74. (Sonny Milton).

Odd sightings:
7/7/20, 17/7/20: ADL/E200/MCV 268 (AJ58 PZS) on 50, 69A etc. 27/7/20: ADL/E200 265 (EU10 AOX) on 50 etc. 28/7/20: ADL/E200 264 (EU59 AYM) on 50, 69A etc.
Ancillary vehicles:
Long withdrawn (at HD) Ford Transit van 8034 (EK56 MGE) and Mercedes Vito crew van RO06 TUU have gone to DJ Spall at Wickham Market, for scrap. Vauxhall Combo van 9004 (W761 TRE) has passed to Suffolk Fire Service at Nayland, for rescue training purposes.
HD based Ford Transit van EJ13 UHR is delicensed due to accident damage.

Above: RO06 TUU is collected from Sible Hedingham by Spalls on 3/7/20. (John Podgorski).

YK08EPF 149 IB 4 FIRST DAY (CR) 27-7-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: Optare Versa 149 at North Hill, Colchester on the first day of route 4. 27/7/20. See below. (Daniel Pretty).

Above: Ex Bus Eirean ADL/Enviro 200 AM17, awaits repaint at Simon Morris on 24/7/20. (John Podgorski).

Acquired via Ensign are ex Bus Eirean ADL/Enviro 200s 09-D-3524 – an 8.9m version which will be fleet no 71, and 09-D-3732 a 10.m model which will become no 76. A third 8.9m will be no 72. They will all be re-registered and repainted. Simon Morris Paintshop repainted them into Ipswich fleet colours.
Ensign has taken Scania N230UD/Olympus 68 (YJ60 KGX) for resale, while ADL/Enviro 300 83 (SK07 DYA) and VDL 200/MCV Evolution 156 (AY60 BYD) were sold direct to HTL Buses, Liverpool. 156 was one of the last ex Carters vehicles.
ADL/E200 79 (YX63 ZVW) has been repainted. Sister 77 (KX59 GNY) is bis ex SORNED.
From 27/7/20, routes 4 (Tollgate-Colchester-Hythe Tesco), 11 (Colchester North Station-Highwoods) were gained from Arriva Colchester and 2/A (Mistley-Clacton) came from Panther Travel – all on Essex CC contract. On the first day, Versa 145 was used on 2/A, while 149/150 appeared on 4 and 11.
Prior to this, Omnidekka 60 (PJ54 YZT) did route surveys on 4 and 11 on 1/7/20. Optare Solo 245 was seen on route 4 surveying on 12/7/20.

Above: 60 at Shakespeare Road, Colchester on 1/7/20. (James Cole).

Above: 245 at Scott Drive, Colchester on 12/7/20. (James Cole).

Service 94 (Ipswich-Colchester) was de-registered in July, although in practice it had ceased after 24/3/20.

KINGS TOURS, STANWAY. Van Hool TX16 CT14 LCT has been returned to Procter, Leeming Bar – off loan.

Was due to resume flights from Stansted on 15/7/20.

LODGE, HIGH EASTER. Bedford VAM/Duple DJL 126D has been stripped of parts and the remains scrapped.

New are ADL/E400ev Ee46 (LF20 XNR) – seen on 212; Ee47 (LF20 XNS) – seen on 357; Ee48 (LF20 XNT) – on 212; Ee49 (LF20 XNU) – seen on 106. Transferred from London General are ADL/E400s E7, E281-83, EN1-3; New Routemasters LT458, 512; Volvo B7TL/Presidents PVL391/98. Transferred to Metrobus at Croydonare Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis WVL204/38/39.

315812 + 805 LOROL (LIV ST) 18-7-20
Above: 315812 + 805 at Liverpool Street on 18/7/20. (John Podgorski).

315801/06/08/33 on Romford-Upminster during July.
315824/30 were transferred from MTR, to replace 315817/36.
315806/17/27/36 withdrawn.
710111/125 are new.
710102/03/05/07/08/17/19/20/21/24/29 accepted for service.
10/7/20: 710109/128 to revenue service.
21/7/20: 315827/806 on 5Q20 Ilford-Northampton ECS. 710116/130 on test.
29/7/20: 315806/27 on Northampton-Ilford ECS.
31/7/20: 315806/827 to Sims Metals, Newport Docks for scrap, behing ROG 37800 as 5Q60.

A S7 Stock carriage was “decorated” by well known alternative artist ‘Banksy’ in support of the Covid-19 effort, but officialdom had it quickly removed.
Redbridge Central Line station reopened w/e 25/7/20.

91221 LUL (REDBRIDGE) 9-5-17
Above: 1992 Tube Stock 91221 at Redbridge, westbound on 9/5/17. (John Podgorski).


Neoplan Tourliner MM10 BUS has reverted to MX10 DFK, and been sold to Greenslades Tours, Exeter. Ex Blackpool Transport Trident/EL PN04 XDK, has received fleet livery.

(Mark Hough).

14/7/20: 315852/18 on 5V85 Gidea Park depot-Ilford depot ECS.

345011 MTR (LIV ST) 25-7-20
Above: 345011 at Liverpool Street on 25/7/20. (John Podgorski).

Services resumed from 1/7/20. These were to a limited network of 106 routes nationwide. In the Busmopolitan area, only 075 (ex 010) (Cambridge-Stansted-Stratford-London) and 491 (Gt Yarmouth-Norwich-Stratford-London) operated. London Victoria Coach Station reopened at the same time, but with entry limited to customers and staff only, with Covid-19 secure features in place. More services will return later.

PANTHER TRAVEL. ADL/Enviro 200 YX10 BFJ has ben re-registered DB10 PAN. Leyland Olympians B693 BPU, J114 KCW ex BIG 9249 have been sold to preservationists.
Route 2/A (Mistley-Clacton), passed to Ipswich Buses from 27/7/20, on Essex CC retender.

Above: ADL/Enviro 200 SB09 PAN on route 2, at Pier Avenue, Clacton on 23/6/20. (Simon Austin).

37608 + 745001 BN-NOR at CR 25-7-20 (JAMES COLE)
Above: 37608 with 745001 passes Colchester on 25/7/20 on a BN to NC ECS move. (James Cole).

6/7/20: 57310 to Ilford as 0L50, then towed GWR 387138 Ilford-Oxford as 5Q74.
8/7/20: 37608 on Orient Way-Norwich light loco.
10/7/20: 37608 on Norwich-Orient Way light loco.
13/7/20: 37608 on Manningtree-Orient Way light loco.
15/7/20: 37611 at Manningtree.
19/7/20: 37608-11 on Norwich-Manningtree light loco.
20/7/20: 37611 on Manningtree-Orient Way light loco.
21/7/20: 37608 on 1Z99 Manningtree-Diss light loco and return. 37611 on Orient Way-Stansted light loco to collect failed GA 745103.
24/7/20; 37608 on Manningtree-Norwich light loco. 37611 on Orient Way-Manningtree light loco.
25/7/20: 37608 towed GA 745001 Bounds Green-Norwich.
27/7/20: 37611 on NorwichOrient Way light loco.
29/7/20: 37608 on 0Z99 Mannigtree-Cambridge light loco. 37608 thaen towed GA 755411 Cambridge-Norwich via Stratford and Colchester. 37611 on 0M01 Norwich-Orient Way light loco.
31/7/20: 37800 + 57312 on 0L53 Leicestr-Ilford. Then 37800 on 5Q60 to Sims Metals, Newport Docks; 57312 on 5E46 to Ely Papworth Sidings.

SBC LEISURE, WICKFORD. SDcania N230UD/Optare Olympus PN10 FNO is ex Courtney, Bracknell.

Two new electric trains have been ordered for delivery in 2021. They will be built by Severn Lamb and be in a green/cream livery. They will replace the current rolling stock; two Servern Lamb diesel push/pull units, dating from 1986.

More Guided Busway and ex Busway vehicles have received the new sea green livery, ex two tone green.

Above: Scania N230UD/Enviro 400 15216 departs Drummer Street, Cambridge on 25/7/20. (Tracy Carpenter).

BU69XYJ 13912 ST CAMBUS (CB) 25-7-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Volvo B8TL/Enviro 500 MMC 13912 at Emmanuel Road, Cambridge on 25/7/20. This was delivered new in sea green. (Simon Austin).

TfL425 (Ilford-Stratford-Clapton) was gained from Tower Transit from 4/7/20. New for this were ADL/Enviro 40H MMCs 11376/77 (SK20 BBE/F) 11378-399. However, due to late delivery of some of these new buses, older vehicles were initially used. As a result of this change, the daytime TfL277 (Blackwall-Finsbury Park) moved from BW to WH, with ADL/E400s 12403-425. Also new are BYD D8UR electric buses 29201/02 (LF20 XKO/P), for the forthcoming conversion of TfL323. Received from Selkent were ADL/Envioro 40Ds 11069-074 (YX68 UTM/N/O/P/R/T) and ADL/Enviro 40Hs 12300/03 (SN14 TXV/Y) – all allocated to Bow. ADL/E40H 12344 is withdrawn. ADL/E400 19137 (LX56 EAP) has received driver training livery.

LX58CFK 15019 ST E LON 365 (S HORNCHURCH) 4-7-20
Above: Scania Omnicity 15019 (LX58 CFK) does a crew change at South Hornchurch on 4/7/20, with Hyundai MPV ferry DV68 TTZ from Rainham depot. (John Podgorski).


Scania Omnilink trainer 7054 (YN54 AHC) has been reregistered A19 SOE.
In early July, the Great Bromley allocation was ADL/Enviro 200s 425 (MX62 APK), 440 (SN16 ORS), 469 (SN66 WLL). By the end of July, 425 had been swapped with 422 (EU60 CAV) from Boreham.

Above: Recently repainted out of Your Bus into fleet livery, 469 at Stanwell Street, Coclhester on 20/7/20. (John Podgorski).

From the start of July, social distancing rules were relaxed to 1 metre from 2 metres, meaning that capacities on buses could be increased. On double deckers from 20-25 to 30-35. On large single deckers from from 10 to 14-18. On small single deckers from from 7 to 11-14.
The reversion to front door boarding on multi-doored buses was completed during July.
A £5bn operational shortfall has been reported due to Covid-19. This has delayed certain capital projects, including Crossrail yet again.

TfL425 (Clapton-Stratford-Ilford) was lost to Stagecoach on retender from 4/7/20. The last Tower Transit workings on 425 were by ADL/Enviro 400 DN33793 – on the 0015 from Clapton, and Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini VN37853 from Ilford.

Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis VN36125-29 have moved Lea Interchange (LI) to Westbourne Park (X). VN37995/96 moved X to LI.
The hydrogen buses, VDLSB200/Wrights WSH62991-98, along with BH13101/02, were still stored at Lea Interchange depot in July. They are owned by TfL, who will be responsible for their disposal. Various withdrawn DN Class ADL/Enviro 400s and VN Class Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis were also parked up there.
A large number of ex First London buses were sold to Ensign.
ADL/Enviro 400s SN13 CGY/Z, CHC/D/F/G/H/J/K/L.
Ensign resold BJ11 DUV, DVM, DTF, DVF, DUU, DSY, DRZ, DSE/U, DTV, DVL/P to Vision Bus, Bolton. BJ11 DVU went to MP Travel, Warrington.

TRUSTYBUS, ROYDON. Reregistered are Optare Solos SF05 NXD/E to RRZ 5463, 5654; YJ05 XOR to RGZ 7808; AE06 TWN to RGZ 7810.

4/7/20: 172342 on 5Q50 Tyseley-Ilford ECS.
25/7/20: 172334 on Ilford-Tyseley ECS.

With thanks to: AngliaGen, S Austin, T Carpenter, J Cole, M Hough, S Milton, D Pretty, S Smiler, R West.

Courtworth Banner cropped

Busmopolitan – Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. June 2020.


Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the June 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

From 15/6/20, “non essential” shops were allowed to reopen post the Covid-19 lockdown. This resulted in social distancing measures appearing in several city/town centres across the Busmopolitan area. Chelmsford, Colchester and Ipswich all got these. They created  road closures, diversions and bus stop closures/relocations.
The wearing of face coverings by customers on public transport in England was compulsory from 15/6/20 – with some exceptions for medical grounds.

On the railway, 14/6/20 saw the appearance of two Class 73s on the Great Eastern, and they worked as far as Felixstowe. They were on a Network Rail test train and covering for unavailable booked traction.

ADL/Enviro 200 MX08 ZDZ has been sold to Ensign, while ex Manchester Community Transport MX12 DZB, JXD, MX62 AWG have come via the same source.

By the end of June, National Express was occupying the old depot, and Leyland National YYE 274T had gone.

(John Podgorski).

London City reopened commercially post lockdown on 22/6/20.

SN66WHW 6503 AR CR 8 (HIGHWOODS) 1-6-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: 6503 at Highwoods on 1/6/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Services were increased from 1/6/20. Southend ADL/E400 MMCs 6503/04 (SN66 WHW/X) entered traffic on this date to help with social distancing. They were mainly used on route 8. They had been in store at Southend since the lockdown.
VDL 300LF/Wright Gemini 4459 (MX61 AXW) was relicensed.
From 15/6/20, there were further service increases with Dart SLF/Pointers 3413/15-21 (SN54 HWY, HXB-F) being put back on the road. Dart SLF/MPD 1558 (KX56 HCP) was also seen active again  – initially only on Staff Shuttles. 1559 (EU56 GVG) was seen on route 1 on 23/6/20. Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1563 was on Staff Shuttles by 29/6/20.
Odd sightings:
2/6/20: StreetLite 4261 (GN64 DXR) on 2; StreetLite 4262 (GN64 DXS) on 1.
4/6/20: ADL/E200 4020 (GN58 BUH) on Staff Shuttle; 4261 on 1.
6/6/20: StreetLite 4224 (GN62 HMY) on 2.
9/6/20: Route 13 StreetLite 4323 (SK68 TWU) on Staff Shuttle.
10/6/20: R133 4323 on 1.
11/6/20: 4011, 4323 on Staff Shuttle.
13/6/20: StreetLite 4261 on 2.
14/6/20: ADL/E400 MMC 6503 on 8 – first double deck sighting on a Sunday for a long time.
16/6/20: Dart SLF/MPD 1558 on Staff Shuttle; StreetLite 4224 (GN62 HMY) on 1.
19/6/20: R133 4324 on 2.
25/6/20: StreetLites 4224 on 2; 4261 on 1.
29/6/20: SLF/MPD 1559 on 8; StreetLites 4224 on 1, 4261 on 2.
StreetLite 4262 on 1.
Due to the closure of Ambrose Avenue w/c 1/6/20 for water works, route 1 was temporarily diverted via Heath Road, once used by route 6 many years ago and service 5 in the more recent past. Back to normal on 10/6/20.

Above: Wright StreetLite 4323 in an unusual location. Normally to be found on 133 Braintree-Stansted, on 10/6/20, it was on Colchester town route 1. It was pictured at Church Lane/Baines Close, due to Ambrose Avenue being closed for water works. Normally only the infrequent Arriva 4 and Hedingham 15 services use this stop. The works causing this finished later on 10/6/20. (James Cole).

Service increases from the start of June saw some parked up buses returned to use – ADL/Enviro 400 MMCs 6502/05/06/09 were seen.

LJ13CKL DW569 Arriva Lon N Enfield Island Village 20th March 2020 (Peter Horrex)
Above: TfL route 106 (Finsbury Park-Whitechapel) passed to Go-Ahead London General North from 6/6/20. This picture of VDL300LF/Wright Pulsar Gemini was posed at Enfield Island Village on 20/3/20, to display a new stlye blind layout. (Peter Horrex).

2/6/20: Robel mobile maintenance train DR97506 on Romford-York.
15/6/20: DR73926 “down” past Chitts Hill, Colchester @ 1430.

LX59DFF WVL346 BT 5 (BK) 20-6-20
Above: With ‘Bus Full’ sign and driver wearing face mask; Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini WVL346 at Longbridge Road, Barking on 20/6/20. (John Podgorski).

ADL/Enviro 400 E56 is withdrawn for scrap.

Has ex First South Yorkshire Volvo B7TL/ALX400 LT52 WUC, via Ensign.


Depots, traction and routes:

East Ham
Mainline drivers (part time)
357, 720 training to start imminently
London Fenchurch Street – Shoeburyness via Purfleet and Basildon
Upminster – Grays
Bow Jn to Gas Factory Jn
Mainline drivers (full time)
357, 720 training to start imminently
London Fenchurch Street – Shoeburyness via Purfleet and Basildon
Upminster – Grays
Barking – London Liverpool Street
Bow Jn to Gas Factory Jn and Forest Gate Jn to Chadwell Heath Turnback Siding including Ilford Depot (only signed by some)

Mainline drivers (part time)
357, 720 training to start imminently
London Fenchurch Street – Shoeburyness via Purfleet and Basildon
Upminster – Grays
Bow Jn – Gas Factory Jn
Mainline drivers (full time)
357720 training to start imminently

London Fenchurch Street – Shoeburyness via Purfleet and Basildon
Upminster – Grays
Barking – London Liverpool Street
Bow Jn to Gas Factory Jn and Forest Gate Jn to Chadwell Heath Turnback Siding including Ilford Depot (only signed by some)

c2c drivers also sign Barking to Liverpool St, Bow Jn to Gas Factory Jn and Forest Gate Jn to Chadwell Heath Turnback Siding including Ilford Depot

Services were increased in frequency from 1/6/20, following the Covid-19 reductions.
Optare Solo 910 (SF04 SKD) was on loan from Hedingham in mid June.

Above: 910 in Colchester on 11/6/20. (Simon Austin).

Above: 910 between Semer Bridge and Bildeston on 24/6/20; on the Wednesdays only 379 Hadleigh-Bury service. (Chris Baines).

At the end of June, Omnidekka 806 was VOR. Scania N230UD/Olympus 870 was still VOR. Omnidekka 812 and N230UDs 871/72/74 were still parked up.

3/6/20: 37175 on 3Q72 Norwich-Colchester via Yarmouth and Lowestoft.
4/6/20: 37175 on 3Q71 Norwich-Colchester NR test.
5/6/20: 37175 on 3Z64 Norwich-Ipswich test and return.
13/6/20: 70802 on Hoo Junct-Dagenham Dock. 708110 on 602K Whitemoor-Dagenham Dock engineers. 70811/14 on 603K/6C60 Whitemoor-Barking engineers.
17/6/20: 37612 on 0F89 Bristol-B Stortford light loco.
18/6/20: 37175 + 977868, 977983, 5981 = 9701 on 1Q08 March-Tonbridge via Walton on the Naze and Colchester Town.
22/6/20: 37175 tnt 37219 on 1Q90 Derby-Ferme Park via B Stortford, NE London and Liv St.
23/6/20: 37219/175 on 1Q95 Ferme Park-Ripple Lane NR test and 1Q96 return.
24/6/20: 37219/175 on 1Q97 Ferme Park-Cambridge NR test via a trip around Essex.
26/6/20: 37175 tnt 37219 on 1Q99 Cambridge-March via Ipswich, Felixstowe, Colchester.
30/6/20: 67023 tnt 67027 on Derby-Cambridge NR test via Thames Haven.

Above: 37219 at Stanford Le Hope on 24/6/20, with 37175 on the rear. (James Cole).

(John Podgorski).

A visit on 6/6/20, found that the office/shop on London Road, Westcliff on Sea had moved to Heygate Avenue in central Southend. The garage behind the old office had been redeveloped as a house. The former Westcliff shop is now an estate agent.

(John Podgorski).


Depots, traction and routes:

Birmingham New Street:




Leicester – Cambridge (link dependant)

Stansted Airport – Cambridge – Leicester – Birmingham New Street

Has ex First Essex Scania L94UB/Wright Solars YR52 VEH, YS03 ZKB.

Has gone into administration.

1/6/20: 66150 on FLX-Wakefield.
2/6/20: 66074 on FLX-East Midlands Gateway. 66150 on Wakefield-FLX.
3/6/20: 59103 on Acton-Chelmsford stone. 66087 on FLX-EM Gateway.
4/6/20: 59103 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton stone.
8/6/20: 66051 on 4E45 FLX-Wakefield. 66184 on Peterborough-Bow.
9/6/20: 66113 on 6L69 on Biggleswade-Bow Plasmor. 66162 ‘Maritime 5’ on FLX-EM Gateway.
10/6/20: Maritime 2 66047 on FLX-EM Gateway. 66051 on 4E45 FLX-Wakefield. 66139 at Marks Tey. 66187 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.
11/6/20: 66051 on 4E45. 66162 on FLX-EM Gateway.
13/6/20: 66162 on 4M79 FLX-EM Gateway.
15/6/20: 60040 on 0Z60 Willesden-Foxton route learner.
16/6/20: 59103 on Acton-Chelmsford stone.60040 on 0Z60 Wembley-Foxton route learner. 66103 on 4E25 Biggleswade-Bow Plasmor.
17/6/20: 60040 on 0Z60.
18/6/20; 66207 on FLX-EM Gateway.
20/6/20: 66127 at Dagenham Dock.
22/6/20: 66051 on 4L45, 66162 on 4L76.
24/6/20: 59002 at Dagenham Dock. 59201 at Purfleet. 66188 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.
30/6/20: 66034 on 4L56 Trafford-FLX. 66070 on 4M79 FLX-EM Gateway.

22/6/20: 56103 on 0Z57 Willesden-Cambridge light loco.
24/6/20: 56103 on Cambridge-Temple Mills light loco, also Cambridge-Foxton.
30/6/20; 56103 on 0Z60 and 0Z63.

A new BCI Enterprise has been delivered in plain white. It has a Chinese engine, rather than the usual Cummins.
Ex M,c Allister-Partridge, Higher Walton is Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 103 (LX53 BBZ). Volvo B7TL/ALX400s 109/10 (LJ54 BDO, BDV), are bis ex SORNED.
Odd sightings:
13/6/20: 109 on 73/A.
20/6/20: 110 on 73/A.

Above: 109 at Tilbury, Civic Square on 13/6/20. (John Podgorski).


Dwepots, traction and routes:

St Pancras
London St Pancras – Paris Gare du Nord
Lille – Bruxelles Midi (link dependent)
Lille – Marne le Valee

London St Pancras-Temple Mills depot (ECS only).

Temple Mills:
Maintenance only.

Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini 37985 (BJ11 XGY) is in Westcliff on Sea heritage red/cream, ex X30 livery.
Another ex First Bristol Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini at CR is 37005 (WX55 VHO).
ADL/Enviro 200s 44001-06/078-81 have been returned from CF to HH. Volvo B7RLE/Wrights 69514-20 returned from BN to HH.
Sold to Ensign were Dart SLF/Pointers 42561 (SN05 DZX), 42556 (WX05 UAN); Dennis Trident/Plaxton Presidents 33078/87/80 (LN51 GNJ, GMO/P); Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 62408 (YS03 ZKE); Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urbans 66719/31 (WX54 XDC, XCR); Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown trainers 62197 (X685 ADK), 62242 (Y939 CSF).
Resold by Ensign to Shelton Motors, Ely for scrap were Dart SLF/Pointer 42489 (SN53 KJY); Volvo B10BLEs 62197 (X685 ADK), 62242 (Y939 CSF); Tridents 32087/78 (LN51 GMO, GNJ).
Ensign is breaking ADL/Enviro 300 67641 (VX54 MRV), Dart SLFs 42557/61; Trident 33080, Volvo B7RLEs 66719/30, 66807 (MX05 CCY).
Ensign resold Dart SLF/Pointer 42955 (WX06 OMM), to Seaford and District for further service.

WX55VHP 37006 FE 61 (HIGHWOODS) 5-6-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: 37006 at Highwoods, Colchester on 5/6/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Back into service ex SORNED: Volvo B7TL/ALX400s 32476/77 (AU53 HJK/N) (CR); Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis 32640 (KP54 AZB) (CF), 32641 (KP54 AZC) (CF); Volvo B7TL/Geminis 32672 (SN55 HEV) (CF), 32676 (SN55 HFD) (CF); B7TL/Geminis 37020 (WX55 VJJ) (CR); 37054 (YJ06 XME) (CR) – after 6 months pre-Covid 19; Dart SLF/Pointer 42937 (SN05 DZT) (CF); Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 43848 (CF); Volvo B7RLE/Wrights 66730 (WX54 XCP), 66795 (CF), 66797 (MX05 CBY) (CF), 66798 (MX05 CCA) (CR), 66800 (MX05 CCF) (CR), 66801 (MX05 CCJ) (CR), 66810 (MX05 CDF) (CR), 66811 (CF), 66815 (MX05 CDV) (CF), 66816 (MX05 CDY) (CR), 66817 (MX05 CDZ) (CF), 66818 (MX05 CEA) (CF), 66821 (MX05 CEW) (BN), 66823 (MX05 CEU) (BN), 66826 (MX05 CFA) (BN), 66828 (MX05 CFE) (CR), 66830 (MX05 CFJ) (CF), 66837 (MX05 CFU) (CF).
In early June, two Chelmsford Park and Ride ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs were being used on Staff Shuttles at Colchester. 67190/91 (SN66 WKL/M). 67196 (SN66 WKT) was on Chelmsford Staff Shuttles by mid June. Non pcv Dart SLF/Caetano 41521 (LK03 UEY) is also being used as a staff bus at CF.
B7RLEs 66810/28 then went on loan from CR to BN. 66828 was back at CR by 23/6/20.
All of the Tridents at CR appear withdrawn. However, some Tridents at BN and HH appear to be in use. (Via ‘Bus Times.org’).
Odd sightings:
4/6/20: B7TL/Gemini 37004 on 175; B7TL/Gemini 32547 on 65; B7TL/Gemini 37062 (YJ06 XMP) on 67; Route 62 B9TL 37139 on 65; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 66167 (YY66 PBV) on 71. 5/6/20: Route 62 B9TL 37133 on 75. 6/6/20: X10 E200 MMC 67162 on 29; Volvo 7900H 69917 on 8. 7/6/20: R62 B9TL 37139 on 61. 9/6/20: R62 B9TL 37138 on 21; R62 37139 on 61. 11/6/20: B7TL/Geminis 37006/7 on 64/A; StreetLite 63332 on 70. 13/6/20: X10 67160 on 100; 69907 on 25; 69909 on 8. 14/6/20: R62 37133 on 2A. 16/6/20: B7TL/Gemini 37062 on 64. 18/6/20: B7TL/Gemini 37015 on 64; R62 37133 on 64A. 20/6/20: B7RLEs 66821/23 on 100. 21/6/20: B7TL/ALX400 32485 on 67B. 23/6/20: R62 37134/36 on 61; R62 37238 on 2A. 23/6/20: R62 37134/36 on 61; R62 37138 on 2A; 24/6/20: SLF/MPD 43846 on 71A; 69517 on 100. 25/6/17: R62 37133 on 61; R62 37138 on 2A. 27/6/20: R62 37133/38 on 61. 28/6/20; R62 37133 on 61. 29/6/20: Trident 33080 towed away from CR to Ensign; R62 37134/39 on 61; ADL/E200 MMC 44661 on 70. 30/6/20: R62 37133/34 on 61.

SF54OSK 32547 FE 88 (HD) 5-6-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: 32547 in Halstead on 5/6/20. (Simon Austin).

Above: Volvo B7TL/Gemini 37017 unusually taking route 1A along Heath Road, Lexden, Colchester on the evening of 5/6/20, due to Ambrose Avenue being closed for water works. First runs the 1A evenings, Sundays and public holidays. (James Cole).

SN66WKU 67197 FE CF P&R (WESTCLIFF) 6-6-20
Above: As previously reported, the Chelmsford Park and Ride ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs 67189-97 have been returned to service ex lockdown storage. Most are at Hadleigh. 67197 was on London Road, Westcliff on 6/6/20. (John Podgorski).

Above: 67190 on Colchester Staff Shuttle at St Botholphs on 8/6/20. 67191 is also on this work at CR. (Sonny Milton).

The site of the old Prittlewell depot in Southend, has been redeveloped as 2 blocks of flats called ‘Prospects’.

Above: 86632 leads 86607 at Chitts Hill, near Colchester on an “up” intermodal. (James Cole).

1/6/20: Class 86s active – 86604/05/07/08/09/12/14/14/22/28/32/37/38/39.
2/6/20: 66415 failed at Stowmarket on FLX bound 4L87 and rescued by 66558 ‘You Are Never Alone’. 66561 on 4L89 instead of 2 X 86s. 66618 unusually on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX. 86632/12 on 4l75 FLX-Trafford.
3, 4/6/20: 66513 on 4E24 Leeds-London Gateway and return.
5/6/20: 90041/45 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX.
6/6/20: 86614/37 on 4L93 Crewe-FLX. 86632/08 on Trafford-FLX.
8/6/20: 59202 at Bow. 65520 on Acton-Chelmsford. 65543 on Acton-Harlow Mill. 66606 at Dagenham Dock. 86608/14/28/32/37/39 at Ipswich.
9/6/20: 66522 on Wentloog-FLX. 66566 on 6V12 Chelmsford-XActon stone. 66594 on Ipswich-Lindsay tanks and return. 86607/38 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 86614/37 on 4L97. 86638/07 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX.
11/6/20: 66537 on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX. 86637/14 on 4M87.
15/6/20: 86639/28 on 4S88 FLX-Coatbridge.
16/6/20: 66556/97 on 4E23 Ipswich-Leeds. 86604/13 on 4L97 Crewe-Ipswich. 86607/32 on 4M45 Ipswich-Garston. 86608/37 on 4L75 Crewe-Ipswich. 86609/22 on 4L89 Crewe-Ipswich.
17/6/20: 66540 on Acton-Chelmsford stone. 90042/49 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX.
19/6/20: 66541/68 on 4E23 Ipswich-Leeds. 66566 on Acton-Chelmsford stone.
22/6/20: 66534 on 4M81. 66594/603 on 4L87 Leeds-FLX. 66597 at Harwich International. 86607/14/32/38 on 4L91s. 86637/39 on 4L89.
23/6/20: 66549 on 4L32 Wentloog-FLX. 86637/39 on 4L89.
24/6/20: 66533 on 7L54 Acton-Harlow Mill. 86607/32 on 4S88. 86608/09 on 4M45. 86613/22 on 4L89 then 4M87. 86637/39 on 4L91.
26//6/20: 86622/13 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 86632/07 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX. 86638/14/28 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX.
29/6/20: 66550 on 4M81 FLX-Crewe. 66557 6Y92 Needham Market-Whitemoor via Parkeston.
30/6/20: Orange 66415 on 4L92 Ditton-FLX. Orange 66503 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX. 66592 on Ipswich-Lindsay tanks. 86609/07 + 66588/58 on 4L91. 86632/08 on 4L89.

