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Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the April 2016 edition of Busmopolitan.
The main news this month is of a major shake up of council contracted bus services across Essex. Arriva lost out in the re-tendering, while First, NIBS and Stephensons considerably gained. NIBS has won work beyond its traditional “patch” around Basildon. There has also been a significant shuffle of peripheral routes from “mainstream” bus operation to Demand Responsive Transport (DRT). Full details are in the main text.

Also significant is the projected sale of Galloway International Coaches of Mendlesham. The current directors wish to retire, and the new owner will be Eastern Transport Holdings (ETH); which is owned by Bill Hiron – also well known as the MD of Stephensons of Essex. Galloway was founded in 1965; and runs a mixture of local bus routes across south and mid Suffolk, plus National Express contracts and a quality coach fleet. The handover is proposed for Autumn 2016.

There have been big changes in the organisation of Arriva; with Arriva The Shires having been effectively split up into neighbouring areas. A by-product of this has been the transfer of all TfL red bus activities to Arriva London, and this includes the Grays depot of Arriva Kent Thameside. On a more local level, Arriva also looks to be phasing out the SxConnect brand. It is pictured (below), on Arriva Kent Thameside Volvo B7RLE/Wright no 3819; ascending North Hill, Colchester on 14/4/16.

And Arriva has also won the contract to operate London Overground (LOROL) from November 2016. It beat competition from MTR (Arriva’s current venture partner on LOROL); Go-Ahead/Keolis and Metroline Rail.

Turbostar DMU 170204 was involved in a collision with a tractor, on the accommodation/level crossing at Roudham, near Thetford on 11/4/16. The train was working the 1203 Norwich to Cambridge service. 7 people were injured, including the tractor driver, who was seriously hurt. The front vehicle of the train was badly damaged. A subsequent investigation found that the tractor had been given permission to cross by a signaller at Cambridge Power Box; which is some 30 miles away.
(Picture: EDP).

Virgin liveried DVT 82126 has been returned to its ROSCO, following completion of the DVT overhaul programme. 82112 was in the WB64 ‘Pretendalino’ set at the end of April.

Above: ACME Bus ex Abellio Surrey Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer KN52 NFO, at Long Border Road, Stansted Airport on 16/4/16. It is on route 7 (Bishops Stortford- Birchanger-Stanstead Mountfitchet-Elseham-Henham-Stansted Airport).

AIR FORCE ONE 28000 (LSN) 23-4-16
Boeing VC-25 no 28000 was at Stansted Aiport 21st-24th April; in connection with the visit of USA President Barack Obama to the UK.

Sold are DAF SB/VH G382 RCW; Volvo Olympian/Alexander RL N716 LTN; Bova Futura Y8 AMS.
The Essex CC contract changes from 10/4/16, saw the end of routes 37 (South Woodham Circular); 268 (Grays-Blackmore). 37 was replaced by new First route 94. A new contract is 12 (Wickford-Billericay) – replacing NIBS 221/2/5.

Mercedes Tourismo tri-axle BT15 KNE was on loan again from Evobus, during April; covering AC15 ERN which was undergoing further warranty work.
Sold to Taylor, Isleham (dealer), is Mercedes 0816/Optare Toro RY56 ERN.

PT04 APT is an 8 seat Ford Transit crew ferry.

This operation has transferred to Arriva London North, as it only runs TfL contracts. Buses still retained ‘AKT’ legals at the end of April, however.
LJ09SVF 6211 AKT 66 (NEWBURY PARK)  5-4-15
Above: VDL DB300/Wright Gemini2 no 6211 at Newbury Park LUL station on 5/4/15.
This bus was one of a batch new to Arriva London North, and transferred in August 2012 to Arriva Southend, (subsequently Arriva Kent Thameside) for the renewed TfL66 (Leytonstone-Romford) contract.

W465XKX 3333 AR CR (QUEEN ST) 12-4-16
The Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander ALX200s are paint float vehicles; pending the receipt of more 54 reg SLF/Plaxton Pointers from Harlow; 3333 was seen (above) at Queen Street on 12th April. SLF 3413 (SN54 HWY) arrived during April. Loaned DAF DB250L/EL 6253 (FE51 WSU) and Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 6428 (GN04 UEV) have returned to Arriva Kent and Surrey.
A “new” crew ferry is Ford Transit 8 seat minibus AX04 XJY.
Service changes from 10/4/16:
2B (Colchester-Boxted – Peaks only) – absorbed into new route 80 with Panther Travel.
2C (Highwoods-Colchester) – Suns/hols – lost to First.
4 (Tollgate-Colchester) – extended over old Stephensons route 3 to Hythe in east. In west diverted via Lakelands.
8C (Monkwick-Horkesley Heath) – Suns/hols – withdrawn. Replaced by First commercial service 8.
11 (Colchester North Station-Highwoods) – M-F peaks – gained from Hedingham.
66 (Rowhedge-Colchester) – Suns/hols – lost to First.
67B (West Mersea-Colchester-West Bergholt) – Suns/hols – lost to First.
70 (Colchester-Braintree) – Suns/hols – lost to First.
75 (Colchester-Maldon) – Suns/hoils – lost to First.
77 (Colchester-Great Bentley/Seawick) – taken over from Panther.
102 (Colchester-Harwich) – Suns/hols – lost to First.
105/7/9 (Colchester-Walton on the Naze) – lost to Stephensons. 109 variant withdrawn.
115 (Weeley-Thorpe le Soken – schooldays only) – lost to Stephensons.
602 (Highwoods-Colchester-Great Horkesley – schooldays only) – withdrawn.
W904UJM NC (WALTON)  10-07
Above: Network Colchester Volvo B10BLE/Alexander ALX300 no 904, at Walton on the Naze rail station in October 2007.

LF02PNU 3534 AR NC 2C 6-3-16
Above: DAF SB120/Wright Cadet no 3534, Colchester Bus Station, on a westbound 2C working, on 6/3/16.

LF02PNU 3534 AR NC 70 13-3-16
Above:  DAF SB120 3534 again; this time at Crouch Street, Colchester, on a westbound 70, on 13/3/16.

