Busmopolitan – Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage – September 2015

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Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the September, 2015 edition of Busmopolitan.
Unfortunately, we have to record a serious accident involving a First Essex bus. This happened on 23rd September, on Mersea Island and injured 23 people. Full details can be found in the main text. Thoughts go out to all involved.
This time of the year sees the usual reshuffle of school contracts. Of note is Fourways of Chelmsford gaining all of the Sandon School runs, while Stephensons continues is mercurial rise across Essex. Panther has also gained some interesting work in this field.
There has been a repeat of the Grays Sinkhole, but this time in Brentwood. On 25th September a large chasm appeared in Ongar Road, at the junction with Doddinghurst Road. It was caused by a collapsed sewer. Several bus routes were affected; 21 (Townlink), 71, 72 (Stephensons), 73 (First), 261/8 (Amber), 269 (Amber – schooldays only), 657/8 (Regal – schooldays only); with repairs expected to take 8 weeks. The disrupted services used local diversions (around Pilgrims Hatch), to maintain continuity.
And it looks like the ‘Borismasters’ will soon shed their “Roastmaster” image. A program to improve the ventilation of these London icons is in hand. Once again scroll down to find out more.

In mid September, refreshed set NC01 was topped and tailed by 90002 + 82012, while the ‘Pretendalino’ NC64 set had 90013 + 82107.
Above: A nocturnal scene of Southend Victoria carriage sidings, taken on 27/9/15. 321301 takes centre stage.

Optare Solos YN53 SVX, YHA, YJ54 UBX are ex Johnsons of Henley in Arden. UBX is a M850; the others are M920 models.
Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer P729 RYL is withdrawn.

Withdrawn are Leyland Olympian/ECW G723 XDL; Volvo Olympian/Alexander RL N716 LTN and Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer N210 NNJ.

Borrowed Mb Tourismo tri-axle BT15 KNE has been returned to Evobus.

CN54 VOC is a Scania K114/Irizar, ex Princess of West End, Hants.
It has been re-registered to VPT 42S.
Meanwhile, Volvo Olympian/Alexander V551 PBA has come via Lainton, Manchester (dealer); and is now B4 APT.
Scania K114/Irizar B4 APT is now YS03 ZKZ.

Dart SLF/Caetano 3406 (HX51 LSN) has received Arriva names on TGM livery.
On loan from Southend are/were DAF SB120/Wright Cadet 3502 (KE51 PUA) and SLF/Pointers 3322/4 (T822/4 NMJ), 3277 (T277 JKM). DAFs 3502 and sister 3506 (KE51 PUK) returned to Southend in mid September.
Dart SLF/Caetano Nimbus 1562 (RX07 KPG) is delicensed due to accident damage.
DAF SB120/Wright Cadet 3529 (LF02 PNJ) was also delicensed, and temporarily returned to Arriva Kent and Surrey for repairs. It was back at Colchester at the end of September.
Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 1558 (KX56 HCP) has been retro fitted with a front led destination display, ex roller blinds.
From 1/9/15, route 4 (Town centre-Tollgate) reverted to saloon operation throughout. It cross works with 1/A (Ambrose Avenue-Greenstead).
KE51PUK 3506 NC 1 (AMBROSE AV)  4-9-15
Above: Loaned DAF SB120 no 3506, at Ambrose Avenue on 4/9/15.

Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 2217 (T47 WUT), has been returned to Arriva Kent and Surrey, off loan.
Optare Solo 1453 (YJ06 FXS) has received Arriva livery, ex TGM blue.
Internally refreshed with leather upholstery are Solo 1453 and SxConnect Volvo B7RLE/Wrights 3858/9 (KE54 LPF/J).
B7RLE 3859 suffered an engine fire on 16/9/15, while on a Stansted Airport bound 510 service at Stansted Mountfitchet. It will be repaired.
Service 301 (Bishops Stortford-Saffron Walden) ceased to serve Stansted Airport from 1st September. Alternative facilities are available with Arriva 308/9, 509/10.
KE54LNR 3856 SXCONNECT 510 (BURY LODGE)  19-5-15
Above: B7RLE no 3856 passes Bury Lodge, near Stansted Airport, on 19/5/15.