Above: GBRf ex DBS 66781 at Chitts Hill, near Colchester on an “up” intermodal. (James Cole).

1/6/20: 20007/205 on 0Z20 Peterborough to Romford then 6X20 Romford-Derby. 66714 on Doncaster-FLX. 66731 ‘Capt Tom Moore’ on 4M29 FLX-Birch Coppice. 66744/48 Romford to Peterborough upon completion of milling machine duties. 66749 Shenfield Thunderbird. 2/6/20: 66714 on FLX-Doncaster. 66731 on 4M29. 66752 on Masboro-FLX. 66761 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks but failed at Ipswich and rescued by FL 66561. 66779 on 4L47 Hams Hall-London Gateway. 66781 on 4L02 Hams Hall-FLX. 66787 on FLX-Masboro. 66789 on 6L37.
3/6/20: 66714 on FLX-Doncaster. 66724 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall. 66731 on FLX-Birch Coppice. 66735 on 6L37. 66737 tnt 66777 on 6T61 Whitemoor-East Ham engineers and 6T71 return. 66780 Whitemoor to Parkeston Quay and back with failed 66761. 66785/86 on 6T72 Whitemoor-Mountnessing Junction.
4/6/20: 66748 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
5/6/20: 66749 on 0Z22 Shenfield-Peterborough light loco.
8/6/20: 66701/62 on Peterborough-FLX light loco. 66701 on N Walsham Harwich tanks. 66714 on 4Z35 Doncaster-FLX. 66762 on 4L29 Birch Coppice-FLX. 66777 on Peterborough-Shenfield light loco for Shenfield Thunderbird. 66786 on 4L23 Hams Hall-FLX.
9/6/20: 66708 on 4M01 FLX-Hams Hall. 66714 on 4Z35 Doncaster-FLX. 66724 on Hams Hall-FLX. 66762 on 4L29. 66784 on 4E86 FLX-Masboro. 66786 on 4M23 and 4L23 return.
10/6/20: 66708 on 4M01 FLX-Hams Hall. 66714 on 4Z35 Doncaster-FLX. 66760 on 4E86 FLX-Masboro. 66762 on 4L29.
11/6/20: 66701 on 0P32 N Walsham-Ipswich light loco. 66708 on 4M23. 66714 on 4Z35. 66724 on 4M01 FLX-Hams Hall. 66760 on 4E86 FLX-Masboro. 66762 on 4L29. 66777 on Shenfield-Peterborough 0Z22 ligt loco. 66786 on Hams Hall-FLX.
12/6/20: 66760 on 4E86. 66762 on FLX-Birch Coppice. 66786 on 4M01.
13/6/20: 66701 on Hams Hall-FLX. 66779 on Hams Hall-London Gateway.
14/6/20: 73964/64 on 2Z08/2Q08 from Tonbridge on GE section to Ipswich – via included Romford-Upminster and as far as Felixstowe !; used due to NR DMU 950001 not available.
15/6/20: 66708 on 4M23. 66717 on 4L18 Trafford-FLX.
17/6/20: 66731 on 6L90 Tonbridge-Bow and 6O60 Bow-Grain.
18/6/20: 66701 on Hams Hall-FLX. 66751 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 66762 on FLX-EM Gateway. 66784 on 6L37 Hoo Junct-Whitemoor.
20/6/20: 66708 on FLX-N Walsham light loco. 66731 on 6L90 Tonbridge-Bow and 6O60 return.
22/6/20: 66708/11/59/87 at Felixstowe. 66710 on 4L14. 66712 tnt 66746 on 4L33 PBO-FLX. 66712 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 66722 running light loco from Whitemoor to Cambridge: then to Enfield Town, Liv St, Hertford East, Stansted Airport and back to Whitemoor. 66739 on 4Z81.
24/6/20: 66731 at Bow yard. 66736 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall. 66753 on 0L37 Hoo-Whitemoor light loco. 66760 on 6L92 Grain-Harlow Mill, then on 6M14 to Bardon Hill.
25/6/20: 66736/17 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall. 66780 on 0P32 FLX-N Walsham light loco.
26/6/20: Green 66779 ‘Evening Star’ on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall. 66780 on Parkeston Quay-Peterborough light loco.
29/6/20: 66711 on 4E21 FLX-Doncaster. 66722 on 4L43 PBO-FLX. 66727/50 on 0L33 Peterborough-Ipswich light loco. 66727 then on 4M29. 66779 on 4M23.
30/6/20: 66722 on 4L43. 66779 on 4M23. 66787 on 4E20.

Above: 66779 at Marks Tey on 26/6/20. (James Cole).


Depots, traction and routes:

Bishops Stortford
Liverpool St – Cambridge North via Lea Valley and Southbury
Branches to Stansted Airport/Hertford East
Coppermill Jn – Stratford (all routes)
Liverpool St – Seven Kings for Ilford CS

Liverpool St – Kings Lynn via Lea Valley and Southbury
Branches to Stansted Airport/Hertford East
Coppermill Jn – Stratford (all routes)

Liverpool St – Ipswich
Stratford – Orient Way
Witham – Braintree
Colchester – Clacton-on-Sea direct and via Colchester Town
Thorpe-le-Soken – Walton-on-Naze
Manningtree – Harwich Town

Colchester – London Liverpool Street
Witham – Braintree
Marks Tey – Sudbury
Colchester – Clacton/Walton on Naze
Colchester – Colchester Town
Colchester – Ipswich
Ipswich – Peterborough (link dependent)
Manningtree – Harwich Town
Stratford – Orient Way

08 and 315 (depot link), 321, 720
Liverpool St – Ipswich
Stratford – Orient Way
Shenfield – Southend Victoria
Wickford – Southminster
Witham – Braintree
Colchester – Colchester Town
Manningtree – Harwich Town

Ipswich – London Liverpool Street
Ipswich – Norwich
Manningtree – Harwich
Ipswich – Lowestoft/Felixtowe
Stowmarket – Cambridge/Peterborough
Lowestoft – Norwich

Liverpool Street (Ex Anglia/Great Eastern)
London Liverpool Street – Norwich
Colchester – Colchester Town
Manningtree – Harwich

Stratford-Orient Way depot.

Liverpool Street (Ex WAGN)
Liverpool St – Cambridge North via Lea Valley and Southbury
Branches to Stansted Airport/Hertford East
Coppermill Jn – Stratford (all routes)
Liverpool St – Seven Kings for Ilford CS

Norwich – London Liverpool Street
Norwich – Great Yarmouth/Lowestoft
Lowestoft – Ipswich
Ipswich – Felixtowe
Norwich – Cromer – Sheringham
Norwich – Cambridge

Southend Victoria
Liverpool St to Braintree
Stratford to Orient Way
Shenfield to Southend Victoria
Wickford to Southminster

2/6/20: 720511 on 5Q02 Ilford-Southend Vic test.
4/6/20: 755411 on 2W06 Harwich-Cambridge failed at Manningtree and towed to Norwich by ROG 47812.
5/6/20: 745001 ran from Liverpool Street to Stansted Airport and return as 5Q92 and 1B23; starting and finishing at Orient Way as 5Q21/5Q24.
6/6/20: 755403 on 5Q55 Norwich-Liverpool Street electric test run. 745001, 745109, 755407/09 at Orient Way.
7/6/20: 360105 towed Ilford-Northampton as 7Q60 by ROG 47749/27.
8/6/20: 317339 dragged Ilford-Kilmarnock by ROG 37884 as 5Q08.
9/6/20: 317348 dragged Kilmarnock-Ilford by ROG 37884. 720511 on London-Southend test. 317343, 514, 649/52/59/65, 884/85 at Ilford depot. 720515 on 5Q08 Shenfield-Southend Vic test. 745001 on 5Q01 Orient Way-Liverpool St then 5Q02 Liv St-Norwich test.
11/6/20: 720517 delivered Derby to Ilford between 47749 and 47727 as 5Q20.
12/6/20: 720509 on 5Q82 Liv St-Hertford East test and 5Q83 return,the 5Q84 to Orient Way, then 5Q85 back to Southend Vic. 720511 on 5Q04 on Southend Vic line test run. 745104 on 5Q24 Liv St-Norwich test.
14/6/20: 755403 on 5Q71 NOR-Liv St test and 5Q72 return.
15/6/20: 360 returned to Ilford from Northampton after 110 mph mods.
18/6/20: 720511/15 on 5Q12 Shenfield-Southend Vic test.720536 delivered between 47739/49 as 5Q20.
19/6/20: 317886 towed Ilford-Kilmarnock by ROG 37800. 745010 on 5Q92 Liv St-Norwich test/training.
20/6/20: 317340 behind ROG 37800 on 5Q50 Kilmarnock-Ilford. 360105 Northampton-Ilford returned between GBRf 47739/49 as 5Q60.
22/6/20: 720736/717 on 5Q12 Shenfield-Southend Vic test.
23/6/20: 720511/15 on Southend Vic line 5Q02-18 test diagrams. 720536/17 on 5Q24 Liv St-Colchester test.
24/6/20: 720511/15 on Southend Vic line tests again. 720536/17 on 5Q36 Ilford-Ipswich test.
25/6/20: 720511/15 on 5Q02-19 Southend Vic line test runs. 720536/17 on 5Q22-27 Ilford-Witham/Colchester test runs.
29/6/20: 317339 towed Kilmarnock-Ilford by ROG 37800.720515/11 on Southend Vic line tests.

The old travel shop in Grays is these days a Haart estate agents.
While the old depot at West Thurrock is a MAN agent.

(John Podgorski).

From 6/6/20, TfL20 (Walthamstow-Debden) reverted to double deck, and D6, W13 reverted to mainly single deck.

The 60th anniversary was celebrated on 4/6/20. A commemorative video appeared on the company website  – http://www.hedingham.co.uk.
From 1/6/20, Clacton routes 4, 5, 6, 74 and X76 were increased in frequency, following the Coronavirus cuts. From the same date 2 duties were transferred from HD to KN. HD D2903/2904 became KN D3908/3909 (82/83 and 63/50 respectively).
B7TL/Geminis 520/24/25/28 and Omnidekkas 813/15/17/19 are back in use ex SORNED/Reserve.
Scania Omnilink 456 (AN61 BUS) and Omnicity ‘decker 851 (AO57 EZL) are in the new fleet livery, ex Anglian yellow/blue.
Omnilink 457 has moved over from Chambers.
Omnidekka movements:
8/6/20: 801/10 – KN-Chambers; 811/14 – Chambers-KN. 10/6/20: 810 – Chambers-KN. 15/6/20: 807 – Chambers-KN; 814 – KN-Chambers. 17/6/20: 807 – KN-Chambers; 814 – Chambers-KN. 26/6/20: 808 – Chambers-KN; 810 – KN-Chambers.
Other interesting sightings:
1/6/20: Volvo B7TL/Gemini 514 – HD-KN.
4/6/20: Open topper B7TL/President 500 (PL51 LDJ) brought out of hibernation from KN, but put back on 15/6/20.
12/6/20: 511 – KN-HD; 512 – HD-KN.
24/6/20: 520 – KN-HD-CN; 525 – KN-CN.

Above: Freshly repainted Omnicity 851 at Kelvedon on 25/6/20. (Jeff Coward).

The old Norfolk’s garage at Mill Street, Nayland has been demolished. Hedingham bought Norfolk’s back in 1991, and moved the business to the (then) new depot at Sudbury in 1994.

The Scania Omnicity ‘deckers returned to service during June.
ADL/E200 77 (KX59 GNY) has been SORNED.
Odd sightings:
2/6/20: ADL/E200 81 on 93.
ADL/E200 107 (SN16 WCL) on 93.
ADL/E200s 82 (YX63 LGF), 105 (SN16 WCJ) on 93.
ADL/E200 79 (YX63 ZVW) on 93.
ADL/E200 103 (SN 16 OGJ) on 93.
103 on 93.
ADL/E200s 103, 108 (SN66 WCM) on 93.
82 on 93.
81, 82 on 93.
105 on 93.

Above: 105 at St Johns Street, Colchester on 27/6/20. (Daniel Pretty).

By the start of June, the depot had been temporarily fenced off.

(John Podgorski).

L and R TRANSPORT, BASILDON. Ford Transit A16 LNR has been reregistered back to GK55 NFY and been sold.

LODGE, HIGH EASTER. Acquired is former Crimson Tours, St Ives, Cornwall Bedford SB3/Duple Super Vega 675 OCV later Birds of Hunstanton. It came from Lewis Coaches of Henstridge in Somerset. Ex Fowlers of Holbeach Bedford VAM5/Duple Bella Vega DJL126D was found to be beyond economic restoration as is to be used for spares instead. Ex Grange Bedford VAM3/Duple HDL 255E will be restored instead.

TfL67 (Wood Green-Dalston Junction), TfL106 (Whitechapel-Finsbury Park) were gained from Arriva London North from 6/6/20. From the same date, TfL191 (Brimsdown-Edmonton Green) passed to Arriva London North. These had been put back from April 25th due to Coronavirus.
From 20/6/20, TfL230 (Walthamstow-Wood Green) was gained from Arriva London North.
New for the 106 and also on TfL212 are more E400evs. Ee17 (LF20 XLT), Ee18 (LF20 XLU), Ee19 (LF20 XLV), Ee20 (LF20 XLW), Ee21 (LF20 XLX), Ee22 (LF20 XLY), Ee23 (LF20 XLZ), Ee24 (LF20 XMA), Ee25 (LF20 XMB), Ee26 (LF20 XMC), Ee27 (LF20 XMD), Ee28 (LF20 XME), Ee29 (LF20 XMG), Ee31 (LF20 XMJ), Ee32 (LF20 XMK), Ee33 (LF20 XML), Ee34 (LF20 XMM), Ee35 (LF20 XMO), Ee36 (LF20 XMP), Ee37 (LF20 XMR), Ee38 (LF20 XNG), Ee39 (LF20 XNJ).
New on 444 are E200evs Ee121 (LF20 XND) SEe122 (LF20 XNE).
The 106 is initially using a mix of Ees, DWs and HAs.
Other new E400evs: Ee40 (LF20 XNK) on 230. Ee41 (LF20 XNL) seen on 357. Ee42 (LF20 XNM), Ee 43 (LF20 XNN) – on 357, Ee44 (LF20 XNO) – on 357, Ee45 (LF20 XNP) – on 357.
The 67 is using LTs. Some existing and some transferred in. “Foreign” LTs are 173, 231/32/34/35 – ex Arriva, and LT497-500.
Metroline Optare Metrocity EV OME2678 was on loan during June, for comparative trials alongside the Ees on 212. BYD ADL/Enviro 400ev demonstrator LF69 UXJ, moved on to Metroline.
EN Class ex First ADL/Enviro 400s were made surplus by the loss of TfL191. EN10 has transferred to London General at Sutton.
15 staff have been on loan from Go-North East to help cover the latest TfL contracts.


Crew depots, traction and routes:

London Liverpool Street – Chingford/Enfield Town/Cheshunt (via Southbury)
Liverpool St – Seven Kings for Ilford CS and possibly up to Chadwell Heath turnback as well.

London Euston – Watford Junction via DC lines
Richmond – Willesden Junction – Stratford
Willesden Junction – Clapham Junction
Gospel Oak – Barking

New Cross Gate
Highbury & Islington – Clapham Junction/West Croydon/Crystal Palace/Battersea Park/New Cross
Night Link: Kensington Olympia to New Cross Gate CSD via Longhedge Junction – 10 car unit swaps

New CrossGate depot-Silwood Sidings.

Richmond – Willesden Junction – Stratford
Willesden Junction – Clapham Junction
Gospel Oak – Barking
Romford – Upminster
Romford – Ilford depot

Watford Junction
London Euston – Watford Junction via DC lines
Richmond – Willesden Junction – Stratford
Willesden Junction – Clapham Junction

Willesden Junction
London Euston – Watford Junction via DC lines (link dependant)
Richmond – Willesden Junction – Stratford
Willesden Junction – Clapham Junction
Gospel Oak – Barking

As for the other 4 they all sign Richmond/Clapham Junction to Stratford. Euston, Watford and I think the higher links at Willesden sign Euston – Watford. I think it’s only Willesden and possibly Stratford that sign Gospel Oak – Barking, although they all sign 710s (again, except possibly Stratford, which is v. small).

315805/07/11/15/17 on Romford-Upminster during June.
Active Class 315s seen on 5/6/20: 315801//2/3/5/7/8/11/10/15/17/27. Active Class 710s: 710102/7/17/19/20/23/24/29.
315817/36 are now withdrawn.

Has ex Blackpool Transport Trident/EL PN04 XDK.

(Mark Hough).

Above: There is an ex Stagecoach Volvo Olympian/Alexander now a static snack bar at Tunnel Estate, West Thurrock. Seen on 20/6/20. (John Podgorski).


Abbey Wood:
Abbey Wood – Paddington
Paddington – Heathrow / Reading
Whitechapel – Shenfield
London Liverpool Street (High Level)

Gidea Park
Abbey Wood – Paddington
Paddington – Heathrow
Whitechapel – Shenfield
London Liverpool Street (High Level)

Abbey Wood – Paddington
Paddington – Old Oak Common
Whitechapel – Shenfield
London Liverpool Street (High Level)
Currently learning Old Oak Common – Heathrow

Abbey Wood – Paddington
Paddington – Heathrow/Reading
London Paddington (High Level)

Old Oak Common
Abbey Wood – Paddington
Paddington – Heathrow/Reading
Whitechapel – Shenfield
London Paddington (High Level)

Abbey Wood – Paddington
Paddington – Heathrow/Reading
Whitechapel – Shenfield
London Paddington (High Level)

Abbey Wood – Paddington
Paddington – Heathrow
Whitechapel – Shenfield
London Liverpool Street (High Level)

Elizabeth Line (East): Crew depots, traction and routes:


315 / 345 (reduced length)/some also sign 317s (or did)
Liverpool Street to Shenfield
Some sign Romford to Upminster
One link signs all Ilford depot including the paint shops
A handful have learnt Paddington to Hayes

Gidea Park

315 / 345 (reduced length)
Liverpool Street to Shenfield
A handful have learnt Paddington to Hayes


315/345 (full and reduced length)
Liverpool Street to Shenfield
Paddington to Heathrow

The Ilford and Gidea Park drivers who sign the West will start learning the full length units once training restarts so they can drive those on route retention jobs.

MTR Elizabeth Line (West)

Plumstead, Abbey Wood, Old Oak Common and Maidenhead.

Paddington – Heathrow
Paddington – Reading

345 (FLU and RLU), 360.

Some drivers at all west depots also sign the East and the 315

Liverpool St – Shenfield

3/6/20: 345014 OC-IL as 5Q50 by ROG 37608. 345049 – IL-OC as 5Q83 by 37608.

9/6/20: 315829/39 on 2W77 Shenfield-Liverpool St off peak. 315830/24 stabled in Ilford New Sidings. 315851/54 on 2W66 Liverpool St-Shenfield off peak.
11/6/20: 315830/24 on 2W99 Shenfield-Liv St.315834/53 on 2W88 Liv St-Shenfield.
14/6/20: 315824/30, 315826/56 stabled at Gidea Park.
17/6/20: 345052 IL-OC behind ROG 37884.
22/6/20: 345006 IL-OC behind 37884.

NATIONAL EXPRESS. New for Stansted Airport are Mercedes Citaro 0295 “midibuses” 1708-1713 (BN20 MYX-Z, MZD-F) and Mb Citaro bendybuses 603306053 ((BN20 MXY/Z, MYA-D/F-H/J-M/O/P/R-W). They replaced older Citaros and ADL/Enviro 200s.

15/6/20: 43013 tnt 43062 with 977995, 975814, 977993, 977994975984 1Z08 on Derby-Cambridge.

From 8/6/20, Brentwood routes 21 (Brentwood-Ongar), 31 (Pilgrims Hatch-Warley), 81 (Hutton Circular) restarted after lockdown suspension.
Later, route 269 (Brentwood-Grays) restarted.

Above: Wright StreetLite 342 at Wickford depot on 6/6/20. (John Podgorski).

PHILIPS, SOUTH WOODHAM FERRERS. Bova Futura YD02 PXL has passed to Ellenvale Coach Company, Aspatria, Cheshire.

Above: 37611 at Chitts Hill, heading towards Colchester on 8/6/20. (James Cole).

1/6/20: ROG 57306 towed GWR 387141 Ilford-Reading as 5Q94.
4/6/20: 47812 Manningtree Thunderbird again.
5/6/20: GWR 387131 dragged Ilford-Oxford.
8/6/20: 37402 on Mannintree-Norwich. 37611 on Norwich-Liverpool Street light loco, then to Colchester, then to Diss to tow failed GA 745106 back to Norwich. 37884 on Leicester-Ilford. 47812 went from Manningtree to rescue failed GA 755411 on Felixstowe branch.
10/6/20: 37610 on 0G10 Norwich-Liverpool St and 0G02 return. 37610 on 0F85 Ashford-Colchester.
11/6/20: 37402 on Norwich-Brent Sidings light loco. 37610 stabled at Colchester. 12/6/20: 37611 on GEML light running Norwich-Liv St-Stansted Airport-Cambridge-Ely-Bury-Norwich.
14/6/20: 37610 on 0Z37 Norwich-Ashford.
15/6/20: 37611 dragged ex GA DVT 82107 from Mid Norfolk Railway to Leicester via GEML.
17/6/20: 37612 on 0C25 Liverpool St-B Stortford light loco.
18/6/20: 37608 on 0G32 Cambridge-Liv St light loco. 37612 on 0F70 B Stortford-Broxbourne/Hertford East route learner.
19/6/20: 37612 on B Sortford-Tonbridge light loco.
21/6/20: 37612 on 0F89 B Storford-Reading light loco.
22/6/20: 37884 on 0L50 to Ilford.
23/6/20: 37069 on Willeden-Norwich light loco via NLL and GEML. 37608 on 0G01 Norwich-Liv St light loco, then to Broxbourne and return as 0G02/0G03 and back to Norwich as 0G04.
24, 25/6/20: 37608 on 0G01 Norwich-Liv St light loco and 0G04 return.
29/6/20: 37608 on 0P37 light loco along GEML. 37611 towing GA 745103 on 5Q50 Norwich-Parkeston.

37611 ROG + EX GA 82107 (CHITTS HILL) 15-6-20
Above: 37611 and 82107 at Chitts Hill on 15/6/20. (John Podgorski).

REGAL BUSWAYS. Traced to new owners: MAN14.240/Enviro 200 702 (EU10 OJE) and MAN NL273F/Wright 801 (RG09 BUS) – both to Halton of Haydock.

The Southend originating/terminating Amazon staff shuttles are subbed from Ensignbus.


Ashford HS
Routes: St Pancras to St Pancras via HS1 to Stratford International, Ebbsfleet, North Kent, Chatham Mainline, Ashford – Ramsgate Line – HS1.

By the end of June, the X5 Volvo B11RT/Plaxton Elites had gone from store at Cowley Road depot.

From 1/6/20, TfL256 (Noak Hill-Hornchurch) went over to mostly double deck.
From 20/6/20, phased electric conversion of TfL323. The new buses for this had arrived in March.
Megasighteeing ADL/Enviro 400s ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ and ‘Queen Victoria’ have been used as crew ferries/meal reliefs at Barking. ‘Lord Nelson’ has been similarly used at North Street, Romford.
The SORNED ADL/Enviro E40Ds at Leyton are returning to service.
Some drivers are on loan from Stagecoach Cambus.

Above: Queen Elizabeth II at Barking on 20/6/20. (John Podgorski).

Above: 481 at the Columbine Centre, Walton on 5/6/20. (Simon Austin).

ADL/E200 425 (MX62 APK) to Great Bromley outstation by 4/6/20. Also there was Blackwater Link E200 481 (EU66 AVG). 422, 464 back to Boreham. By 12/6/29: 481 Gt Bromley-Boreham in exchange for 467 (SN66 WKF). 467 returned to Boreham by 25/6/20.
By end of June, Bury oustation had gone up from 1 to 2 buses.

From 1/6/20, route 306 returned to a near normal schedule.

SWALLOW, NORTH WEALD. Irizar i6s BB18 WEB and CC18 WEB have passed to Solus, Tamworth (as dealer).

Sold to Ensign were Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis BJ11 DSO/V, DTY, DVH/K/U; Wright StreetLites SN64 CVF/R.

Has Optare Solo YK05 CDO – via Ensign.

From 1/6/20, routes 601, 602, 341/641, 614, 635, 653 returned to nearer normal schedules.

With thanks to: Anglia Gen, S Austin, C Baines, J Cole, J Coward, P Horrex, M Hough, S Milton, D Pretty.

Courtworth Banner cropped

Busmopolitan. Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. May 2020.


Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the May 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

May 8th saw the 75th anniversary of VE Day – the end of World War 2. It also marked 58 years since the end of London trolleybuses. To be precise, the last London trolleys were actually in the far south west of the Capital, at Fulwell, between Kingston and Twickenham. Their East End sisters had departed 1 to 2 years earlier. Until relatively recently, old trolleybus infrastructure was still visible in parts of north east London. The editor remembers a few trolley poles on Blackhorse Road, between Walthamstow and Tottenham, still being there in the early 2000s. Likewise, Stratford High Street had several of those as street light standards, prior to the major redevelopment of that area from the 1990s. Examples between Canning Town and West Ham disappeared in the 1980s.

Above: Old trolley poles at Tottenham Hale in March 2001. (John Podgorski).

From mid-May, Coronavirus lockdown restrictions began to be eased in England, with bus and train services being slowly increased in line with this.

AIRPORT BUS EXPRESS. By the end of May, the depot had been cleared of all vehicles and equipment. Preserved Eastern Counties liveried Leyland National YYE 274T had taken up residence.

YYE274T LN274 (STANSTED) 30-5-20 Above: YYE 274T at Stansted on 30/5/20. (John Podgorski).

ADL/Enviro 400 MMCs 6503/04  (SN66 WHW/X) have arrived on loan from Arriva Southend.

Odd sightings:
4/5/20: ADL/E200 4012 (GN58 BTU) on Staff Shuttle. 5/5/20: ADL/E200 4016 (GN58 BTZ) on Staff Shuttle. 6/5/20: ADL/E200 4017 (GN58 BUA) on Staff Shuttle. 7/5/20: ADL/E200 4021 (GN58 BUJ) on Staff Shuttle. 11/5/20: ADL/E200 4022 (GN58 BUO) on Staff Shuttle. 12/5/20: ADL/E200 4016 on Staff Shuttle. 14/5/20: 4015/16 on Staff Shuttle. 19/5/20: ADL/E200 4019 (GN58 BUF) on Staff Shuttle. 28/5/20: 3986, 4012 on Staff Shuttle.

GN58BTU 4012 AR CR STAFF SHUTTLE 4-5-20 Above: 4012 on a Staff Shuttle on 4/5/20. (John Podgorski).

GN58BUJ 4021 AR CR NHS 6-5-20 Above: 4021 on 6/5/20, with ‘Supporting NHS’ scroll. (John Podgorski).

ARRIVA SOUTHEND. Received on loan from Northfleet is ADL/Enviro 400 MMC 6515.

(John Podgorski).                                                                                                                                                                  

The Scania N230UD/Olympuses are being branded for the revised ‘Boomerang’ Sudbury-Colchester-Bury services (pictured above). They feature route, fare and time details, along with pictures of attractions. The Scania Omnidekkas which had been branded for ‘Colchester-Sudbury now up to every 30 minutes’ are being debranded.
N230UD/Olympus 870 is long term VOR. Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 566 (W428 WGH) remains in withdrawn condition at the depot.

YN55PZF 804 CHAMBERS 784 (CR) 23-5-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Scania Omnidekka 804 on new route 784 at Colchester on 23/5/20. (Simon Austin).

13/5/20: 37612 + 9702 with 96608, 6262, 999606, 9810 on 3Q61 Cambridge-Ferme Park via Liverpool Street test train.
15/5/20: 37612 on NR test train Colchester-Norwich-Harwich Town and return.
18/5/20: 67023 tnt 67027 + 9523, 977997, 72631, 975091 on 1Q18 Heaton-Cambridge NR test train and then to Derby RTC. 26/5/20: 37099 tnt 37175 on 1Q95 NR Test Train on C2C, then on GOBLIN as 1Q96. 27/5/20: 37099 tnt 37175 on 1Q97 Ferme Park-Cambridge via around GE in Essex.


Above: 37099 at Chitts Hill, near Colchester. (James Cole).