RX07KPG 1562 AR NC 75 (MN RD CR) 13-3-16
Above: Dennis Dart SLF/Caetano Nimbus 1562, on Maldon Road, Colchester – on service 75; 13/3/16.

KX56HCP 1558 NC 4 (MALDON RD, CR)  27-11-15
Above; Network Colchester Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer no 1558, enters Maldon Road on the “old” 4 service, on 27/11/15.

Optare Versas 4198/9 (YJ58 PFY/Z), have lost their SxConnect blue livery in favour of standard Arriva colours. The SxConnect brand is being dropped.
Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 3293 (Y293 TKJ), has moved on to Arriva The Shires at Stevenage.
Essex CC contract changes from 10/4/16:
5 (Pinnacles-Harlow) – transferred to Trustybus.
7 (Harlow-Princess Alexandra Hospital) – withdrawn.
59 (Harlow-Chelmsford – Suns/hols) – lost to First Essex.
501 (Harlow-Ongar – Suns/hols) – lost to NIBS.
Plus new 508 (Harlow-Stansted Airport) introduced commercially. This runs as 509/10 Harlow to Bishops Stortford and then via Dunmow Road, Start Hill, Takeley and Molehill Green.

Received from Arriva The Shires are Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400s VLA130/3/5/6 (LJ05 GME, GPY, GRF/K), VLA143 (LJ55 BTF); for use at Barking (DX) on new TfL contract 368 (Barking-Chadwell Heath). ADL/Enviro 400 T168 has moved from Ash Grove (AE) to DX.
From 30/4/16; TfL368 (Barking-Chadwell Heath) was gained from Blue Triangle on re-tender. The route is now double deck; using refurbished T Class ADL/Enviro 400s.
The Grays depot of Arriva Kent Thameside is coming under Arriva London control (qv).

Has new Demand Responsive Essex CC contracts from 10/4/16:
5 (Sible Hedingham-Sudbury) – from Community Link.
8 (Toppesfield-Haverhill) – from Stephensons.
10 (Cornish Hall End-Braintree) – from Stephensons.
23 (Steeple Bumpstead-Braintree) – from Stephensons.
DART1 (West Uttlesford).
DART2 (East Uttlesford).
DART3 (North East Braintree).
SB21 (Fuller Street-Braintree) – from Braintree CT.
SB22 (White Colne-Braintree) – from Braintree CT.
SB23 (Tilbury Juxta Clare-Haverhill) – from Braintree CT.
SB24 (Steeple Bumpstead-Haverhill) – from Braintree CT.
SB25 (Foxearth-Sudbury) – from Braintree CT.
SB26 (Belchamp Otten-Sudbury) – from Braintree CT.
Withdrawn is Witham town service 40 (Eberneezer Close-Newland Street shuttle); which was subbed from Stephensons. It has passed to Community Link.
There is an outbase at Bradwell for some of the new services. Mercedes Sprinter YK08 WEO is the regular vehicle.
Above: Arrow Taxis Mercedes Sprinter AR60 OWS, on the 40 at Newland Street, Witham on 5/1/16.

Acquired are ex Cozy of Bassingbourn Dennis Javelin/Plaxton Premiere 70 seater N885 BNA, LDV Convoy X458 CUY and Volvo B10M/Plaxton Paramount OAZ 5315.
Sold are Volvo B10M/Caetano 70 seater G998 OKK, and Dennis Javelin/WS school buses N982 BHE, FA54 WMW.
Setra S228 Imperial double deck coach LIG 7717 has gone for preservation.
Sold B10M/Paramount C270 FBH was still on site in mid April.
New school services from 11/4/16 are:
BB5 (Waltham Cross-Bishops Stortford).
BB6 (Cheshunt-Bishops Stortford).

Mercedes 1523L/UNVI SK07 LZD is ex Ridleys of Leamington Spa. It has been re-registered FHJ 565.

Received from London Central are ADL/Enviro 40Ds are E102/5 (LX09 EZW, FAJ), E164 (SN61 BGK), E170/3 (SN61 BGZ/E), E178/9 (SN61 BHL/O), E181-5 (SN61 BHU/U/V/W/X/Y). Transferred from Docklands Buses are E166/9 (SN61 BGU/Y), E175/6 (SN61 BHF/J). E169 had briefly gone to Docklands from Blue Triangle and then returned.
A new garage has opened in Barking. Converted from a former van maintenance depot, it is on River Road (code RR). It opened on 30/4/16, when TfL147 (Ilford-Canning Town) was gained from Stagecoach. Former London Central E Class ADL/Enviro 40Ds form the initial allocation; E102/5/64-6/70/3-9/81-5. E166/9/75/6 came via Docklands Buses. E178/9/81/4/5 moved from Rainham (BE).
River Road has capacity for up to 155 buses and 420 drivers; so there is plenty of space for future expansion.
Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer DP208 (SN56 AYC) and Scania Omnidekkas SO1-5 (BV55 UCT/U/W/X/Y), have passed to Ensign.
TfL368 (Barking-Chadwell Heath), was lost to Arriva London North, from 30/4/16 (qv).

Left hand drive MAN 24.460/Berkhof tr-axle double deck coach Y329 NWP (ex BL-FB-87) is being refurbished.

From 11/4/16:
Route 898 (Brentwood Hospital-Blackmore), became commercial

On 25/4/16, the driver of a Grays to Fenchurch Street service, was taken ill when his Class 357 EMU train arrived at Barking. Regrettably, he subsequently passed away. It is believed the 56 year old, suffered a heart attack. Thoughts go out to all affected.

Acquired via Ensign is AEC PRV Routemaster RM2185 (CUV 185C). It had previously been with a preservationist.
From 11/4/16, services 93/94 (Ipswich-Colchester) had their terminus arrangements in Colchester changed. They now serve the whole town centre “loop”, and operate along East Hill both ways. Previously, Ipswich bound journeys had run via Magdalen Street and Brook Street.
Schools service 193 (Dedham-East Bergholt) has been moved over from the old Carters Coach Services, to a new company called Carters Heritage Buses

SB36 (Althorne-Maldon) – incorporated into Arrow Taxis Dart 99 service.
SB37 (Tolleshunt Knights-Tiptree) – withdrawn.

