Busmopolitan. Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. December 2019.


Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSC, CMILT.

Welcome to the December, 2019 edition of Busmopolitan.

YY66PBU 67166 FE X30 FATHER XMAS (CF) 21-12-19 (D PRETTY)
Above: Father Christmas looks to have traded his reindeer and sleigh for an ADL/Enviro 200 MMC ! First Essex 67166 in fact. Spotted in Chelmsford on 21/12/19, he could at least have got hold of one in the proper route X30 colours ! (Daniel Pretty).

Services ran on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Routes 133 (Braintree-Stansted Airport), 900 (Braintree Freeport Shuttle) ran on Boxing Day.
At least one of the Park & Ride ADL/Enviro 200s received Xmas bodyside vinyls – of Santa and snowflakes.
Odd sightings:
10/12/19: Short Dart SLF/Caetano 1565 (HX04 HUK) on 8. 20/12/19: Dart SLF/MPD 1559 (EU56 GVG) on 8. 23/12/19: Dart SLF/MPD 1558 (KX56 HCP) on 1; 1565 on 8; StreetLite 4224 (GN62 HMY) on 2 + 11. 24/12/19: 1558 on 8. 27/12/19: 1559, 1562, 1564 on 1. 31/12/19: 1558 on 1; 1565 on 8; long Dart SLF/Pointer 3417 (SN54 HXC) on 4.
Ancillary vehicles:
The latest crew ferry is rented Ford Kuga DP18 RZK.

DP18RZK + GN07DLO AR CR 27-12-19
Above: At Osborne Street, Colchester on 27/12/19, Ford Kuga DP18 RZK collects crew to return to the depot at Old Heath, while ADL/Enviro 200 3986 passes on a northbound service 8. (John Podgorski).

Ex Arriva Guildford and West Surrey ADL/Enviro 200MMC 4113 (SN67 WUA) is here.
Routes 309 (Bishop’s Stortford-Stansted Airport), 510 (Harlow-Stansted Airport) ran on Boxing Day.
Odd sightings:
13/12/19: Mb Sprinter 1010 on 10.

Ex Arriva Kent and Sussex Optare Versa 4240 (KX13 DHL) is now at work here.
Odd sightings:
9/12/19: Mb Sprinter 1007 on 29.

A few VLA Class Volvo B7TL/ALX400s remain active. On 3/12/19, VLA57 was on TfL173 (Beckton-Goodmayes Hospital); VLA130/31 were on TfL368 (Chadwell Heath-Barking).
VLA128 is withdrawn. VLA133 (LJ05 GPY) passed to Ensign for scrap. Also sold to Ensign was VLA123 (LJ05 BKX).
ENL112 has been transferred to Grays.
ADL/Enviro 400s T1, 2, 4, 6-8 (LJ08 CVS/T/V/X/Y/Z), T11 (LJ08 CVF) have transferred to Arriva London South at Thornton Heath.
Odd sightings:
21/12/19: ADL/E400 T250 (LJ61 LLA) on 313 (Chingford-Potters Bar) – usually ENX Class ADL/E200.

LJ59AEW DW240 AR LON N 66 (NEWBURY PARK) 29-12-19
Above: The VLAs were largely replaced by DW Class VDL DB300LF/Wright Gemin2s, cascaded from within Arriva London. DW240 was at Newbury Park on 29/12/19. Now at Grays, it had previously been at Norwood. (John Podgorski).

LX57CJE E65 BT 396 (NEWBURY PARK) 29-12-19
Above: E65 at Newbury Park on 29/12/19. Still in the old London General livery, it had latterly been with London Central at New Cross. (John Podgorski).

The ex London General E Class ADL/Enviro 400s continue to appear on TfL396 (Ilford-Little Heath). New SE Class ADL/Enviro 200s are due. On 29/12/19, E65, E69 were seen, still in “as acquired” condition.

LX57CJU E69 BT 396 (NEWBURY PARK) 29-12-19
Above: E69 at Newbury Park on 29/12/19. In the newer Go-Ahead London Buses livery, it retains its markings from its previous life at London General at Merton. (John Podgorski).

Transferred to Hedingham at Sible Hedingham are Mb Touros 1, 2 (BX55 FYH/J); Scania Omnilink 457 (AU61 AVK).
Scania Omnidekka 800 (YN53 RYP) was at Hedingham, Clacton in early December. 803 (YN55 PZD) was at Clacton on 11th December.