Nexus liveried Optare Versa demonstrator YJ61 JHV is on loan.
KX62JNV 4225 AR SD 9 DUSK  27-9-15
Above: Southend based Optare Versa no 4225, one of those transferred from Arriva Medway Towns, passes Southend Airport in the twilight of 27/9/15.

Further ex Arriva London South Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400s, now at Barking (DX) are VLA104/6 (LJ05 BKY, BLF).
Barking (DX) has received ADL/Enviro 400s T66-9, 71-6 from Ash Grove (AE). T70 to follow. This is following the loss of TfL168 9Hampstead Heath-Old Kent Road Tesco) to Metroline. The Ts will replace DNL Class ADL/Enviro 200 salons on TfL173 (Beckton-Goodmayes Hospital).
TfL38 New Routemasters in overall adverts are LT4 (for Strongbow Cider); LT237 (G-Star Raw).

Former Stagecoach Oxford MAN 24.350/Jonckherre Monaco double deck tr-axle coach T46 BBW is now here. It came from Atkinson and Taylor of Skipton, North Yorkshire.

YN03 OFE is a Scania Omnidekka supplied through Ensign.
Volvo B10B/Wright FHJ 565 has reverted to its original P366 UUG registration mark.
An outstation has been established at Clacton, (John Canham, Telford Road), for the Otley College contract.

Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President PVL264 (PN02 XBM), was on loan to Go-Coach at Swanley, during September.
Received from London General are “short” ADL/Enviro 200s SE255/60 (YY15 HKF, GDJ).
Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer LDP191 (SN51 UAD) is delicensed due to accident damage. It is under repair.

Volvo Olympian/NC Countybus R283 LGH is from Victoria Coaches, Newhaven,
and is equipped for private hires. It is pictured (above), at Southend Airport on 20/9/15, on a Billericay-Southend Victoria Abellio Greater Anglia rail replacement service.
From South East Coaches at South Woodham Ferrers, is Bova Futura FHD T322 KNN.
Withdrawn are EOZ E180Z J2 SUP and left hand drive MAN24.460/Berkhof Y329 NWP. Both will return to service in the future.

Unusual Volvo B10L/Saffle 256 (L456 JCK), has passed to a preservationist.

Iveco Eurorider/Beaulas C3 EFA is withdrawn.

ADL/Enviro 200 261 (EY57 FZE) is again on loan from Hedingham. It is illustrated (above) at Colchester Bus Station on 23/9/15.
SLF/MPD 281 (V250 BNV) has been returned to Hedingham.

SH57 BHX is a Mercedes 1523L/UNVI midicoach; ex Scottish operator MacKay and Thomas, Steventon.

Two Class 08 diesel electric shunters have arrived for storage. 08738 and 08939 are ex DBS machines now owned by Traditional Traction.

Optare Solo OS17 (YJ60 LRX), has left the fleet. It had been used on a contract for the NHS.

Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President PVL115 (W415 WGH), is one of the last Euro II engined buses left with Go-Ahead London.

The active Class 47 diesel electric locomotive fleet dwindled to 3 in September, with 47805/18/28 remaining operational. 47818 was working on ‘Busmopolitan area metals’, during the month.

This famous name makes a return to record that Bristol FLF/ECW LWC 661C, is still extant – at Drusillas Park, Alfriston, East Sussex.