SB53 (Margaretting-Chelmsford) – withdrawn.

After 9/4/16, the following services passed to Arrow Taxis, as part of new DRT services in Uttlesford:
10 (Chrishall-Bishops Stortford).
17 (Little Sampford-Saffron Walden).
Above: EO16 DFE, one of Community Link’s latest Mercedes Sprinters. It was seen at Colchester on welfare duties, on 14/4/16.

As part of the upgrade, the stabling sidings at Shenfield are currently disconnected. There are extensive works taking place at the country end of Shenfield station.

On loan from London Hire is Mercedes Sprinter 511D/Stanford welfare bus WR58 TYY.

The following Essex CC contracts ceased after 9/4/16:
323 (Greenstead Green-Sudbury) – Thu only.
327 (Twinsted-Halstead) – Fri only.
329 (Pebmarsh-Halstead) – Fri only.
331 (Sible Hedingham-Sudbury) – Thu and Sat only.
They have been replaced by Demand Responsive services, operated by Arrow Taxis.

YT51AXO DE VERE & W792 VMV L405 HO (HD) 5-7-13
Above: De Vere Travel Optare Alero YT51 AXO (right), with Hedingham Omnibuses Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer L405, at Halstead Bus Park on 5/7/13.

Has suspended its London Waterloo to Gatwick Airport service.

New are Airbus A320-214s G-EZPF/H.
Sister G-EZWG has received the new livery and been named ‘Barcelona’.

Sold is unusual Izuzu NPR/LCB minicoach R767 TKX.

Joining the operational fleet are ex Arriva London Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400s LJ54 BDO/V. They are nos 109/10.
In for the LOROL Barking to Gospel Oak rail replacement contract are the following buses from Ensign sales stock: Ex Empark, Edinburgh ADL/Enviro 200s 716-18 (YX60 EOR/S/T) and ex Metroline West Dennis Dart SLF/Caetano Nimbuses 796-98 (LK03 NLJ/M, LK53 FDN).
Volvo B5L/MCV Euro Seti demonstrator 900 (BF65 WHZ), has been returned to Volvo; off loan.
Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH open topper 393 (P493 MBY) has been sold to Alpha of Soulbury, Bucks.

The 66A Harlow-Waltham Cross commercial service, has been renumbered 86.

Service 10 (Chrishall-Bishops Sotrtford) passed to Arrow Taxis from 9/4/16, to become part of a DART scheme.

MAN11/Caetano Enigma midi coach FJ53 VDK has been offered for sale.

Received from First Leicester are ADL/Enviro 400s 33504 (LK08 FLX), 33507(LK08 FKZ), 33544/5/6 (SN58 CFK/L/M), 33548/9 (SN58 CFP/U), 33551/2/3 (SN58 CFX/Y/Z),
33555(SN58 CGF), 33557/8/9 (SN58 CGK/O/U), 33561/2/3 (SN58 CGX/Y/Z), 33567/8/70/2 (SN58 CHG/H/K/O), 33573/4 (SN58 ENR/T). Allocated to Basildon (BN); they have replaced Dennis Trident/Plaxton Presidents 32804/9/47/9/50/5 (T804/9/47/9/50/5 LLC), 32856 (V856 HBY, 32864 (T864 KLF) and 32905 (W905 VLN). These have gone to store at Braintree (BE). Ex Leicester Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 32087 (KP51 WBZ) – now at Clacton (CN) ex BN. Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointers 42487/8 (SN03 WME, SN53 KJX) have gone from Chelmsford (CF) to Hadleigh (HH).
Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 30902 (W757 DWX) has transferred to First Eastern Counties at Lowestoft. Sister 32652 (AU05 MUO) has lost its ‘Colchester’ branding. 32477 (AU53 HJN) is the last B7TL to retain Route 61-62 branding – (on offside only). 32481 (AU53 HJY) now has a super rear advert for workshopplay.co.uk