59206 to new orange/black livery.
1/5/20: 66090 on 4E45 Felixstowe-Wakefield. 66175 on 4L76 East Midlands Gateway-Felixstowe.
5/5/20: 66090 on 4E35 FLX-Wakefield.
6/5/20: 66056 on 6L07 Acton-Ipswich Griffin Wharf and return. 66090 on 4E45.
7/5/20: 66090 on 4E45.
11/5/20: 59004 on 6L30Acton-Chelmsford. 59201 on 7V31 Bow-Acton. 59206 on 7V57 Harlow Mill-Acton. 66090 on 4L45 Wakefield-FLX.
12/5/20: 59004 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton stone.
13/5/20: 59101 on 6L21 Whatley-Dagenham Dock. 59204 on 6L26 Acton-Dagenham Dock. 59206 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66090 on 4L45.
14/5/20: 59206 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton.66168 on 6L34 Tunstead-Bow.
15/5/20: 59206 on 7V57 Harlow Mill-Acton.
17/5/20: 59101 at Dagenham Dock.
18/5/20: 66098 on 4E25 Bow-Heck.
21/5/20: 59204 on Acton Chelmsford stone and return. 27/5/20: 66095 on 4M79 FLX-East Midlands Gateway. 28/5/20: 66086 on 6L69 Heck Plasmor-Bow. 66090 on Wakefield-FLX. 66106 on on 6L74 Mountsorrel-Harlow Mill stone. 66147 on 4M79 FLX-East Midlands Gateway.

DOUBLE DECK DINER, CLACTON. This enterprise has ceased. Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 V124 MEV has passed to Burgers, Ribs and Wings of Colchester.

8/5/20: 57306 towed GWR 387132 West Ealing-Ilford as 5Q50. 57306 towed GWR 387130 as 5Q47 Ilford-Reading.
12/5/20: 47812 on 0Z47 Broxbourne-Colchester-Norwich light loco.
13/5/20: 47812 on Norwich-Manningtree light loco. 88002 on 0A88 Crewe-Norwich light loco.
15/5/20: 47812 on 0Z47 Manningtree-Stratford-Stansted light loco.
20/5/20: 88002 towed 37059 on 0Z88 Norwich-Willesden.

EASYJET. On 29/5/20 announced it was to cut up to 4,500 jobs due to Covid-19.

YX13AKF 44544 FE 42B (HD) 10-4-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 44544 at High Street, Halstead on Good Friday 10/4/20. The Sunday and Bank Holiday 352 was renumbered to 42B at the end of March 2020. (Simon Austin).

From First Bath is Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 37542 (SF54 OSK) – allocated to CR. Ex First Bristol Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis 37004/06 (WX55 VHN/P) have entered service at CR, having been stored since arrival. From late May some previously ‘SORNED’ buses returned to use. Seen were ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs 67189/91-95 (HH); Volvo B7RLE/Wrights 66796 (MX05 CBV) (CF), 66799 (MX05 CCD) (CF), 69532/33 (PL05 UBR/S) (CF); Volvo B7TL/ALX400s 32087 (KP51 WBZ) (CR), 32478 (AU53 HJO) (CR), 32485 (AU53 HKC) (CR); Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis 32628 (KP54 KAU) (CF to CR), 32629 (KP54 KAX) (CR), 32631 (KP54 KBF) (CF), 32669 (SN55 NDZ); 37015/016/017 (WX55 VJC/D/E) (CR). Note 67189/91-95 are usually Chelmsford Park and Ride vehicles and have temporarily moved to Hadleigh. B7TL 32628 has been transferred CF to CR. Sold to Ensign were Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 62407; Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse 66807 and ADL/Enviro 300s 67638/40. 62410 was resold by Ensign to Dan’s Coach Travel, Needham Market.

Odd sightings:
1/5/20: B7TL/Gemini 37007 (WX55 VHR) on 64; B7TL/Gemini 37037 (YJ06 XLC) on 65. 2/5/20: B7TL/Gemini 37034 (YJ06 XKZ) on 65; B7TL/Gemini 37035 (YJ06 XLA) on 64; B7TL/Gemini 37037 (YJ06 XLC) on 65; B9TL/Gemini 37140 (SN57 CHZ) on 65; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67171 (YY66 PCO) on 71. 3/5/20: B7TL/Geminis 37034, 37062 (YJ06 XMP) on 65; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37136 (SN57 HCU) on 61; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67171 on 71. 4/5/20:B7TL/Gemini 37007 on 65; 37034 on 65; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37136 on 61; B9TL/Gemini 37140 on 64. 6/5/20: B7TL/Geminis 37007, 37034, 37037 on 65; ADL/E200 44002 (LK57 EJE) on 71. 7/5/20: 37037 on 65; Route 62 B9TL 37134 (SN57 HDJ) on 61; SLF/Pointer 42936 (SN05 DZS) on 71; 44003 (LK57 EJF) on 71. 8/5/20: StreetLite 63332 (SK65 PXO) on 75. 9/5/20: Route 62 B9TL 37136 on 61; B9TL 37140 on 67. 10/5/20: Route 62 B9TL 37139 (SN57 HCY) on 65. 11/5/20: B7TL/Gemini 37034 on 65; B7TL/Gemini 37042 on 64; Route 62 B9TL 37136 on 65. 12/5/20: B7TL/Gemini 37034 on 65; B7TL/Gemini 37037 on 64; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37136 on 61; B9TL/Gemini 37140 on 65.13/5/20: B7TL/Gemini 37034 on 64. 14/5/20: B7TL/Gemini 37034 on 65. Route 62 B9TL/Geminis 37134/39 on 61. 15/5/20: 37037 on 65. 16/5/20: B9TL/Gemini 37140 on 65. 16/5/20: 37140 on 65. 17/5/20: 37034 on 65; Route 62 37133 on 61; Route 62 37138 on 65; Route 62 37139 on 61. 19/5/20: 37007 on 64; 37034/37/42 on 65; 37062 on 70; Route 62 37133/39 on 61; X30 67171 on 70 + 71. 21/5/20: 37034/37 on 65; Route 62 37138 on 61. 22/5/20: 37037 on 64; 37062 on 65. 23/5/20: 37007 on 65; 37034 on 70; 35037 on 65; 37062 on 65; R62 37133 on 61; R62 37136 on 65; R62 37139 on 65. 24/5/20: 37007 on 65. 26/5/20: 32068 on 62 bis; 32629 on 88 bis; 37007 on 65; 37034 on 64; 37037 on 70; 37042 on 64A; 37062 on 65; R62 37133 on 65 + 1A; R62 37134 on 61; R62 37136 on 61; R62 37138 on 64. R62 37139 on 61; 37140 on 65; StreetLite 63335 on 88; StreetLite 63343 on 75; B7RLE 66799 on 70; ADL/E300 67737 on 62. 27/5/20: 32669 on 64 bis; 37007 on 64; 37042 on 64; R62 37136 on 64. 28/5/20: B7TL/ALX400 32478 on 103; B7TL/Gemini 32628 on 65; B7TL/Gemini 32669 on 64A; B7TL/Gemini 37004 on 67; B7TL/Gemini 37015 on 64; B7TL/Gemini 37016 on 104; 37034 on 64; 37037 on 65; B7TL/Gemini 37062 on 64; R62 37133 on 65; R62 37136 on 65; R62 37139 on 61. 29/5/20: 32478 on 65; 32087 on 64; 37007 on 65; B7TL/Gemini 37017 on 64; 37042 on 65 = 1A; R62 37138 on 64A; StreetLite 63343 on 75. 30/5/20: 37037 on 64; 37042 on 64.

Was active on rail replacement during May.

FELIXSTOWE TRAVEL DEPOT 23-5-20 Above: The depot on 23/5/20. (John Podgorski).


The Class 86s are likely to continue until the end of  2020.                                                                                                                                 

1/5/20: 90042/16 on 4M74 towards Ipswich/Felixstowe.
2/5/20: 90043/48 on 4L97 Trafford-Felixstowe.
8/5/19: 86612/13 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX.
11/5/20: 66425 on 4M07 Tilbury-Daventry Tesco. 66513 on 4M56 London Gateway-Garston. 86604/9/12/13/22/28/32/39 at Ipswich.
13/5/20: 66542 on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX. 86604/09 on 4M87 Trafford-Ipswich. 86612/13 on 4L75 Crewe-Ipswich. 86639/32 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX.
14/5/20: 90042/043 on 4L89.
15/5/20: 86622/28 on 4L89.
17/5/20: 86607/09/12/22/32/38/39 all at Ipswich.
20/5/20: 86605/12 on on 4L89; 86608/09 on 4L97. 27/5/20: 66563 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton stone. 66570 on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX. 66416 on 4L32 Wentloog-FLX. 86604/39 on 4L89/4M87. 86613/28 on 4M45/4L60. 86622/37 on 4L97. 86632/07 on 4L75. 28/5/20: 66620 on 6M92 West Thurrock-Tunstead. 29/5/20: 66413/15 on FLX-Leeds. 66507 on 4L57 Birch Coppice-FLX. 66522 on 4L32 and 66529 on 4L36 Wentloog-FLX. Pink 66587 on 4E64 FLX-Tees Dock. 86622/37 on 4L75. 86628/13 on 4M45. 86638/12 on 4L97. 86639/04 on 4L89 + 4M87.

86609, 608 FL (IPS) 23-5-20 Above: 86609 + 86608 at Ipswich on 23/5/20. Seen from Ranalegh Road. (John Podgorski).

GBRf.  667xx GBRf (FLX BEACH) 23-5-20 Above: An unidentified GBRf Class 66 at Felixstowe Beach on 23/5/20. (John Podgorski).                                            66731 named ‘Captain Tom Moore’.
1/5/20: 66701 on 4Z35 Doncaster-Felixstowe. 66723 on ZA723 North Walsham-Harwich tanks. 66727 on 4L29 Birch Coppice-Felixstowe. 66740 tnt 66766 on 6X69 Stowmarket-Romford NR Milling Machine move. 66741 on 4M01 Felixstowe-Hams Hall. 66752 on 4E86 Felixstowe-Masborough.
4/5/20: 66724 on 0Z20 Tonbridge-Colchester (as Thunderbird for Class 720 test runs)..
5/5/20: 566701 on 4Z35 Doncaster-FLX. 66705 on 4E86 FLX-Masborough. 66726 on 4L29 Birch Coppice-FLX. 66760 on 4M01 FLX-Hams Hall.
6/5/20: 66701 on 4Z35. 66705 on 4E86. 66723 on 4M01. 66726 on 4L29. 66740/766 on Bishops Stortford-Romford with NR Milling Machine, then light to Peterborough. 66748 on 0Z93 Peterborough-Cambridge route learner.
7/5/20: 66701 on 4Z35. 66705 on 4E86. 66720 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 66723 on 4M01. 66724 on 0Z22 B Stortford-Peterborough light loco. 66726 on 4L29.
8/5/20: 66701 on 4Z35. 66705 on 4E86. 66723 on 4M01. 66726 on 4L29. 66782/784 on 6T60 Whitemoor-West Ham engineers.
9/5/20: 66769/730 on Peterborough-Romford light loco, for duties with Milling Machine.
11/5/20: 66726 on Peterborough-Colchester 0Z21 light loco via ECML. 66730/769 at Romford CCE depot. 66746 on 4R43 Parkeston-FLX.
13/5/20: 66724 on 4E20. 66743 on 4L04 Hams Hall-FLX. 66746 at FLX. 66747 ON 4Z81 Masboro-FLX. 66766 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks then 0A66 back to Ipswich. 66767 on 5Z62 Eastleigh-Ilford-Wembley ECS. 66783 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall.
14/5/20: 66789 on 6L90 Tonbridge-Bow the 6O60 to Grain.
18/5/20: 66703 tnt 66772 on 6T60 Whitemoor-Barking engineers. 66746 on 4M29. 66764 on 0Z21 Peterborough-Colchester light engine for Thunderbird use. 66781 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
19/5/20: 66764 Colchester Thunderbird.
21/5/20: 66746 on 4M29. 66766 on Ham,s Hall-FLX. 66779 on 6L37 Hoo-Whitemoor. 66781 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 66783 on 4M23. 23/5/20: 66732 tnt 66749 on 6T61 Whitemoor-Hythe engineers. 66746 on 4L29. 66764 tnt 66768 on 6T60 Whitemoor-Felixstowe Beach engineers. 26/5/20: NHS liveried 66731 on 4Z81 Masboro-FLX. 27/5/20: 66756 on 4M23. 66768 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 66780 ‘CEMEX Express’ on 6L37. 28/5/20: 66768 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 29/5/20: 66713 on 4L18 Trafford-FLX. 66724 on 0Z22 Colchester-Peterborough light loco via London. 66746 on 4M29. 66749 on 4L02. 66777 on 6L37.

Was on rail replacement in May.

BF61HCL GODWARD GA RRP CN-CR (CR) 10-5-20 Above: Godward recently acquired some used Mercedes Tourismos. BF61 HCL was seen at Southway, Colchester on 10/5/20, on a Greater Anglia Clacton-Colchester rail replacement. (John Podgorski).

Above: ’90s await collection from Norwich in April 2020. (EADT).

90003-15 were taken out of store at Norwich and transferred to Freightliner at Crewe during May. They will soon be appearing on the GEML again, but powering a different kind of train ………….
Various withdrawn MkIII carriages have gone to Long Marston for storage. 10413, 11078/095, 12021/098 sold to Eastern Rail Services.
DVT 82121 has passed to the Colne Valley Railway, Castle Hedingham – for preservation.
4/5/20: 317339 CC-IL after PRM mods. 720509 on 1Q01 Liverpool Street-Ipswich test. 745108 on 5Q91 Norwich-Liverpool Street test. 745110 is the last ‘Flirt’ to be delivered. 755401 to pasenger service.
5/5/20: Withdrawn Mk III carriages 12015/35/56/61/67/79/84, 12108/46/67 moved from Mid Norfolk Railway to Long Marston for storage as 5Z50. 720509 on Ilford-Ipswich-test.
6/5/20: 317883 towed Clacton-Kilmarnock by ROG 37884. 720509 on Ilford-Colchester test. 745001 towed Parkeston Quay-Norwich by ROG 37611 as 5Q37. 745108 on 5Q96 test.
7/5/20; 90010/003/011 on 0Z25 Norwich-Crewe light loco via GEML, NLL. 317511 towed Kilmarnock-Ilford by ROG 37884. 720511 delivered from Derby to Ilford between 47749/47727. 745110 delivered as 5Q99 by DBS 66001. Withdrawn MkIII carriages 12034/46/49/90, 121116/18/26/37/59/64 on 5Z50 Mid Norfolk Railway-Long Marston for storage behind DRS 37402 + 37716 (towed by 33202 on MNR).
8/5/20: 90006/008/005/007 on Norwich-Crewe light loco via GEML and NLL.
12/5/20: 720509 on 5Q02 Liverpool Street-Ipswich test. MkIIIs 10406/17, 11088/093/101, 12064/091/125/54 from MNR to Long Marston for storage being DRS 37402.
13/5/20: 317662 on Eastleigh-Ilford ECS. 745004 on 5G82 Liverpool Street-Norwich ECS. Withdrawn 12062/153, 82102/03/05/32/52 towed Norwich to Wymondham by DRS 37402.
14/5/20: 317348 towed Ilford-kilmarnock by ROG 37884.379005 on Wickford-Southminster as 2J16 nd 2J17 return ECS. 720509 on test on Southend Vic line.
15/5/20: Last Class 90s left Norwich for Crewe – 90004/09/12/13/15 as 0Z25 with 90015 leading and powering. 317884 on Kilmarnock Ilford 5Q50 ECS behind ROG 37884.
17/5/20: 745109 on 5Q71 Norwich-Liverpool Street test.
18/5/20: Revisions/increases to timetable on main line in connection with lockdown relaxations. 720509 on 5Q90 Liverpool Street-Ipswich test. 720511 on 5Q12 Liverpool Street-Ipswich test. 720515 delivered. 745103 on 5Q77 Stowmarket-Liverpool Street test.
19/5/20: 720511 on Liverpool Street-Colchester Town test. 25/5/20: 720515 on 5Q17 Colchester-Liverpool Street test. 26/5/20: 379011 on Wickford-Southminster ECS and return. 27/5/20: 10413, 11078/095, 12021/098 towed Norwich to Great Yarmouth CS by ROG 37402. 28/5/20: 317340 towed Ilford-Kilmarnock by ROG 37800. 720511 on 5Q02 Liverpool St-Norwich test and 5Q07 return. 29/5/20: 317883 towed Kilmarnock-Ilford by ROG 37800. By 31/5/20; 321448 moved from Ilford to Long Marston for storage – by road.

755331 GA (FLX) 23-5-20 Above: 755331 at Felixstowe on 23/5/20, on the 1828 to Ipswich. (John Podgorski).

720515 GA (CHITTS HILL) 6-20 (JOHN GREEN)Above: 720515 on test at Chitts Hill, near Colchester on 25/5/20. (James Cole)

GALLOWAY, MENDLESHAM. YJ65EWG 333 GALLOWAY 384 (STOWMARKET) 23-5-20 Above: Optare Solo 333 in Stowmarket on 23/5/20. Routes 384 and 385 have been taken back from Stephensons during the Covid-19 crisis. Galloway and Stephensons are sister Eastern Transport Holding companies. (John Podgorski).

EU59AYM 263 HO 352 (HD) 18-5-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 263 on Halstead on 352 on 18/5/20. This operates Mon to Sat evenings only. (Simon Austin).

Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis 511/14 (LB02 YWY, YXF) moved HD to KN on 27/5/20, but 514 returned to HD on 29/5/20. 523 (LX05 EZF) returned to service at CN w/c 24/5/20. Omnidekka movements:
5/5/20: 813 – KN-Chambers; 814 – Chambers-KN. 15/5/20: 801 – Chambers-KN; 802 – KN-Chambers. 20/5/20: 803 – Chambers-KN; 811 – KN-Chambers. 22/5/20: 800 – Chambers-KN; 802 – KN-Chambers; 803 – KN-Chambers; 810 – KN-HD. 26/5/20: 810 – HD-KN. 5/20: 813 – Chambers-CN.
Odd sightings:
4/5/20: Omnidekka 810 on 63 + 50. 7/5/20: 810 on 63 am only. 12/5/20: ADL/E200 on CN 50 etc duty, rather than usual 298; Dart SLF/MPD 288 on HD 63 duty rather than usual long SLF/Pointer. 14/5/20: Long Dart SLF/Pointer 260 and later ADL/E200 264 on 50 + 84B etc; Omnidekka 810 on KN Duty 3904 63 + 50. 19/5/20: Omnicity saloon 458 on 74; 810 on KN D3904. 21/5/20: 803 on 63 + 50 D3904.

Above: ADL/Enviro 200./MCV Evolution 267 (AJ58 PZS) at Station Road, Clacton on 22/5/20. Ex Chambers, originally Carousel Buses at High Wycombe. (John Podgorski).

Odd sightings:
4/5/20: Versa 147 (YK 08 EPD) on 93. 5/5/20: Versa 146 (YK08 EPC) on 93. 6/4/5/20: ADL/E200 80 (YX63 ZVV) on 93. 7/5/20: Versas 150 (YK08 EPJ), 152 (YK08 EPV) on 93. 12/5/20: Versa 148 (YK08 EPE) on 93. 19/5/20: ADL/E200 104 (SN16 OGK) on 93.

IPSWICH BUSES DECKERS SORNED 23-5-20 Above: Scania Omnicities and the gold DAF DB250LF SORNED at Constantine Road depot on 23/5/20. (John Podgorski).

By May 2020, the depot was being used for lorry parking.
‘JR Executive Travel’ is still on the gate.

LONDON GENERAL NORTH. Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini WVL204  is now at Metrobus at Croydon. Transferred from within GA London was Wright StretLite WS50.

315805/06/07/11/12/17 on Romford-Upminster during May.
2/5/20: 317719/29/72, 888 withdrawn at Ilford.
18/5/20: 317708/10/32 stored at Wembley. 28/5/20: Class 315836 dewired on Bethnal Green Bank at approx 1105, whilst working with 315825 on the 2U34 1100 Liverpool St-Enfield Town – 315836 was trailing. Rescued by ROG 37402. West Anglia suburban electric lines blocked for most of rest of day.

LONDON TRANSPORT.MLH319L DMS1319 LT 10 (LONDON BRIDGE) 22-5-1974 (JOHN PARKIN)Above: London Bridge, 22nd May 1974. Bow allocated Daimler Fleetline/MCW DMS1319 awaits departure for South Woodford on route 10. By 1982, the 10 ran between Victoria and Wanstead. The service number was later reused for a new Hammersmith-Kings Cross route in the mid 2000s, which lasted until autumn 2019. (John Parkin).

Service increases from 18/5/20. Blackhorse Road (Victoria Line) and Bow Road (District Line) stations reopened.

Participated in rail replacement during May.

345s on east side in mid May: 345003/6/8/9/11/12/18/20/29/38-40/42/44/49/52/56/57.
4/5/20: Peak hour Liverpool Street-Gidea Park shorts resumed (had been suspended since Lockdown). 345012 – OC-IL towed by ROG 37608. 7/5/20; 345003 OC-IL behind 37608 as 5Q50.
15/5/20: 345010 dragged Eastleigh-Ilford by ROG 37800.
19/5/20: 345016 – OC-IL; 345057 – IL-OC both behind ROG 37608. 26/5/20: 345005 – OC-IL.

NATIONAL EXPRESS. NATIONAL EXPRESS START HILL DEPOT TEMP CLOSED 30-5-20 Above: The temporarily closed Start Hill, Stansted depot on 30/5/20. (John Podgorski).

3/5/20: Milling Machine DR79601 returned to Bishops Stortford between GBRd 66740/766 from Laindon.
5/5/20: Windhoff MPVs DR98909/959 at Broxbourne for weedkilling season.

PANTHER TRAVEL. Plaxton Primo SB07 PAN has been SORNED.

ROG. 13/5/20: 37611 towed GA 745109 on 5Q49 Parkeston-Norwich.
18/5/20: 37611 on Manningtree-Norwich light loco. 47812 on Norwich-Manningtree light loco. 25/5/20: 57305 towed GWR 387137 West Ealing-Ilford. 28/5/20: 37402 on 1Z99 Norwich-Liverpool St light loco. 29/5/20: 37402 on Liverpool St-Norwich light loco. 47815 towed 47812 Manningtree to Ely as 0Z47 and then went forward to Leicester as 5M60 with barrier vehicles ADB977087, 975875 .

Above: 47812 at Manningtree on 23/5/20. (John Podgorski).

3000 redundancies were announced on 1/5/20; due to Covid-19.

STAGECOACH CAMBUS. AE10BWF 19575 ST CAMBUS (CB) 30-5-20 Above: ADL/Enviro 400 19575 arrives at Drummer Street, Cambridge on 30/5/20. (John Podgorski). SN66VZS 10794 ST CAMBUS P&R on CITI1 30-5-20 Above: Due to the Cambridge Park and Rides being closed due to Coronavirus, their buses have been used on other routes. ADL/Enviro 400 MMC 10794 was on Citi1 at Sidney Street on 30/5/20. (John Podgorski). YX64WCO 54310 ST EAST X5 (CAMBRIDGE DEPOT STORED) 30-5-20 Above: Amongst the vehicles parked up at Cambridge depot, as surplus due to the Covid-19 service cuts, are some Route X5 Volvo B11RT/Plaxton Elite tri-axle coaches from Bedford. 54310 is seen on 30/5/20. (John Podgorski).

The staff shuttles for the Nightingale emergency Hospital ceased after the first week in May, as the facility was put on standby.
TfL25 (Ilford-City Thameslink) was gained from Tower Transit from 23/5/20. New for this are ADL/E40D smart hybrids 11341-75. Bow is the operating garage.

Top: Welcome to new staff TUPED from Tower Transit at Lea Interchange. Middle: The first new N25 runout under Stagecoach. Above: The first day 25 departure under Stagecoach. (All: Louise Cocker).

Dart SLF/MPD 403 (EU03 CFX) at Great Bromley outstation, at the start of May. It replaced YourBus liveried ADL/E200 469 (SN66 WLL).
469 has now received fleet livery.  431 was back in use at Bury St Edmunds in May.

EU03CFX 403 STEPHENSONS 107 (CR) 4-5-20 Above: 403 at Stanwell Street, Colchester on 4/5/20. (John Podgorski).

Bus service increases from 18/5/20, in line with lockdown easing. This was done in stages on Saturdays. Front door boarding was phased back in from 30/5/20. However maximum passenger capacities are restricted to comply with social distancing. Roughly 10 for a single decker and 20 for a double decker.

THORNS OF RAYLEIGH. Volvo B10M/Vanhool L19 PCC has reverted to L970 KDT.

SN11BTU DN36655 TT 25 (IL) 8-9-18
Above: ADL/Enviro 400 DN36655 (SN11 BTU) at Clements Road in Ilford on 8/9/18. This was before the 25 was cut back at its western end. (John Podgorski).

TfL25 (Ilford-City Thameslink) was lost to Stagecoach East London on re-tender from 23/5/20. The displaced Wright Streetdecks moved over to routes 262, 308, 473. Some Volvo B5LH/Wright Geminis VH38112-16 were reallocated from Lea Interchange to Westbourne Park for TfL452 (Kensal Rise-Clapham). All operational VHs are now concentrated at Westbourne Park.
Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis VN36140-49/52/53/55/56/58/61/64 are delicensed. Ex TfL212 Volvo B5LH/Wright Gemini3s VH38101-111 have transferred to Metroline.

TRUSTYBUS, ROYDON. Scania Omnitown YN04 GMX has passed to Ensign.

VICEROY, SAFFRON WALDEN. VICEROY SAFFRON WALDEN OLD DEPOT 30-5-20 VICEROY SAFFRON WALDEN OLD OFFICE 30-5-20 Above: The old garage and office on Bridge Street on 30/5/20. (John Podgorski).

8/5/20: 172340 on 5Q51 Tyseley-Ilford move.

This well known Northern Ireland bus builder announced 125 redundancies in May.

With thanks to: AngliaGen, S Austin, L Cocker, J Cole, EADT, Essex Buses Io, J Lidstone, LOTS, J Parkin, RE.

Courtworth Banner cropped

Busmopolitan – Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. April 2020.


Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the April 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

Despite the UK being in lockdown for Coronavirus, things carry on in the transport world. Certainly there has been a lot of movements on the railways, with many older types being retired in the wake of new rolling stock.
On 3/4/20, the UK Government announced a 167 million pound support package for bus operators affected by the pandemic. This will help to subsidise services. There has been a 90% average drop in bus travel due to Covid-19 (80 % in Greater London). Rail suffered similarly with an 80% drop (90% in Greater London). The railways have temporarily reverted to government control, to protect franchises from financial problems.
More airlines have temporarily cut back on their operations and furloughed staff/grounded aircraft.

Due to the UK Government’s restrictions on movement, there is less content in certain parts of this edition – such as railways. All pictures dated within the Lockdown were taken either by Key Workers carrying out their work, or the photographers were on essential journeys for shopping for necessities etc, or were doing their authorised daily exercise and practicing social distancing.

Above: A rainbow logo, celebrating efforts by Key Workers to keep the country moving, appeared widely during the Lockdown. This was at Colchester Town railway station on 24/4/20. (John Podgorski).

Above: A deserted Kelvedon railway station car park on 26/4/20. (John Podgorski).

Above: ADL/Enviro 200 YX11 AEA is one of three buses branded for NHS Charities. (RouteOne).

GN58BTU 4012 AR CR 4 (HYTHE TESCO) 30-3-20
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 4012 at the Hythe Tesco terminus of route 4 on 30/3/20. For the duration of the Covid-19 Emergency Timetable, the 4 will be worked by long ADL/E200s. (John Podgorski).

GN58BUA 4017 AR CR 8 (WESTWAY) 10-4-20
Above; ADL/Enviro 200 4017 at Westway on Good Friday, 10/4/20. The original alignment of Essex Hall Road, on the right – was to the top left of this picture. This changed after Westway was opened in 1980.

Odd sightings:
3/4/20: ADL/E200 4011 (GN58 BTO) on Staff Shuttle. 6/4/20: ADL/E200 4017 (GN58 BUA) on Staff Shuttle. 17/4/20: ADL/E200 3986 (GN 07 ALO) on Staff Shuttle; StreetLite 4224 (GN62 HMY) on 2. 20/4/20: ADL/E200 GN58 BTU on Staff Shuttle. 21/4/20: ADL/E200 GN58 BTZ on Staff Shuttle. 23/4/20: ADL/E200 3986 on Staff Shuttle. 28/4/20: ADL/E200 GN58 BUF on Staff Shuttle.

EU56GVG 1559 AR CR SORNED 4-4-20
Above: Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 1559 SORNED at Colchester depot on 4/4/20. (John Podgorski).

From 1/4/20, a new express coach service 720 was due to begin, linking Stansted Airport, Stratford and London Liverpool Street. 16 Mb Tourismos are outbased at Stansted for this. However, it was delayed to to Coronavirus.

In early April, four ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs from London City Airport were placed in store at Short Street depot.

GN08CGO ENL80 AR LON N B15 (BX) 1-2-20
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 ENL80 at Avenue Road, Bexleyheath on 1/2/20. Originally with Arriva Southend at Grays for TfL contract 370 between Lakeside and Romford, it moved with its sisters to Dartford when the 370 was double decked. (John Podgorski).

From 1/4/20, Arriva London was changed from two to three divisions. London North now covers basically east and north east London only. The old north London part has gone into a new Arriva London Central division. Dartford has now moved to a more logical London South from London North.

LJ05GRZ VLA139 AR LON N 128 (IL) 11-5-19
Above: VLA139 on Cranbrook Road, Ilford on 11/5/19. Route 128 subsequently passed to Stagecoach on retender, and this helped accelerate the demise of the VLAs. (John Podgorski).