The latest Thurrock timetable booklet (No 26) was issued from 3/9/15.
There is a new school service, 28 (Tilbury-Hathaway Academy), and minor adjustments to 22, 27, 44, 66, 73.
Now in service is ex Arriva London Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini LG52 DDA. It has been re-registered to PIJ 601 and has fleet no 101. It is also now single door and led destination fitted.
Sales Stock ADL/Enviro 200 YX11 HPU was used on a shuttle for ASDA at Gravesend, in connection with building works; between 13th and 24th September.
Acquired from Alpha Recovery, is former Southend Transport Leyland Fleetline/NC MRJ 241W.
Trident/ALX400 LX04 FXB has returned off hire to Tower Transit, while Trident/ALX400s T87 KLD, V192/4 MEV, V364 OWC, Trident/ELs T748 JPO, T819/20 RFG and Trident/President PK02 RDO have been on hire to Geldards of Leeds.
Trident/EL T746 JPO, is now with West Kent Buses of Sevenoaks.
Heritage fleet Bristol LD/ECW ACA 603A, has passed to Blakey’s Bus Cafe, Norwich.
LX04FXP TAL33202 TT LOAN FROM ST 23  28-9-15
Above: One of the Tridents hired to Tower Transit is LX04 FXP/TAL33202. It was seen at Paddington on 28/9/15.

Plaxton Primo 662 is now pink to advertise Epping Forest College, but the front is orange.
There is a new Sunday service on the 66 (Debden-Waltham Cross) from 6/9/15.
However the 66B ceased to serve Upshire from 1/9/15.
A new timetable leaflet promotes these. It has a picture of Dart SLF/Caetano 751 (HV02 OZX), on the cover.

On 23/9/15, there was a serious collision at East Mersea Road, West Mersea, between Scania 113L/Wright 65573 (S573 TPW) on service 67 (West Mersea-Colchester) and a Burrell steam traction engine, which had fallen off a DAF XF articulated low loader. 23 people were injured, with 6 – including the bus driver, seriously. The truck driver, who escaped injury, was subsequently charged with dangerous driving, and bailed until early 2016. The lorry was operated by R M Cowles Transport of Lowestoft. 65573 is withdrawn, due to extensive front offside damage sustained. It was removed from the scene by low loader, with the lorry following on suspended tow. The traction engine was being returned to Pittock Engineering at East Mersea, following a steam rally at Henham, Suffolk.
S573TPW 65573 64 (HYTHE HILL, CR)  23-12-14.jpg
Above: 65573 at Hythe Hill, Colchester on 23/12/14.

SLF/Mini Pointers 43845-8 (SN55 CXH/F/J/E) have relocated from Basildon (BN) to Chelmsford (CF).
Dart SLF/Pointer 42482 (SN03 WLD) has moved from CF to Hadleigh (HH). Sister 42483 (SN03 WLK) is now in Refreshed colours. Also now ‘Refreshed’ are Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 32482 (AU53 HJZ), ex Route 61-62 University of Essex livery;Solos 53113/5/30/5 (EO02 NDY, NEF, NFM/U) and B7RLE/Wright 66829 (MX05 CFG). All these sport ‘Essex’ fleet names.
Dart SLF/Mini Pointer 43360 (V360 DVG) and Optare Solo 53008 (W808 PAF), have become crew ferries at the new Colchester Quayside depot.
R680DPW 43480 41 CF  25-9-15
Veteran SLF/Pointer 43480 (R680 DPW) is back at CF from Basildon (BN) – (above).
Optare Solo 53128 (EO02 NFK) is withdrawn due to accident damage. Also withdrawn are Mini Pointer SLFs 43359/9 (V356/9 DVG); SLF/Pointer 43737 (S737 TWC).
Trident/Plaxton President 33133 (LT02 ZBZ), suffered an engine fire, but will be repaired.
Long term laid up and cannibalised Scania L113/Wright Access Ultraflow 65576 (T576 JNG), has been removed to Alpha for scrap. This concluded the clearance of the old Colchester Queen Street depot and bus station area. Likewise, Scania L94UB/Wright 65653 (T653 SSF) went to Alpha upon the closure of the old Haven Road, Colchester workshop, following the commission of the new depot at Quayside.
Scania L113/Wright 65527 (R147 GSF) has passed to Ensign. It was resold to Laurenson of Preston. Also sold is Scania L113 61057 (R437 GSF).
A new school service, from 2/9/15 is 826 (Billericay-Upmister).
The yellow school bus allocation at Braintree (BE) – BMCs 68508/20 (KX54 AHU, KP54 AZU), has been transferred to CF.
Meanwhile, yellow BMCs 68521 (KP54 AZV), 68534 (LK54 FNL), 68552 (EU05 DXT) and 68555 (MX55 NWS), have moved to First Devon and Cornwall.
The old travel office and garage at Queen Street, Colchester have been boarded up, for redevelopment by Hutton Builders. The latter is pictured below.

Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere 20128 (P768 XHS), is now with John James of Dagenham.

DAF SB3000/VH JIG 8905 has been re-registered K14 FCL.

FOURWAYS, HIGHWOOD near Chelmsford.
Six new school routes have commenced; serving Sandon School.
They are:
FWC001 – from Wickham Bishops.
FWC002 – from Little Baddow.
FWC003 – from Witham.
FWC005 = from Chelmer Village.
FWC006 – from Rettendon.
FWC007 – from South Woodham Ferrers.
The recently acquired ex Metroline Tridents will appear on the above.
The Stanford Rivers-Brentwood 476 school service is withdrawn.
505 (Colchester-Danbury) is back “in house” with Stephensons (see below).
Another ex Metroline Dennis Trident/Plaxton President from Ensign, is LN51 KYK.

Former Dublin Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH T569 EGD has been exported to Lagos, Nigeria, via Ensign.

On hire is white VDL180/MCV YJ632 JWF. It has fleet no 354.

New is WO65 BOY, a Mercedes Sprinter 516/EVM.

The Volvo Olympians at Tollesbury (TY) are now in two Pools. 71/2/4/5 (R626/9 MNU, R702 DNH, S300 XHK) are allocated to stage service, while the remainder are generally restricted to schools only. Some of the latter retain OPO equipment however, and 86 (M294 UKN) has been retro fitted.
Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH 87 (P489 MBY), has been reinstated. Volvo Olympian /NC 69 (P608 CAY) remained in store at Kelvedon (KN) at 30/9/15. Apparently, the disposal to Alpha was cancelled, and it has been re-offered for sale. Leyland Olympian/Alexander RH 80 (J838 TSC) is likewise available for sale, and is parked up in TY depot.
Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 737 (T107 DBW) is long term VOR. It has gone to Cummins at West Thurrock, for a new engine.
Withdrawn are Volvo B10BLE/Wrights 481/2/3 (R216/27/9 HCD).
From 1/9/15, there were changes to service 34/A in Braintree. The timetable was revised, and on the northern section became a circular via Queens Road and Braintree College, with 34 serving this clockwise, and 34A anti clockwise. This route is now commercial, ex Essex CC contracted. This is now normally ADL/Enviro 200 operated, with 292 (EU59 AFF) joining 293 (EU59 AFJ) – at Sible Hedingham (HD) from Clacton (CN).
Commencing the same date, one journey on 95 (Tollesbury-Maldon) was diverted to serve Heybridge Basin on request.
The Weeley-Brightlingsea school journey has been linked into the Brightlingsea group of services, as 87C. It parallels the main 87 between Wivenhoe and Brightlingsea Colne Community College.
The Ipswich private school contract has passed to Suffolk Norse.
From 2/9/15, Kelvedon (KN) regained the Honywood School, Coggeshall no 4 (Easthorpe) and no 9 (Marks Tey) runs from Clacton (CN). KN now works all of the Honywood routes, except 2 (Stisted) and 3 (Halstead), which are done by Sible Hedingham (HD).
Changes to the Stanway School routes from 2/9/15 saw 025 revised, to start at Birch and then run via Easthorpe and Copford. Increased loadings have seen the 091 route split into two, with 022 serving Great Tey/Chappel and 022D Eight Ash Green and Wakes Colne. Likewise, the 17 registered bus service from West Bergholt to Stanway School and closed contract 021 from Little Horkesley/Wormingford/Fordham, are increased from 1 to 2 double deckers, due to greater demand. 024 to/from Layer De La Haye is unchanged.
R229HCD L393 HO (COGGESHALL)  21-9-12
Above: Volvo B10BLE no 483, in its original Hedingham guise as no L393. It was pictured at Coggeshall on 21/9/12. The two tone red livery was from a spell at City of Oxford, and this former Brighton and Hove bus retained these colours throughout its time at Hedingham.