LR02LZD 33184 W MERSEA CRASH 29-4-16 (A CIOBANU) bus crash 3.jpg.gallery
(Picture: A Ciobanu).
On 29/4/16, Trident/President 33184 (LR02 LZD), left the road, and ended up in a ditch at The Strood, West Mersea, while on a southbound 67 (Colchester-West Mersea) service. 3 passengers were slightly injured.
Volvo B7RLE/Wright Solar 69421 (AU 58 FFH) has moved again; from Colchester (CR) back to Chelmsford (CF).
Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 65682 (YR 52 VEP) now has a led destination, ex dot matrix (front only).
Withdrawn are Dennis Dart SLF/Marshalls 41732 (X732 HLF), 41761 (X761 HLR).
The old Harwich depot has passed to Harwich Brewery Company. The former premises at Haven Road, Colchester are now used by Velvis Automotive.
Service changes from 10/4/16 included:
1/A (Ambrose Avenue-Colchester-Greenstead – eves/Suns/hols) – all renumbered to 1A.
2 (Clacton-Mistley) – gained from Hedingham.
2 (Highwoods-Colchester)- evenings – extended to Horkesley Heath, as per daytime 2, and partially replacing 8E.
2C (Highwoods-Colchester)- Suns/hols – gained from Arriva. Renumbered 2A.
5 (Basildon-Pitsea) – eve jouneys extended from Felmores to Pitsea.
8/A (Pitsea-Basildon-Laindon0 – amended to terminate at Fenton Way, Laindon.
8E (Monkwick-Colchester-Horkesley Heath) – eves – withdrawn; replaced by an extended 2 and new route 68.
9 (Great Holland-Walton Columbine Centre) – lost to Stephensons. This ran inside the Frinton Gates.
10 – new service (Basildon Hospital-Shotgate) – M-Sat. Ex NIBS 225.
10/11/12 (Bursville-Clacton-Jaywick). No longer serves Telford Road.
14/15/A (Chelmsford-Wickford). Renumbered 13/A/14 and extended from Pickford rail station to/from The Wick.
15 (Lexden-Colchester North Station) – transferred to Hedingham as revised route.
17 (West Bergholt-Stanway School) – gained from Hedingham.
21 (Basildon-North Benfleet) – M-F peak hours contract to NIBS. Sat contract remains with First.
21/A (Black Motley-Braintree-Bocking – eves/suns/hols) – to Stephensons.
21C (Canvey-Benfleet – M-F) – withdrawn. Replaced by NIBS service.
31 (Chelmsford-Mayland) – extended to/from Southminster on Suns/hols, and renumbered to 33 at those tomes – see below.
33 – new service (Broomfield Hospital-Southminster) – Suns/hols.
36 (South Woodham Ferrers-Broomfield) – extended to/from Broomfield Hospital and Marsh Farm Park.
42/A (Chelmsford-Stansted Airport). Evening service cut back to Broomfield Hospital, but with some journeys extended to Great Waltham.
45A (Chelmer Village-Chelmsford-Oxney Green) – renumbered 48A.
46 (Chelmsford-Ongar) – to NIBS.
47 (Chelmsford-Broomfield Hospital) – revised. Extended to/from Oaklands Park, replacing part of 46.
51 (Chelmsford-Galleywood) – evening service renumbered to 51A and diverted via Heath Drive; partially replacing route 45.
54 (North Melbourne-Chelmsford-Beaulieu Park) – to commercial, ex ECC contracted.
59 (Chelmsford-Harlow) – gained from Arriva. No longer serves Roxwell.
92 (Colchester-Tollesbury – Sats only) – to Hedingham.
63 (Berechurch-Colchester-Tufnell Way) – transferred to Hedingham, as revised route. B7RLE 69429 worked the last First journey on 9th April.
66 (Rowhedge-Colchester) Suns/hols – gained from Arriva. Sun/hol operations split into two sections; North Station-Rowhedge (hourly) and West Berghold-Colchester 92 hourly).
66A (Old Heath-Colchester-West Bergholt). Renumbered to 66B.
67B (West Mersea-West Bergholt) – Suns/hols – gained from Arriva. Extended in West Mersea from High Street to Coast Road, and in Colchester North Station to Leisure Centre (Mason Road).
68 (Highwoods-West Mersea) – new service – M-Sat eves only. Partly replaces 8E.
70 (Colchester-Braintree) Suns/hols – gained from Arriva. Extended west to Chelmsford, and in Colchester to Leisure Centre (Mason Road). Operated by Braintree (BE).
71C (Colchester-Chelmsford) – eves – renumbered 71A. Operation transferred from Colchester (CR) to Chelmsford (CF). Last bus from Colchester, extended from Kelvedon to Witham.
73 (Bishops Hall Estate-Brentwood-Warley) – renumbered to 37.
73 (Chelmsford-Maldon). One journey renumbered to 73A and operated via Chelmer Village Way.
74B (Clacton-Colchester)- eves/Suns/hols; terminates at Colchester Bus Station and no longer serves North Station.
75 (Colchester-Maldon) Suns/hols – gained from Arriva. Maldon terminus moved from leisure centre to Masefield Road.
76 (Clacton-Colchester) – Suns/hols. Terminates at Colchester Bus Station rather than Head Street. Last eastbound journey renumbered 100, to operated Colchester-Weeley, and onto Thorpe Le Soken by request.
83/A (Colchester-Mount Bures/Colne Engaine) – transferred to Hedingham as revised route.
88 (Colchester-Halstead) – M-Sat eves (2 rounders) – from Hedingham. No longer serves Colchester North Station.
88C (Colchester-Aldham) – replaced by Hedingham 83B.
92 (Colchester-Tollesbury) – Saturday only Essex CC journeys ceased.
94/A/B – new service – (Basildon-South Woodham – M-Sat). Replaced Amber 37 and NIBS 237.
94C – new service. (South Woodham Town Service) – Sun/hols.
100 – new service. (Clacton-Walton) – eves only, daily.
101 (Billericay-Basildon Hospital) – withdrawn.
102 (Colchester-Harwich) – gained from Arriva. Revised to serve Parkeston Village. First and last buses runs via 106 “direct” Colchester-Harwich route.
104 (Colchester-Harwich) – M-Sat eve journeys only – renumbered 102 and runs as Sun/hol 102 route.
106 (Colchester-Harwich “direct”0 – reinstated, but on Sun/hols only, as positioning journeys for 102.
140 (Basildon-Chelmsford) – Suns/hols – withdrawn.
175 (Colchester-Fingringhoe). Now a circular, with the clockwise being 174 and anticlockwise 175. Greatly improved frequency M-Sat.
251 (Suns/hols) – revised to run as Warley-Wickford, with section to Southend withdrawn.
256 (Basildon-Billericay Bluebell Wood – M-Sat) – to NIBS.
275 (Rowhedge-Thomas Lord Audley School – schooldays only) – withdrawn – replaced by new Hedingham service 19.
352 (Chelmsford-Halstead). On Suns/hols revised in Chelmsford to start/finish at Broomfield Hospital rather than bus station.
SB52 (Ramsden Heath-Billericay) – to NIBS.

SM65EEX 63339 1A CR BUS STATION 6-3-16
Above: Wright Streetlite no 63339 at Colchester Bus Station, on a Sunday working of town service 1A, on 6/3/16.

AU58FFR 69429 63 CR 18-2-16
Above: First Essex Volvo B7RLE/Wright Solar no 69429 on route 63, at St Johns Street, Colchester on 18/2/16.

AU53HJK 32476 REFRESHED 83A (LX RD CR) 1-4-16
Above: On 1/4/16; the penultimate day of First Essex operation; Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32476 unusually appeared on 83/A, and is pictured heading into Colchester along Lexden Road.

Above: The old First Essex Harwich depot, on 24/4/16.

New is SS16 GAL, a Bova Futura 2 – in Leger Holidays Silver Service livery.
Sold is Dennis Javelin/Caetano IIW 372; it went to MC Tractors of Ramsey for scrap. Volvo B10B/Alexander PS UNZ 7507 ex M755 RAX is now with Douglas of Whitburn.