VLA Class Volvo B7TL/ALX400 operation was reported to have ceased, with VLA57 appearing for the lat time on TfL173 (Beckton-Goodmayes) on 24/4/20. It was just preceeded by VLA131 – also on 173, but on 21/4/20. This ends an association of some 15 years with this type in the north eastern London suburbs. They were also the very last B7TLs on TfL contracts.
From 4/4/20, Sunday schedule intoduced on 150 (Becontree Heath-Chigwell Row).
From 11/4/20, Sunday schedule introduced on TfL123 (Wood Green-Ilford), 325 (Beckton-Prince Regent).
TfL325 (Beckton-Prince Regent) was temporarily converted to double deck from 29/4/20. This was due to Covid-19 social distancing.
Centre door only boarding/alighting, to increase social distancing between staff and customers appeared on LTs from Ash Grove (AE) at an early stage, and parallel with the official trial of this at Abellio London, Walworth. From mid-April, this policy was adopted TfL wide.
ADL/Enviro 200s ENS2-5, 8, 10-12 have transferred to Arriva North West at St Helens. These had previously been on loan to Metroline for TFL393 in Hackney/Islington.

Temporarily took over ex Swallow 61 (Brentwood-Blackmore) on emergency Essex CC contract from 11/4/20. Mb Sprinter DK58 CYH seen.

24/4/20: Plasser Theurer Tamper DR73926 on 632R Colchester-Whittlesea-Colchester via Channelsea Curve in London.

LX56EUD E56 GAL BT 396 (IL) 11-5-19
Above: E56 in Ilford on 11/5/19; shortly after transfer from London Central, for the then newly won ex Stagecoach TfL396 contract. (John Pogorski).

From 7/4/20, 4 E Class ADL/E400s outstationed at London Central Bexleyheath garage, so that BX crews could work some journeys on 5 (Romford-Canning Town) and 101 (Gallions Reach-Wanstead). These buses were rotated and the east London routes were accessed via the Datford Crossing. Initially E55, 56, 65, 72 were loaned.
From 11/4/20, Sunday schedule introduced on 104 (Manor Park-Stratford), 115 (East Ham-Stepney).

From 2/4/20, 80% of workforce were furloughed due to Coronavirus. On 30/4/20, redundancies were announced.

Some of you might remember this short lived challenger to Eastern National in the summer of 1995. For around 6 weeks in the June and July, it tried to compete on the Colchester to Braintree and Chelmsford corridors with a fleet of motley Leyland Nationals. Well, it’s old depot at Haven Road has just been vacated. It was latterly used by Wastecare (white goods recyclers). Back in the day, Budget rented space there from the then incumbent occupier, Oyster Yachts.

Above: Bedford VAL/Duple Vega Major UTK 301 at Windsor Castle in May 1966. This coach was ex Cosy of Bournemouth, and was initally operated “as acquired” in green and cream livery, as seen here. C&R stood for Copeman and Raven. It was established in 1953. Raven was the “sleeping partner”. C&R was sold to Hedingham Omnibuses on 4th January 1982. The Little Tey depot continued in use for buses and coaches until July 2014. (David Osborne Collection).

1/4/20: 37057 with NR Test Train Ferme Park-Cambridge – via east London and Essex.
9/4/20: 47727/49 on Leicester-Ilford light loco.
27/4/20; 37219 on Hackney Downs to Liverpool Street via NE London circuit.
28/4/20: 37219/254 at Ripple Lane on 1Q95 Test Train from Ferme Park via Shoebury.
29/4/20: 37219/254 on 1Q97 Ferme Park-Cambridge via GEML southern end.

1/4/20: 66207 on Acton-Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.
13/4/20: 66142 at Ripple Lane.
14/4/20: 66080 on 6M87 Tilbury-Wembley sand.
22/4/20: 66020 on 0Z89 Wembley-Ilford and to tow 90034 as 0Z90 return, But 90034 stayed at Ilford due to a technical hitch.
24/4/20: 66020 towed 90034 Ilford-Wembley.
29-30/4/20: Some frieghts diverted via Stratford and GEML.
29/4/20: 59202 on 7V57 Harlow Mill-Acton. 66090 on FLX-Wakefield. 66164 on 4L76 East Midlands Gateway-FLX.
30/4/20: 66002 on 4L76 East Midlands Gateway-FLX. 60090 on 4E45 FLX-Wakefield.

From 11/4/20, Sunday schedule introduced on TfL135 (Crossharbour-Old Street).

(Alex Hazell).

Volvo B10M/Alexander PS K733 DAO has been offered for sale. It has been replaced by the recently acquired ADL/Enviro 200.

Above: Ex Nottingham City Transport Scania Omnidekka YN08 MLF on Greater Anglia rail replacement at Ingatestone on 29/3/20. (Alex Hazell).

During the COVID-19 Lockdown, one school contract was still run, for the children of Key Workers. Rail replacement was also provided.

1/4/20: 88001 at Stowmarket from Norwich.
2/4/20: 88001 Stowmarket to Willesden via GEML.
6/4/20: 37059 on Willesden Brent-Norwich light loco via NLL and GEML.
13/4/20: 57301 on 0L50 Leicester-Ilford light loco.
14/4/20; 66008 and consist seen at Chelmsford aen route to Sizewell; returned as 6M69 to Crewe with flasks.
18/4/20: 57306 towed GWR 387140 Ilford to Reading and returned with 387131 from West Ealing.
24/4/20: 57306 towed GWR 387138 as 524L West Ealing-Ilford, then took GWR 387136 from Ilford to Oxford as 549L.



On 9/4/20, BCI Excellence 140 (LX17 DZA) took a load of Easter eggs to Basildon Hospital to be distributed amongst the staff there.

(Via Daniel Disbury).

Above: NHS and Key Workers We Salute You. Aveley, 9/4/20. (Daniel Disbury).

On 23/4/20, Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini BJ11 EBN delivered ‘Items for Heroes’ to Basildon Hospital, in the form of PPE Personal Protective Equipment.

(Ross Newman).

Some London Ambulance Service vehicles are being parked at Purfleet depot.

Operated ex Swallow route 13 (Epping-Waltham Cross) from 8/4/20.

Suffolk CC contracts 72, 163, 173, 179 were gained from Suffolk Norse effective 6/4/20.
The Copdock Park and Ride site is being used as a Covid-19 Testing Centre.

SN57HCY 37139 FE62 ON 102 (CR) 24-4-20
Above: Unusual traction on route 102 on 24/4/20 was Volvo B9TL/Gemini 37139. Pictured at Colchester. (John Podgorski).

Known reduced operational allocations due to Cornavirus:
BN: ADL/E400s 33424/25, 33504/7/44-46/48/49/51-53/55/57-59/61-63/67/68/70/72-74; StreetLites 47650-58; ADL/E200 MMCs 67160-64; Volvo 7900Hs 69901-919.
CF: Scania N250/E400 City 36836-43; Dart SLF/Pointers 42932/36; ADL/Enviro 200s 44001/2/5/81, 44537-550, 44900/8-10/13-15; ADL/E200 MMCs 67165-171; ADL/Enviro 300s 67901-4; B7RLE/Wrights 69421/30-34.
CR: B7TL/Geminis 37007, 37027/34-36/42/53/62; B9TL/Geminis 37133/34/36/38-40; StreetLites 63330-344; ADL/Enviro 300s 67735-39/41/42/50/55/56/79, 67805.
HH: B9TL/Geminis 36216-220, 37985/86; ADL/E200s 44003/4/6/80; StreetLites 47521-30, 47643-49, 63161-170, 63328/29; B7RLE/Wrights 69516-20.

LK57EJJ 44005 FE 42B (HD) 5-4-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: 44005 in Halstead on the recently extended 42B, on 5/4/20. (Simon Austin).

ADL/Enviro 200s 44002/5 (LK57 EJE/J), 44081 (YX58 HVL) are further ones at Chelmsford (CF) from (HH).
Scania N250UD/Enviro 400 Cities 36836/42 were loaned by Chelmsford to Basildon.
Scania L94UB/Wright Solars 62407 (YS03 ZKC), 65679 (YR52 VEH), have been seen in use as crew ferries at Colchester (CR).
Odd sightings:
1/4/20: B7TL/Gemini 37007 on 104; Route 62 B9TL 37134 on 61; Route 62 B9TL 37136 on 70; Route 62 B9TL 37138 on 61; Scania/Solar 65679 on CR Staff Shuttle; ADL/E300 67779 on 1A. 3/4/20: B7TL/Geminis 37007 on 65; YJ06 XLH on 104; 67679 on CR Staff Shuttle. 4/4/20: Route 62 B9TL 37133 on 61. 5/4/20: 44001 on 71A. 6/4/20: Route 62 B9TL 37134 on 64; Route 62 B9TL 37136 on 64; ADL/E300 67742 on 75; ADL/E300s 67756/79 on 70. 8/4/20: Route 62 37134 on 64; ADL/E200 44081 on 71; B7RLEs 69430/34 on 70. 9/4/20: B7RLE 69421 on 70. 10/4/20: Route 62 B9TL 37133 on 61. 12/4/20: X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67171 (YY66 PCO) on 42B. 13/4/30: Route 62 B9TL 37138 (SN57 DCX) on 2A; Dart SLF/Pointer 42936 (SN05 DZS) on 70 + 71A. 14/4/20: Route 62 B9TL 37138 on 61; ADL/E200 44550 on 70. 16/4/20: ADL/E200 MMC 67166 on 70. 17/4/20: SLF 42936 on 71; ADL/E200 44549 on 70. 20/4/20: 37034 on 104; 62407 on CR Staff Shuttle. 21/4/20: 37007 on 67; 62407 on CR Staff Shuttle. 22/4/20: ADL/E300 67737 on 75. 23/4/20: B7TL/Gemini 37007 on 65 + 1A; B7TL/Gemini 37035 on 65; B7TL/Gemini 37037 on 64; Route 62 B9TL/Geminis 37133/39 on 61; B9TL/Gemini 37140 on 65; ADL/E200 YX09 MGZ on 70; ADL/E200 MMC 67170 on 70. 24/4/20: B7TL/Gemini 37037 on 65; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37138 on 61; Route 62 B9TL 37139 on 102; B7TL/Gemini 37140 on 1A; ADL/E200 MMC 67165 on 70. 25/4/20: StreetLite 63334 on 70; StreetLite 63335 on 88. 26/4/20: B7TL/Gemini 37007 on 65; B9TL/Gemini 37140 on 65. 28/4/20: B7TL/Gemini 37007 on 65; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37134 on 65; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37139 on 61; Dart SLF 42932 on 71A; StreetLite 63337 on 75. 30/4/20: B7TL/Gemini 37007 on 65; B7TL/Gemini 37035 (YJ06 XLA) on 65; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37136 on 65; B9TL/Gemini 37140 on 65.
In late April, route 65 in Coclhester went over to double deck, while M-F evening 1A s in Coclhester recerted to double deck after havivng been single deck since the Lockdown.

SN05DZS 42936 FE 71A (CR) 13-4-20
Above: 42936 at Southway, Colchester on Easter Monday 13/4/20. A Dart SLF on the 71 on a bank holiday is unusual at any time. The COVID-19 emergency timetable has seen an increase in 71A workings. (John Podgorski).

YY66PCO 67171 FE X30 42B (HALSTEAD) 12-4-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: 67171 at Butler Road Bus Park, Halstead on Easter Sunday 12/4/20. (Simon Austin).

VX54MRU 67640 FE 65 (STANWAY) 26-3-20
Above: Currently SORNED ADL/Enviro 300 67640 at London Road, Stanway on 26/3/20. (John Podgorski).

FREIGHTLINER. The lockdown saw all Class 70s stored, along with 86614 and 21 Class 66s. These were at Crewe and Leeds depots.66544 FL (MT) 24-4-20
Above: 66544 leads a Felixstowe bound intermodal at Marks Tey on 24/4/20. (John Podgorski).

1/4/20: 86608/12 on 4L89 Crewe-Ipswich.
w/c 5/4/20: 4M92 Felixstowe-East Midland Gateway diverted to Lawley Street.
8/4/20: 86627/32, 86637/38 on “up” intermodals from Felixstowe/Ipswich.
9/4/20: 86612/13 on 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe.
13/4/20: 86607/8 on 4M87. 86637/38 at Ipswich.
14/4/20: Pink 66587 on 4L37 Lawley Street-FLX.
21/4/20; 86612/22/27/28 on 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe.
24/4/20: 66526 on 4S83 London Gateway-Crewe-Coatbridge. 66531 on 4L46 Lawley Street-London Gateway.
27/4/20: 86605/12/32/37 on 4L89 Crewe-FLX.
29/4/20: 66753 on 6L49 Lindsay-Ipswich tanks.

Above: Bedford SB/Plaxton Embassy VJD 471 at the 1959 British Coach Rally at Brighton. Then trading as Essex County Coaches, Galleon Travel of Roydon is the current descendant. The lady and gentleman would not look out of place at a special occasion in 2020. The coach is very much late 1950s/early 1960s. (Frank Dobinson Photography/John Podgorski Collection).

3/4/20: 66765 tnt 66762 on 6T60 Whitemoor-West Ham engineers.
4/4/20: 66723 + DR76901 (milling machine) + 66750 on Tonbridge-Romford.
5/4/20: 66723 + DR76901 + 66750 on Romford-Laindon and return; then to Upper Holloway.
6/4/20: 66750 + DR76901 + 66723 on Upper Holloway-Romford.
6-7/4/20: 66750/DR76901/66750 Romford to Harold Wood and return.
7/4/20: 66723 took 66750 Romford to Tonbridge and returned with 66740.
7-8/4/20: 66723 + DR76901 + 66740 Romford-Forest Gate Junction-Liverpool Street.
8-9/4/20: 66740/DR76901/66723 Liverpool Street-Forest Gate Junction-Romford.
9/4/20: 66740/23 on Romford-Tonbridge light loco. Maroon 66743 ‘Belmond Royal Scotsman’ on 4L04 Hams Hall-FLX. 66762 on North Walsham-Harwich tanks.
13/4/20: 66702 tnt 66714 on 6T61 Whitemoor-Colchester engineers. 66715 on 6L37 Hoo Junct-Whitemoor.
14/4/20: 66740/766 on Tonbridge West-Romford light loco for NR milling maching duties.
16/4/20: 66740 tnt 66766 with NR milling machine on 6X69 Romford-Gas Factory Junction, Bow.
17-18/4/20: 66702 tnt 66785 on 6T63 Whitemoor-Shenfield/Billericay engineers. 66714 tnt 66737 on 6T62 Whitemoor-Shenfield/Billericay engineers. 66763 on 6T61 Whitemoor-Shenfield/Billericay. 66765 on 6T60 Whitemorr-Shenfield/Billericay.
18/4/20: 66702 on 6T63 Shenfield-Whitemoor engineers. 66740 tnt 66766 with NR milling machine on 6X69 Gas Factory Junction-Bishop’s Stortford. 66785 on 6T62 Shenfield-Whitemoor.
19/4/20: 66737 tnt 66714 on 6T61 Shenfield-Whitemoor engineers. 66763 tnt 66765 on 6T60 Shenfield-Whitemoor.
20/4/20: 66737 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 66738/39 on 4L04 Birch Coppice-FLX. 66741 on 4L07 Birch Coppice-FLX.
21/4/20: 66740 tnt 66766 with NR milling maching back to Romford from Bishop’s Stortford. 66784 on 4L02 Hams Hall-FLX.
24/4/20: 66766/40 took the NR milling machine from Romford to Stowmarket as 6X69.
28/4/20: 66730 leading Freightliner 66956 on 6L37.
29-30/4/20: Some frieghts diverted via Stratford and GEML.
29/4/20: 66701 on 4Z35 Doncaster-FLX. 66714 on 4E86 FLX-Masborough. 66727 on 4L29 Hams Hall-FLX. 66753 on 4M01 FLX-Hams Hall.
30/4/20: 66701 on 4Z35 Doncaster-FLX. 66727 on 4L29 Birch Coppice-FLX. 66741 on 4M01 FLX-Hams Hall. 66752 on 4E86 FLX-Masborough.

Above: Aboard MkIII 12056 as the Liverpool Street-Norwich service in which it is in the formation, climbs Bethnal Green bank on 4/1/20. (John Podgorski).

The first Class 360 to be upgraded to fully accessible appears to be 360118. One car has gone for a pilot refurbishment, prior to the transfer of this class to EMR.
MkIIIs 12016/24/99/103/20/41/70 to Booth, Rotherham for scrap on 1/4/20 – see below.   10403, 11096, 12009/093, 121067/50 to Midland Railway Centre, Butterley.

10404, 11066/072/082 have gone to the Barry Tourist Railway.
10412 has gone to the Northampton & Lamport Railway for preservation. 10415 has been acquired by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service for training. 11090, 112032/097 have been sold to DATS DATA Acquisition and Testing Services.
90001/2 have passed to LSL (Locomotive Services Limited).
90003-15 have gone to store.
82136 has been moved to Mid Norfolk Railway. Later moved to Leicester. 82143 then sold to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.
12114, 82118 have gone to Crewe Heritage Centre.
Some additional Norwich train crew trained on Class 321s.
1/4/20: 7 MkIIIs to Booth, Rotherham for scrap behind ROG 37402 ‘Stephen Middlemore’ as 5Z37.
2/4/20: 745106 to service.
5/4/20: 321430 in 1036/1P73 Norwich-London and return. 6/4/20: 90002 Norwich to Crewe for LSL – towing 10411/15/16, 11076/077, 12111/71, 82139/43.
7/4/20: 90001 Norwich to Crewe for LSL. + 11068/91/75/70/98/87, 82127, 12114, 82118 – as 5Z90.
8/4/20: 12027/041/151, 11094, 12019/115/026/012 from Norwich to Eastleigh behind DCR 60055 ‘Thomas Barnardo’ as 5Z56. 720509 on 5Q04 test run. 745008 on 5Q81 test run. Stansted Express 745105-7 on Norwich-Liverpool Streets.
9/4/20: 720509 on 2 x Liverpool Street-Southend Victoria test runs. 745109 on Liverpool Street-Stowmarket/Parkeston test.
13/4/20: 10404, 11066/072/082 from Norwich to Barry behing GBRf 66730 ‘Whitemoor’. 11090, 12032/092/097/099 hauled Norwich to Leicester by ROG 47815 ‘Lost Boys’.  317511 + 884 towed Ilford-Crewe by DRS 57301 as 5Q08.
14/4/20: 317511 + 884 towed Crewe-Kilmarnock by DRS 57301 as 5Q10. 317885 towed Kimarnock-Ilford by 57301, 720509 on Liverpool Street-Kings Lynn test run.
15/4/20: 745107 on 5Q25 Norwich-Liverpool Street test. 745108 on 5Q81 Norwich-Liverpool Street test – then to Ely as 5Q82 and return, then 5Q88 back to Norwich. 745109 on 5Q73 Harwich International-Liverpool Street test. 16/4/20: 10403, 11096, 12009/093/107/150 Norwich-Butterley behind GBRf 66724 to Peterborough, then DRS 47727/739 tnt to Butterley.
17/4/20: 755330 towed 745108 on assistance test at Liverpool Street. 18/4/20: 82136 towed Mid Norfolk Railway to Leicester by ROG 37608 ‘Andromeda’.
20/4/20: 745105 on 5Q25 Norwich-Liverpool Stret test. 745108 on 5Q82 Liverpool Street-Cambridge test. 745109 on 5Q73 Parkeston-Liverpool Street test.
23/4/20: 755403 delivered.
24/4/20: 720509 failed at Hatfield Peveral while on test and subsequently left at Witham.
25/4/20: 720509 towed Witham-Ilford by DRS 47727/49.
29/4/20: 745001 on 5Q24 Liverpool St-Harwich International test.
A single coach from 360118 was moved by road from Ilford depot to Brodie at Kilmarnock at the end of April.

745106 GA (MT) 24-4-20
Above: 745106 at Marks Tey on 24/4/20. This is one of the ‘745s eventually destined for Stansted Express. (John Podgorski).

It was announced that an employee at Hackney (HK) depot, was one of 15 London Buses workers who died of Coronavirus. Thoughts go out to their family, friends, colleagues.
From 4/4/20, TfL394 (Homerton Hospital-Islington) – to Sunday schedule.

From 4/4/20, there were further changes to the Emergency Timetable.
Some Saturdays 88s were transferred from Sible Hedingham (HD) to Kelvedon (KN).
And 83/A/B, 92 were suspended on Saturdays.
Omnidekka movements:
w/e 18/4/20: 800 – KN-Chambers; 802 – KN-Chambers; 811 – Chambers-KN; 814 – KN-Chambers. 20/4/20: 802 – Chambers-KN. 29/4/20: 810 – Chambers-KN.
Odd sightings:
14/4/20: Omnicity saloon 458 on 74. 30/4/20: Omnidekka 813 on Duty 3904 63 + 50.

W491WGH 573 HO KN SORNED 31-3-20
Above: Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 573, SORNED at Kelvedon on 31/3/20, with B7TL/Gemini 520. (John Podgorski).

YN05HFH 458 HO 74 (HEAD ST, CR) 14-4-20
Above: Scania Omnicity saloon 458 (YN05 HFH) is now in fleet livery, ex Anglian yellow/blue. Seen at Head Street, Colchester on 14/4/20. (John Podgorski)

EY57FZE 261 HO 63 (ABBEY FIELD, CR) 8-4-20
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 261 at Abbey Field, Colchester on 8/4/20. It is on a southbound service 63 to Berechurch. (John Podgorski).

YN55PZU 813 HO 50 (LAYER) 30-4-20
Above: Omnidekka 813 at Layer on 30/4/20. (John Podgorski).

Ancillary vehicles:
Renault Trafic minibus 9008 (LX09 EYT) was exchanged with Mb Vito MPV 9014 (RJ56 NYK) as the Kelvedon crew ferry, with 9008 returning to Clacton.

The Covid-19 emergency timetable has seen single deckers appear on routes on which they would not normally appear.
Buses SORNED are most of the double deckers. Scania Omnidekkas 60, 61, Scania N230UD/Olympus 68 are still available for use.
Odd sightings:
1/4/20: Versa 152 (YK08 EPV) on 93. 3/4/20: ADL/E200 78 (YX14 RVL) on 93; Versa 152 on 93. 6/4/20: Versa 149 on 93. 8/4/20: ADL/E200 101 (SN16 OGG) on 93. 11/4/20: Versa 151 on 93. 14/4/20: ADL/E200 104 (SN13 OGK) on 93. 16/4/20: ADL/E200 78 (YX14 RVL) on 93. 17/4/20: ADL/E200 101 on 93. 21/4/20: ADL/E200 103 on 93. 23/4/20: Versa 146 (YK08 EPC) on 93. 28/4/20: ADL/E200 83 on 93. 30/4/20: Versa 150 on 93.

Above: Van Hool TX KC60 ABC amongst the fleet furloughed due to Coronavirus, at Stanway depot on 29/3/20. (John Podgorski).

From 11/4/20, Sunday schedule introduced on TfL108 (Lewisham-Stratford International).

New for the forthcoming TfL106 (Whitechapel-Finsbury Park) contract are ADL/Enviro 400 City EVs Ee22-30 (LF20 XLY/Z, XMA-H), Ee32 (LF20 XMK). Ee31, 33-37 had their delivery suspended, due to the enforced shutdown of the ADL factory due to Covid-19. Their booked registrations are LF20 XMJ, ZML-P/R.
WVL Class Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini operation ceased after 7/4/20.

315802/12 on Romford-Upminster during April.
315816 to Booth, Rotherham for scrap.
317714/23/29/32, 317888/90 are withdrawn.
3/4/20: 317891/92 towed from Ilford to Ely for storage, by GBRf 66783.
6/4/20: 317888/90 from Ilford to Wembley Yard.
15/4/20: 317723/32 towed from Ilford to Northampton for storage.
16/4/20: 315816 towed from Wembley to Rotherham for scrap.
17/4/20: 317723/32 towed back to Ilford from Northampton.
20/4/20: 317723/32 from Ilford to Wembley for storage.
25/4/20: 317719 from Northampton back to Ilford.
315802/3/6/8/10/11/12/22/31/36 known to be still in stock in April.
Class 317 operation has finished.

315847 TfL RAIL (ROMFORD) 4-5-19
Above: 315847 at Romford on 4/5/19. (John Podgorski).

Class 315s continue in service M-F and the occasional Saturday. Pre Covid-19 Lockdown, ‘315s had no longer worked at weekends. Sundays/public holidays continues as all Class 345.
9/4/20: 345011 – OC-IL behind ROG 37800. 345051 – IL-OC behind ROG 37800.
15/4/20: 315833/859 on 5Q20 Northampton-Ilford ECS – on diesel tow.
29/4/20: 345006 – OC-IL.

315833 TfL RAIL (SHENFIELD) 4-5-19
Above: 315833 at Shenfield on 4/5/19. (John Podgorski).

From 2359 on 5/4/20, all remaining coach services suspended. These were the emergency timetable 801 to 817. 813 (Norwich-London) and 816 (Ipswich-London) served the Busmopolitan area. London Victoria Coach Station was closed from the same time.

Above: NX contractor Galloway of Mendlesham Scania K410EB6/Caetano Levante III BF68 LCL at Stratford, on a London Victoria bound 481 on 29/2/20. (John Podgorski).

Operations have been suspended.

Ex First London/Metroline ADL/Enviro 200 YX10 BDY entered service at the start of April, still in London red. It had been converted to single door and led destination fitted.

Above; YX10 BDY at The Crescent, Severalls Park on 4/4/20. It was on diversion due to the closure of Langham Road bridge. This took it from Birchwood Corner and along the A12 to Severalls Park. (Steve Barham).

Colchester outstation down to three buses/coaches by end of April.
Ancillary vehicles:
Vauxhall Astra van AB56 PAN has been debranded to plain white.

Above: AB56 PAN at Colchester on 8/4/20. (John Podgorski).

Above: The remains of an 16 ton mineral wagon at Marks Tey on 24/4/20. This has lain there for long time – since August 1979. The circumstances of it being there was a derailment. (John Podgorski).

2/4/20: 37608 replaced 37611 as Manningtree ‘Thunderbird’.
3/4/20: 37608 hauling dead GA 745106 as 5P24 “down” through Chelmsford.
7/4/20: 37608 towed 745108 into Norwich. 37800 on 0L50 Norwich-Ilford light loco.
9/4/20: 37800 at Ilford depot, then towed MTR 345051 to Old Oak – before returning to Ilford with 345011.
10/4/20: 37800 Ilford-Leicester light loco.

Following furloughing of much of the workforce, redundancies were announced at the end of April.

Milton Park and Ride is being used asa Covid-19 Testing Centre.

New for TfL323 (Canning Town-Mile End) are BYD ADL/Enviro 200 MMC EVs 29201-205 (LF20 XKO/P/S/T/U).
From 4/4/20, Sunday schedule introduced on TfL165 (Romford-Hornchurch), 365 (South Hornchurch-Havering Park).
From 11/4/20, Sunday schedule introduced on 128 (Romford-Claybury), 238 (Barking-Stratford), 241 (Stratford City-Cannning Town), 248 (Cranham-Romford), 252 (Collier Row-Hornchurch), 366 (Redbrige-Beckton), D3 (Leamouth-Bethnal Green).
In late April, the Nightingale emergency Hospital in London Docklands opened.
Four dedicated services were introduced, for use by hospital staff only.
NG1 (NHS Nightingale-Pontoon Dock).Basically a park and ride, this runs 24/7 from Bow (BW) garage.
NG2 (NHS Nighingale-Docklands Riverside, Doubletree Hilton Hotel). 24/7, worked by Bow. Withdrawn 18/4/20 and replaced by revised NG3.
NG3 (NHS Nightingale-Docklands Riverside, Moxy Hotel). 24/7, operated by Bow.
NG4 (NHS Nightingale-Brittania Village). Another Park and Ride. Operated 24/7 from West Ham (WH). Withdrawn on 16/4/20 and not replaced.
The route withdrawals were due to Nightingale not being used to planned capacity.
Additionally, West Ham garage is being used by the London Ambulance Service (LAS), to commission new ambulances and also re-commisssion old ambulances with the support of the AA.
Following use by London Fire Brigade for training, Trident/ALX400 17836 (LX03 BYM) went to Lister PVS, Bolton for scrap.

STAGECOACH EAST LONDON Nightingale-Hospital-bus (Stagecoach)
Above: ADL/E40H 11036 at West Ham garage and blinded for NHS service NG4. (Stagecoach).

SN66WLL 469 STEPHENSONS 105 (CR) 21-4-20
Above: Still in YourBus livery, ADL/Enviro 200 469 at Colchester on 21/4/20. (John Podgorski).

Great Bromley allocation w/e 4/4/20:
Short ADL/E200s 414 (SK07 HLV), 422 (EU60 CAV); ADL/E200 464 (EU62 FDF).
YourBus liveried ADL/E200 469 (SN66 WLL) appeared at Clacton w/c 5/4/20. At the end of April, all bar 414 were still at Great Bromley.

The following sponsored services were withdrawn/changed from 4/4/20.
112 (Hadleigh-Sudbury) – due to lack of patronage. But Bildeston-Sudbury section now covered by GoStart.
72 (Woodbridge-Ipswich), 163 (Bucklesham-Ipswich), 173 (Felixstowe-Woodbridge – schools journey), 179 (Woodbridge-Felixstowe-Ipswich)- all changed contractor.
72, 163, 173, 179 went to First Eastern Counties.
Most of 173 is already worked by Ipswich Buses.

Has ceased trading and administrators appointed.
Volvo B11R/Jonckherre SW16 LOW passed to an Oxford dealer.

Above: Volvo B10MT/Jonckherre HSK 177 at Colchester in June 2003 in classic Swallow Coaches livery. Alongside is Volvo B10M/Van Hool BAZ 7059. The HSK 177 registation mark was later used on a Dart SLF/Pointer bus. (John Podgorski)..

During the Coronavirus Lockdown, rail replacement services were still provided.

It was announced that one of the staff at Lea Interchange (LI) garage, was one of 15 London Buses workers who died of Coronavirus. Thoughts are with their family, friends and colleagues.
From 11/4/20, Sunday schedule introduced on D8 (Stratford-Crossharbour).