10/12/19: 37254 with 37057 on 1Q95 NR test train at Grays.

1/12/19: 66091 tnt 66126 on RHTT at Marks Tey.
5/12/19: 59005 on Chelmsford stone. 66136 on 4L40 Cowley-Purfleet. 66170 on 4L56 Trafford-London Gateway.
6/12/19: 66150 on 4L40.
9/12/19: 66106 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.
16/12/19: 66108 light loco on 0Z66 Stowamarket-Ilford deopot – for wheel lathe.
18/12/19: 66091/122/126 moved as 0Z37 Stowmarket-Crewe. 66104 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.
20/12/19: 66025 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.
23/12/19: 66063 on 6L12 Wembley-Bow East. 66108 left Stowmarket for off region with DRS 37409 and RHTT set.

2/12/19: 37608 towed 755419 Ipswich to Norwich after ‘755 failed on Bury branch.
10/12/19: 37611 on Norwich-Ipswich Class 745 move. 68004/33 on Southminster CEGB flask train.
20/12/19: 57002/3 on 0E37 Stowmarket-Bounds Green light loco.

From 2/12/19, new schooldays only route 29 (Purfleet-Socketts Heath) began, and X1 (London-Southend Airport) additionally called at Lakeside.
The Heritage Running Day 7/12/19, saw St Helens RT BDJ 807 make its post restoration debut.
AEC PRV Routemaster RMC 1477 (477 CLT) is ex a preservationist.
Volvo B7TL/ALX400 905 (LJ54 BFO) is now with Ashman, Great Addington, Northants.

Above: Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini 127 at Upminster Rail Station on X2 in the late evening of 26/12/19. (Daniel Disbury).
Below: 127 on the X10 at Southend Travel Centre on 26/12/19. (Daniel Disbury).
LX15GOK 127 ENSIGNBUS X10 (SD T C) 26-12-19 (D DISBURY)

On Boxing Day, route X1 (London Victoria-Southend Airport) operated, along with special 26th December only services X2 (Upminster-Southend Airport), X10 (Lakeside-Southend). Local routes 22, 44, 73A, X80 also ran to a special timeetable. The Amazon ‘Z’ routes ran to a Saturday timetable.

Above: One of the recent ex Yourbus ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs. 707 (YY18 THU) at Purfleet on 19/12/19. (Daniel Disbury).

ADL/Enviro 200 709 (SN11 FFM) has passed to Simonds, Diss. It was replaced at Ensign by ex Yourbus, Heanor ADL/Enviro 200 MMC 709 (YY18 THX).

Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32494 (AU53 HKM) collided with the canopy at Ipswich Hospital on 19/12/19. The same bus came to grief at the same spot back in 2012.
B7TL/ALX400 32481 (AU53 HJY) is now in Ipswich Reds livery.

AU53HJK 32476 FE 61 (HAVEN RD CR) 15-12-19
Above: Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32476 at Haven Road, The Hythe, Colchester on Sunday 15/12/19. (John Podgorski).