As mentioned in the editorial; this company is to be acquired by Eastern Transport Holdings (ETH), who also own Stephensons of Essex.

Above: Van Hool TX YJ13 GWG, in the new Galloway colours; at Newbury Park in April 2016, on Abellio Greater Anglia RRP to/from Ingatestone.

Above: Galloway runs some National Express contracts; including the 250 Ipswich-Colchester-Stansted-Heathrow service. Volvo B9R/Caetano Levante is seen at Southway, Colchester in October 2011; not long after the 250 was launched.

YJ60GDO GALLOWAY 113 (IPS)  31-10-15
Above; Representing Galloway’s service bus fleet is VDL200/MCV Evolution YJ60 GDO; at Ipswich Rail Station on 30/10/15.

Iveco Eurorider/Beaulas P120 KNO is sold.

FX03 FMU is a Kia Carnival crew ferry.

New is Mercedes Tourismo BU16 HBY.
Mercedes 0816/UNVI midicoach PO12 CZT is now with White of St Albans.

Temsa MD9 YJ16 EHT is now with Harry Flying of Bermondsey.

Mercedes 1524L/UNVI YN09 BXU ‘Monsoon’, has passed to Taylor, Isleham (dealer).

SB62 (Ramsey-Manningtree) – withdrawn.

M276UKN 84 HO KN 20-4-16
Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH 84 (M276 UKN), has returned to service at Tollesbury (TY) and Kelvedon (KN). It is pictured at Kelvedon depot on 20/4/16.
Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 740 (V161 MEV) has returned to Anglian Bus.
Dennis Trident/EL Lolynes 701/2 (T801/2 RFG) have moved from TY to Sible Hedingham (HD), along with school routes 22/D (Chappel/Great Tey-Stanway).
Withdrawn Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointers 281 (V250 BNV), 284 (W792 VMV);
Volvo B10BLE/Wright 485 (R232 HCD) and Dennis Trident/EL Lolynes 714 (T814 RFG), 730 (W83 NNJ) were still present at Clacton (CN) depot at the end of April. 485 was accident damaged and 730 had been stripped of parts.
A “new” engineers van is Ford Transit EX08 LFF at Clacton.
The following Essex CC contracts were gained from 10/4/16:
15 (Lexden-Marks Tey Rail Station) M-F peaks only – from First Essex, as revised route.
19 (Rowhedge-Thomas Lord Audley Academy)- schooldays only. Previously route 275 with First Essex.
50B (Great Wigborough-Colchester). Mons only. Partly replaced Stephensons 176.
63/A (Berechurch-Colchester Leisure Centre/North Station) – from First Essex. Route revised. Albert Roundabout to Tufnell Way section of 63, replaced by Arriva service 77.
69/A (East Mersea-Colchester) – Tue only – partially replaced Stephensons 176.
79 (Tiptree-Messing-Colchester) – new service. Fridays only.
82/A/B (Colchester-Colne Engaine) – replaced First 83A.
83/A/B (Colchester-Mount Bures) – replaced First 83, and CCVS SB32 (Eight Ash Green-Tollgate).
84B (Little Horkesley-Colchester) – new service, Thu only.
85 (Hardys Green-Colchester) – new service, Wed only. Was CCVS SB31 (Layer Breton-Colchester).
92 (Tollesbury-Colchester) – Sat ECC journeys – gained from First Essex. Hedingham already runs 92 commercially Mon to Fri.
Many of the above are worked from Clacton (CN). 83/A/B + 15 worked by CN and HD.
50B, 69/A, 79, 84B, 85, and 92 (Sats only), operate from Tollesbury (TY).
On Sats, 63/A are worked by TY, and the 82/83 group from HD.
Lost from 10/4/16 were:
2 (Clacton-Mistley)- to First Essex.
11 (Highwoods-Colchester North Station)- M-F peaks only – to Arriva.
16 (Wethersfield-Chelmsford) – to Stephensons.
17 (West Bergholt-Stanway School)- schooldays only – to First Essex.
88 (M-Sat eves) (Colchester-Halstead) – to First Essex. Daytime commercial journeys unaffected.
88B (Colchester-Little Tey) – replaced by 82/A,83/B.
Retained were:
16/A (Old Heath-St Helena School, Colchester)- schooldays only.
50/A (Colchester-Layer De La Haye/Tollesbury).
92A (Tollesbury-Colchester) – but some contracted journeys renumbered to 50A.
95A (Tollesbury-Maldon Plume School)- schooldays only.

Above: Hedingham Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer L326, on the original 15 service, in April 2008. It was pictured at Cymbeline Way, Colchester.

YN06JYD 1519 HO 63 CR 18-4-16
Above: Scania Omnidekka no 1519 calls at Colchester Bus Station, on a southbound 63, on 18/4/16.

EU05AUR 254 HO 83 CR 18-4-16
Above: Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer no 254 at Colchester Bus Station, on a “outbound” 83 journey, on 18/4/16.

YN13 GXP is a Volvo B13R/Plaxton Elite tri-axle; acquired from Logan of Dunloy, Northern Ireland.

Volvo B10M/VH YOI 7353 has passed to Harrington, a Knypersly, Staffordshire based dealer.
Also sold is VW LT31/Robin Hood welfare bus C541 VHO.

Neoplan Starliner N316SHD YN04 AUX is ex Johnsons of Worksop.
MAN13.220/Marcopolo KIG 1262 has been re-registered back to its original V311 EAL mark.It was seen (below) at Marks Tey Racecourse on 14/4/16.

Bova Futura KC08 ABC has passed to Moseley, South Elmsall (dealer).

From Redwing of Camberwell are Mercedes Tourimos BJ59 OJD/F.

BGZ 5867 is a Mercedes Sprinter 515/KVC minicoach, ex Richmond of Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Sold are Volvo Olympian/NCs P557 EFL and R233 AEY, to Lawton of Stickney, Lincolnshire.
From 11/4/16, former Essex CC 319 (High Roding-Bishops Stortford), went over to commercial operation.

Above: Ex Lodge MAN14/EL FY52 PMV is seen in its new guise with Gordon Springate Transport Training, at the Detling Rally at Kent County Showground on 2/4/16. (D W Rhodes).