Steps to protect London Buses staff from Coronavirus:
From 10/4/20, trial boarding of buses via centre doors began on a selection of routes – contracted to Abellio and in south London. This went London wide from 20/4/20. Then front doors of multi door buses were sealed off and displayed ‘No Entry’ signs.
Across the whole of the TfL bus network; clear film covers the communication holes in the drivers’ protective screens, and seats near the driver have been taped off.

LTZ1781 LT781 Abellio Middle-door boarding signs (Euston) 4-20 (TfL)

The old depot is now used by a motorhome dealer.

Above: Wright StreetLite 60 has been named in honour of World War 2 veteran NHS fundraiser Captain Tom Moore. (RouteOne).

7/4/20: 60055 on Bristol-Norwich light loco via GWML, NLL, GEML.
8/4/20: 60055 on Norwich-Eastleigh ECS with redundant GA MkIII stock – see above.
29/4/20: 37608 Wembley-Ilford light loco; did a Class 345 swap to/from MTR “west side”, then back to Wembley light.

With thanks to: Angliagen, S Austin, S Barham, Bus News, D Disbury, Ensignbus, Essex Buses Group Io, A Hazell, RouteOne, Stagecoach, TfL.

Courtworth Banner cropped

Busmopolitan – Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. March 2020.


Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the March 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

Above: Social distancing measures on Hedingham Omnibuses Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 291 on 25/3/20. (John Podgorski).

The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected the UK transport system; especially in London. Local bus and train services were reduced. Some coach operations ceased altogether. Worst affected was the leisure market – things like coach holidays and sightseeing buses. Also scheduled coaches serving airports. Some small coach companies have had to temporarily close. Some major transport infrastructure projects have had to be put on hold.
Ironically in London, there have been cases of overcrowding on the public transport system – despite a reduced service and please by the authorities for only essential journeys to be made.
A big issue with Coronavirus is the importance of social distancing – basically 2 metres apart from other people. This is to reduce the spread of this contagious condition. From 24/3/20, the UK was put into a lockdown for (initially) three weeks – restricting movement to all but essential travel. A total lockdown was not wanted – due to harmful effects on the national economy.
This created scenes comparable to an apocalyse movie – deserted city and town centres.

Above: A crowded Colchester Bus Station on 27/3/20. But where are the people ? (John Podgorski).

(John Podgorski).

From 15/3/20, services were temporarily suspended due to Coronavirus. The picture of Stansted depot was taken on 21/3/20.

Due to Coronavirus:
London City – closed.
Southend, Stansted – open, but limited.

A reduced timetable was temporarily introduced M-F on commercial routes 1, 2, 8 from 23/3/20 due to Coronavirus. These reductions were to a 30 minute frequency. Other (contracted) routes kept to normal timetable. However, the 900 Braintree Freeport Shuttle ceased by 25/3/20. The Colchester Park and Ride was suspended after 28/3/20.
There were further reductions from 30/3/20. From 30/3/20, the pvr was 11 buses, with 19 staff. SORNED were the Mini Dart SLF/Pointers and Caetanos 1558/59, 1562-65, the P&R ADL/Enviro 200s 4071-75, all of the 54 plate Dart SLF/Pointers 3413/15-21; the VDL SB300/Wright Pulsar 4459. These are parked up at the Colchester depot.
The Route 133 branded Wright StreetLites have been undergoing warranty work, meaning they appeared a lot on local routes in late February/early March.
Odd sightings: 2/3/20: Route 133 StreetLite 4323 (SK68 TWU) on 8; 4324 (SK68 TWV) on 1 + 8. 4/3/20: Route 133 StreetLite 4323 on 1. 6/3/20: Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1563 (RX07 KPJ) on 8; Route 133 StreetLite 4323 on 2. 23/3/20: ADL/E200 GN58 BUO on 4. 25/3/20: ADL/E200 4016 (GN58 BTZ) on 4. 26/3/20: ADL/E200 4021 on 4. 27/3/20: StreetLite 4224 on 1.

Above: 3 weeks before it was mothballed; Dart SLF/MPD 1558 at St Botholphs on a diverted 8 via Military Road, due to the closure of Mersea Road at Napier Road junction. (John Podgorski).

Mb Sprinter 1010 has moved to Ware as a crew ferry.
Optare Solo 2484 has come from Ware.
Optare Solo 1460 is withdrawn.
Volvo B7RLE/Wright 3826 (GN 07 AVP) is ex Coclhester, while 3858 is from Ware.
From 23/3/20, a temporary timetable was introduced M-F on the following services: 1, 2/3, 4, 9, 10, 508/9/10. Other routes kept to normal timetable. All due to Coronavirus. There were further reductions from 30/3/20, with most routes going to hourly (or even 2 hourly in some cases).
From 29/3/20, Sunday 59s were gained from First Essex, while Sunday 418Bs passed to Trustybus – both on Essex CC re-tender.

Various buses were stood down from 23/3/20, due to the Coronavirus service cuts. These were the ADL/Enviro 400 MMCs – apart from 6499/500,clas ADL/E400s and various older saloons – DAF SB200s, Volvo B7RLEs. This left the 2 E400s and Optare Versas operational. DStored were DAF SB120/Wright Cadets 3935/37, 3960; VDL SB200/Wright Commanders 3963-65; VDL SB200/Wright Pulsar 3779; Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urbans 3816-19/22/25; Optare Versas 4182, 4235; ADL/Enviro 400 6548; ADL/Enviro 400 MMCs 6501-15/29.
DAF SB120/Wright Cadet 3532 (LF02 PNN) went from store to Arriva The Shires.

Received for crew ferry use are Mb Sprinters 1007 from Watford, 1010 from Harlow, 1015/20 from Hemel Hempstead.


LJ13CEX DW540 AR LON N 123 (IL) 11-5-20
Above: VDL DB300LF/Wright Pulsar Gemini DW540 (LJ13 CEX) at Cranbrook Road, Ilford on 11/5/19. (John Podgorski).

From 20/3/20, weekend night buses on TfL123 (Wood Green-Ilford) suspended.
From 23/3/20, emergency timetable introduced, based on Saturday schedules.
From 30/3/20, Sunday schedule introduced on 38 (Clapton-Victoria), with M-F am peak extras – 106 (Finsbury Park-Whitechapel), 158 (Chingford Mount-Stratford), 341 (Lea Valley Tesco-Waterloo).

Above: Volvo B5LH/Wright Gemini3 HV353 (LF67 EVT) at Lea Valley Tesco on 16/8/18. (John Podgorski).

Volvo B7TL/ALX400 VLA126 (LJ05 BJK) pased to Lister PVC, Bolton for scrap.

From 23/3/20, a reduced timetable was temporarily introduced on M-F for routes 1, 6, 7/8, 9, 29; while 4 was temporarily withdrawn. Other routes kept to normal timetable. All due to Coronavirus.
As a result, 25 buses were put into store and the pvr reduced to 22 from 30/3/20. This was out of a fleet of 59.
From 29/3/20, routes 7/8 (Rayleigh-Hockley – evenings only) went to Stephensons on council retender.

Limited local bus routes post Lockdown, along with rail replacements.

WVL Class Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini operation ceased when the schools closed pre the Covid-19 Lockdown.
From 23/3/20, emergency timetable introduced, based on Saturday Schedule.
From 30//3/20, Sunday schedule introduced on 5 (Canning Town-Romford), 15 (Blackwall-Trafalgar Square), with M-F peak am extras 101 (Gallions Reach-Wanstead), 147 (Canning Town-Ilford), 396 (Ilford-Little Heath), 474 (Manor Park-Cannning Town).
All 6xx school services suspended.

LJ61NWA WVL488 GAL BT 5 (ROMFORD) 1-9-18
Above: Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini WVL488 at Romford Station on 1/9/18. (John Podgorski).

The company has been dissolved and all vehicles sold.
The closing fleet was: AEC PRV Routemasters JJD 591D, NML 613E; Bova Futura T322 KNN; MAN24.460/Berkhof double deck LHD coach Y329 NWP; Trident/ALX400s LX03 NGU, OPT; Trident/President PO51 WNK; VH TD921 YJ09 CYY; Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President V427 MOA.

Above: This facility closed after service on Sunday 22/3/20 – Arriva, First and NIBS were the very last users. The final day of use by Hedingham and Stephensons routes was Saturday 21/3/20 – they didn’t operate on the Sabbath. The site is being redeveloped as a hotel, with a new smaller bus interchange being provided. On street stops replaced it in the interim. The picture of the waiting room building was taken on 20/3/20 by Simon Austin. The Bus Park had been opened in 1932.

Above: At interesting sight in Halstead on 28/3/20. However, preserved AEC Swift SM88/AML 88H is actually masquerading as a London Country bus. In its normal career is had been red London Transport SM88. London Country had a batch of SMs, but these were higher numbered and were delivered after the split from LT to the NBC. (Simon Austin).

Due to Coronavirus, train service frequencies were reduced from 23/3/20. M-F temporarily became a Saturday timetable.

357019 C2C (THORPE BAY) 1-4-17
Above: C2C ‘Electrostar’ 357019 at Thorpe Bay on 1/4/17. It is on the rear of a Shoebury-London service, with 357203 leading. (John Podgorski).

Sold are Leyland Olypmian/ECW K739 ODL and Volvo Olympian/Alexander Royale N589 BRH.

There were service revisions planned from 30/3/20. However, due to Coronavirus, these were effective from the start of an emergency timetable from 28/3/20, with an associated reduced frequency.
Route 84 (Sudbury-Nayland-Colchester) was reduced to school days peak hours only. It was replaced by new service 784. 753 (Bury St Edmunds-Sudbury) has its frequency increased to half hourly from hourly. However, 754 (Sudbury-Colchester) was reduced from half hourly back to hourly – this follows a trial started in 2018. 784 partially compensated for this.
The new 784 serves Northern Approach in Colchester (for the General Hospital) and then follows basically the old 84 to Sudbury, but following the main A134 road rather than diverting into the various villages along the route. However, Nayland, Leavenheath, Assington will still be served, but by stops on the A134. 784 will additionally serve Great Cornard.
Route 374 (Clare-Bury) ceased to serve Horringer.
The changes to 84 and 754 were due to lack of custom.
The Sudbury-Bury corridor was however increased. A combination of existing indirect 753 and new direct 750 make a 30 minute headway. There is also new Sudbury-Bury school service 758.
The PVR was reduced to 7 for the duration of the emergency timetable.
SORNED for the duration were; Omnidekkas 805/6/8/9/11/12; Scania N230UD/Olympuses 870/71/74. The remaining operational allocation was: Omnilinks 453-55; Omnidekkas 801/3/7; Scania N230UD/Olympuses 872/73/75. Spare were Omnidekka 804; Scania N230UD/Olympuses 876/77. Parked up but taxed was Omnidekka 814. (NB: The Omnidekkas may rotate with Hedingham at Kelvedon for maintenance).

Due to Coronavirus, frequencies were reduced from 23/3/20.

4/3/20: 66009 on Ipswich-Neasden.
6/3/20: 66085 on Mountsorrel-Kennett stone.
9/3/20: 59002 on 6L21 Whatley Quarry-Dagenham Dock. 66003 on 4E25 Bow-Heck Plasmor.66192 on 4M87 Chesterton-Mountsorrel. 66167 on 4L56 Trafford-London Gateway.
10/3/20: 59204 on Acton-Chelmsford and on 6V12 return.
13/3/20: 66126 on 4M07.
18/3/20: 66176 on 6O79 Marks Tey-Crawley RMC sand.
19/3/20; 66176 on 6V55 Marks Tey-Brentford Tarmac Days Aggregates.
23/3/20: 66003 on Bow-Heck Plasmor.
25/3/20: Blue 66142 on Acton-Griffin Wharf, Ipswich and 6V07 return to Neasden.
26/3/20: 59104 on 6L30 Chelmsford stone.
30/3/20: 66077 on Wembley-Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.

Prince Regent station was closed due to Coronavirus. For social distancing, the front vestibule area of each train was cordoned off for train captain use only. The train captain did not enter the public areas on the train, and carried out all operational duties from the driving station. ATO mode continued to be used to propel the trains in normal service. Withdrawn is B92 Stock unit no 88, due to technical failure.

Scania Omnicity operation has ceased, following the Covid-19 service cuts. These were amongst the last of their type in Go-Ahead London.
From 23/3/20, emergency timetable introduced, based on Saturday schedule.
From 30/3/30 Sunday schedule introduced on 276 (Newham Hospital-Stoke Newington), D7 (Poplar-Mile End) with M-F am peak extras.

Has ex Halton Transport ADL/Enviro 200 DK60 AHO – via Ensign.
Post Lockdown, one school contract was still run, along with rail replacement.

Above: Iveco Turbo Daily DT05 DON at Brentwood in March 2020. (Alex Hazell).

4/3/20: 37611 in back platform at Manningtree.
6/3/20: 37611 at Manningtree.
9/3/20: 66432 on Daventry-Purfleet Tesco.
10/3/20: 68004 tnt 68018 on Willesden Brent-Southminster CEGB.
21/3/20; 37610 on 3Q66 Colchester-Derby RTC.

The fleet was grounded until further notice from 30/3/20 – due to Coronavirus.

(Via Craig Philson).

In response to the Corona Virus outbreak, hand sanitisers were fitted in all buses.
From 21/3/20, an Emergency Timetable was introduced for the duration. This removed Saturday service on certain routes. Routes 32, 66A, 83 and college services 24, 25, 27, 29 suspended.
Also due to the pandemic, all of the vintage fleet and most of the operational fleet was SORNED. The remaining working fleet was: 23 Volvo B9TLS (111-131/133-34), 6 ADL/E200 MMCs (705-710), 12 BCI Excellences (140-151).

Above: Ex Yourbus ADL/Enviro 200 MMC 710 (YY18 THZ) at Lakeside on 7/3/20. (Simon Austin).

Ex temporary rail replacement fleet ADL/Enviro 400 LK55 KJX has been resold to Aintree Coaches, Bootle.

Odd sightings:
w/e 21/3/20:
Volvo B7TL/ALX400 110 (LJ54 BCO) on 33 on one day.

Continue to provide rail replacements.

The ‘Ipswich Reds’ identity is now applied to most buses; either as full livery or stickers.

Above; Volvo B7RLE/Wright 69425 (AU58 FFM) in an unusual location. It was spotted on the A12 south at Marks Tey Racecourse on 2/3/20. It was likely bound for the Volvo agent at Witham – MC Truck and Bus. (John Podgorski).

Buses SORNED for the Covid-19 service reductions are a mix of Volvo B7TL/ALX400s and Volvo B7RLE/Wright Solar Eclipses. A few of both are still in use. Most of the working allocation is now ADL/E200s and E300s including the Park and Ride E300s.
The Ipswich Park and Rides have been suspended.

YN69XYD 38843 FE X30 (CF) 7-3-20
Above: New X30 Scania N250UD/ADL Enviro 400 City 36843 in Chelmsford on 7/3/20. (John Podgorski).

Due to Coronavirus, services went over to an emergency timetable from 29/3/20.
A significant number of vehicles were SORNED. Park and Ride ADL/Enviro 200s, main fleet 54 plate ADL/E300s, most Dart SLFs, Volvo B7TL/ALX400s, older (54 plate) B7TL/Geminis, Tridents – including Westcliff 33191; older (05 plate) Volvo B7RLE/Wrights. And likely to spell the end for the remaining Scania/Solars and Dart SLF/Caetanos. The temporary use of Dart SLFs at Colchester also ceased.
ADL/E200s 44001-6/78-81 went from HH to CF. StreetLites 47528-30 and B7RLE/Wrights 69512-20 moved from HH to BN.

AU58FFS 69430 FE REAPINTED 42 (CF) 7-3-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Recently repainted Volvo B7RLE/Wright 69430 (AU58 FFS) at Chelmsford Rail Station on 7/3/20. (Simon Austin).

WX06ONC 42968 FE 64A (CR) 13-3-20
Above: Dart SLF 42968 enters Maldon Road, Colchester on 13/3/20. (John Podgorski).

37007 (WX 55 VHU) is another ex First Bristol Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini. It however is in Bristol livery.
Dart SLF/Pointer 42968 (WX06 ONC) moved CF to CR. This and 42955 are used on Colchester town services; mainly 64/A and 65.
ADL/E200 44001 (LK57 EJD) appeared at CF from HH at the end of March, following the start of the Covid-19 Emergency Timetable.
Volvo B7RLE/Wright 66817 (MX05 CDZ) was loaned CF to CR in early March.
Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 62410 (YS03 ZKF) is withdrawn.
Volvo B7TL/ALX400 30954 (YJ51 RDO) has gone to Alpha Recovery, Cramlington for scrap.
The evening Colchester-Kelvedon 71As moved from CF to CR, connected with temporary new timetable.
From 29/3/20, the Sunday 352s (Chelmsford-Braintree-Halstead) were renumbered 42B.
Sold to Ensign were Dart SLF/Caetano LK03 UFB, Dart SLF/Pointer SN53 KJY, Volvo B7TL/ALX400 X749 VUA, Trident/President LT52 XAC.
Ensign resold Scania L94UB/Wright Solar YS03 ZKJ to Hadlow Community School, Kent.
Odd sightings:
2/3/20: Dart SLF/Pointer 42955 (WX06 OMM) on 62B. 3/3/20: Scania/Solar 62407 on 75; ADL/E300 67750 on 75 + 1A. 5/3/20: X30 Scania N250UD/E400 MMC 36842 (YN69 XYC) on 525. 6/3/20: Debranded ex X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67171 on 71/X. 9/3/20: B7TL/ALX400 32485 on 174. 111/3/20: Trident 33178 on 174; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67167 on 71 12/3/20: X30 Scania N250UD/E400 City 36841 on 525. 17/3/20: X30 36839 on 525; B7TL/Gemini 37015 (WX55 VJC) on 175; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67169 (YY66 PBZ) on 71. 18/3/20: B7TL/Gemini 37034 (YJ 06 XKZ) on 175. 19/3/20: Dart SLF 42955 on 67; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67167 on 71. 20/3/20: Route 37 ADL/E200 44540 on 71; ADL/E300 67737 on 1A. 22/3/20: Dart SLF/MPD 43846 on 71C. 23/3/20: B7TL/ALX400 32477 (AU53 HJN) on 175; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67169 (YY66 PBZ) on 70. 24/3/20: B7TL/Gemini 32629 (KP54 KAX) on 64A; ADL/E300 SN62 AJU on 70. 25/3/20: X30 Scania N250UD/E400 City 36842 on 70; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67167 on 71. 27/3/20: Route 62 B9TL 37135 (SN57 HCP) on 88/A. 30/3/20: Route 62 B9TL 37136 on 70; Route 62 B9TLs 37138/39 on 61; HH ADL/E200 on route 45 in Chelmsford. 31/3/20; StreetLite 63337 on 1A.

SN57HCP 37135 FE R62 ON 88A (HD) 27-3-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: 37135 at Halstead on 27/3/20. (Simon Austin).

Above: Volvo B7TL/ALX400 30954 (YJ51 RDO) is towed away for scrap, from Colchester depot on 7/3/20. (Wayne Bell).

Operations have been suspended. Tollesbury outstation has been temporarily vacated. Vehicles are parked up at the other 3 depots – Braintree, Halstead and Kelvedon.

This troubled regional airline went into administration on 5/3/20. All operations ceased. London City and Southend Airports were its hubs covered by ‘Busmopolitan’.

Withdrawn is Volvo Olympian/Alexander RL R156 VPU.

The Class 86s are due to be replaced by ex Greater Anglia Class 90s. The latter come off lease from GA at the end of March.
3/3/20: 66420 on 6L30 Acton-Chelmsford.
5/3/20: 66598 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66610 on 7L54 Acton-Harlow Mill.
6/3/20: 66598 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 86604/22 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 86613/39 on 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe.
7/3/20: 66554 tnt 66512 on “down” intermodal stabled in Colchester Yard good loop.
10/3/20: 86613/39 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX. 86608/22 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX. 86639 on 4M87.
13/3/20: 66605 on 6L80 Tunstead-Marks Tey. 66511 on 7V57 Harlow Mill-Acton. 86604/12 on 4L41. 86632/37 on 4L89.
16/3/20: 86604/5/12/14 on 4L89. 86608/22 at Ipswich. 86609/32 on 4L89. 86637/8 on 4L89.
17/3/20: 86639/13 in Colchester Goods Loop on 4L75 Trafford-FLX.
19/3/20: 86605/14 on 4L89.
20/3/20: 66541/19/87 on 4E23 Ipswich-Leeds.
23/3/20: 86605/14 at Ipswich. 86608/9 on 4L89. 86627/38 on 4L89.
25/3/20: 66533/957 on 4E23 ?. 70014 on 4M81 FLX-Crewe.
27/3/20: 86604/14 on 4M87. 86608/12 on 4L75. 86632/37 at Ipswich.

VDL Bova SS16 GAL has been SORNED.

Limited local bus and NX coach contracts were run post Lockdown.

3/3/20: 66732 on 4M29.
4/3/20: 66788 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
5/3/20: 66788 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks.
6/3/20: 66715 on 4M23 Felixstowe-Hams Hall.
7/3/20: 66710 on Whitemoor-Gidea Park engineers.
9/3/20: 66701 on 4L07 Birch Coppice-FLX. 66709 on 4L18 Trafford-FLX. 66715 on 4L04 Hams Hall-FLX. 66739 on 4E20 FLX-Masboro. 66779 on 4L14 Doncaster-FLX.
HMS Argyle on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
13/3/20: 66776 on 6T61 Whitemoor-Manor Park engineers. 66789 on 4M23.
14/3/20: 66741 on engineers at Stratford. 66783 took GA 317887/89 to store at Ely.
16/3/20: 66787 at Bow Yard.
25/3/20: 66756 on 4Z27.
26/3/20: 66789 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks.

Mercedes Tourismo BF61 HCO is ex Creigiau Travel, Wales.

Sold is Mb Sprinter 515/IM 481 (XO15 BOY) which was then re-registered J20 KTL.

From 23/3/20, due to Cornavirus, a Sunday type timetable was introduced, although from Colchester to London it is more Saturday like.

90003 GA DEBRANDED (CR) 15-3-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: A debranded 90003 arrives at Colchester on a Norwich to Ingatestone service on Sunday, 15/3/20. This was due to an engineering blockade towards London. (Simon Austin).

The Class 90s will be fully replaced by Class 745s after 31/3/20. 90001/2 will pass to LSL, while 90003-15 will move to Freightliner, to replace Class 86s. The DVTs and MkIII stock will also be replaced. The ’90s were all debranded prior to transfer. The last ’90s in service were 90001, 90005, 90007, 90008. Some MkIII coaching stock was also debranded prior to withdrawal.
745002/7/10 in service during March.
Ex Northern are 321901/2.
317887/89 are ex London Overground but put into store.
Withdrawn are MkIII cariages 10406/14, 11067/70/81/85, 12062, 12147.
Due to Cornonavirus, catering facilities were withdrawn from applicable trains.
4/3/20: 745002/6 to revenue service.
6/3/20: 90007 on 5L54 Bounds Green-Liverpool St ECS. 321366/63 on 1P29 1030 Norwich-Liverpool St and 1P30 1300 return. 321447/325 on 1P24 1130 Liverpool St-Norwich and 1P43 1400 return.
7/3/20: 755106 on Norwich-Shenfield test run – through Colchester @ 1413. 755107 stabled in “down” loop at Colchester.
10/3/20: 745009 to service. 745106 on 5Q74 Liverpool St-Stowmarket test.
11/3/20: 90015 withdrawn – last run was 1P60 1915 Liverpool St-Norwich.
12/3/20: MkIII carriages 10402, 12013/40/60/66/109 to Sim’s, Newport for scrap, behind DRS 37401.
14/3/20: 720509 on Ilford-Southend test run and return.
17/3/20: 745005 on 5Q64 Ipswich-Norwich test. 745105 on 5Q76 Colchester-Stowmarket and 5Q77 Stowmarket Manningtree test runs.
18/3/20: 90004 at Canonbury West Junct, North London Line @ 1717.
19/3/20: 745005 to service.
20/3/20: 90007 on 5E62 at Canonbury West Junct on Bounds Green-Liverpool St ECS.
23/3/20: 720509 on 5Q02 Southend Vic-Liverpool Street test.
24/3/20: 317344 towed Wolverton-Ilford by ROG 37800, had originated at Kilmarnock. 720509 reached Norwich on test from Ilford. 317709/10 towed Ilford-Northampton for storage.
27/3/20: 317708/19 – Ilford to Northampton for storage.
30/3/20: 745106 to service – on 1P13 0700 Norwich-Liverpool Street (Stansted Express unit).
31/3/20: 9005 on Harwich-Norwich ECS.

90004 GA (INGATESTONE) 21-3-20
Above: 90004 at Ingatestone on 21/3/20. Propelling the 1850 to Norwich. The last time the photographer saw a ’90 working for GA. (John Podgorski).

Withdrawn is Iveco Euromidi TAZ 8256.

ADL/E200s and E400s are frequently loaned between the Hackney (HK) and Walthamstow (AW) depots.
ADL/E20D 1220 has become the dedicated TfL385 bus, replacing DAS1 aka 1300. They were swapped between Hackney and Walthamstow.
ADL/E200 1336 has been refurbished. This leaves no1338 of this batch to be done; but the closure of ADL at Harlow in late March, due to the lockdown has delayed this. These E200s are te ex Metroline ones used on TfL W19.
Solo OS14 returned to service ex long term VOR.
From 30/3/20, a Sunday schedule was intoduced on TfL26 (Hackney Wick-Waterloo), + with M-F am peak extras 309 (Canning Town-Bethnal Green), 388 (Stratford City-London Bridge).
Also from 30/3/20, the Islington local service 812 (Old Street-Hoxton) was suspended and the VW T6s MX67 GYD/H/J SORNED.
Odd sightings:
18/3/20: ADL/E20D 1224 on 20.

YN05HFF 460 HO DREAM 100 FM WRAP (WALTON) 6-3-20 (A LAW)
Above: Scania Omnilink 460 in its overall wrap for Dream 100 FM Radio. At Walton on 6/3/20. (Alex Law).

OU57FHA 298 HO 83B (CR) 6-3-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: 298 in Colchester on 6/3/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Scania Omnilink 456 (AU61 AVK), has been returned to Sible Hedingham (HD) from Clacton (CN).
Short ADL/Enviro 200 298 (OU57 FHA) entered service at Clacton on 2/3/20.
Volvo B7TL/EL 505 (PL51 LGD) was reinstated and re MOTd. It was then returned to Plymouth Citybus for driver training.

PL51LGO 505 HO (KN) 9-3-20
Above: 505 at Kelvedon on 9/3/20. (John Podgorski).

Above: Volvo B7TLs SORNED at Kelvedon on 31/3/20. (John Podgorski).

The Coronavirus pandemic resulted in temporary service reductions and closure of schools. An emergency timetable was effective from 28/3/20 for commercial services, although route 7 was suspended. The PVRs reduced to the following: Claton – 11; Kelvedon – 7; Sible Hedingham – 6. As a result, some buses were parked up and SORNED out of service for the duration. These were: Mb Touros 1,2; Volvo B7TL/Geminis 510/11/12/13/17/20/21/23-25/27/28; Volvo B7TL/Presidents 565/68/69/70/71/72/73/74/75/79/80/84; Omnidekkas 815-820; Omnicities 850-852 (Stored at Kelvedon were Volvo B7TL/Geminis 520/25; B7TL/Presidents 565/68/73/84). In withdrawn condition are 1, 2, 512, 569, 570.
Operational allocations: Clacton (CN): Dart SLF/Pointers 253-58/60; ADL/Enviro 200s 262/64/65/68. Spare: Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 285; short ADL/Enviro 200 298; Optare Solos 910/11. Parked up but taxed: ADL/Enviro 200/MCV Evolutions 267/68; Scania Omnilinks 456/58/60.
Kelvedon (KN): ADL/Enviro 200 261; Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 286; short ADL/Enviro 200s 292/93; Omnidekkas 800/2/10. Spare: Omnidekka 813.
Sible Hedingham (HD): Dart SLF/Pointer 259; ADL/Enviro 200 263; Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 287/91; ADL/Enviro 400s 615/16. Spare: Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 288; Omnilink 457; Volvo B7RLE/Wright 470.
(In practice, HD and KN Darts, Enviro 200s rotate for maintenance. Omnidekkas also rotate between KN and Chambers. The parked and taxed buses will be used for service at all depots).
Formerly owned WPH 135Y, a Leyland Tiger/EL rebody, has gone for preservation via Venturer of Clopton.
The following Essex CC local bus contracts were gained from 29/3/20:
21 (Bocking-Braintree-Great Notley – Suns/hols) – from NIBS, Wickford.
352 (Chelmsford-Braintree-Halstead – M-Sat evenings) – from First Essex.
Omnidekka movements:
11/3/20: 810 – Chambers-KN; 811 – KN-Chambers. 16/3/20: 804 – Chambers-KN. 17/3/20: 805 – Chambers-KN. 18/3/20: 802 – Chambers-KN.
Odd sightings:
3/3/20: Volvo B7TL/President 571 on 19 + 63; Omnidekka 810 on 15 pm. 4/3/20: Volvo B7TL/President 584 on 19 + 63. 16/3/20: B7TL/President 574 on 19 + 63. 20/3/20: B7TL/President 579 on 19 + 63. 24/3/20: B7TL/President 572 on X76.
Ancillary vehicles:
Renault Trafic minibus 9008 (LX09 EYT) became the new Kelvedon crew ferry/runabout from 25/3/20. It had previously been at Clacton.
Long withdrawn Ford Transit van 9002 (EK56 MGE) and Mercedes Vito crew van 9007 (RO06 TUU) are being cannibalised at HD.