Sold is Dennis Dart SLF/EL Spryte 135 (T135 KPV). Sister 91 (X91 LBJ) is withdrawn.

Ex London Midland 321413/4/5 have appeared; on the Romford-Upminster branch.

S7 Stock set 21471/2 has received an overall advert for Mexico – “Live it to believe it”. Sisters 21443/4, 21445/6 have lost their SSR Upgrade – 191 new trains advertising liveries.
Withdrawn are D78 Stock units 7077 + 17077 + 8077; 7112 + 17112 + 8112.
Car 17077 is of interest, as back in 1994 it swapped identity with 17035. This was after the original 17077 was damaged in a flood at Richmond in 1991, and following repair was reformed into unit “035”.
Sold to Vivarail are 7001/8/29/39/41/60/72/112/18, 17029/112/18/22/25.
Gone to Booth Roe, Rotherham for scrap, were 17001/8/39/60/72/122/25, 8001/8/29/39/60/72/112/18/22/25.

Two new Herts CC contracted services started from 2/9/15.
27 runs Wednesdays only from Bishops Stortford to Royston.
28 operates on Mondays between Bishops Stortford and Baldock.
Due to the above, there were reductions to route 20 (Anstey-Bishops Stortford); with it becoming Tue, Thu, Fri only.
Other new ventures are 24 (Royston Town Service), 386 (Braughing Square-Bishops Stortford) – Tue and Thu only.
All the above (except 20), had previously been operated by Centrebus.

Scania Omnicity ‘deckers LX08 ECT/V are numbered 86/7.

Commuter service 741A (Bishops Stortford-London Victoria) ceased after 11/9/15.

From 6/9/15, there were changes to outstation allocations and rail standby duties.
Great Yarmouth outbase ceased, while the allocations at Ipswich and Witham dropped from 2 to 1. There is no longer a Marks Tey standby from the latter. These alterations are connected with the end of the summer season.
Now operated on sub contract from Stephensons is route 701 (Harwich-Colchester Norman Way Schools).
Mb 0814D/Plaxton Beaver SIL 2172 has passed to ACME Bus of Molehill Green.
Volvo B10M/Plaxton Excalibur J734 CWT, is now with SMS of Towcester, Northants.
Volvo B10M/VH VLT 177 is offered for sale.
Above: VLT 177 on AGA rail replacement, at Ely station on 28/12/14.

Much of the remaining track, on what is left of the site of the old Goodmayes Goods Yard has been lifted. Only stubs of the headshunts now remain, at the Chadwell Heath and Seven Kings ends.
Track still survives however, at the site of “The Factory”, opposite Gidea Park Yard.

From 1/9/15, the 1 group of services between Chelmsford and Canvey were revised.
1 was withdrawn on Saturdays, but 1A/B continue on this day.
Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer 602 (YN04 PZZ) is reinstated.
MX10DXO 652 REGAL 11A (PRITTLEWELL)  27-9-15
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 no 652 at Prittlewell on 27/9/15, working the Sundays and Holidays only, Essex CC contracted 11A Chelmsford to Southend service.
To the left is the former Eastern National depot, and behind that are the lights of Southend United FC’s Roots Hall ground.

Bova Futura AY03 TTV (ex 239 LYC), is now with A-Line, Coventry.
Herts CC routes 90/91 (Royston-Letchworth) have been gained, while another new service is 386 (Bishops Stortford-Stevenage).

Commercial service R1 (Harlow-Katherines), resumed in mid September, but 255 (Harlow-Debden) and 511 (Harlow-Bishops Stortford) remained dormant.

Transferred to Stagecoach in Norfolk are Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s 18348/9 (AE55 DKV/X).

YY15OYX 10306 ST EL 498 (BD)  17-9-15
Above: One of the recent ADL/Enviro 40D MMCs for the new TfL498 contract. No 10306 was caught at Brentwood High Street on 17/9/15.

