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Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the October 2017 edition of Busmopolitan.

Stansted Citylink suddenly ceased operating on 28/10/17. Its Facebook page stated that affected customers could use Citylink tickets on parallel services. Citylink began its 767 Stansted Airport-London Kings Cross/St Pancras route in October 2015. Originally run by Comfort Del Gro subsidiary Braddell Ltd, the service was launched with borrowed Volvo B10M coaches, which were quickly replaced by brand new Mercedes Tourismos. Initially, these were based at Metroline’s Kings Cross depot and maintained at West Perivale. From spring 2016, Callinan Coaches of Stanmore became the contractor, and the coaches were moved to a base at Stansted. Citylink gave “high airport access charges” as the reason for pulling out, but there was also much competition from the incumbent National Express, and fellow newcomer Airport Bus Express.

The first train to run through one of the new Crossrail tunnels did so on 28/10/17.
ROG Class 37 diesel loco 37601 hauled “dead” 345021 between Pudding Mill and Abbey Wood and return. This was for clearance and gauging test, in advance of the OLE being energised.

On 2/10/17, it was announced that Monarch Airlines had ceased trading, with effect from 0400. This charter carrier had been established in 1967 and it was based at Luton. It was the 6th largest UK airline at the time of its demise. The CAA launched a “rescue”, to bring around 110,000 stranded Monarch customers back to Great Britain, using alternative airlines.

Hedingham Omnibuses has upgraded its fleet, with some arrivals from Thames Travel.

Sold is Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer P508 RYM ex SIL 6719.

The last bus in SxConnect blue livery, Volvo B7RLE/Wright 3818 (GN07 AVE) is now in Interurban colours.

ADL/Enviro 200 MMCs 4084/85/87 (YX17 NHB/C/E) have now received branding for Harlow-Stansted Airport routes 508/9/10. There were delivered unbranded.
Optare Solo 1466 (KE55 KTD) is now in Interurban livery, ex TGM blue. Only 1454 (YJ06 FXT) is left in this scheme.

Interesting acquisitions via Ensign are ex Tower Transit, former First London Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini2s BG61 SYK, BN61 MXJ/M/R/T/U/W-Y, MYA. Numbered DW901-10 they have replaced VLA Class DAF DB250LF/Alexander ALX400s at Tottenham (AR) on TfL123 (Wood Green-Ilford).
From 14/10/17 Arriva gained TfL 103 (North Romford (Chase Cross)-Rainham Interchange), 175 (North Romford (Hillrise Estate)-Dagenham New Road) from Stagecoach East London.
Existing and cascaded from elsewhere in Arriva London DW Class VDL SB300/Wright Gemini2s are being used by Arriva for the new contracts. Noted are ex Clapton DW243/44; ex Ash Grove DW245, DW246 (LJ59 ACX), DW247/48; ex Arriva London South (Brixton) DW249 (LJ59 AAU).
Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400s 111/15/19 (LJ05 BLZ, BKF/N) have been reinstated at Grays.

J317BSH L317 103 CHASE CROSS 10-03
Above: Arriva has run TfL103 before. In fact it has effectively regained this contract from Stagecoach. This October 2003 view at Chase Cross, shows Leyland Olympian/Alexander RH L317 and a colleague. These buses were new to Leaside at Clapton and Stamford Hill in 1992, and several were displaced to Barking in 2003, by low floor conversions on their original 253/254 routes. They in turn replaced former County Bus single door ‘H-GEV’ batch Leyland Olympian/NCs from the 103. Stagecoach took over 103 in 2005. (John Podgorski).

From 7-8/10/17, N38 (Walthamstow-Victoria) was reduced in frequency, due to the Night Tube on the parallel Victoria Line.

S216JUA DLA16 N38 9-03
Above: DAF DB250LF/Alexander ALX400 DLA16 at Victoria, on the N38 in September 2003. (John Podgorski).

Below: Victoria Line 2009 Stock train, headed by 11058, at Oxford Circus on 20/5/16. (John Podgorski).