SN10CCX 295 KONECT (NOR) 14-3-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Ex Hedingham ADL/Enviro 200 no 295, now with Konect, at Castle Meadow, Norwich on 14/3/20. (Simon Austin).

Above: Scania Omnicity 47 on diverted 92 at Ipswich Rail Station on 7/3/20. (John Podgorski).

A normal service (except for schools), continued despite Coronavirus. This was soon altered to a Saturday frequency.
Odd sightings:
7/3/20: Dart SLF/SPD 137 (SN53 AVP) on 111; Solo 245 (YJ05 XNY) on 92.

SN53AVP 137 IB 111 (IP OCM) 7-3-20
Above: Dart SLF 137 at Old Cattle Market on 7/3/20. (John Podgorski).

New is Mercedes Tourismo JW20 DGE.


Above: Two ex Blackpool Transport Trident/ELs are operated PF06 EZO was at Ingatestone on Greater Anglia rail replacement on 14/3/20. The other is PN06 EZP. (John Podgorski).

From 30/3/20, Sunday schedule introduced on TfL100 (St Pauls-Shadwell) with M-F am peak extras.

ADL/Enviro20D demonstrator YX17 NKZ was on loan from ADL and numbered SED1.

LF20XLJ Ee8 LG 212 (CHINGFORD) 21-3-20
Above: BYD E400EV Ee8 at Chingford on 21/3/20. (John Podgorski).

From 7/3/20, TfL212 (Chingford-Walthamstow) and TfL444 (Chingford-Turnpike Lane) were gained from Tower Transit. New for the 212 are 13 Ee Class BYD ADL/Enviro 400EVs – Ee1-13. Ee1,2 (LF20 XLA/B), Ee5 (LF20 XLE), Ee6 (LF20 XLG), Ee7 (LF20 XLH), Ee8 (LF20 XLJ), Ee10 (LF20 XLL), Ee12 (LF20 XLN). New for the 444 are BYD ADL/Enviro 200EVs SEe110-117 (LF20XMS/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z). This continues the process of Northumberland Park becoming an all-electric garage. Intially, diesel SEs borrowed from Blue Triangle worked the 444, as the electric buses came on stream. SE20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 29 (SK07 DZO, SN57 DWG/J/K/L/P/V). New SEe118-122 had their delivery suspended, due to the forced shutdown of the ADL factory due to Covid-19. Their booked registrations are LF20 ANA-E.
ADL/Enviro EN9 (SN58 CEV) has come back from Blue Triangle.

LF20XMS SEe110 LG 444 (CHINGFORD) 21-3-20
Above: BYD/ADL/E200EV SEe110 at Chingford on 21/3/20. (John Podgorski).

SN57DWG SE21 BT LG 444 (CHINGFORD) 21-3-20
Above: ADL/E200 SE21 at Chingford on 21/3/20. (John Podgorski).

From 23/3/20, emergency timetable introduced, based on Saturday schedule.
From 29/3/20, TfL357 (Chingford Hatch-Whipps Cross) was renewed. New for this are ADL/E400 City EVs Ee14-21 (LF20 XLP-X).

317723, 710115 ARL (CHINGFORD) 21-3-20
Above: 317723 with 710115 at Chingford on 21/3/20. (John Podgorski).

Due to Coronavirus, frequencies were reduced from 23/3/20.
Class 710s are now in service and stabling at Chingford.
315809/16, 317891/92 withdrawn.
315801/5/11 on Romford-Upminster in March.
3/3/20: 317891/92 towed from Ilford to Northampton as 5Q25. 710108/121 on 2U37 Chingford-Liverpool Street again.

315811, 710117 (CHINGFORD) 21-3-20
Above: 315811 and 710117 at Chingford on 21/3/20. (John Podgorski)

Above: Bow Road Station on 29/2/290. (John Podgorski).

Due to Coronavirus, the following stations in the ‘Busmopolitan’ area were closed until further notice from 20/3/20.
Central Line: Redbridge.
District Line: Bow Road, Stepney Green.
Victoria Line: Blackhorse Road.
In addition, 36 other stations across the LUL network were closed, along with the Waterloo and City Line. The ‘Night Tube’ also ceased to operate.
The Circle Line subsequently stopped.
The reduction in sevices resulted in some trains being parked up at depots.
In the Busmopolitan area, these were:
Central Line – Hainault.
District Line – Upminster.
Victoria Line – Nothumberland Park.
The District Line also used Lillie Bridge depot in west London for surplus stock storage.

Sold are Scania K113/Berkhof WSV 485 and Volvo B10M/Plaxton Excalibur NIL 8649.

From 20/3/20, weekend night buses on TfL34 (Barnet-Walthamstow suspended.
From 23/3/20, emergency timetable introduced, based on Saturday schedule.
From 30/3/20, Sunday schedule introduced on 30 (Hackney Wick-Marble Arch), 34, with M-F am peak extras.

A reduced timtable came into operation from 23/3/20, to to Coronavirus.
Construction work on the tunnel sections was temporarily suspended.

From 24/3/20, due to Coronavirus, service frequencies were reduced to ‘Christmas holiday’ frequencies – using the 8xx series of route numbers. Two of these routes served the Busmopolitan area.

BF67WJZ CLARKES NX 484 (CR) 21-3-20
Above: Clarkes Mb Tourismo BF67 WJZ at Colchester on 21/3/20. (John Podgorski).

From 23/3/20, 481 ceased to serve Felixstowe (became Ipswich-London) and also no longer served Witham or Brentwood, while 484 (Clacton-London) was withdrawn. These were brought forward from 30/3/20. They were relics of the old Grey Green East Anglian Express 081 and 084. Meanwhile some 010 (Cambridge-London) journeys were planned to additionally serve Stansted Airport, but this change was suspended.
From 24/3/20, all NX services were suspended, apart from those on the emergency timetable.

Above; Volvo B11RT/Caetano Levante BV17 GSU, operated by Whippet, at Norwich on 14/3/20 on service 727 (Gatwick-Heathrow-Stansted-Cambridge-Norwich). Working from Eye, Suffolk outstation. (Simon Austin).

4/3/20: The NR Test Train tnt by 37610/12 on 1Q97 Ferme Park-Cambridge, via Thorpe Le Soken.
10/3/20: Winhoff OHL MPVs DR98003/4/11/9 on 6Y53 Wembley-Chelmsford.

The fleet has been parked up.

28 out of fleet of 41 buses SORNED due to Covid-19. Some single deckers were kept active for the remaining bus services.
Stored were Optare Solo 330; Wright StreetLite 342; ADL/Enviro 200s 417/70; Scania N230UD/Olympuses 504/13/16; Scania Omnicity ‘deckers 521-28; Scania Omnidekkas 626-30; Volv oB7TL/EL Myllenium Vikings 701-706.
This left Solo 328; StreetLite 341; E200s 415/18/19/43/44/47/50-52/57/58 active.

Operations were suspended due to Coronavirus. Rainham depot was vacated.

SORNED due to Coronavirus are DAF DB250LF/EL DC52 PAN, Dart SLF/Mini Pointer BIG 9856, Leyland Olympian BIG 9249, Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 BIG 7758, Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panthers AB53 PAN, DC53 PAN, Volvo Olympian/Alexander Royale BIG 9210.The Ipswich School contracts ceased upon the lockdown.

Above; Scania K360EB4/Plaxton Panther2 AB61 PAN, on the Ipswich School contract, at Great Horkesley on 11/3/20. (John Podgorski).

Due to Coronavirus, all operations were temporarily suspended from 17/3/20.

From 30/3/20, several local bus contracts on the Essex/Herts/Cambs borders were gained from Myalls of Bassingbourn.

4/3/20: 37608 towed 745005 through Ipswich towards Norwich.
10/3/20: 37608 towed 745
27/3/20: 37511 on Colchester Thunderbird.The 008 Norwich-Bounds Green, but failed at Stowmarket and recovered by FL 66501.

The coaches have been parked up. The minicabs continue.

New is Mercedes Tourismo MC20 SBC.

Has ceased trading.

Revised timetables from 30/3/20, due to Coronavirus. Most services to an enhanced Sunday Timetable M-Sat. Infrequent rural services not changed.
Sold to Ensign were Trident/ALX400s 18336 (AE55 DJV), 18419/23/24 (AE06 GZR/V/W).
Mb Sprinter 44009 (BV66 GSU) has transferred to Stagecoach North West.
Also sold are Volvo B10M/Plaxton Interurban driver trainers 52398 (P108 FRS), 52437 (R37 AKV), 52486/86 (R185/86 DNH).

LX11BFU 19775 ST E LON 145 (IL) 8-9-18
Above: ADL/Enviro 400 19775 at Clements Road, Ilford on 8/9/18. (John Podgorski).

From 20/3/20, weekend night buses on TfL145 (Dagenham-Leytonstone), 158 (Walthamstow-Stratford), 296 (Ilford-Romford) suspended.
Megasightseeing was temporarily suspended from 22/3/20 due to Coronavirus.
From 23/3/20, emergency timetable introduced, based on Saturday schedule.
From 30/3/20, Sunday schedule introduced on 8 (Bow-Tottenham Court Road Station), 55 (Walthamstow-Oxford Circus), 56 (Whipps Cross-Smithfield), 86 (Romford-Stratford), 145 (Dagenham-Leytonstone), 257 (Walthamstow-Stratford), 277 (Crossharbour-Dalston), 323 (Canning Town-Mile End). (All bar 8, 55, 56, 277 with M-F am peak extras).

New are ADL/Enviro 40D MMCs 11341-69 (SK20 AXT/U/V/W/X/Y/Z, AYA-D/F/-H/J/L/-P/S/T/W/-Z, AZA), which are destined for TfL25 when that contract is gained from Tower Transit from May.
New BYD/ADL/E200EVs are arriving to convert TfL323 (Canning Town-Mile End), to electric operation. They are 29201-5 (LF20 XKO/P/S/T/U).
Received from Selkent was disused ADL/E400 12343, while similar 12344 joined it at West Ham from Bow and was reinstated.
Preserved AEC PRV Routemaster RML2760 (SMK 760F) is now based at Leyton.
SORNED due to the Coronavirus service cuts were 14 ADL/Enviro 40Ds at Leyton and all of the Scania Omnicity ‘deckers at Rainham.
Overall adverts:
LT264 – to Uber Eaats. LT314 – to red ex Oat-ly!; LT376 to red ex Adidas; LT383 to red ex Florida. ADL/E400 12321 to red ex Oyster Hopper.
The seasonal weekend/public holiday 15H heritage Routemaster route did not restart from 28/3/20 as planned, also due to Coronavirus.

LX11AVP 36261 ST E LON 296 (GANTS HILL) 11-5-19
Above: 36261 at Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill on 11/5/19. (John Podgorski).

ADL/Enviro 200 36261 has been delicensed due to accident damage. It overturned at the ‘Moby Dick’.
Sold Trident 18967 (LX05 BVZ) has appeared at a car lot on Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park. Its ownership is not clear. It was recorded as “being sold to a charity”.

Above: LX05 BVZ at Newbury Park on 14/3/20. (John Podgorski).

Ensign has resold Scania Omnicity ‘deckers LX09 AHE/O to Belle-Vue, Manchester.

ADL/Enviro 200s 442/49 (YX10 FEH, FFK) were loaned to Xelabus, Eastleigh.

EU60CAV 422 STEPHENSONS 105 (CR) 30-3-20
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 422 at Colchester on 30/3/20. (John Podgorski).

Most of the fleet was parked up due to the school closures and Covid-19 service reductions. Stored were Volvo B12M/Plaxton Paragon coach 200; Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 404; ADL/Enviro 200s 431-34/42/45/48-63/65-67/74/79; Scania N230UD/Olympuses 501-3/5-12 (506 is an Omnicity) and Scania Omnidekkas 631-49, 901-7. Some Scania N230UD/E400s (601-10) were kept active for rail, while various single deckers remained licensed for service.

Due to Coronavirus service cuts:
Boreham: Operational and vehicle storage.
Braintree: Temporarily closed. Work moved to Boreham.
Bury St Edmunds: Reduced to one bus. Routes 384/385 transferred to Galloway at Mendlesham.
Clacton: 3 buses. Location moved to the old Talisman yard at Great Bromley.
Maldon: Being used for vehicle storage.
Rochford: Operational and for storage.

17/1/20 – 13/4/20:
North section of Eastwood Road closed between Eastwood Road North and Blenheim Chase. 6A diverted via Mountdale Gardens and Bleheim Chase. Coombs Corner, Danescroft Drive, Woddleigh Ave not served for duration.
Creeksea Road closed. Route 60 diverted via Apton Hall Road, Scotts Hall Road and Anchor Lane.
From 24/3/20, contracted M-F services were temporarily reduced to Saturday frequency. Commercial routes 21/921, 38/A, 39, Breeze1 went over to a special timetable.
The following services were suspended after 23/3/20; 1, 6A, 17, 61, 200/220, Bury Breeze 2.
School services were also temporarily stopped.
From 29/3/20: routes 7/8 (Rayleigh-Hockley – evenings only) came from Arriva Southend on council retender.

All school services suspended.

Operations ceased after 31/3/20. These were two local bus routes; 13 (Epping-Waltham Cross), 61 (Brentwood-Blackmore). Coaches were also operated. Suns only 66A (Waltham Cross-Loughton) passed to Trustybus as routine Essex CC contract change from 29/3/20.
The closing fleet was: ADL/E200s GX09 AGZ ex EOS 711, LX07 BYL ex HSK 177; Dart SLF/Pointer KP02 PWV; Scania Omnicity N230UB YR10 AZO – operational. Scania Omnicity K230UB YR10 AZV; Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President PJ02 PZF; Trident/President PN03 ULY. The company had been founded in 1946.

W947ETW 777 EOS 66 (L) 20-9-14
Above: EOS was the title of Swallow’s local bus routes in the Epping Forest area, although in the last two years they were retitled as Swallow Bus. Former Bus Eirean Dart SLF/Pointer 777 at Loughton on 20/9/14. The 66 later passed to Arriva. (John Podgorski).

Continue to provide rail replacements.

Above: Scania Omnidekka YV03 PZH at Ingatestone on Greater Anglia rail repalcement on 14/3/20. It was ex Keane of Muckingford and originally Metrobus.

All of the fleet has been parked up at Little Tey depot for the duration of the Coronavirus Lockdown. Several of the minibuses are normally outbased at drivers’ homes. The taxi side continues.

BU16UXD VH38113 TT 212 (CHINGFORD) 21-12-19
Above: Volvo B5H/Wright Gemini3 VH38113 at Chingford Station on 21/12/19. (John Podgorski).

From 7/3/20, TfL212 (Chingford-Walthamstow) and TfL444 (Chingford-Turnpike Lane) passed to London General North on re-tender. As a result, the WSH Class VDL200/Wright hydrogen buses WSH62991-98 (LK60 HPE/F/J/L/N, LJ13 JWP, LF63 ZXU, LJ13 JZO) are withdrawn and stored at Lea Interchange. Also stored there were BH63101/2 and VH38101-111.
From 23/3/20, emergency timetable introduced, based on Saturday schedule.
From 30/3/20, Sunday schedule introduced on 25 (Ilford-City Thameslink), 58 (East Ham-Walthamstow), 236 (Hackney Wick-Finsbury Park), 262 (Beckton-Stratford), 425 (Stratford-Clapton), 488 (Bromley-by-Bow-Dalston Junction). All bar 25 and 58 was M-F am peak extras.

LJ13JZO WSH62998 TT 444 (CHINGFORD) 21-12-19
Above: A de-branded WSH62998 at Chingford Station on 21/12/19. (John Podgorski).

Due to Coronavirus, virtually all weekday bus services went over to Saturday schedules from 23/3/20.

Withdrawn are Dart SLF/Mini Pointer SN03 ECA; Scania/Wright Solar NK53 UNW.

From 29/3/20, Herts CC Sunday 242 (Potters Bar-Waltham Cross) was gained from Trustbus.
Only 602, 653 commercial routes regularly operating post Lockdown.

The fleet has been parked up.

With thanks to: AngliaGen, S Austin, W Bell, P Cackett, R Delahoy, Ensign, Essex Buses Group Io, A Law, LOTS, C Philson, D Pretty, J Sadd.

Courtworth Banner cropped

Busmopolitan – Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. February 2020.


Edited by John Podgorski, BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the February 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

The last Class 156 and 170 DMUs have now left Greater Anglia. The first MkIII carriages have gone for scrap.

There were three big storms in February. Storm Ciara on 8-9th;  Storm Dennis on 15-16th. Storm George on 28th-29th.


JPL121K RP21 and JPF108K SMA 8 at Green Man pub 23-2-20 (L COCKER)
Above: AEC Reliance/Park Royal RP21 (JPA 121K) and AEC Swift/Alexander SMA8 (JPF 108K) at Old Harlow. Although the RPs were a familiar sight in the Essex part of the old London Country, the SMWs were more associated with the south of the River Thames. (Louise Cocker).

This year marks 50 years since London Transport’s green country area and Green Line bus services became part of the National Bus Company (NBC) on 1st January 1970 and was renamed London Country Bus Services (LCBS). The newly formed London Country operated bus and Green Line services in Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.
As this was a day celebrating London Country, one of many subsidiaries of the National Bus Company, I thought I would wear my National Bus Company uniform. I am glad that I did as a lot of people remarked that it adds to an event like this when the bus crews are wearing uniforms of the time. We pride ourselves at the Epping Ongar Railway on looking smart in our uniforms of the time.
London Country was the largest of all the National Bus Company subsidiaries with about 1270 buses and coaches transferred to it from London Transport. The fleet was quite old, consisting of RT, RF and RM type buses with some newer Daimler Fleetlines, Leyland Atlanteans, AEC Reliances and Merlins. Examples of some of these types of buses were on display at North Weald Station and were giving bus rides around the local area.
The beautifully preserved buses from the Epping Ongar Railway fleet were in service. I was lucky enough to drive Green Line RT3238 on route 339 to Epping. There was also a large number of visiting preserved buses at North Weald Station on display and in service. There were stalls selling books, model buses, bus photos and other bus related items.
Buses were running on local routes to Chingford, Epping, Old Harlow, Nazeing Church and Little Parndon. These routes were very popular. With about 1000 visitors, many of them enjoyed the rides on the vintage buses.
The twice yearly Epping Ongar Railway bus rallies are proving very popular with visitors coming from far and wide. One of the bus conductors remarked to me that a passenger on his bus had travelled down all the way from West Yorkshire for the rally.
Among the visiting buses was London Country RT3125 from the East Anglia Transport Museum, Guy Special GS42, RT604 in National Bus Company leaf green livery, XF1 and RF180 in early London Country colours. SMA8 and RP21 in Green Line livery, MB90, Green Line RCL2260 which was the last RCL built. I can remember the RCL buses in service on route 721` and the Green Line bus garage at Romford. Timebus RLH44 (581J) which was a LCBS uniform bus which visited garages to supply bus crews with uniform. Also visiting and in service was a Leyland PD3. This type of bus was loaned to London Country from Southdown during the 1970s when there were bus shortages. These are just a few of the many wonderful preserved buses that attended the rally.
Towards the end of the day a road run took place from North Weald Station to the former London Country bus garage at Harlow which is now owned by Arriva Buses and parked up on display, We then went on one last run to Mulberry Green, Old Harlow with buses parking up for photos outside the 14th century Green Man public house which provided a wonderful background for the buses.
A fantastic day was had by all, visitors, bus owners and bus crews alike. Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this another very successful Epping Ongar Railway Bus Rally. Thanks also goes to all the bus owners for bringing their wonderful buses to the rally and to Arriva for allowing us to use their garage.
The next Epping Ongar Railway bus rally is on Sunday 6th September 2020 with a tribute to Bus Deregulation. Don’t miss it !

BUF272C PD3 and SMM90F MB 90 at Green man pub 23-2-20 (L COCKER)
Above: Preserved ex Southdown Leyland Titan PD3/4 – NC ‘Queen Mary’ BUF 272C, with AEC Mertlin MB90 (SMM 90F) at Old Harlow. Three ‘Queen Marys’ came to LCBS from Southdown in 1976 to become the LS Class. They were used for about a year as a vehicle shortage stopgap from Chelsham garage in Kent. Some other Titan PD 3/4s – but with Burlingham bodies, were bought from Ribble around the same time, but purely for driver training. As the LR Class, they lasted for several years – into the early 1980s.  MB90 was one of the fleet inherited from London Transport on 1st January 1970. (Louise Cocker).

27/7, STANSTED. Peugeot Boxer YD63 UJJ has passed to Manheim Auctions, Colchester (dealer).

Above: One of the ex Terravision Scania K360EB4/Iizar 64 seaters, YN64 AMU – at Bow Road, east London on 29/2/20. (John Podgorski).

SK68TWU 4323 AR CR 133 BRANDED ON 2 (HIGH ST, CR) 7-2-20 (D PRETTY)
Top: 4323 on High Street, Colchester on 7/2/20. (Daniel Pretty).
Above: 4323 at Great Horkesley on 7/2/20. The duty it was on is usually double deck as it covers an afternoon school run. (Peter Cackett).

Odd sightings:
3/2/20: StreetLite 4261 (GN64 DXR) on 1. 7/2/20: Route 133 StreetLite 4323 on 2.
24/2/20: StreetLite 4262 (GN64 DXS) on 2. 28/2/20: Route 133 StreetLite 4323 on 4.
29/2/20: Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1565 (HX 04 HUK) on 1.

SK68TWU 4323 AR CR 133 BRANDED ON 4 (CR) 28-2-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: 4323 on Queen Street, Colchester on 28/2/20. (Simon Austin).

YX61FZN 4008 AKT HA 311 (BS) 1-2-20
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 4008 in Bishops Stortford on 1/2/20, on the recently started Herts CC contracted local route 311. This bus was new to First London, then Tower Transit and supplied to Arriva via Ensign. (John Podgorski).

SN66WJE 6509 AR SD RAINBOW (SD T C) 22-2-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Rainbow ADL/Enviro 400 MMC 6509 (SN66 WJE) at the Travel Centre on 22/2/20. (Simon Austin).

KX09KDN 3777 AR SD 22-2-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: VDL SB300/Wright Pulsar 3777 at Southend Travel Centre on 22/2/20. (Simon Austin).

In the new livery are VDL 200/Wright Pulsar 3777 (KX09 KDN) and Optare Versa YJ10 EYC.

GN08CHG ENL89 EX 4009 AR LON B15 (BX) 1-2-20
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 4009, in its current guise as ENL89. This was one of a batch new to Arriva Southend Grays depot, for use on TfL256 (Hornchurch-Noak Hill), although they appeared on other TfL Grays routes also. After TfL256 was re-tendered to Stagecoach, 4009 and its sisters moved “across the river” to Dartford. The ENL renumbering was when Dartford (and Grays) became part of Arriva London. So, Arriva London North ENL89 was pictured on Avenue Road, Bexleyheath on 1/2/20. Note Dartford depot comes under Arriva London North and not South. (John Podgorski).

ADL/Enviro 400 T9 (LJ08 CWA) has transferred to Arriva London South at Thornton Heath.
Volvo B7TL/ALX400 VLA127 (LJ05 BJO) has passed to Ensign.

BMC 850 BU53 POV passed to Parnell, Honiton (dealer) and was resold to McGuire, Cumbernald.

1/2/20: DR75408/9 at Bishop’s Stortford.

Has Neoplan Skyliner N66 SUM.

ADL/Enviro 200 SEN29 (YX61 FZZ) is now transferred to Metrobus at Orpington ex London General at Morden Wharf.

14/2/20: 357036 on 5V92 East Ham-Ilford depot via Gas Factory Loop. 357046 at Ilford depot.

4/2/20: 37219 tnt 37254 on 1Q95 NR test train over LTS.
6/2/20: 70810 on 6M66 Oxwellmains-West Thurrock cement.
14/2/20: 37057 on 3Q71 Colchester-Norwich NR test train.
18/2/20: 70802 on 4M66 Oxwellmains-West Thurrock.

Above: Fiat Ducato SJ16 BGO on the Bishop’s Stortford town service on 1/2/20. (John Podgorski).

(Daniel Trent).
Bedford YMT/Duple Dominant III RGV 690W has been re-acquired from Norfolk Coachways for preservation. It was new to Suffolk County Council.

3/2/20; 66149 on 6L69 Peterborough-Biggleswade-Bow Plasmor.
5/2/20: 66009 on 6X77 Dagenham Dock-Mossend car transporters. 66134 on 4E25 Bow-Heck Plasmor.
6/2/20: 66005 on on 6L35 Mossend-Dagenham car transporters and 6X77 return.
8/2/20: 66125 on Bow-Acton. 90034 at Ilford depot.
11/2/20: 66012 at Chesterton Junction. 66040/80 on 4M79 FLX-E Midlands Gateway.
14/2/20: 59103 on Acton-Chelmsford stone and 5V12 return. 66134 on 6L69 Biggleswade-Bow Plasmor. 90034 at Ilford depot.
18/2/20: 66120 on FLX-East Midlands Gateway.
19/2/20: 66075 on 6Z53 Tilbury-Ince. 66167 at Marks Tey sand.
20/2/20: 59101 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 66134 on Bow-Heck Plasmor.
21/2/20: 59201 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66005 on Acton-Harlow Mill.
26/2/20: 59101 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66068 on 6L07 Acton-Griffin Wharf, Ipswich and 6V07 return. 66134 on 6l69 Biggleswade-Bow Plasmor and 4E25 return.
28/2/20: 59005 6L21 Whatley-Dagenham Dock ARC. 59101 on Acton-Harlow Mill. 66142 4L56 Trafford-London Gateway.

96 and 41 DLR (BOW CHURCH) 29-2-20
Above: Bow Church station on 29/2/20. 96 (right) arrives en route to Stratford, while 41 departs for Canary Wharf. (John Podgorski).

An interesting internal transfer is of Mercedes Citaro MEC14 from London General at Morden Wharf. Also received internally from Blue Triangle is ADL/Enviro 200 SE26 (SN57 DWO).

LX11CXC WVL420 GAL LC (BX) 1-2-20
Above: Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini WVL420 was new here for TfL474 (Canning Town-Manor Park). Following the loss of TfL474 to Stagecoach, WVL420 moved south of the Thames to Metrobus at Orpington. It subsequently went to London Central at Bexleyheath, where it was pictured on 1/2/20. (John Podgorski).

7/2/20: 57301 towed GA 371508 Kilmarnock-Ilford.
18,19/2/20: 37402 on GEML route learning.
24/2/20: Contract for Dagenham Dock-Garston car transporters gained from GBRf – 66434 on inaugural working and return.
27/2/20: 37611 towed 745106 to Norwich.

Following the conclusion of the London Overground Barking-Walthamstow e-rail, temporary ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 400s SN09 CDY, CEF/X, CFM, LK55 KJX were withdrawn and returned to sales stock.
Volvo B7TL/ALX400s 901/6 (LJ54 BDZ) have passed to Sleafordian, Sleaford.

Above: M80 FXO, one of the two recent MCV Evoras, at Colchester on Greater Anglia rail replacement to/from Ipswich on 9/2/20. (Simon Austin). The other is M20 FXO.

SN55HDZ 32669 FE 61 (HIGHWOODS, CR) 28-2-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: 32669 at Highwoods, Colchester on 28/2/20. (Daniel Pretty).

From First Scotland East are Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis 32669 (SN55 HDZ), 32673 – in blue livery. 32669 immediately entered service.
ADL/Enviro 200 MMC 67163 (YY66 PAO) is now in blue Essex Airlinks livery. It had been in the old X10 green/silver scheme.
Volvo B7RLE/Wright 66848 is now a driver trainer.
New X30 Scania N250UD/Enviro 400 MMC 36840 (YN69 XYA) was at ADL Harlow on 11/2/20. The new X30 Scanias entered service in the third week of February.
Ex X30 Volvo B9TL/Wright Geminis 37985/86 (BJ11 XGY, ECY) moved from Chelmsford to Hadleigh – they retain their old livery for the time being but have been debranded. The X30 ADL/Enviro 200MMCs have likewise been debranded, but retain their green/silver livery for the present.

WX06OMM 42955 FE 64A (CR) 28-2-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: 42955 at Osborne Street, Colchester on 28/2/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Dart SLF/Pointer 42955 (WX06 OMM) has come from First Eastern Counties.
Dart SLF/Pointer 42489 (SN53 KJY) is withdrawn, leaving just 42487 (SN03 WME) representing the type at Hadleigh. 42489 passed to Ensign for breaking.
Other ex First Essex vehicles now at Ensign for parts recovery are Dart SLF/Pointers 42483/86 (SN03 WLK, WMX) and Volvo B7TL/ALX400 W224 XBD. These came from First Eastern Counties. 42483 quickly passed to Shelton Motors of Ely for scrap.
Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 65688 (YS03 ZKH) is now with Hadlow Community School, Kent – via Ensign.
Odd sightings:
3/2/20: Trident 33044 on 64A. 4/2/20: Route 62 B9TL 37134 on 75/A. 5/2/20: B7TL/ALX400 32068 on 64. 7/2/20: Route 62 B9TL 37134 on 17 + 65. 10/2/20: X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67168 on 71. 11/2/20: Route 62 B9TLs 37134/36 on 75. 12/2/20: Route 62 B9TL 37134 on 70; B7RLE 66803 on 75. 14/2/20: Route 62 B9TL 37135 on 70; Route 62 B9TL 37138 on 64A. 17/2/20: Route 62 B9TL 37134 on 174; Route 62 B9TL 37138 on 65; B7RLE 66825 on 100; X10 E200 MMC 67161 on 100; X30 67168 on 31B; X30 66170 on 42B.
19/2/20: Trident 33087 on 64A; Route 62 B9TL 37139 on 61. 24/2/20: ADL/E200 MMC 67166 on 70. 27/2/20: Route 62 B9TL 37136 at Colchester Fuel Injection. Route 62 B9TL 37138 on 17 + 65. 28/2/20: B7TL/Gemini 33669 on 65; Route 62 B9TL 37138 on 88. 29/2/20: Trident 33080 on 64; Trident 33178 on 64A.