Volvo B7RLE/Wright 69434 (EU58 JWZ) was loaned from Chelmsford (CF) to Colchester (CR) in early December. 69518/19 (BJ11 ECT/V) were returned from Colchester (CR)to Hadleigh (HH), off loan.
Barbie2 liveried Scania L94UB/Wright Solars 65681/82 (YR52 VEL/P) are withdrawn; leaving 65679 (YR52 VEH) at Colchester.
Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32475 (AU53 HJJ) is reinstated.
Registered school services 508 9Great Dunmow-Colchester), 509 (Little Dunmow-Colchester) ceased after 20/12/19. They will be replaced by a new, single route in January 2020.
Routes X10 (Basildon-Stansted Airport), X30 (Southend-Stansted Airport) operated on Boxing Day.
Odd sightings:
2/12/19: Route 62 B9TL 37136 (SN57 HCU) on 17 + 65 pm peak. 3/12/19: Trident 33184 (LR02 LZD) on 65 all day; StreetLite 63340 on 75. 4/12/19: B7RLE 66801 (MX05 CCJ) on 75. 5/12/19: B7TL 32087 (LN51 GMO) on 175; Route 62 B9TL 37135 on 1A. 6/12/19: B7TL 32478 (AU53 HJO) on 174; Trident 33184 on 62; StreetLite 63331 on 62A. 7/12/19: B7TL/ALX400 32478 on 65; B7TL/Gemini 37020 on 66. 7/12/19: ADL/E300 67756 on 75. 11/12/19: StreetLite 63341 (SM65 EFA) on 1A. 13/12/19: Trident 33087 on 174; Trident 33178 (LR02 LYX) on 62; StreetLite 63335 on 75 and 1A.
14/12/19: Trident 33196 (LT52 XAG) on 65; X10 ADL/E200 MMC 67164 on 100. 15/12/19: B7TL/ALX400 32478 on 62; Route 62 B9TL 37135 on 75. 16/12/19: Trident 33178 (LR02 LYX0 on 64A; ADL/E300 67739 on 75 + 1A. 17/12/19: Route 62 B9TL 37139 (SN57 HCY) on 88. 20/12/19: B7TL/Gemini 32629 (KP54 KAX) on 174; Route 62 B9TL/Gemini 37133 (SN57 HDH) on 88A. 21/12/19; StreetLite 63329 (SK65 PXL) on 70. 22/12/19: B7TL/Gemini 37042 (YJ06 XLH) on 65. 23/12/19: B7TL/Gemini 32629 (KP54 KAX) on 64; Trident 33087 (LN51 GMO) on 65; Trident 33178 (LR02 LYX) on 62; StreetLite 63334 (SK65 PXR) on 71. Trident 33044 (LN51 DVH) on 65. 27/12/19: 33044 on 65 – later failed at Osborne Street, Colchester and towed back to CR depot; B7RLE/Wright 66848 on 100; X30 ADL/E200 MMC 67170 on 71. 29/12/19 Sunday: B7TL/Gemini 37016 on 1A. 31/12/19: Trident 33088 on 64; Trident 33196 on 65; StreetLie 63333 on 62; 63337 on 75/A; X30 ADL/E200MMC 67170 on 71.

YY66PBF 67164 FE X10 ON 100 (LAKESIDE) 17-12-19 (D DISBURY)
MX05CGZ 66848 FE 100 (CF) 27-12-19 (S AUSTIN)
Oddities on the 100. Top: ADL/Enviro 200MMC 66164 at Lakeside on 14/12/19. (Daniel Disbury). Above: Volvo B7RLE/Wright 66848 at Chelmsford on 27/12/19. (Simon Austin). 100 is scheduled for Volvo 7900H hybrids.

2/12/19: 86609/10/22/38 on 4L89.
3/12/19: 66413 on 4L36 Wentloog-Felixstowe. 66537 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton. 66550 on 4E24 London Gateway-Leeds. 70002 on 4M63 FLX-Trafford. 86604/37 on 4L91 Trafford-Felixstowe. 86613/12 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX. 86639/32 on 4L97 Trafford-FLX.
4/12/19: 66423 on 4M07 Tilbury-Daventry. 86607/8 on 4L97. 86639/32 on 4L75 Trafford-FLX.
5/12/19: 66415 on 4L46 Lawley-London Gateway. 66550 on 4M60 London Gatreway-Ditton. 86610/38 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX.
6/12/19: 66423 on 4M07 Tilbury-Daventry. 66526 on 4L46 Lawley-London Gateway. 70008 on 4M63 FLX-Trafford. 86622/09 on 4L97. 86639/32 on 4L75.
9/12/19: 70008/7 on 4L41 Crewe-Ipswich. 86609/22 on 4L89. 86610/38 on 4M87 FLX-Trafford. 86612/13 on 4M53 FLX-Trafford.86632/39 on 4S88 FLX-Coatbridge.
11/12/19: 66513 on Chelmsford stone. 70015 + 66594 on 4L41 Crewe-FLX.
13/12/19: 66513 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton stone. 70015 on 4M63 FLX-Trafford.
16/12/19: 70003 on 4M63. 86614/04 on 4L89 Crewe-FLX.
17/12/19: 86608/10 on 4L89. 86638/05 on 4L91.
18/12/19: 66526 on Chelmsford stone. 86607/37 on 4L89. 86608/10 on 4L91.
19/12/19: 70015 on 4L91 Trafford-FLX. 86612/13 on 4L97.
20/12/19: 86605/38 on 4L91. 86608/10 on 4L89.
24/12/19: 86612/13 on 4L91. 86637/27 on 4L89.