Sold to Ensign are DAF SB120/Wright Cadets DWL16 (BX04 BXN), DWL17 (FJ54 ZDR); Dennis Dart SLF/MCVs ED5, 8 (AE06 HCG/K).

Arriva DB has won the new concession contract; from November 2016. Previously, this had been a joint Arriva-MTR venture.
EMUs 321413/4 have gone to Scotrail, as 320413/4; after reduction from 4 to 3 cars.

378234 LOROL (KEW GARDENS) 12-4-15
Above: LOROL ‘Electrostar’ EMU 378234 at Kew Gardens on 12/4/15; on a Stratford-Richmond service. It was still 4 car at the time; all LOROL ‘378s are now 5 car.

New S7 Stock units are 21532/24, 21525/26, 21535/36, 21551/2.
D78 Stock withdrawals for this month:
7000+17000+8000; 7022+17022+8022; 7028+17028+8028; 7038+17038+8038; 7051+17051+8051; 7093+17093+8093; 7099+17099+8099; 7111+17111+8111.
Disposals are of:
VivaRail: 7000+17000; 7022/8/38/51/93/9/111.
Booth Roe for scrap: 17022/8/38/51/93/9/111; 8000/22/8/38/51/93/9/111.

Above: On 28/9/15, D78 7022 was on the rear of an Ealing Broadway to Dagenham East service at Monument.

Acquisitions are of ex Tates of Barnsley Scania Omnicity YN04 GMU, and ex New Bharat of Southall Volvo B12T/Plaxton Panther BC09 NBC.

BD65JFA NX-SELWYNS 370 (CR) 15-4-16
Above: Selwyns operated Scania K410EB6/Caetano Levante BD65 JFA, departs Colchester on 15/4/16; on a coastal bound 370 (Runcorn-Clacton) working. This was previously route 305 and before that 350; both of which had been Liverpool to Clacton.

Below: National Express Operations new Scania K410EB6/Caetano Levante no SH207, shows its rear steer to good advatage, as it reverses off a bay at Stansted Airport Coach Station on 16/4/16.
BG65TGU SH207 NX A7 STANSTED 16-4-16

Route A6 (Stansted-Golders Green-Victoria) has been revised to call at Paddington and terminate at Marble Arch. A new link is A7 (Stansted-Waterloo-Victoria).
London United operated service A30/A31 (Stansted-London Victoria/Stratford) have ceased.
The former Galloway NX outstation at Clacton, in the old Appleby’s removals yard at Stephenson Road, has been redeveloped as industrial units. In the distant past, this location has also been used by Midi Hire. Galloway vacated the site in 2012, while Midi Hire ceased trading in 1999.

Acquired are Scania Omiexpresses YP10 VZB/C. They had previously been with Skills of Nottingham and Applebys of Conisholm.

Acquired are Wright Streetlites 11 (MX11 CZR) – ex Eastwood, St Ives, Cornwall; and 61 (MX61 BCE) – from Astons of Worcester. Both are plain white, and came via Mistral Rentals. they are for new contracts.
From 10/4/16, NIBS gained the following Essex CC contracts.
14 – new route. (Wickford-The Wick) – M to F peaks.
21 (Bocking-Braintree-Black Notley) – Suns/hols only – gained from First Essex.
21 (Basildon-North Benfleet). Peak journeys gained from First Essex. NIBS already runs rest of contract.
21C (Canvey-Haleigh) – M-F. Gained from First Essex.
46 (Chelmsford-Onger) – gained from First Essex.
46A – new route. (Epping Circular via Grinstead Green – Mon only).
46B – new route. (Epping-Marching Gree – Mon only). Replaced SB06.
46C – new route. (Ongar Circular via Abbess Roding – Tue and Sat).
46D – new route. (Ongar-Abridge-Epping – Wed and Fri).
46E – new route. (Ongar-North Weald-Epping – Wed and Fri).
46F – new route. (Ongar-Stanford Rivers – Thu). Partly replaced SB05.
63 – new route. (Rayleigh Weir-Landwick – Wed and Fri). Replaced Wyvern CT SB72/A.
256/7 (Basildon/Ramsden Heath-Billericay Bluebell Wood – Tue, Thu and Sat. Gained from First Essex.
501 (Harlow-Ongar – Suns/hols) – gained from Arriva.
From 10/4/16, NIBS lost the following Essex CC contracts:
221 (Wickford-Brock Hill Circular) – withdrawn. Replaced by First Essex 13/14/94A.
222 (Billericay-Wickford) – to Amber.
225 (Wickford-Shotgate Circular) – to First Essex.
237 (Basildon-Wickford-South Woodham Ferrers).
221/2/5 were incorporated into new Amber Coaches operated service 12 (Billericay-Wickford).

Above: NIBS Scania Omnidekka EU05 ECV, blinded for service 222. Pictured at the Canvey Transport Museum Gathering of October 2005.

Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer VU02 TTZ is now DC02 PAN and named ‘Eeorye’.
Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer BIG 9248, has reverted to its original reg mark of W339 VGX; prior to sale. Volvo B7R/Plaxton Prima BIG 6002 has been offered for sale.
From 10/4/16; Essex CC route 247 (Colchester-Dedham) was gained from Stephensons, along with the Boxted-Colchester section of the old Stephensons service 80. They have become the following new routes; 80A (Colchester-Dedham) and 81/A (Colchester-Manningtree) – both are Mon to Sat.
From the same date, school days only 103 (Ramsey-Harwich) additionally served Parkeston Village and was renumbered to 118, while 30 (Beckers Green-Braintree-Marks Farm) passed to Stephensons, and 77A (Colchester-Great Bentley/Seawick) to Arriva Network Colchester.
Other traffic changes at this time saw:
119A (Point Clear-Brightlingsea – schooldays only) – withdrawn.
314 (Great Dunmow-Braintree – Wed and Sat) – withdrawn. Replaced by Arrow Taxis East Uttlesford DRT service.
315 (Stebbing Green-Great Dunmow – Thu only) – withdrawn. Replaced by Arrow Taxis East Uttlesford DRT service.
446 (Manuden-Saffron Walden – schooldays only) – gained from Arriva, having previously been subcontracted.
446B (Clavering-Newport – schooldays only) – gained from Arriva.
BIG9856 PANTHER 77 (NORMAN WAY, CR) 9-3-16
Above: Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer BIG 9856, departs Norman Way, Colchester on 9/3/16 – on the schooldays only extension of route 77. The usual Colchester terminus is Tufnell Way.