FLAGFINDERS. Withdrawn is Mercedes Sprinter SG52 RZL.

3/2/20: 66511 on 7L54 Acton-Harlow Mill. 66619 on 6L10 Tunstead-Thurrock.
4/2/20; 66511 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 66564 on Ipswich-Lindsay tanks. 86608/5 on 4L41.
5/2/20: 66619 on 6L34 Tunstead-Bow. 70011 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX.
6/2/20: 66543 on 4E24 Gateway-Leeds. 66572 on 4M56 Gateway-Garston. 70016 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 86622/09 on 4L41. 86627/14 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford.
7/2/20: 66525 on Acton-Chelmsford. 66606 on 6L34 Tunstead-Bow. 70016 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 70020 on up intermodal from FLX. 90046/49 on 4L95.
11/2/20: 86604/39 on 4L89. 86607/27 ON 4L75. 86612/13 ON 4L41. 86637/38 at Ipswich yard.
12/2/20: 66572 + GBRf 66733 on 4Z27 Parkeston-Felixstowe operated by GBRf. 86707/27 on 4L75. 86608/32 on 4M87. 86612/13 on 4L41. 86639 at Ipswich.
14/2/19: 66505 on 4S83. 66534 on 4L46. 66617 on 6L80 Tunstead-Marks Tey sand. 86604/39 4L89. 86608/32 on 4L91. 86612/13 at Ipswich. 86637/38 on 4M42.
17/2/20: 66587 tnt orange 66415 with HOBC at Coclhester. 86604/39/05/14 on 4L89. 86609/28 at Ipswich.
18/2/20: 66615 on 6L80 Tunstead-Marks Tey. 86604/39 on 4L41. 86609/28 on 4L91. 86612/13 on 4L89.
19/2/20: 66505 on 4M56 at Tilbury. 86605/14 on 4L89. 86612/13 on 4L91.
20/2/20: 86605/38 on 4L91.
21/2/20: 86612/13 on 4L89. 86639/04 on 4L41.
24/2/20: 66556/13 with two boxes on Leeds-FLX Fresh Express.
25/2/20: 66511 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 86627/37 on 4L41.

Above: Leger Holidays liveried VDL Bova SS16 GAL at Bishop’s Stortford on GA rail replacement to/from Broxbourne; 1/2/20. (John Podgorski).

Trident/ALX400 LX04 FXL has been sold to Ensign. It was quickly resold to Shelton Motors at Ely as scrap.

3/2/20: 66715 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
6/2/20: 66722 on 4M46 Gateway-Hams Hall. 66725 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall.
10/2/20: 66726 on 4M23.
11/2/20: 66719 on 4L28. 66735 on 4M29. 66743 on 4E21 Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
12/2/20: FL 66572 + 66733 on 4Z27 Parkeston-Felixstowe.
18/2/20: 66777 on 4L04 Hams Hall-FLX. 66789 on 4L07 Birch Coppice-FLX.
19/2/20: 66759 on 6O60 Bow-Tonbridge West.
20/2/20: 66730 on 4Z81 Masboro-FLX. 66741 on 4E20 FLX-Masboro. 66750 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 66785/27 on 4E21 FLX-Doncaster. 66789 on 4L07 Birch Coppice-FLX.
21/2/20: 66703 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall. 66724 on 4L07.
22/2/20: 66703 on 4M23. 66717 on 4L20 Hams Hall-FLX. 66777 on 4L29 Birch Coppice-FLX.
24/2/20: 66783 ‘The Flying Dustman’ on N Walsham to Ipswich light loco.
26/2/20: 66752 at Bow Yard at 0915. 66783 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
28/2/20: 66709 on 4L18 Trafford-FLX. 66717 on 4M02 FLX-Hams Hall. 66722 on 4L04 Hams Hall-FLX. 66724 on 4L07. 66732 on 4E43 FLX-Doncaster. 66736 4L14 Doncaster-FLX. 66737 on 4L00 Masboro-London Gateway. 66749 on 6T62 Whitemoor-Forest Gate engineers. 66755 on 6L34 Hoo Junct-Whitemoor. 66757 on 4E28 FLX-Doncaster. 66769 on Whitemoor-Manor Park engineers.
29/2/20: 66749 on 6T62 engineers at Stratford.

755424 GA STN-NOR (AUDLEY END) 22-2-20
Above: 755422 at Audley End on 22/2/20 on a Stansted-Norwich working. It will run in electric mode to Ely, then as diesel to Norwich. (John Podgorski).

New are Bombardier Aventra EMUs 720506/9.

90001 GA DEBRANDED (LST) 1-2-20
Above: A de-branded 90001 at London Liverpool Street on 1/2/20. The Class 90s are due to leave GA in March, when the new Class 745s fully come on stream. (John Podgorski).

De-branded are electric locos 90001/2/3. MkIII carriages 11076/94, 12081.
Sprinter DMU 156417 has gone to EMR and Turbostar DMU 170271 to Transport for Wales.
Mk IIIs 12005/37/42/82/89/142 gone for scrap to Sims, Newport, Wales.
Some Class 90s, DVTs and other MkIIIs have come off lease, but will remain in use until 31/3/20.
317881 was at Clacton for PRM mods.

3/2/20: 156417 transferred as 2N09 to EMR – last ‘156 at GA.
4/2/20: 170271 transferred as 6N10 to Transport for Wales – last ‘170 at GA.
10/2/20: 745002 on 5Q91 test Norwich-Liverpool Street.
13/2/20: 745109 delivered behind DBS 66002.
14/2/20: 720506 delivered to Ilford from Ferme Park.
17/2/20: 745002 in down loop at Chelmsford.
18/2/20: 745002 on 5Q80 Parkeston-Liverpool Street test.
20/2/20: DRS 37401 towed MKIIIs listed above from Norwich to Newport for scrap. 317508/666 on 1F84 1814 Liverpool St-Colchester.
21/2/20: 745002 on test on GEML Stowmarket-Liverpool St and Harwich branch.
25/2/20: 745004 on 5Q81 Liverpool St-Stowmarket test run.

BYD ADL/Enviro 400ev demonstrator LF69 UXJ, moved on to London General North.

Above: Over the February school half term, part of Berechurch Road in Colchester was closed for works. Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 288 was pictured on diversion on King George Road on 19/2/20. (John Podgorski).

All Scania Omnilinks are now at Clacton.
Omnilink 460 has received an overall wrap for Dream 100 FM Radio.

AN61BUS 456 HO 97 (CN) 1-2-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: Scania Omnilink 456 (AN61 BUS) has moved from Sible Hedingham (HD) to Clacton (CN). Pictured in Clacton on 1/2/20. (Daniel Pretty).

ADL/Enviro 200 261 went from KN back to HD on 5/2/20 and back to KN on 11/2/20. Then back to HD on 20/2/20. 261 is now effectively a regular KN bus.
Volvo B7TL/Gemini 521 appeared at KN again from CN on 5/2/20. 520 appeared at KN from CN on 17/2/20.
Short ADL/E200 298 (OU57 BHA) moved CN to HD on 14/2/20. By 26/2/20, it had returned to CN and was being used for mechanical training.
Omnidekka movements: 7/2/20: 802 – Chambers-KN; 810 – KN-Chambers. 10/2/20: 813 – Chambers-KN; 816 – KN-CN. 14/2/20: 817 – CN-KN. 18/2/20: 817 – KN-CN. 20/2/20: 813 – KN-Chambers; 814 – Chambers-KN; 817 – CN-KN.
Odd sightings:
10/2/20: Scania Omnilink 457 (AU61 AVK) on 16A + 82 + 50 – prior to moving HD-CN. 25/2/20: Omnidekka 814 on TLA A am, due to failure of B7TL/President 573. 26/2/20: Omnidekka 813 on 15 pm.

AU61AVK 457 CHAMBERS (CN) 14-2-20 (A LAW)
Above: Scania Omnilink 457 has moved again. This time from Sible Hedingham (HD) to Clacton (CN), where it was pictured on 14/2/20. It has both Chambers and Konect fleet names. (Alex Law).

YN06JYC 818 HO 19 (ROWHEDGE) 10-2-20 (S MILTON)
Above: Scania Omnidekka 818 at Rowhedge on 10/2/20, on the 0800 route 19 departure to Thomas Lord Audley School. It will then go onto route 63 before doing the return 19 in the afternoon. 19 only runs on schooldays. (Sonny Milton).

Destination displays are being reprogrammed to make them all DDA/PSVAR compliant.

Dart SLF/EL 85, which had been sold for preservation, has been resold for continued driver training use.
Odd sightings:
15/2/20: Optare Versa 149 (YN08 EPF) on 93.

YN08EPF 149 IB 93 9CR) 15-2-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: Versa 149 unusually in Colchester on 15/2/20. (Daniel Pretty).

A woman who put a flight in danger, by being drunk and violent on board, was jailed for 2 years by Chelmsford Crown Court on 12/2/20. Chloe Haynes (26), from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire was on a Stansted to Turkey flight worked by Boeing 737 G-JZHC on 22nd June 2019, when her behaviour caused it to return to Stansted under the escort of two fighter jets.

Above: Setra S415 K50 BYS at Southend Victoria on Greater Anglia rail replacement to/from Shenfield on 22/2/20. (Simon Austin).

Has Neoplan Skyliner N66 SUN.

Dennis Trident/ELs YAZ 8277 ex T405 BNN, T270 BPR, have been sold to GHP Trading, Ancaster.

Ex TfL100 ADL/Enviro 20Ds SE222-231 (YY64 GXK, TXH/J/K/L/M/N/O/P/R) have gone to Plymouth Citybus.

BYD ADL/Enviro400EV demonstrator SN69 CXJ was on loan from mid February, for staff training prior to the type being delivered as the Ee Class.

315802/3/8/10/16 on Romford-Upminster during February.
710120 replaced 710121 on driver training. 710119 continued on this. These training runs are between Liverpool Street and London Fields/Enfield Town. The 710s stable at Ilford.
378204/11 have been refreshed at Ilford.
24/2/20: 710/1s made their passenger debut on Lea Valley Lines, with 710121/108 on 2U37 1122 Enfield Town-Liverpool Street.

315836 ARL EX MTR 1533 LST-CFD (LST) 8-2-20
Above: Ex MTR 315836 at Liverpool Street on 8/2/19, on the 1533 to Chingford. (John Podgorski).

21445 LUL (BOW ROAD) 29-2-20
Above: S7 Stock 21445 at Bow Road on 29/2/20, on the rear of an Upminster service. (John Podgorski).

The Ex Hedingham Dennis Trident/EL T802 RFG, now a static library, suffered vandalism while parked in the school grounds. Thanks to CrowdFunding from two pupils, £1000 has been raised to allow the bus to be craned into a secure courtyard within the school complex.

345018 towed from Worksop to Ilford by DBS 37608.
21/2/20: 345057 OC-IL behind 37608.
25/2/20: 345057 appeared on GEML -on 2W72 1140 Liverpool St-Shenfield.

In February, Clarkes of Sydenham took over a route 484 diagram from Chalfont of Uxbridge. This was the one which overnights on the Essex coast.

Above: NX-Galloway Scania K440EB6/Caetano Levante III BF68 LCN picks up at the new westbound Colchester coach stop on 24/2/20. (John Podgorski).

From 20/2/20, Colchester Bus Station (Stanwell Street) was no longer served. It was replaced by the bus stops at the top of East Hill.
Between 16th and 23rd February there was disruption to some services serving Cambridge, due to Trumpington Road being blocked by an Extinction Rebellion demonstration at the junctions of Fen Causeway, Lensfield Road and Trumpington Street.
Odd sighting:
29/2/19: Gatwick (GA) Scania K440EB6/Caetano Levante GA212 on A9 – worked by SH (Start Hill).                                              Ancillary vehicles: BW69 OAB is a Ford Transit Courier crew ferry at Start Hill.

Above: GA212 on Leytonstone High Road on 29/2/20. (John Podgorski).

6/2/20: Windhoff MPVs DR98003/4/9/11 on 6Y53 Crewe-Chelmsford OHLE train.
21/2/20: Robel Mobile Maintenance Train DR97506/606/806 on 6U86 Pitsea-Colchester – later returned.

Above: Scania N230UD/Olympus 514 (EU58 BLJ) at Southend Victoria on 22/2/20; on Greater Anglia rail replacement to/from Shenfield. (Simon Austin).

Acquired via Ensign is ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 200 YX10 BDY.
Scania K360E4/Plaxton Panther2 DC61 PAN has reverted to TF61 OXF and been sold to a Scottish operator.
Following parts recovery; Dart SLF/Mini Pointer X509 WRG and Dart SLF/Pointers KP02 PUH, PVD have gone for scrap. None of these were operated.

10/2/20: 37800 on Colchester ‘Thunderbird’.
18,19/2/20: 37800 CR Thunderbird.

Two all electric BYD ADL 400EV buses – LF69 UXN/O, entered service in Cambridge on Citi6 in mid February. These also sported the new Stagecoach white based corporate livery.
The new Volvo B8TL/ADL Enviro 400 Citys are also appearing on the North Cambs Busway. Green liveried BU69 XYL was the first noted.
Between 16th and 23rd February, there was disruption to services in Cambridge, due to a major junction being blocked by an Extinction Rebellion protest. This was Lensfield Road/Fen Causeway/Trumpington Road/Trumpington Street.
Routes affected were the Trumpington Park and Ride, which could not access part of Trumpington Road or use Lensfield Road. As well as being diverted via Botanic Gardens, Station Road and Hills Road, its city centre terminus was altered for the duration from Downing Street to Regent Street. Also affected were the City Sightseeing Cambridge City Tour and route 18 to Cambourne. Part of the southbound section of the tour could not operate and 18 could not serve any of its city centre stops except by Downing Street.
Ancillary vehicles:
Vauxhall Vivaro van VA18 MVT on hire from Enterprise and at Cambridge.

Overall adverts:
ADL/E40D 12320 (SK14 CSY) – Zadig and Voltaire.
LT239 – Clarkes; LT261 – Calvin Klein; LT360 – Hilfiger; LT367 -Clarkes; LT376 – Adidas 2020.
Back to red: ADL/Enviro 40Ds 12318 (SN14 TYV), 19852 (LX12 CZF); LT258, 388.

STEPHENSONS.                                                                                                  Acquired for driver training is ex Nottingham City Transport Scania Omnitown 7054 (YN54 AHC).
Route 23 (Leigh Rail Station-Eastwood Road) ended on 25/2/20. This was a Tuesdays only operation, and had replaced a section of withdrawn Arriva Southend routeing. Scania N230UD/Enviro 400 605 (EX63 UZV) worked the last journey.

Above: Ex Yourbus, Heanor ADL/Enviro 200 436, on ex First Route 24, on Chichester Road, Southend on 1/2/20. This is one of the two regular route 24 buses. (Simon Austin).
Odd sightings: 12/2/20: Omnidekka 903 (YN53 CFV) on CHS contract usually with B12M/Paragon coach 200 (X400 MTT). 22/2/20: Scania N230UD/E400 610 (CX14 EMS) on 301. 29/2/20: Mb Sprinter 301 (RE66 VPD) on 16.

RE66VPD 301 STEPHENSONS 16 9CF) 29-2-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: 301 in Chelmsford on 29/2/20. (Simon Austin).

Withdrawn is Trident/EL TN1 (PO51 UMH).

Above: Recently acquired MAN/Plaxton Centro KX58 BHZ at Colchester on Greater Anglia rail replacement to/from Ipswich on 9/2/20. (James Pretty).

SN11BOV EN38 GAL LC 486 (BX) 1-2-20
Above: One of the ADL/Enviro 400s which passed to Go-Ahead London, via Ensign in 2018. EN38 at Broadway, Bexleyheath on 1/2/20. Working for London Central.  It had been originally posted to Metrobus at Orpington. Was DN33634 at Transit. (John Podgorski).

Above: ADL/Enviro 200 DM44267 on Leytonstone High Road on 29/2/20. Working from Lea Interchange (LI) garage. (John Podgorski).

NK53UNY TRUSTYBUS 351 (BS) 1-2-20
Above: Ex Arriva North East (via Ensign) Scania L94UB/Wright Solar NK53 UNY in Bishop’s Stortford on 1/2/20. It is on the Herts CC contracted service 351. (John Podgorski).

Acquired via Ensign is ex Arriva Kent Thameside Optare Solo M950 YJ07 VPX.
Trident/ALX400 LX04 FXP has been sold; probably for scrap.

Above: One of the recent ex RATP London Optare Tempos. YJ11 EHW at Ongar Two Brewers on 25/2/20. (Robert Downton).

Sold are Mb Citaro O530 bendybuses MBA325-27 (MH06 YJD/E/F ex AN02 EDN, BN02 EDN, CN02 EDN). All likely went for scrap. MBA327 was definitely scrap as it was fire damaged.

Between 16th and 23rd February, the U service was disrupted due to Trumpington Road being blocked by an Extinction Rebellion protest, at its junction with Trumpington Street, Lensfield Road and Fen Causeway. Service U could not serve Trumpington Street so was diverted via the city centre.

WILSON, GRAYS. Ford Transit 16 seater AW12 BUS, has been re-registered back to EY12 UMC and sold.

With thanks to: AngliaGen, S Austin, P Cackett, A Hazell, A Law, LOTS, S Milton, D Pretty, J Pretty, D Trent, I Twine.

Courtworth Banner cropped

Busmopolitan. Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. January 2020.


Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the January 2020 edition of Busmopolitan.

The introduction of the new trains on Greater Anglia has continued this month. Stadler Flirts have been introduced to the Marks Tey-Sudbury branch, and there is now a regular Class 754 diagram on the Norwich-London main line.

At First Essex, the new Scania/Enviro 400 double deckers for the X30 Southend-Chelmsford-Stansted Airport have arrived. They will be launched later.

In the air, Flybe has run into monetary problems again, and this time has been “bailed out” by government intervention.

Out of the Busmopolitan area, but significant for the bus industry, was the sudden collapse of north west council fleet Halton Transport on 24/1/20. This followed two years of significant financial losses. Even a cash injection of £750K by the council could not solve the problem. This leave just 8 former municipal bus fleet in the UK now, one of which is the local Ipswich Buses.

Mb 0816D/UVM YN58 AFA is now with Ahmed, Newcastle upon Tyne.

New is Yutong Tc9 AC69 ERN.

Volvo B7RLE/Wright 3826 (GN07 AVP) was on loan from Southend, to cover for acident damaged Dart SLF/Caetano 1562 (RX07 KPG), while the lateer was repaired.
Routes 133 (Braintree-Stansted Airport), 900 (Braintree Freeport Shuttle) ran on New Years Day.
Odd sightings:
2/1/20: StreetLite 4261 (GN64 DXR) on 1; short Dart SLF/Caetano 1565 (HX04 HUK) on 8. 5/1/19: ADL/E200 3986 (GN07 DLO) on 900 – usually StreetLite. 6/1/20: Route 133 StreetLite 4324 (SK68 GWV) on 1. 9/1/20: Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1563 (RX07 KPJ) on 8; 4261 on 1. 14/1/20: VDL DB300LF/Pulsar Gemini 4459 on 1. 15/1/20: Dart SLF/Pointer 3413 (SN54 HWY) on 77 – usually E200. 22/1/20: StreetLite 4261 on 2. 29/1/20: 4459 on 1.

GN07DLO 3986 AR CR 900 (BE FREEPORT) 5-1-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 3986 at Braintree Freeport on 5/1/20. (Simon Austin).

From 6/1/20, new Bishop’s Stortford town service 311 commenced. It is on Herts CC contract.
A new Stansted Airport-London express coach service is also imminent.
New liveried ADL/Enviro 200 4008 (YX61 FZN) is here from Hemel Hempstead. It was new to Tower Transit and came to Arriva via Ensign.

KX09KDU 3779 AR SD 9 (RAYLEIGH) 31-1-20
Above: VDL SB300/Wright Pulsar 3779 at Rayleigh Station on 31/1/20. (John Podgorski).

ENL18 has been transferred to Barking.

King Long XMQ6900 MX16 BFP is ex J&B Travel, Stanningley.

25/1/20: DR75408/9 at Broxbourne.

Operations have moved from Horse Heath (Cambs) to Haverhill (Suffolk).

Above: Vehicles are now parked at Star Buses, Haverhill. ADL/Enviro 200s KX59 CXP/R pictured on 25/1/20. (John Podgorski).

BLUE TRIANGLE. Odd sightings: 19/1/20:Volvo B9TL/Geminis WVL468, 476 on 104.

New Wednesdays only routes 375 (Sudbury-Bury St Edmunds), 379 (Hadleigh-Bury St Edmunds) started on 15/1/20.

BX55FYJ 2 CHAMBERS (HO HD) 25-1-20
Above: Mercedes Touro no 2; now with Hedingham at Sible Hedingham depot on 25/1/20. It is used on Hedingham School Bus 5. (John Podgorski).

8/1/20: 37254 tnt 37099 on 1Q97 Ferme Park-Cambridge.
9/1/20: 70809 on 6M66 Oxwellmains-West Thurrock cement.
21/1/20: 37610 + NR 96604, 6260, 62287, 9808, 9703 on Cambridge-FermePark NR test train.
28/1/20: 70817 on 6M66 Oxwellmains-West Thurrock and 4S89 return.

Above: Two coaches previously with Essex operators, on GA RRP at Cambridge North on 5/1/20. Ex Graham’s of Kelvedon Scania/Irizar T361 JWA is in front of ex Philips of South Woodham Ferrers Volvo B10M/VH S756 XYA. (Alex Hazell).

2/1/20: 66125 on Trafford-London Gateway.
7/1/20: 90034 at Ilford depot.
8/1/20: 66111 on 4E25 Biggleswade Plasmor-Bow. 66140 on Acton-Griffin Wharf Ipswich. 66147 on 6L35 Mossend-Dagenham cartics.
10/1/20: 66154 6V80 Marks Tey-Brentford empties.
14/1/20: 66111 on 4E25 Bow-Heck Plasmor.
17/1/20: 59005 on 6L30 Acton-Chelmsford.
23/1/20: 59104 on 6L21 Dawley Loop-Dagenham Dock ARC.
28/1/20: 59102 on on Acton-Chelmsford.
29/1/20; 66090 on 6L07 Acton-Ipswich Griffin Wharf then 6V07 return to Neasden. 66149 on 4E25 Bow-Heck.
31/1/20: 66030 on 6V80 Marks Tey- Crawley.

ADL/Enviro 200 SE152 is here from London General, for commercial use on the FarEast shuttles in Stratford. However it was soon transferred to London General at Morden Wharf.

Has been awarded a new contract to operate Ford automotive rail services between Dagenham and Garston (Liverpool). This is in partnership with STVA UK.
7/1/20: 57306 towing GWR 387136 on 5Q50 Reading-Ilford ECS.
9/1/20; 37608 on Leicester-Ilford light loco.
21/1/20; 68002 tnt 68012 on Southminster nuclear flasks.
31/1/20: 57306 took GWR 387141/30 to Ilford and took 387134/39 back to GWR, Reading.

Routes 22 (Grays-Aveley), 44 (Grays-Purfleet), 73A (Lakeside-Tilbury), X80 (Chafford Hundred-Bluewater) ran on New Years Day.
ADL/Enviro 200s 705-8/11/12 (YX10 ECA, SN11 FFJ-L/P/R) have passed to Warrington’s Own Buses, for use on ex Halton Transport routes, following the latter’s sudden collapse.
For the London Overground Walthamstow to Barking e-rail, the following ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 400s were temporarily put into the fleet from sales stock: SN09 CDY, CEF/X, CFM, LK55 KJX.

Now has MCV Evoras M20 FXO, M80 FXO.

New Scania N250UD/Enviro 400 MMCs 36837-43 (YN69 XXU-W, XYA-D) for X30 (Southend-Chelmsford-Stansted Airport) have been delivered to Chelmsford. They are two tone blue. The X30 will be relaunched as ‘Essex Airlink’.

YN69XYD 36843 FE X30 NEW (WT) 16-1-20 (PETER CLACKETT)
Above: Brand new X30 Scania N280UD/Enviro 400MMC 36843 (YN69 XYD) in Witham on 16/1/20, en route from Chelmsford depot to TruckEast. (Peter Cackett).

Further ex First West Yorkshire Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis at Colchester (CR) are 37034 (YJ06 XKZ), 37053/54 (YJ06 XMD/E), 37060-62 (YJ06 XMM/O/P).
Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32475 (AU53 HJJ) has moved to First Eastern Counties at Ipswich.
Trident/President 33086 (LN51 GMG) has transferred from CR to Basildon (BN).

one size-full wp-image-22127″ src=”https://jpodgorski1.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/sn13cpe-37805-fe-98-cn-22-12-19.jpg” alt=”SN13CPE 37805 FE 98 (CN) 22-12-19″ width=”960″ height=”720″ />
Above: ADL/Enviro 300 67805 on the 98 at Jackson Road, Clacton on 22/12/19. The car park in the background is the site of the old bus station – closed in 1989. (Simon Austin).

MX05CCN 66803 FE 97 (LT CLACTON) 28-12-19 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Volvo B7RLE/Wright Solar Eclipse 66803 on the 97 at Little Clacton on 28/12/19. (Simon Austin).

Operation of commercial routes 75B (Colchester-University of Essex), 97, 98 (Colchester-Clacton-Walton) ceased after 4/1/20. Hedingham has provided replacement facilities. (See below). The last 97 was worked by Trident 33178 (LR02 LYX) after ADL/Enviro 300 67741 (SN62 AKJ) failed at Holland on Sea.
Sunday/bank holiday contracts 76 (Colchester-Clacton) and two M-Sat evening 74B (Colchester-St Osyth-Clacton)  journeys continue for the time being. First and its predecessors had served ‘The Essex Sunshine Coast’ for more than 100 years.
Also after 4/1/20, the 71B Chelmsford-Witham shorts were renumbered to 71D and 88 no longer served Great Yeldham and all journeys terminated at Halstead.
From 5/1/20, route 62 (Colchester-Brightlingsea) was revised. A new 62B variant was introduced, running via Hythe Hill. (The 62 continues to serve East Hill). Combined frequency has been increased to a peak of every 10 minutes. On Sunday/holidays there is now a 62C.
Routes X10 (Basildon-Stansted Airport), X30 (Southend-Stansted Airport) ran on New Years Day.
From 6/1/20, new registered school route 570 (Great Dunmow-Colchester) replaced the old 508 and 509. The 570 does not serve Stebbing and Rayne, however.
Also from 6/1/20, operation of route 24 (Southend-Southchurch) passed to Stephensons.

SN62ASU 67756 FE 97 LAST DAY (CR) 4-1-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: ADL/Enviro 300 67756 at Stanwell Street, Colchester on the last day of First operation of route 97 on 4/1/20. (Simon Austin).

SN62AKJ 66741 FE 97 LAST DAY (CN) 4-1-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: ADL/Enviro 300 67741 at Pier Avenue, Clacton on the last day of First operation of route 98 on 4/1/20. (Simon Austin).

Wright StreetLites 63328/29 (SK65 PXJ/L) have transferred from CR to HH, due to the route changes above. ADL/Enviro 300s 44596/97 (EU60 LFS, FJ58 YSL) moved from HH back to CF. B7TL/ALX400 32485 (AU53 HKC) – CF-CR, for an extra 70 duty. Sister 32483 (AU53 HKA) has a super rear advert for CT1. Volvo B7RLE/Wright 66813 (MX05 CDO) returned to BN with 66848 to CF in exchange. B7RLE/Wright 69430 (AU58 FFV) has been repainted.

YS03ZKB 62407 FE 65 (CR) 25-1-20 (D PRETTY)
Above: Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 62407 enters Queen Street, Colchester on 25/1/20. (Daniel Pretty).

Scania L94UB/Wright Solars 65688-90 have been sold to Ensign. 62408 is withdrawn. This leaves just 62407/10, 65679 active at CR. They were replaced by a combination the ex First Glasgow ADL/E300s and service reductions – such as the withdrawal of the 97 and 98.
BMC 1100s 68510/20/31 (KX54 ANR, KP54 AZU, LK54 FNC) also passed to Ensign, and were quickly resold to Southern Transit.
Volvo B10BLE/Wright trainers 62139 (X618 NSS), 66179 (W379 EOW) have gone to Alpha for scrap.

Above: 66179 being taken away for scrap from Chelmsford depot on 4/1/20. (Dale Bell).