At least 3 DAF DB250LF/EL Lolanders remained active in October; 6259/60/62 (FD02 UKO/S/U).

FD02UKU 6262 AR SD 29 21-10-17 (S AUSTIN)
Above; DAF DB250LF 6262 in central Southend on 21/10/17. (Simon Austin).

Mb Sprinter AY17 UGK was on loan from Orwell Trucks in nearly October, covering for the D1 allocated Sprinter AY17 UVL.
D1 passed back to Hedingham from 14/10/17.

Above: AY17 UGK pauses at Hedingham Kelvedon depot on 5/10/17, en route from Orwell Trucks to Arrow’s Maldon depot. It was returning a spare ticket machine which had been required for the D1 service. (John Podgorski).

23/10/17: Track machine DR75409 at Ipswich on 1220 Colchester-Whitlingham Junction.

Above: ADL/Enviro 200 SE100 was away from its usual east London haunts on 28/10/17, when it was seen at Three Bridges, West Sussex, on a Southern Railway replacement to Brighton. (Daniel Acott).

From Stagecoach London are Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s 17850/80/84/85/88 (LX03 BZD, NGU, NHA, OPT/W).

Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 565 (W425 WGH) has transferred to Hedingham.

SX-MAI is a leased Boeing 737-4K5.

Above: New Mb Sprinter AY67 ODW at Kelvedon railway station early in the morning on 3/10/17. It is on the regular M-F peak hour commuter feeder service from Coggeshall. (John Podgorski).

5/10/17: 56301 + 56081 on 6Z17 Wembley-Foxton Exchange Sidings. 60076 on 6L44 Oxwellmains-West Thurrock cement PCAs.
6/10/17: 56301 + 56081 from Wembley to Foxton again, this time as 6Z16.
9/10/17: 37254 and 37057 on 1Q90 Derby RTC-Ferme Park via Audley End. 56081 + 56301 on 6Z16 again.
10/10/17: 56081 and 56301 on 6Z16.
11/10/17: As above on 6Z16. 37254 and 37057 top and tailing test train at Chelmsford.
w/c 16/10/17: 56081 and 56303 on 6Z16.
w/c 16/10/17: 70810 on 6L37.
19/10/17: 70814 on 6L44 Oxwellmains-West Thurrock cement with Tarmac JGAs
21/10/17: Track machine DR73925 ‘Europa’ stabled at Broxbourne.
23/10/17: 66847 on 6L37.
24/10/17: 60047 on 6L44.
30-31/10/17: 70810 on 6L37.

The all-electric Irizar i2E demonstrator YN67 VDK has arrived, for trials on TfL W13 and 153.
Optare Solo M880 OS18 (YJ60 LRY) has passed to Rotala Group, via Ensign.
ADL/Enviro 200/EL Esteem DE5 (PN07 KRF) is now with Hunt of Alford – via Ripley, Carlton (dealer).

2/10/17: 66041 on 4L07 Burton-Felixstowe.
3/10/17: 66024 on 4L07. 66083 at Bow Olympic. 66084 on Mountsorrel-Harlow Mill.
4/10/17: 66041 on 4L07. 66063 on Wakefield-FLX.
6/10/17: 66185 on 4L07.
8/10/17: 66098 on Mountsorrel-Chesterton.
9/10/17: 59201 at Bow Midland.
10/10/17: 66030 on 6M50 Bow Midland-Acton Yard. 66098 on Mountsorrel-Harlow Mill. 66109 on 4L07. 66167 on 6L59 Peterborough-Bow Midland.
11/10/17: 66030 at Bow Olympic. 66149 on 4L07. 67023 and 67027 on 1Q18 Derby RTC-Reading via GEML.
13/10/17: 66129 on Wakefield-FLX.
14/10/17: 66100 at Bow Olympic.
15/10/17: 66104 on Wakefield-FLX.
16/10/17: 59206 at Bow Midland. 66097 on 4L07.
17/10/17: 66095 on 4L07.
18/10/17: 66056 at Bow Olympic with Acton stone train. 66151 and 66111 on 3J32 RHTT at Royston. 66167 on 4L07.
19/10/17: 66056 at Bow Olympic. 66065 at Bow Olympic. 66135 on 4L07. 66160 on 4L45 Wakefield-FLX.
20/10/17: 66040 on 4L07.
23/10/17: 59104 at Bow Midland. 66111/51 on 3J32 RHTT. 66238 on 4L07.
24/10/17: 66187 on Wakefield-FLX.
25/10/17: 66005 at Bow Olympic.
26/10/17: 66009/174 on 3J33 GN RHTT. 66057 on 4L07. 66168 at Bow Olympic.
27/10/17: 66168 at Bow Olympic again.
28/10/17: 66168 at Bow Olympic.
30/10/17: 59203 at Bow Olympic. 66065 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich on sand.
31/10/17: 66120 on Mountsorrel-Harlow Mill aggregates. 66168 at Bow Olympic.