Ex National Express contract Volvo B9R/Caetano Levantes FJ61 EVN/V, are now with Hornsby, Ashby, Lincs.

2/12/19: 66709 on 6L41 grain to Bow. 66753 on 4M23 Felixstowe-Hams Hall.
3/12/19: 66754 on 4M23.
7/12/19: 66703 tnt 66732 on 3S70 Broxbourne RHTT via Wickford.
9/12/19: 66777/47 on 6L37.
11/12/19; 66756 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks.
12/12/19: Tube Map 66721 tnt 66747 on 3S70 Broxbourne RHTT.
16/12/19: 66773 ‘Pride of GBRf’ on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
19/12/19: 66745 on 4E21 FLX-Doncaster. 66768 on 4M23. 66773 on 6P41 Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 66787 on 4L02 Hams Hall-FLX.
23/12/19: 0L37 Hoo Junct-Whitemoor light engine.
27/12/19: 66766 on 4M23.
28/12/19: 66710 on 6T60 Whitemoor-Colchester engineers.

754327 GA IPS-FLX 19-12-19 (A HAZELL)
Above: 755327 at Ipswich on a Felixstowe service on 19/12/19. (Alex Hazell).

New are 745105/6.
There have been teething problems with the new Class 745/755s that are in use. ‘755s were temporarily suspended from the Cambridge routes following “an incident at a level crossing”.
The Class 153s have been transferred to Transport for Wales. These were 153309 ‘Gerard Fiennes’, 153314, 153322 ‘Benjamin Britten’, 153335 ‘Michael Palin’. Those with names were de-named before transfer.
The Class 156s are being withdrawn. 156409/12 are now with East Midlands Railway. 156422 had been de-branded by late December.
170271 is last Class 170 here.
Staff training on Class 745/755 has begun at Colchester.
MkIII coaches withdrawn are 11067, 12013, 12126.
1/12/19: 745336 on test at Harwich International. 755333 at Parkeston for Colchester crew training – Colchester to Clacton daytime trips.
2/12/19: 153309/14/22 transferred to Transport for Wales. 755422 on Ipswich-Felixstowes.
4/12/19: 90010 on Norwich-Crewe light loco.
5/12/19: 90011 on 0Z90 Crewe-Norwich light loco. 745105 delivered.
6/12/19: 317338 towed Kilmarnock to Ilford, by 47749.
8/12/19: 90002 on 1P16 Liverpool Street-Norwich on country end; back to London end by 10/12/19.
11/12/19: 317348/45 on 1Y34 Liverpool St-Ipswich – from w/c 15/12/19, the 1Y34 terminated at Colchester.
12/12/19: 755417 on 1258 IPS-FLX.
13/12/19: 745007 on 5Q91 Norwich-Liverpool Street test.
15/12/19: First day of new Norwich-Stansted Airport service, using Class 755/4s on both diesel and electric modes.
16/12/19: 90008/14 and DVT on 5M01 Norwich-Wembley ECS. 745006 on 5Q91 Norwich-LST test.
17/12/19: Class 755 testing began on Marks Tey-Sudbury. 745106 delivered behind DBS 66002. 755327 to service.
18/12/19: 755327 on 0858 Ipswich-Felixstowe. 755337 replaced 755333 at Colchester staff trainer.
19/12/19; 90010 on 0Z19 Crewe-Norwich light loco via NLL and GEML.
21/12/19: 156402/17/19 on Ipswich-Cambridges.
23/12/19: 90008 towed to Crewe by 37423. 156412 to EMR.

90007 + 90002 GA (LST) 21-12-19 (S AUSTIN)
Above: 90007 and 90002 at London Liverpool Street on 21/12/19. (Simon Austin).

Buses have now been rebranded to read ‘Part of HCT Group’.
BYD Enviro 400EV City demonstrator LF69 UXJ is on loan at Hackney (HK).

EU07GVY 615 HO 88 (CR) 20-12-19
Above: 615 at Southway, Colchester on 20/12/19. (John Podgorski).