It has been announced by TfL that all of the current (and future) LT class New Routemasters will receive opening windows, following many customer complaints about excessive internal temperatures.
Changes to introduce a night service to TfL238 (Barking-Stratford) went ahead from 12/9/15, despite the postponement of the night tube services.
Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s 17838/40 (LX03 BYP/S) have come from Selkent,and are now at Leyton (T). Trident 17873 (LX03 NFV) has moved from T to West Ham (WH).
Trident 17892 (LX03 ORC) is withdrawn following an engine fire. ADL/Enviro 40D 19734 is delicensed due to accident damage, and is being repaired.
New Rotemasters LT243, 463 (LTZ 1243, 1463) are back in traffic, after collision repairs.
ADL/Enviro 400s 10157/8 and Tridents 18452/65/6 have moved from North Street (NS) to Rainham (RM), with ADL/E400s 19734-41 going in exchange.
Transferred to Selkent are Tridents 17832/3/43/60/1/2/3/6. 17832/66 went to Bromley (TB) – the rest to Plumstead (PD).
Trident 17530 (LX51 FOP) has been scrapped. 17581 (LV52 HFO), has passed to GTG Training. 17583 (LV52 HFR), 17746 (LY52 ZFE), 17802 (LX03 BWV) have transferred to Stagecoach Fife Scottish. 17745 (LY52 ZFD) is now with Stagecoach Glenvale in Liverpool.
New Routemasters in overall adverts are LT264 (G Star Raw); LT271 (Nike); LT272 (John Lewis); LT312 (Tommy Hilfiger); LT315 (John Lewis); LT359 (Spectre 007); LT388 (Pepe Jeans).
The 12xxx ADL/E40Hs are going through first cycle repaints.
LTZ1095 LT95 (REAR) PEPE JEANS ML 24  28-9-15
Above: Metroline New Routemaster LT95, demonstrates the Pepe Jeans livery (and lack of opening windows), at Warren Street on 28/9/15.

Other overall adverts are:
ADL/E40H 12321 (SK14 CSZ)- Green Bus.
Scania Omnicity double deckers 15151/64 (LX59 COJ, CRK), now with Centaur of Crayford, have been repainted white, and put to work on the University of Greenwich inter campus shuttle, between the sites at Greenwich and Avery Hill, Eltham. They work alongside Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini2 BK15 AZP.

LDV Convoy minibus EY54 DJD has been sold.

Former Goodwins of Manchester short ADL/Enviro 200 426 (MX62 APO) is at Boreham, along with ex Reserve Volvo Olympian/Alexander RHs 830/1 (N959/60 FKK). ADL/Enviro 200 466 (DK57 OPZ) is now at Maldon ex Boreham. SLF/Caetano 454 (HV52 WTE) was on the 247 from Ipswich outstation in mid September. It was understood to be covering for accident damaged SLF/Super Pointer 459 (GU52 HKD).
SLF/Super Pointer 456 (XS 2210), has been re-registered back to its original GU52 HJX mark.
The 505 Danbury-Colchester schools service is now back “in house”, after a year being subcontracted to Fourways of Chelmsford.
From 1/9/15, Essex CC 73 (Maldon-Heybridge-Boreham-Chelmsford) was taken over (commercially), from First Essex. It has also partially replaced routes 71C (Witham-Chelmsford) and schools 630 (Wickham Bishops-Chelmsford), which is now 673. The 73 has become double deck worked.
From 2/9/15, Essex CC contracts 417 (Great Saling-Newport Grammar School) was gained from Hedingham. 418/9 came from Hedingham in the last academic year.
Also from 2nd September, there were changes to the 700 group of scholars services to Colchester Norman Way schools. 701 (from Harwich) was diverted via Frating; 702 (from Frinton) diverted via Thorrington; 703 (from Jaywick) withdrawn, replaced by 701/4; 704 (from Great Holland) diverted through St Osyth. 701 has also been sub contracted to Panther Travel (qv). As a result, the Clacton outstation has been reduced from 3 to 2 buses. It has also moved from the rear of John Canham Recovery, to his sub yard, across Telford Road.
After 13/9/15, Haverhill operated service 91 (Steeple Bumpstead-Hempstead) ceased.