AB62PAN PANTHER 77 CR  14-3-16
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 AB62 PAN, departs Colchester Bus Station for Tuffnell Way on 14/3/16.

The old Mile End sand yard has disappeared under a new housing development.

From 11/4/16, Essex CC route 322 (Old Harlow-Saffron Walden) ceased to serve Great Hallingbury.
KP02PVD REGAL 45 CF  26-6-15
Above: Regal Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer KP02 PVD, loads at Duke Street, Chelmsford, on a Writtle bound 45 on 26/6/15. This is an Essex CC evening/Sun/hol contract.

Y258NLK 615 REGAL 12 (HARLOW) 17-4-16
Above: Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer no 615, departs Harlow Town railway station, on 17/4/16. Regal runs Harlow local services on Sundays and public holidays, but these Essex CC contracts are due for renewal in April 2017. Arriva operates these routes commercially at other times.

VH T917 YJ06 LGC is now with Middlestons of Tamworth.

New VH TX16 integral coaches are 729 KTO, 892 LTV and YJ16 ENL.

Bova Futura YJ08 VPC is now V22 ROM. It is the Colchester United FC team coach.
The CUFC contract had previously been with The Kings Ferry of Gillingham, Kent.

New Boeing 737-8AS are EI-FRD/E/F/G/H/I/J/K.

N548 SJF is a Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere – ex Reynolds of St Albans.

Further new ADL/Enviro 40D MMCs are 10320-25 (SN16 0KA-H), 10339-47 (SN16 OKX/Z, OLB/C/G/H/J/K/O). They are for Barking (BK) and Romford North Street (NS), to replace Tridents. These (and previously delivered 10308-19/26-38) are the first 16 plate buses in the east London area.
Further Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400ALX400s returned off hire from Tower Transit are 18238/9 (LX04 FYE/F), 18241/2 (LX04 FYH/J), 18244/5 (LX04 FYL/M), 18247-50/2/3/6 (LX04 FYP/R/S/T/V/W, FZA).
The latest overall adverts are: ADL/Enviro 40D 19741 (LX11 BBJ) – Homesense; New Routemasters LT248 (LTZ 1248) – Visit Switzerland, LT267 (LTZ 1267) – Kettle B, LT270, 367 (LTZ 1270/388) – Viva Glam, LT376 (LTZ 1376) – Pizza Express, L381 (LTZ 1381) – Burberry Fragrances.
Meanwhile, Trident 17807 (LK03 BXB) is now overall blue. Tridents 18201/2 (LX04 FWL/M) have moved from West Ham (WH) to Barking. 17870/4 (LX03 NFR/Y) are withdrawn.
Internal movements of ADL/Enviro 40Ds are 17934 (LX11 AZZ) from Romford North Street (NS) to Rainham (RM); 19768-72 (LX11 BFJ-N), 19804/5 (LX11 BJJ/K) from BK to NS. Optare Vesas 25301/2 (LX58 CHF/G) are now driver trainers at WH.
Transferred to Selkent are Tridents 17564 (LV52 HDX), 17857 (LX03 NFA).
From 30/4/16, TfL62 (Barking Gascoigne Estate-Marks Gate), became 100% double deck. 296 (Ilford-Romford) and 396 (Ilford-Goodmayes Hospital) remain mixed ‘decker and saloon. From the same date, TfL147 (Ilford-Canning Town) passed to Blue Triangle (qv).
Legal lettering now reads Stagecoach London, but with Stephenson Street, Canning Town still the headquarters address.

LX59CPV NAT (NEWPORT) 16-4-16 (M FLYNN).jpg
Above: One of the Scania Omnicities sold to New Adventure Travel of Cardiff, through Ensign; former no 15159 was pictured at Newport, Gwent on 16/4/16. (M Flynn).

N959FKK 830 STEPHENSONS 504 (FEERING) 21-4-16
Above: Volvo Olympian no 830 at Feering on 21/4/16; en route to Colchester to take up an afternoon school service.