ADL/Enviro 400 615 (EU07 GVY) is in the new livery.
Received from Chambers are Mb Touros 1, 2 (BX55 FYH/J), Scania Omnilink 457 (AU61 AVK). All are now at HD. The Touros have been offered for sale, but continue in use of schools – usually Hedingham School Bus 5.
Dart SLF/MPD 286 (HW54 BTY) was returned to CN from KN on 7/12/19, in exchange for 285 (SN03 EBV). ADL/E200 261 (EY57 FZE) was at KN again from early December and was regularly used on the evening 15s. It returned to HD on 31/12/19.
285 returned to CN from KN on 21/12/19, in exchange for 286.
Volvo B7TL/Gemini 524 (LX05 EZG) was at KN again from 11/12/19. On 16/12/19, sister 523 (LX05 EZF) arrived at KN also. 523 was returned to CN on 23/12/19.
Volvo B7TL/Presidents 563 (V307 LGC), 572 (W489 WGH) have been fitted for contactless OPO, leaving just 570 (W487 WGH) to be done. 570 was loaned from HD to KN on 20/12/19 – see below. It was returned on 23/12/19, but was back at KN on 24/12/19.
Omnidekka movements: By 6/12/19: 810 – KN-Chambers; 811 – Chambers-KN. 12/12/19: 808 – Chambers-KN; 817 – KN-CN. 13/12/19: 808 – KN-Chambers after failure. 17/12/19; 809 – Chambers-KN; 811 KN-Chambers after failure. 23/12/19: 809 – KN-Chambers. 31/12/19: Chambers 800 – HD-KN.

W526WGH 579 HO X76 (CR) 28-12-19 (S MILTON)
Above: Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 579 on X76 at Stanwell Street, Colchester on 28/12/19. (Sonny Milton).

Odd sightings: 5/12/19: B7TL/President 575 (W516 WGH) on 19 + 63. 11/12/19: Omnidekka 817 (YN06 JYB) on TLA am, TLA B pm. 12/12/19: 817 on TLA A am. 13/12/19: B7TL/Gemini 524 (LX05 EZG) on TLA B pm; Omnidekka 811 (YN55 PZP) on 903 pm. 16/12/19: B7TL/Gemini 524 on 903 pm; B7TL/President 584 (PJ02 REU) on 19 + 63. 17/12/19: 524 on 903. 18/12/19: ADL/E200 261 on PL4 am; B7TL/Gemini 523 (LX05 EZF) on TLA A am, PL4 pm; 524 on 903; Omnidekka 814 (YN55 PZV) on TLA B pm. 20/12/19: B7TL/President 570 (W487 WGH) on 19 pm – run by KN instead of CN due to TLA School finishing early for Xmas holidays. 23/12/19: B7TL/President 579 (W526 WGH) on X76. 28/12/19: B7TL/Presidents 565, 575, 579 on X76.
Route 137 ran on Boxing Day.

SF04SKD 910 HO 4 (JAYWICK) 19-12-19 (S MILTON)
Above: Hedingham Optare Solo 910 (SF04 SKD) on the seafront in Jaywick on 19/12/19. To the left is the sea wall. Jaywick is below sea level, and was badly affected by the 1953 East Coast floods. (Sonny Milton).

On loan from Alexander Dennis was ADL/Enviro 20D demonstrator YX19 ONV. Dart SLF/Super Pointer 136 has been donated to Ipswich Academy.

Above: Scania Omnidekka 38 at Ipswich Rail Station on GA RRP in November 2019. (Nathaniel Mills).

KEANE, ORSETT. MAN13.220/,arcopolo V311 EAL ex KIG 1262 has passed to Hawksley, Hull.

Volvo B10M/VH K50 TER is sold.
Volvo B7RLE/Wright AE12 FGM has been resold by Enbsign to York Pullman.

Setra S250 K800 DYS orig R958 AEV retains Kirbys livery and looks smart.

Plain white Mb Tourismos BF67 WLL and BV19 YLU were on loan from Evobus at separate time in December.

Mb Tourismo K800 BYS is running in plain white.

315802/8/12/15 worked the Romford-Upminster at various times during December. Generally, a particular unit works on the branch each week. It stables at Ilford.
315825/31/36 are ex MTR. Moved from Northampton back to Ilford on 11-12/12/19.
315804 has gone for scrap.
378206/9 are now 5 cars again.
16/12/19: 315804 for scrap, behind 37800.