Unit 116 visited Bombardier, Ilford (by road) on 23/10/17.

37605 + 90002 + 82112 (KELVEDON) 3-10-17
(John Podgorski).

3/10/17: 37605 hauling dead 90002 and DVT 82112 “down” through Kelvedon @ 1643. Running from Ilford to Norwich Crown Point.
14/10/17: 37069, 57002/7, 57303 all at Stowmarket for RHTT.
18/10/17: 66421 + 66424 on Willesden-Stowmarket light engine move, via GEML.

82112 + 90002 + 37605 (KELVEDON) 3-10-17
(John Podgorski).

11/10/17: 57303 on 5Z21 Norwich-Eastleigh ECS with MkII BSO coach 9521. Via GEML.
16/10/17: 37059 and 37069 on overnight RHTT along GEML. 57002 and 57007 on RHTT on Clacton branch.
17/10/17: 57002 + 657007 on 3S10 overnight RHTT along GEML.
18/10/17: 37059/69 on 3S10.
19/10/17: 66421/24 on 3S10.
20/10/17: 57303/6 on 3S10.
21/10/17: 57303/6 on RHTT along Clacton branch.
26/10/17: 57303/6 on 3S60 RHTT, seen heading “up” past Parsons Heath, near Colchester @ 0908.
30/10/17: 56s on 3S60 RHTT down Clacton branch.

Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis LF52 TGU/Y, THK, TJU, latterly with London General, have been resold via Ensign, to Skills of Nottingham.

A temporary addition from Sales Stock is Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 920 (LB02 YXD); ex London General but new to East Thames Buses. It is plain white.
Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s 158/59 (WLT 428, WJY 759) have passed to Aintree Coachlines, Bootle.

Ex Go North East is former London General Volvo B7TL/EL Vyking PJ02 PZF. It retains red livery and dual door, but now has led destinations.
Former Compass of Worthing, ex Ensignbus ADL/Enviro 200 GX09 AGZ has been re-registered EOS 711 and repainted into fleet livery, ex white.
Dennis Trident/Plaxton President 104 (PN03 ULY) is back in service, ex long term delicensed.

373308 has gone to EMR, Kingsbury for scrap. It was collected by road from Temple Mills depot.

YX63LJO 33308 FEC LOAN TO FE X30 CF 8-10-17 (S AUSTIN)
(Simon Austin).

ADL/Enviro 400 33308 (YX63 LJO) was on loan from First Eastern Counties, for trials on X30 (Stansted-Chelmsford-Southend). It was seen (above) at Chelmsford on 8/10/17. It stayed in Essex for five days. This bus had been blown over in a gale in February 2017, while working on its usual X1 route for Eastern Counties, and was recently outshopped from repairs.
Into Refreshed livery are Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 42484 (SN03 WLW); Scania L94UB/Wright Solars 65683 (YR52 VEU), 65743 (SN55 JVH); Volvo B7RLE/Wright 66825 (MX05 CEY); Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis 32641/42 (KP54 AZC/D), Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini2 37140 (SN57 CHZ). Fitted with led destination is 42484. 42484 has also moved from Chelmsford (CF) to Hadleigh (HH) – joining the rest of its batch there. 65683 has gone from Colchester (CR) to Clacton (CN), although it had latterly been stored at the latter.
Dennis Trident/Plaxton President 33080 (LN51 GNP) is delicensed.
Withdrawn is penultimate Dennis Dart SLF/Marshall Capital 41735 (X735 HLF).