Acquired via Ensign are ex Blue Triangle Scania Omnidekkas BV55 UCT/W.
Clipper 61 branded Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer 417 (EU07 FRN) was at Boreham and Volvo Olympian/Alexander RHs 830/1 (N959/60 FKK), were working from Maldon in mid to late April. There has also been an increase in double deckers appearing on the 38/A Witham-Braintree-Halstead ‘Three Rivers’ services. SLF/Mini Pointer 414 (EU03 CFY) is now with the Suffolk fleet at Haverhill.
Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH 827 (N827 FKK) is on loan to Galloway of Mendlesham, following the acquisition of that operator by ETH, Stephenson’s holding company.
With the traffic developments listed below, the outstation allocation at Clacton has grown. At late April, it was ADL/Enviro 200s 422/3 (EU60 CAV, EU64 CVT), 464/5 (EU62 FDF, FBO); Scania Omnicity ‘decker 506  (YN07 LHD) and Scania Omnidekka 637 (YN55 NJE). The location has moved from John Canham Recovery’s main premises, to a sub yard across Telford Road. This has been fenced and levelled. The site is shared with Beestons and Panther Travel. Various lorries are parked at the rear of the compound; which are maintained by Canham’s.
Service changes from 10/4/16:
1 (Ashen-Sudbury) – Thursdays only – withdrawn – replaced by Arrow Taxis community bus.
3 (Colchester-Hythe) – replaced by new, extended Arriva route 4.
8 (Toppesfield-Haverhill) – withdrawn – replaced by Arrow Taxis community bus.
9 (Great Holland-Walton Columbine Centre – gained from First Essex. This operates inside the Frinton Gates – the only scheduled bus route to do so.
9/10 (Great Notley-Braintree-Great Bardfield) – service 10 journeys renumbered 9A.
10 (Canewdon/Lower Hockley-Southend) – withdrawn – replaced by new NIBS 63 service.
10 (Cornish Hall End-Braintre) – Wednesdays only – withdrawn – replaced by Arrow Taxis community bus.
16 (Wethersfield-Chelmsford) – taken over from Hedingham.
18 (Haverhill-Saffron Walden) – renumbered 60. Extended to/from Haverhill Sainsburys and Audley End rail station, respectively.
21 (Bocking-Great Notley – M-Sat eves) – gained from First Essex.
23 (Braintree-Steeple Bumpstead) – Wednesdays only – withdrawn – replaced by Arrow Taxis community bus.
30 (Beckers Green-Braintree-Marks Farm) – taken over from Panther.
40 (Witham-Eberneezer Close) – subbed to Arrow Taxis – to Community Link.
59 (Haverhill-Saffron Walden/Clavering)- revised; especially west of Saffron Walden.
60/A (Southend-Canewdon) – revised, with more buses to Paglesham and some extended to Wallasea.
80 (Boxted-Colchester-Fordham) – withdrawn. Replaced partly by Panther 81 and partly by Hedingham 82.
89B/X (Hedingham-Haverhill) – withdrawn – replaced by Arrow Taxis community bus.
101 (Point Clear-Brightlingsea Colne College) – ex New Horizon 119A.
105/7 (Colchester-Walton) – gained from Arriva. Operated from Clacton outstation.
115 (Weeley-Thorpe Le Soken) – schooldays only – gained from Arriva Network Colchester. Worked from Clacton outstation.
176 (East Mersea-Colchester) – Mon only – withdrawn. Replaced by Hedingham routes 50B and 69/A.
247 (Colchester-Dedham) – replaced by Panther 80/81. As a result, Ipswich outstation has closed.
312 (Great Dunmow-Saffron Walden) – renumbered 313A.

YN55NKE 643 ST 80 CR 18-3-16
Above: Scania Omnidekka no 643 at Crouch Street, Colchester, on service 80 on 18/3/16.

YN55NKA 641 ST 176 CR  14-12-15
Above: Scania Omnidekka no 641 at Norman Way, Colchester on 14/12/15; awaiting departure on an “inbound” 176 journey. ADL/Enviro 200 no 427 (left) is laying over between 247 duties.

EU58AXX 326 STEPHENSONS 301 (UGLEY) 23-4-16
Above: Stephensons gained route 301 (Saffron Walden-Bishops Stortford), from Arriva, at the end of March 2016; as reported in March ‘Busmopolitan’. This view on 23rd April, shows Optare Solo no 326, departing Ugley, on a southbound journey.

Ford Transit DV52 AFA has come from Five Sevens Taxis, Colchester.
A clearout has seen the sale of the following:
Leyland Tiger/WS schoolbus LUI 9954; short Dennis Javelin/WS TJI 4147; Toyota Optima R687 ACL; Iveco 40C/Mellor welfare bus EO52 EEH.

From 21/4/16, Essex CC 265 (West Horndon-Grays) ceased.

Further ex Metrobus Scania Omnicities here are YN53 RXO/V.
Re-registrations are of Scania Omnilink/EL Mylleniums YR52 VFH/M to NNZ 7336 and HXZ 9926 respectively. NNZ is now in fleet livery
Optare Solo UNZ 8067 ex V679 FEL is now a crew ferry.
Omnicity YN53 RXF remains out of use; having been acquired in Autumn 2015.
Withdrawn are Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander ALX200s Y239/43/53 FJN and Dennis Trident/Plaxton President LK03 GKC.
Service changes from 10/4/16:
5 (Harlow-Pinnacles Circular) – M to Sat – gained from Arriva.
245/7/8 (Cheshunt station-Cuffley station) – withdrawn.
246 (Waltham Cross-Brookfield Centre) – withdrawn.
392/3 (Harlow-Rye Park). All journeys renumbered to 392.
418 – new commercial service – (Harlow-Epping-Loughton-Ongar). Daily; replaced 419/20, 541.
419/420 (Harlow-Ongar) – commercial routes withdrawn.
541 (Harlow-Loughton) – commercial route withdrawn. Replaced by new route 418
542/3 (Debden-Loughton Circulars) – to other operator. 543 renumbered 542A.

Scania K340/Irizar PB SN57 BKD is now here; ex Astons of Worcester.
Bova Futura DD05 DON reverted back to its original SK05 YKK mark, before becoming LSU 113.
Sold are Dennis Dart/EL 2000 M462 LLJ and Leyland Olympian G293 UYK. The Olympian went to the Red Lion Pub, Coltishall.

Acident damaged Scania N230UD/Olympus SDM206 (PN08 SVZ) passed to Autocar, Five Oak Green for spares or repair.

The following routes were transferred to the new West Uttlesford DRT scheme, under Arrow Taxis, from 11/4/16:
SB12 (Farnham-Bishops Stortford).
SB13 (Saffron Walden-Chrishall).
SB14 (Clavering-Bishops Stortford).
Meanwhile, SB15 (Great Canford-Bishops Stortford) ceased without replacement.

from 11/4/16, Essex CC services 62 (Elmdon-Bishops Stortford) and SB443 (Saffron Walden-Chrishall), passed to Arrow Taxis, as part of the new West Uttlesford DRT scheme.

Bova Magique WA09 HTT is now with Silver Choice, East Kilbride, Scotland.

Traffic changes from 11/4/16:
Route SB71 in Hadleigh (Waggon and Horses-Ormond Avenue) – withdrawn.
SB72 (Rayleigh-Landwick). Transferred to NIBS as conventional bus service 72A; Wed and Fri only.

With thanks to: D Arnold, M Buckley, A Ciobanu, L Cornwell, P Dickson, EBN, EDP, Essex Buses Yahoo, A Hazell, Hedingham Omnibuses, RE, R McGregor, Panther Travel, D W Rhodes; M Rudelhof, J Sadd, S Spencer, M Stokes, G Toon.

Courtworth Banner cropped Homesense.O

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