315801 ARL CHINGFORD 21-12-19
Above: 315801 at Chingford on 21/12/19. (John Podgorski).

Above: At the far end of the Central Line, 1992 Tube Stock 91105 awaits departure back to Metropolitan Essex on 7/12/19. (John Podgorski).

Above: And back in Metropolitan Essex, 91009 arrives at Newbury Park on 29/12/19. (John Podgorski).

Withdrawn is Mb 709D/Beaver E343 TYD.

7/12/19: 345052 on Liverpool Street-Shenfields.
8/12/19: 345009 back on GEML.
15/12/19: 345038 on GEML.

345051 MTR (LST) 14-12-19
Above: Bombardier Aventra 345051 at London Liverpool Street on 14/12/19. It is bound for Shenfield. (John Podgorski).

New Scania K410EB6/Caetano Levante III tri-axles are BV69 KSE/F/J/K/N/O/U/X-Z, KTD.
Initial driver training (for Start Hill depot), is now provided by RSM of Wickford. This had previously been done “in house”. Two coaches are retained for staff training – Scania K340EB6/Caetano Levante FJ57 KHY and Scania K440EB6/Levante BV66 WRC.
On 22/12/19, ex Start Hill (now Gatwick) based Scania K440EB6/Caetano Levante 203 (BG65 TGJ) was in collision with a Zipcar car rental VW Polo on Queesnstown Road, Battersea, London SW at approx 0430, while working the 0245 A3 Gatwick Airport to London Victoria service. A subsequent fire destroyed both vehicles. One person in the car was killed and two others injured – one seriously. All on the coach were evacuated safely although one coach passenger was treated for minor injuries. 203 is withdrawn.
On Christmas Day, some ‘A’ services operated from Stansted Airport to London. On Boxing Day, most services ran as normal.

BK14LFT SH179 NX A8 (LIVERPOOL ST) 29-12-19
Above: Scania K440EB6/Caetano Levante SH179 at Bishopsgate, City of London on 29/12/19. (John Podgorski).

10/12/19: 950001 on Ferme Park and return via London Gateway and Cambridge.

Has ex Yourbus, Heanor ADL/Enviro 200 MMC 470 (SN66 WLO). It was initially at Stephensons.

YX10FFL 450 NIBS 374 (BN) 27-12-19 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Ex Abellio London ADL/Enviro 200 450 (YX10 FFL) at Basildon on 27/12/19, on council contracted route 374 (Basildon-Corringham-Stanford-East Tilbury-Grays), which had previously been operated by GoRide, Imperial and originally Ensign. (Simon Austin).

From 21/12/19, X15 (Harwich-Colchester) was withdrawn on Saturdays due to low custom. Mon to Fri ops continue as normal. ADL/Enviro 200 YX09 AEZ, which had been acquired for spares only, has passed to Walton Salvage for scrap.

Above; Ex Metroline ADL/Enviro 200 AB09 PAN at Weeley on 28/12/19. It is on the Mistley-Clacton 2/A service which is operated on behalf of First Essex. (Simon Austin).

Mb Sprinter 516/EVM BU55 EVM was on loan from EVM, and used on the Royston town service.

The O licence has been revoked and the company closed.
Scania L94IB/Irizar X498 AHE has been sold.

SJH TRAVEL, CANVEY.                                                                                            From the London Borough of Havering is Dennis Trident/Plaxton President Y862 GCD.

Ex Johnson, Worksop is Irizar i6 YN14 NPO.
Sold is Volvo B9R/Plaxton Elite RL62 RSL.

New are Volvo B8L/Enviro500s 13901-12 (BU69 XYA-G/J-M). They are light green and for the North Cambs Guided Busway.
Trident/ALX400s 18349 (AE55 DKX), 18420/22 (AE06 GZS/U) have transferred to Stagecoach Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Withdrawn are ADL/Enviro 40Ds 10199-203 (SL64 HYY/Z, HZA-C). 12342 is reinstated at Bow.
ADL/Enviro 400 19744 (LX11 BBO) has transferred to Selkent.
Optare Verseas 25310/11/13/14 (LX09 AAE/K/F/N) have gone to Lister PVS, Bolton for scrap.
The last Trident/ALX400s, 17836/43 (LX03 BYM/V) have passed to London Fire Brigade.
Overall adverts:
LT239 – Seedlip; LT258 – Converse; LT366/70/77/78 – Givenchy; LT388 – Converse.
Back to red – ADL/E40D 10347 (SN18 OLO); LT253/56/71/72, 357/75/76/79.