Odd sightings: 2/1/20: B7TL/ALX400 32068 (KP51 VZS) on 62; Trident 33044 (LN51 DVH) on 65; Trident 33088 (LN51 GMU) on 62; B7TL/Gemini 37010 on 64A; Route 62 B9TL/Geminis 37133/34 on 75; Roite 62 B9TL/Gemini 37139 (SN57 HCY) on 64; StreetLite 63334 on 62; 3/1/20: 32068 on 62; B7TL/ALX400 32478 (AU53 HJO) on 65; Trident 33080 (LN51 GNP) on 64; Trident 33178 (LR02 LYX) on 65; 37134 on 75; StreetLite 63335 on 62. 4/1/20: Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37133 on 75; 37134 on 70; 37135 on 64; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37138 (SN57 HCX) on 61 + 1A; 37139 (SN57 HCY) on 75. 5/1/20: 32068 on 62A; 37139 on 61. 6/1/20: 37134 on 88A. 7/1/20; 32485 (AU53 HKC) on 62B. 8/1/20: Trident 33044 on 174; StreetLite 63340 on 75. 9/1/20: B7TL/ALX400 32475 (AU53 HJJ) on 65; B7TL/ALX400 32476 (AU53 HJK) on 174; Trident 33086 (LN51 GMG) on 65; 33087 (LN51 GMO)on 66; B7TL/Gemini 37027 on 64A; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37136 on 70. 10/1/20; Trident 33044 on 65; Route 62 B9TL 37136 (SN57 HCU) on 64A. 11/1/20: B7RLE 66798 (MX05 CCA) on 75. 13/1/20: Scania L94UB/Wright 62410 (YS03 ZKF) on 75. 14/1/20: 65679 on 75. 15/1/20: B9TL/Gemini 37140 at Colchester Fuel Injection. 16/1/20: 62407, 67756 on 75. 18/1/20: Route 62 37136 on 88; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67171 on 71. 20/1/20; B7TL/Gemini 37037 on 64A. 21/1/20: Trident 33044 on 62; Route 62 B9TL 37134 (SN57 HDH) on 17 + 65 pm peak. 22/1/20: B7TL/ALX400 32477 on 62; Dart SLF/Pointer 42941 (WX56 OAV) on 71. 23/1/20: Trident 33080 on 65. 24/1/20; YX09 AFV on 100. 27/1/20; Route 62 B9TL 37139 on 175. 28/1/20: Route 62 37133 on 70 + 2A. 31/1/20: Route 62 B9TL 37133 on 67/C am; 44909 on 100.

Has Mb Atego 1524L/UNVI SN15 CDE ex Mint, Kilburn.

Scania Omnidekka YN08 MLY is ex Nottingham City Transport via Ensign.
Sold is Volvo Olympian/Alexander RL R758 DRJ.

Above: Scania Omniexpress Y4 FLG ex YT09 FLF at Colchester, on GA Ipswich-Marks Tey rail replacement on 12/1/20. (Simon Austin).

A year after it had previous run into financial difficulties and been rescued by a consortium of Virgin, Stobart and a financier; Flybe ran into trouble again – after another year of losses. The UK Government struck a rescue deal. Flybe serves London City and Southend airports, in the ‘Busmopolitan’ area.

2/1/20: 70002 on 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe. 86628/07 on 4L91 Wembley-Felixstowe.
4/1/20: Orange 66415 on 4L41 Ditton-Felixstowe. 66571 on 1127 Chelmsford-Stoke Gifford FLHH stone. 86632/22 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX. 86637/27 on 4L93 Crewe-FLX.
7/1/20; 65501 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton stone. 86627/37 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 86638/12 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX.
8/1/20; 86607/09 on 0L89 Crewe-Ipswich light loco.86610/13 on 4L97. 86622/32 on 4L91.
9/1/20: 66610 on Acton-Chelmsford stone arr 0533 dep 1054. Orange 66623 on Tunstead-West Thurrock arr 0415. 86612/38 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX.86627/39 on 4L91.
10/1/20: 66570 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 70002 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX. 70007 on 4M81 FLX-Crewe. 86612/38 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 86632/22 on 4L97.
13/1/20: 86639/27 on 4L89.
14/1/20: 86605/8 on 4L97. 90046/48 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX.
15/1/20: 66501 on 4L52 Garston-London Gateway. 66560 on 4E24 Gateway-Leeds. 66588 on 4M56 Gateway-Garston.
16/1/20: 66957 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 70016 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX.
17/1/20: 66957 on Acton-Harlow Mill stone. 86605/8 on 4L91.
21/1/20: 86609/37 on 4L89.
25/1/20: 66587/93 on Shenfield engineers. 66533/951 on 6Y13 Parkeston Quay-Shenfield engineers. 66594/617 on 6Y14 Whitemoor-Shenfield engineers. 66418//554 on Brentwood engineers.
27/1/20: 66431 on 4M07 Tilbury-Daventry. 66597 on 4Z53 Wembley-London Gateway. 70014 on 4L91 Wembley-FLX.
28/1/20: 86608/12 on 4L89. 86628/39 on 4L41.
29/1/20: 66559 on 6L30 Acton-Chelmsford. 86604/9 on 4L91. 86605/32 on 4L41. 86613/22 on 4L89.
30/1/20: 86605/32 on 4L41. 86613/22 on 4L91. 86639/28 on 4L89.
31/1/20: 70020 on 4L46 Lawley St-Gateway.86622/13 on 4L41. 86604/9 on 4L89. 86628/39 on 4L42.

66722 GBRf (CR) 4-1-20
Above: 66722 at Colchester on 4/1/20. (John Podgorski).

2/1/20: 66714 on 4L18 Trafford-Felixstowe. 66730 on 4L18 Garston-Dagenham car transporters.
4/1/20: 66719 on 4M26 FLX-Hams Hall. 66722 held on down goods loop at Colchester with late running 4L29 Birch Coppice-FLX intermodal. 66752 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall.
7/1/20: 66716 on 4M23.
8/1/20: 66773 on N Walsham-Ipswich light loco. 66789 on 6L37 Hoo-Whitemoor.
9/1/20: 66770 on Grain-Harlow Mill. 66773 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 66789 on 4L04 Hams Hall-FLX.
11/1/20: 66704 on 4E14 FLX-Doncaster. 66729 on 4M07 FLX-Birch Coppice. 66786 on FLX-Trafford. 66789 on Hams Hall-FLX.
13/1/20; 66716 on 4M23. 66746 on 6L37.
14/1/20: 66716 on 4M23. 66723 on 4M46 London Gateway-Hams Hall. 66789 on 4L02.
15/1/20: 66723 on 4M46 London Gateway-Hams Hall.
16/1/20: 66775 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks. 66785 on 4M23.
17/1/20: 66789 on 4L02.
18/1/20: 66789 on 4L02.
22/1/20; 66763 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks and return.
23/1/20: 66781 on 4M29.
25/1/20: 66714 on Maryland engineers. 66735 on 6T63 Whitemoor-Forest Gate engineers.
27/1/20: 66723 on London Gateway-Hams Hall.
29/1/20: 66706 on 4M23. 66722 on 4L47 Wemble-London Gateway.
30/1/20: 66785 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks.

755332 GA MT FIRST DAY 21-1-20
Above: 755332 at Marks Tey on 21/1/20. The first day of ‘755 revenue operation on the Sudbury branch. (John Podgorski).

All of the Stadler Flirts have now been delivered. 745107 had the honour of being the last.
New is 720509 – first of its class.
Class 755 operation began on the Marks Tey-Sudbury on 21/1/20.

755412 GA (IPSWICH) 19-12-19 (A HAZELL)
Above: Stadler Flirt bi-mode 755412 at Ipswich on 19/12/19. It is on an East Suffolk Line service. A London bound Class 321 waits on the opposite platform. (Alex Hazell).

Class 90s and MkIII carriages are now starting to be debranded.
156407/16/18 transferred to EMT.
158418 ‘ESTA’ was de-branded and de-named.
2/1/20: 755007 on 5Q91 Norwich-Liverpool Street test run.
4/1/20: The 1403 at Colchester Norwich-Liverpool Street ran as 6 coaches, due to 12091, 12139 being locked out of use.
8/1/20: 745007 on 0740 Norwich-London; the first ‘745 in revenue service.
9/1/20: 317514/08 on 5F96 Ilford-Witham test run. 745006 on 5Q92 Liverpool Street-Norwich test run. 745007 on 0740 NOR-LST again. 755325/401 delivered – completing batch.
10/1/20: 745007 on 0740 NOR-LST.
11/1/20: 745007 on 0700 NOR-IPS – due to engineering.
13/1/20: 156419 on 5V01 Norwich-Ilford ECS. 710119/21 on West Anglia training runs – Liverpool St-Enfield Town (for all of week). 720509 delivered to Ilford.
14/1/20: 156407 – to EMT. 317342 towed Kilmarnock-Ilford by DRS 57312.
16/1/20: 156418 on 2T27 Sudbury-Marks Tey, then 5P27 ECS to Norwich with 156416 replacing as 2T28 Marks Tey-Sudbury. 745006 on 5Q92 Norwich-Liverpool Street ECS/test and 5Q92 return. 745007 on 1P37 Norwich-London. 745107 delivered.
19/1/20: 745010 on 5Q91 Norwich-London test.
20/1/20: 90014 towed Norwich-Crewe by DRS 37401 as 0Z90. 156416 on last working of type on Marks Tey-Sudbury.
21/1/20: 90008 towed back from Crewe by DRS 37401. 156416 on 2E70 Colchester-Peterborough, then 2L71 back to Ipswich. 755332 on Marks Tey-Sudbury – first revenue working on this route.
24/1/20: 156419 transferred to EMR. 3 MkIIIs towed to Leeds Neville Hill by DRS 37402 at 2 MkIIIs brought back.
27/1/20; 156416 transferred to EMR.
28/1/20; 745010 failed at Forest Gate on 1P15 0740 NOR-LST; recovered by DRS 37611 as 1Z99.
31/1/20: 156417 is last ‘156 on GA.

156407 GA (MT) 9-1-20
Above: 156407 at Marks Tey on 9/1/20. (John Podgorski).

321336 GA (RAYLEIGH) 31-1-20
Above: 321336 at Rayleigh on 31/1/20. On a late evening Liverpool Street to Southend Victoria service. (John Podgorski).

Odd sightings:
15/1/20: ADL/E20D 1237 on 20.

OU57FHA 298 HO (CN) 15-1-20
Above: 298 at Clacton depot on 15/1/20. (John Podgorski).

Transferred from Konect is short ADL/Enviro 200 298 (OU57 FHA). This is connected with the route changes/gains below.
Withdrawn is Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 563 (V307 LGC). The only B7TL/President now not fitted for OPO is 570 (W487 WGH).
Route 137 ran on New Years Day.

SF04SKD 910 HO 74 FIRST DAY (CR) 5-1-20 (S MILTON)
Above: Optare Solo 910 at Stanwell Street, Colchester on the first day of new route 74; 5/1/20. (Sonny Milton).

Hedingham took over ex First commercial routes 97, 98 from 5/1/20. They are being run as Clacton-Walton only. 97 terminates at The Naze and 98 turns at the Columbine Centre. Daytime frequencies are 30 minutes. to cover the Colchester-Clacton sections, there have been frequency increases on X76 (Clacton-Colchester) Mon to Sat and the introduction of new commercial service 74 (Clacton-St Osyth-Wivenhoe-Colchester). In Colchester, 74 terminates at Head Street Mon to Sat, and at Stanwell Street on Suns/hols. M-Sat, 74 interworks with X76 and is usually Omnidekka worked. On Suns/holidays, 74 interworks with 97/98 and uses saloons, due to the low railway bridge at Kirby Cross. M-Sat 97/98s use saloons for the same reason. Due to this, 16 and some 82/83s transferred from CN to KN (using an existing Omnidekka), while 16A and some 50, 63 and 82 duties moved from CN to HD (using an existing ADL/Enviro 200). Hedingham is now the dominant bus operator in Clacton and district.

SF04SKD 910 HO 97 FIRST DAY (PIER AVE CN) 5-1-20 (A LAW)
Above: 910 on the new route 97 at Pier Avenue, Clacton on 5/1/20. The Boots shop to the left stands on the site of the old Suttons Coaches depot (closed 1980). (Alex Law).

Above: Scania Omnilink 458 at Rochford Way, Frinton on Sea on 11/1/20. (Sonny Milton).

ADL/E200 261 was at KN again from 6/1/20. B7TL/Gemini 524 returned from KN to CN on 2/1/20. B7TL/President 570 returned from KN to HD on 6/1/20. B7TL/Gemini 520 – CN-KN on 7/1/20 and returned on 10/1/20. B7TL/Gemini 521 – CN-KN on 15/1/20. 521 – KN-CN on 17/1/20. 511 – HD-KN on 21/1/20 – returned on 23/1/20. 570 – HD-KN on 23/1/20.
Omnidekka movements: 2/1/20: 819 – CN-KN. 6/1/20: 819 – KN-CN. 7/1/20: 811 – Chambers-KN; 814 – KN-Chambers. 8/1/20: 816 – CN-KN. 13/1/20: 819 – CN-KN. 17/1/20: 813 – KN-Chambers. 23/1/20: 812 – KN-Chambers; 813 – Chambers-KN. By 24/1/20: 800 – KN-Chambers. 30/1/20: 800 – Chambers-KN; 813 – KN-Chambers. By 31/1/20: 802 – KN-Chambers.
Odd sightings: 5/1/20: Solos 910/11 (SF04 SKD/E) on 74, 97/98 due to diversion via Pork Lane, Great Holland, due to closure of the main road, usually larger saloons would be used. From 7/1/20: B7TL/Gemini 520 on PL4. 7/1/20: B7TL/President 571 on 63. 8/1/20: Omnidekka 816 on 15 pm. 9/1/20: Dart SLF/Pointer 257 (EU56 FLM) on 74 + X76; B7TL/President 563 on 74 + X76; B7TL/President 565 (W425 WGH) on 19 + 63; B7TL/President 579 (W526 WGH) on 74 + X76. 13/1/20: 819 on TLA B pm. 14/1/20: 574 on 19 + 63. 15/1/20: 521 on TLA B pm. 16/1/20: 816 on TLA A/B. 17/1/20: 565 on 19 + 63; 812 on TLA am; 814 on TLA B pm. 20/1/20: B7TL/Presidents 563, 572 on 74 + X76. 21/1/20: 579 on 19 + 63. 23/1/20: ADL/E200 262 on 74 + X76; Omnidekka 816 on 15 pm.
24/1/20; 565 on 19 + 63. 27/1/20: Dart SLF/MPD 291 on 903 am; B7TL/President 572 on 19 + 63; B7TL/President 574 (W506 WGH) on 63. 28/1/20: B7TL/President 568 (W458 WGH) on 19 + 63.
(Note that following the start of new route 74 and the gaining of 97, 98 – Volvo B7TL/Presidents are appearing more on stage work again).
Ancillary vehicles:
Vauxhall Combo van 9004 (W761 TRE) is withdrawn. It has been parked up at Clacton.

JACKSONS, BICKNACRE. Withdrawn is Mb 0814D/Euro AE06 JNF.

KEVENDY’S, WICKFORD. Ex Soul of Olney is Neoplan Skyliner YR02 UOB.

Dennis Javelin/Plaxton Premiere M291 FAE is now with ACE Training, Sawbridgeworth.

Wright StreetLites WS64, 136 have bben transferred here from within Go-Ahead London.

Above: SEe86, one of the recent BYD ADL/E20EV electric buses for TfL214 (Parliament Hill Fields-Moorgate). At Finsbury Square on 16/1/20. (Robert Downton).

378323 to new livery.
The Romford-Upminster saw 315801/6/9 during January.
10/1/20: 315833/59 on 5Q21 Northampton-Ilford.
13/1/20: 315833/59 back to Northampton from Ilford.
29/1/20: 710103 on 5H72 East Ham-Willesden inter depot positioning move.

MILESTONE, CANVEY.                                                                                            From Premier of Luton is Neoplan Tourliner K6 TDT ex PO63 FMY.

7/1/20: 345056 working on GEML.
23/1/20; 345020 working on GEML.

31/1/20: Plasser and Theurer ballast regulator DR77905 Stowmarket-West Ealing behind DRS 37401. Plasser and Theurer ballast regulator DR77907 on 6U47 Romford-Stowmarket.

DK09OBH 417 NIBS 21 (BE BUS PARK) 5-1-20 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Ex Ensignbus ADL/Enviro 200 417 at Braintree Bus Park on 5/1/20. NIBS only operates in Braintree on Sundays and public holidays. (Simon Austin).

Above: ADL/Enviro 200 AB09 PAN at North Station Road, Colchester on 4/1/20. (John Podgorski).

ADL/Enviro 200s AB09 PAN, DB09 PAN have reverted to their original registrations YX09 AFA, AEV and with sales stock ADL/E200 YX10 BCU, passed to Warrington’s Own Buses. This was top do with the sudden collapse of Halton Transport on 24/1/20.
Long disused Dennis Dart/Alexander Dash BIG 8843 has reverted to P390LPS and Dennis Javelin/UVG BIG 8796 has gone back to P653 LRV.
The current OCs are: Depot and HO at Parkeston; sub depot at Colchester; outstation at Great Dunmow (not always used); workshop at Weeley.
The Greater Anglia rail replacement cross platform shuttle at Marks Tey, is now provided by on demand taxi.

Above: Ex Stanleys of Durham Dart SLF/Mini Pointer DC56 PAN, turns from Northern Approach into Turner Road, Colchester on 31/1/20. Contributor A Hazell is driving. (John Podgorski).

8/1/20: 37611 at Colchester.
21/1/20; 37800 at Cambridge on 0Q13 light loco from Norwich – returned as 5Q14 ECS.
23/1/20: 37800 dragged 755328 as Ipswich-Norwich ECS.

Green liveried BYD ADL/Enviro 400EV City electric buses LF69 UYV/Y have appeared at Cowley Road depot, Cambridge. They are on loan from Stagecoach Manchester and are for staff training.
Scania N230UD/Enviro 400 15463 (AE09 GYN) is now in fleet livery, ex green.

Above: Scania N230UD/Enviro 400 15959 at Haverhill Bus Station on 25/1/20. (John Podgorski).

Odd sightings:
25/1/20: Standard liveried ADL/E400 19588 (AE10 BWZ) on Gold 13A.

BYD ADL Enviro 200EV battery electric demonstrator LJ68 CYO was on loan at West Ham in early January.
New TfL route 497 (Harold Hill-Harold Wood), began on 25/1/20.
Overall adverts:
LT314 – to Oat-Ly!; LT367 – Sonic; LT383 – Florida.
Back to red: LT313/15/66/69/70/77/78/81.

Above: Ex Whippet Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis LK54 FLB/G, on depot on 25/1/20. (John Podgorski).

Above: Scania Omnidekka 643 in Haverhill on 25/1/20. It has arrived on route 14 from Bury St Edmunds and will return on route 15. (John Podgorski).

Took over operation of route 24 (Southend-Southchurch) from First Essex, from 6/1/20. Ex Yourbus ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs 435/36 (YY67 USC/D) are the usual vehicles.
Also from 6/1/20, there were changes to the registered Newport Academy routes. 418 no longer ran, while 419 was extended to/from Great Saling.
A reminder that the Suffolk fleet at Haverhill and Bury St Edmunds is segregated from the Essex fleet. Although vehicles tend to be constant at all of the depots and outstations, there is a “common user” approach with no set allocations as such. There are rotations between depots and outstations; eg Boreham to Braintree and Boreham to Clacton. Current OCs are: Depots at Boreham, Haverhill, Maldon, Rochford. Outstations at: Braintree, Bury St Edmunds, Clacton.
Odd sightings:
11/1/20: Dart SLF/Pointer 460 (EU05 CZA) on 30.

Above: Dealer white ex Abellio London ADL/Enviro 200 449 in Haverhill on 25/1/20. (John Podgorski).

The last two Plaxton Presidents in TfL service are Tridents TPL926/27. They are normally used on school routes. They were new to Blue Triangle.

Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere BU51 ZAK is ex P&M of Wickford.

The latest acquired minibus is Ford Transit hi cube 16 seater LC16 KZM.

Ex RATP London United are Optare Tempos YJ112 EHO/W.

Mb Citaro MB304 suffered an engine fire in Cranfield on 24/1/20 and is withdrawn.

7-8/1/20: Matisa B45 tamper DR75303 on driver training at Stratford.
10/1/20: Matisa R24S Ballast Regulator DR77802 on 1140 Romford-Manningtree.

Above; Scania Omnicity YN58 BCV at Ingatestone on GA RRP to/from Newbury Park on 26/1/20. (Alex Hazell).

With thanks to: Angliagen, S Austin, D Bell, P Cackett, L Cornwell, D Disbury, A Hazell, A Law, S Milton, D Pretty.

Courtworth Banner cropped

Busmopolitan. Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. December 2019.


Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSC, CMILT.

Welcome to the December, 2019 edition of Busmopolitan.

YY66PBU 67166 FE X30 FATHER XMAS (CF) 21-12-19 (D PRETTY)
Above: Father Christmas looks to have traded his reindeer and sleigh for an ADL/Enviro 200 MMC ! First Essex 67166 in fact. Spotted in Chelmsford on 21/12/19, he could at least have got hold of one in the proper route X30 colours ! (Daniel Pretty).

Services ran on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Routes 133 (Braintree-Stansted Airport), 900 (Braintree Freeport Shuttle) ran on Boxing Day.
At least one of the Park & Ride ADL/Enviro 200s received Xmas bodyside vinyls – of Santa and snowflakes.
Odd sightings:
10/12/19: Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1565 (HX04 HUK) on 8. 20/12/19: Dart SLF/MPD 1559 (EU56 GVG) on 8. 23/12/19: Dart SLF/MPD 1558 (KX56 HCP) on 1; 1565 on 8; StreetLite 4224 (GN62 HMY) on 2 + 11. 24/12/19: 1558 on 8. 27/12/19: 1559, 1562, 1564 on 1. 31/12/19: 1558 on 1; 1565 on 8; long Dart SLF/Pointer 3417 (SN54 HXC) on 4.
Ancillary vehicles:
The latest crew ferry is rented Ford Kuga DP18 RZK.

DP18RZK + GN07DLO AR CR 27-12-19
Above: At Osborne Street, Colchester on 27/12/19, Ford Kuga DP18 RZK collects crew to return to the depot at Old Heath, while ADL/Enviro 200 3986 passes on a northbound service 8. (John Podgorski).

Ex Arriva Guildford and West Surrey ADL/Enviro 200MMC 4113 (SN67 WUA) is here.
Routes 309 (Bishop’s Stortford-Stansted Airport), 510 (Harlow-Stansted Airport) ran on Boxing Day.
Odd sightings:
13/12/19: Mb Sprinter 1010 on 10.

Ex Arriva Kent and Sussex Optare Versa 4240 (KX13 DHL) is now at work here.
Odd sightings:
9/12/19: Mb Sprinter 1007 on 29.

A few VLA Class Volvo B7TL/ALX400s remain active. On 3/12/19, VLA57 was on TfL173 (Beckton-Goodmayes Hospital); VLA130/31 were on TfL368 (Chadwell Heath-Barking).
VLA128 is withdrawn. VLA133 (LJ05 GPY) passed to Ensign for scrap. Also sold to Ensign was VLA123 (LJ05 BKX).
ENL112 has been transferred to Grays.
ADL/Enviro 400s T1, 2, 4, 6-8 (LJ08 CVS/T/V/X/Y/Z), T11 (LJ08 CVF) have transferred to Arriva London South at Thornton Heath.
Odd sightings:
21/12/19: ADL/E400 T250 (LJ61 LLA) on 313 (Chingford-Potters Bar) – usually ENX Class ADL/E200.

LJ59AEW DW240 AR LON N 66 (NEWBURY PARK) 29-12-19
Above: The VLAs were largely replaced by DW Class VDL DB300LF/Wright Gemin2s, cascaded from within Arriva London. DW240 was at Newbury Park on 29/12/19. Now at Grays, it had previously been at Norwood. (John Podgorski).

LX57CJE E65 BT 396 (NEWBURY PARK) 29-12-19
Above: E65 at Newbury Park on 29/12/19. Still in the old London General livery, it had latterly been with London Central at New Cross. (John Podgorski).

The ex London General E Class ADL/Enviro 400s continue to appear on TfL396 (Ilford-Little Heath). New SE Class ADL/Enviro 200s are due. On 29/12/19, E65, E69 were seen, still in “as acquired” condition.

LX57CJU E69 BT 396 (NEWBURY PARK) 29-12-19
Above: E69 at Newbury Park on 29/12/19. In the newer Go-Ahead London Buses livery, it retains its markings from its previous life at London General at Merton. (John Podgorski).

Transferred to Hedingham at Sible Hedingham are Mb Touros 1, 2 (BX55 FYH/J); Scania Omnilink 457 (AU61 AVK).
Scania Omnidekka 800 (YN53 RYP) was at Hedingham, Clacton in early December. 803 (YN55 PZD) was at Clacton on 11th December.

10/12/19: 37254 with 37057 on 1Q95 NR test train at Grays.

1/12/19: 66091 tnt 66126 on RHTT at Marks Tey.
5/12/19: 59005 on Chelmsford stone. 66136 on 4L40 Cowley-Purfleet. 66170 on 4L56 Trafford-London Gateway.
6/12/19: 66150 on 4L40.
9/12/19: 66106 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.
16/12/19: 66108 light loco on 0Z66 Stowamarket-Ilford deopot – for wheel lathe.
18/12/19: 66091/122/126 moved as 0Z37 Stowmarket-Crewe. 66104 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.
20/12/19: 66025 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.
23/12/19: 66063 on 6L12 Wembley-Bow East. 66108 left Stowmarket for off region with DRS 37409 and RHTT set.

2/12/19: 37608 towed 755419 Ipswich to Norwich after ‘755 failed on Bury branch.
10/12/19: 37611 on Norwich-Ipswich Class 745 move. 68004/33 on Southminster CEGB flask train.
20/12/19: 57002/3 on 0E37 Stowmarket-Bounds Green light loco.

From 2/12/19, new schooldays only route 29 (Purfleet-Socketts Heath) began, and X1 (London-Southend Airport) additionally called at Lakeside.
The Heritage Running Day 7/12/19, saw St Helens RT BDJ 807 make its post restoration debut.
AEC PRV Routemaster RMC 1477 (477 CLT) is ex a preservationist.
Volvo B7TL/ALX400 905 (LJ54 BFO) is now with Ashman, Great Addington, Northants.

Above: Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini 127 at Upminster Rail Station on X2 in the late evening of 26/12/19. (Daniel Disbury).
Below: 127 on the X10 at Southend Travel Centre on 26/12/19. (Daniel Disbury).
LX15GOK 127 ENSIGNBUS X10 (SD T C) 26-12-19 (D DISBURY)

On Boxing Day, route X1 (London Victoria-Southend Airport) operated, along with special 26th December only services X2 (Upminster-Southend Airport), X10 (Lakeside-Southend). Local routes 22, 44, 73A, X80 also ran to a special timeetable. The Amazon ‘Z’ routes ran to a Saturday timetable.

Above: One of the recent ex Yourbus ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs. 707 (YY18 THU) at Purfleet on 19/12/19. (Daniel Disbury).

ADL/Enviro 200 709 (SN11 FFM) has passed to Simonds, Diss. It was replaced at Ensign by ex Yourbus, Heanor ADL/Enviro 200 MMC 709 (YY18 THX).

Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32494 (AU53 HKM) collided with the canopy at Ipswich Hospital on 19/12/19. The same bus came to grief at the same spot back in 2012.
B7TL/ALX400 32481 (AU53 HJY) is now in Ipswich Reds livery.

AU53HJK 32476 FE 61 (HAVEN RD CR) 15-12-19
Above: Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32476 at Haven Road, The Hythe, Colchester on Sunday 15/12/19. (John Podgorski).

Volvo B7RLE/Wright 69434 (EU58 JWZ) was loaned from Chelmsford (CF) to Colchester (CR) in early December. 69518/19 (BJ11 ECT/V) were returned from Colchester (CR)to Hadleigh (HH), off loan.
Barbie2 liveried Scania L94UB/Wright Solars 65681/82 (YR52 VEL/P) are withdrawn; leaving 65679 (YR52 VEH) at Colchester.
Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32475 (AU53 HJJ) is reinstated.
Registered school services 508 9Great Dunmow-Colchester), 509 (Little Dunmow-Colchester) ceased after 20/12/19. They will be replaced by a new, single route in January 2020.
Routes X10 (Basildon-Stansted Airport), X30 (Southend-Stansted Airport) operated on Boxing Day.
Odd sightings:
2/12/19: Route 62 B9TL 37136 (SN57 HCU) on 17 + 65 pm peak. 3/12/19: Trident 33184 (LR02 LZD) on 65 all day; StreetLite 63340 on 75. 4/12/19: B7RLE 66801 (MX05 CCJ) on 75. 5/12/19: B7TL 32087 (LN51 GMO) on 175; Route 62 B9TL 37135 on 1A. 6/12/19: B7TL 32478 (AU53 HJO) on 174; Trident 33184 on 62; StreetLite 63331 on 62A. 7/12/19: B7TL/ALX400 32478 on 65; B7TL/Gemini 37020 on 66. 7/12/19: ADL/E300 67756 on 75. 11/12/19: StreetLite 63341 (SM65 EFA) on 1A. 13/12/19: Trident 33087 on 174; Trident 33178 (LR02 LYX) on 62; StreetLite 63335 on 75 and 1A.
14/12/19: Trident 33196 (LT52 XAG) on 65; X10 ADL/E200 MMC 67164 on 100. 15/12/19: B7TL/ALX400 32478 on 62; Route 62 B9TL 37135 on 75. 16/12/19: Trident 33178 (LR02 LYX0 on 64A; ADL/E300 67739 on 75 + 1A. 17/12/19: Route 62 B9TL 37139 (SN57 HCY) on 88. 20/12/19: B7TL/Gemini 32629 (KP54 KAX) on 174; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37133 (SN57 HDH) on 88A. 21/12/19; StreetLite 63329 (SK65 PXL) on 70. 22/12/19: B7TL/Gemini 37042 (YJ06 XLH) on 65. 23/12/19: B7TL/Gemini 32629 (KP54 KAX) on 64; Trident 33087 (LN51 GMO) on 65; Trident 33178 (LR02 LYX) on 62; StreetLite 63334 (SK65 PXR) on 71. Trident 33044 (LN51 DVH) on 65. 27/12/19: 33044 on 65 – later failed at Osborne Street, Colchester and towed back to CR depot; B7RLE/Wright 66848 on 100; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67170 on 71. 29/12/19 Sunday: B7TL/Gemini 37016 on 1A. 31/12/19: Trident 33088 on 64; Trident 33196 on 65; StreetLie 63333 on 62; 63337 on 75/A; X30 ADL/E200MMC 67170 on 71.