Another ex Arriva London Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini via Ensign is LF52 UOW.

Reinstated is MCW MkI Metrobus C374 BUV; now a rare breed.

Has a new Colchester to Royal Hospital School at Shotley contract, using Mercedes 0814/Classic PIL 4683.

Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 TAL33205 (LX04 FYB), has been returned to Ensign – off loan.

Commercial service 311 (Hertford-Waltham Cross) ceased from 8/9/16.

EU54 MBX is an Iveco 65C/Mellor welfare bus, ex Rotherham Council.

Sourced through Ensign is ex Go-South Coast Optare Solo V679 FEL. It is for a short term Park and Ride at County Hall, Hertford.
From 1st September, the following new commercial routes started:
244 (Canada Fields-Cheshunt Rail Station). M to F peaks.
245 (Cheshunt Station-Cuffley Station). M to F peaks.
247 (Cheshunt Station-Cuffley Station). M to F.
248 (Waltham Cross-Cuffley Rail Station). Sats only.
249 (Cheshunt-Chancellors School). Schooldays only.
From 13/9/15, a Sunday service was introduced on 410 (Harlow-Waltham Cross) and 411 (Hertford-Waltham Cross):

Red Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 130 (KP54 BYK) is now in the two tone pink fleet livery.
Withdrawn Dennis Dart SLF/Wright Cadet X773 CVS was still at Hatfield depot in late September.
A number of routes were won from Sullivan Buses on Herts CC re-tender from 1/9/15:
200 (Essendon Mill-Coney Fields).
201 (Welham Green-Welwyn Garden City).
203 (Watton-at-Stone-Welwyn Garden City).
204 (Welwyn Garden City-Tewin Circular). Tue/Thu/Fri. New route partly replacing 388.
205 (Birchwood Estate-South Hatfield-Hatfield ALDI). Wed only.
206 (Panshanger and Welwyn Garden City Circular). Headway reduction, but partly covered by 204.
215 (Codicote/Welwyn-Monks Walk School/Welwyn Garden City).
312 (Bell Bar-Hatfield Tesco):
KN04XCU RED EAGLE 361 (SL)  19-9-15
Ex UNO route 361 (St Albans-Bricket Wood), which passed on emergency Herts CC tender to Metroline in the early summer, has now been awarded to Red Eagle of Aston Clinton, as shown by this view taken at St Albans on 19/9/15. Red Eagle took over from 1st September.
Meanwhile, 603 (South Hatfield-Hatfield Business Park Circular) is a new commercial service, from 1/9/16. From this date there were also revisions to:
615 (Hatfield Business Park-Stanmore) – reduced to hourly off peak.
622 (Hatfield Business Park-Watford) – rerouted in South Hatfield.
636 (London Colney-Luton) – withdrawn between Hatfield Rail Station and London Colney.
641 (Hatfield Business Park-Broxbourne Rail Station) – rerouted via Cole Green,Birch Green, Staines Green and Hertingfordbury.
Green Line 797 (Hatfield-London) saw changes from 1st September. It was extended to Hitchin Rail Station at its north end, but was cut back to Baker Street in the south.

Ex Hedingham Mini Pointer Dart SLF X509 WRG is here, via Barham (dealer).
Indicar bodoed Iveco 80E18 FG03 JDJ, has been re-registered TUI 9840.

http://www.16seater.co.uk, BENFLEET.
Mercedes Sprinter/Concept MX54 VWL has been sold.

With thanks to: A Hazell, N Barber, J Benee, ‘Capital Omnibus’, Connor, R Daniel, Ensignbus, Essex Buses Yahoo, L Harrison, LOTS, Panther Travel, P Proctor, PSVC, RM, D Stewart, S Spencer.

Courtworth Banner croppedDennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s

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