SN03WMM 42485 FE 27 (CANVEY) 8-10-17 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Dart SLF/Pointer 42485 on route 28 at Canvey on 8/10/17. (Simon Austin).

Subcontracted operation of Honywood Schoolbus 3 (JHalstead-The Teys-Coggeshall) ceased after 20/10/17, with it returning to Hedingham.

C658KVW (CANVEY) 8-10-17
Above: Bedford YNV/Van Hool C658 KVW is privately preserved by an owner in Kent. It was seen at the Canvey Museum Open Day on 8/10/17. (John Podgorski).

1/10/17: 66601 and 66620 on engineers train at Stratford.
3/10/17: 66529 + 66595 on intermodal at Colchester “down” goods loop @ 1700. Departed 1708. 66569 + 66539 on 4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe.
4/10/17: 66529 on same train again at Colchester “down” goods loop.
9/10/17: 66416 on Bow-Whitemoor move.
10/10/17: 66510 on Ipswich-Lindsey tanks.
11/10/17: 66588 on Shenfield ‘Thunderbird’.
13/10/17: 66605 on 6E80 Bow-Tunstead.
14/10/17: 66588 on Shenfield ‘Thunderbird’. 86638 + 86628 on 4L89 Coatbridge-FLX.
w/c 15/10/17: 66588 on Shenfield Thunderbird.
22/10/17: 66617 on Whitemoor-Shenfield engineers’.
27/10/17: 66523 towed 90041 from Midland Road depot, Leeds to Ipswich after repairs to the ’90.
28/10/17: 66534 and66606 top and tailing ballast train at Stratford.

2/10/17: 66735 ON 4L02 Hams Hall-Felixstowe.
3/10/17: 66731 at Bow Olympic. 66744 on 4L22 Hams Hall-FLX. 66745 on 6T70 Whitemoor-Gidea Park. 66758 on 4M23 FLX-Hams Hall.
4/10/17: 66731 at Bow Midland.
5/10/17: 66756 on 6A33 Harwich-North Walsham tanks.
6/10/17: 66773 on 6Y24 Whitemoor-Parkeston.
7/10/17: 66728 running light towards Felixstowe (am). 66779 ‘Evening Star’ on 4L02 Hams Hall-FLX.
8/10/17: 66760 + 66765 + 66756 + 66758 + 66726 plus 1 oil tank wagon on Peterbough-Harwich Refinery Carless Sidings movement.
9/10/17: 66765 + 66760 on 0L33 light engine to FLX North. 66771 on 4L22 Hams Hall-FLX.
10/10/17: 66706 at Bow Midland. 66756 on North Walsham-Harwich tanks.
11/10/17; 66727 ‘Maritime One’ at Bow Midland.
12/10/17: 66760 on “up” intermodal through Marks Tey @ 1201.
13/10/17; 66727 at Bow Midland.
14/10/17: 66710/20/23/8 at Broxbourne for RHTT. 66759 on 6T64 Whitemoor-Stansted engineers’. 66765 on 4Z81 Rotherham Masborough-Parkeston intermodal. 66768 on 6T63 Whitemoor-Stansted engineers’.
16/10/17: 66719 on Carless empty tanks from Harwich to North Walsham. 66720 and 66728 topping and tailing 3S81 RHTT at Royston.
17/10/17: 66706 at Bow Midland on 6M47 to Bardon Hill. 66719 on North Walsham-Harwich tanks.18/10/17: 92028 on 6L48 Garston-Dagenham car transporters.
19/10/17: 66720/28 on 3S81 Broxbourne RHTT. 66769 on North Walsham-Harwich Tanks.
20/10/17: 66714 at Bow Midland. 66720/28 on 3S70 Broxbourne RHTT. 66729 on 4Z33 FLX-Doncaster.
21/10/17: 66723/28 stabled with RHTT train at Broxbourne. 66729 on 4M28 FLX-Hams Hall – additional run.
22/10/17: 66748/59/57/63/68 on 0L33 Peterborough-Parkeston light engine. 66725 on 4R03 Parkeston-FLX then 4M02.
23/10/17: 66718 on 4L27 Masboro-FLX. 66748 on 6P41 Harwich-North Walsham tanks. 66725 on 4R03 Parkeston-FLX. 66758 on 4Z81. 66763 on 4M23.
24/10/17: 66706 at Bow Midland on 6M47 to Bardon Hill. 66716 light engine, southbound through Ipswich @ 1058.
25/10/17: 66710/23 on 3S70 Broxbourne RHTT. 66710 has replaced 66728. 66748 on Harwich-North Walsham tanks.
27/10/17: 66720/28 on 3S81 GN RHTT.
28/10/17: 66718 on 4M23. 66725 on 4Z27. 66759 + 66745 on 4L02; failed at Shenfield; rescued by light engine off RHTT. 66732/65 on 6T64 Whitemoor-Marks Tey ballast.
29/10/17: 66767/09/68/29 on 0L33 Peterborough-FLX light engine move.
30/10/17: 66709 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
31/10/17: 66731 at Bow Midland.