Ex Yourbus, Heanor are ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs 435/36 (YY67 USC/D).
Mb Sprinter/Strata 302 (KF19 LCV) is now in fleet livery. It is allocated to Haverhill and used on services 5/6 (Saffron Walden-B Stortford).
ADL/Enviro 200 449 (YX10 FFK) has come from NIBS. This and Optare Solo M880 YJ58 PHO are also both at Haverhill. They are white with Stephensons fleet names, having been acquired originally as sales stock. Accident damaged short ADL/Enviro 200 423 (EU64 CVT) has been written off.

Above: 601 at Ingatestone on 29/12/19. On a Greater Anglia rail replacement shuttle to/from Shenfield. (John Podgorski).

Scania N230UD/Enviro 400 601 (EU12 HXW) has a super rear advert for HPV Aware.
Dart SLF/MPDs 413/14 (EU03 CFX/Y) are still going strong. 413 is at Braintree and often on 9/A. 414 is often at the Bury St Edmunds outstation of Haverhill. These two buses were new for the ‘Blackwater Link’ Witham-Maldon 90, when Stephensons won it from Hedingham in 2003.

Dart SLF/Pointer driver trainer LN51 DXG has fleet no TB1.

SWALLOW, NORTH WEALD. Scania K340EB4/Caetano Levante FJ59 AOV is now with Lewis, Thamesmead.

Following TfL contract changes, ADL/Enviro 200s DML44181-88 (YX11 AEV/W/Y/Z, AFA/F, CNK/O); Wright StreetLites WV46101/4/5/7 (SN64 CVF/J/K/M) moved from Lea Interchange to Westbourne Park.

LK60HPN WSH62995 TT 444 (CHINGFORD) 21-12-19
Above: One of the hydrogen buses in suburban semi retirement. VDL SB200/Wright Pulsa WSH62995 at Chingford on 21/12/19. (John Podgorski).

BU16UXC VH38115 TT 212 (CHINGFORD) 21-12-19
Above: Volvo B5H/Wright Gemini3 VH38115 on ex CT Plus route TfL 212 at Chingford on 21/12/19. (John Podgorski).

Ex RATP London United are Optare Tempos YJ11 EHG/H.
Sold are Dart SLF/Mini Pointers KC03 PGU, SN03 EBU, YBK/S; Scania Omnicity saloons YN53 RXG/J/M/O/U/V/Y/Z; Trident/ALX400 LX03 BVW ex PSU 316. YN53 RXO went for preservation.

Sold to Ripley, Carlton for scrap were Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 277 (LF52 ZNW) and Mb Citaro bendybus MBA323 (LK05 FCN).

Ex Brighton and Hove are Scania Omnicity saloons YN58 BCO/U/V/Y.

With thanks to: Angliagen, S Austin, L Cornwell, D Disbury, HarlowRide, A Hazell, N Mills, S Milton, D Pretty.

Courtworth Banner cropped

2 thoughts on “Busmopolitan. Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. December 2019.

  1. Passing through Ipswich (main) station on New Years Eve morning, Spotted 710 waiting at platform ready to depart for Cambridge, Back there in afternoon waiting to return home, spotted another leaving for Felixstowe under diesel power as service re-instated from bus replacement. Two more sets were at what I think must be Platform 4. The front one was boarding although I don’t know where it was bound for. Another came in from somewhere (sorry to be a bit vague – my first time at this). The rear set of those 2 I mention I’m thinking might be there ready to start operating Marks Tey to Sudbury as I noted in your text above that one was tested on that line last month.
    On my way back to Witham on board a 360, on passing the Sudbury Junction I noted what appeared to be a 156 waiting on the branch. Couldn’t see much of it as Colchester bound train was in the way. Oh and what must now be the last 170 (nearly forgot that) came into the far end of Platform 3 at Ipswich whilst I was there and departed again after about 15 minutes.

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