66723 + 66728 GBRf RHTT BROXBOURNE 21-10-17
Above: 66723 and 66728 at Broxbourne on 21/10/17. (John Podgorski).

Mb 816/Cheetah YX14 EFS has come via Ensign.

New is 402 (VO67 BOY), an Irizar i6 named ‘Master Patrick’.

700019 was at Cambridge depot on 24/10/17.

82139 GA (CR NORTH) 4-10-17
Above: The senior conductor awaits passengers as DVT 82139 forms the rear of a Norwich to London service at Colchester, at 0630 on 4/10/17. (John Podgorski).

On 3 and 5/10/17 there was industrial action by guards/conductors belonging to the RMT union. This was to do with concerns that the guards’ role would become diminished, when the new Stadler trains appear from 2019. Services were not affected by this action.
158854 was on short term hire from East Midlands Trains in early October.
The Class 153 and 156 DMUs have been retro-fitted with anti slip brakes. This is to prevent adhesion issues during the leaf fall season.
6/10/17: 90006 ran light engine from Norwich to Bounds Green (via GEML, NLL, ECML) for tyre turning.
7/10/17: 317515 + 317347 on 1F46 Liverpool St-Braintree.
10/10/17: 9006 light engine down GEML to rescue 1P30.
16/10/17: 321305 on Doncaster-Ilford ECS.

SN10CCZ,Y,X 508,7,6 HO CN EX TT 26-10-17
Above: ADL/Enviro 200s 508/7/6 upon arrival at Clacton depot from Thames Travel, at teatime on 26/10/17. (John Podgorski).

SN10CCY 507 + W956WGH 581 HO KN 31-10-17
Above: ADL/Enviro 200 no 507 at Kelvedon depot on 31/10/17, with Volvo B7TL no 581. (John Podgorski).

From Chambers is Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 565 (W425 WGH). It is at Clacton (CN).
Short ADL/Enviro 200s 504 (OY57 PGZ), 506/7/8 (SN10 CCX/Y/Z) have been transferred from Thames Travel, and Scania Omnidekka 911 (OY54 FGZ) from Carousel Buses. 504 is in an overall advert for the Carousel Buses/Thames Travel app, while 911 has an overall wrap for Amersham and Wycombe College. All were initially delivered to Clacton (CN), with 507 moving to Kelvedon (KN) on 31/10/17.
D1 (Maldon-Bradwell on Sea) was brought back “in house” from 14/10/17, ex being subbed to Arrow Taxis. From 30/10/17, PL1 (Tollesbury-Maldon Plume School) became part of the service rota, while HN2 (Kelvedon-Coggeshall Honywood School) returned to the school rota. From 30/10/17, Honywood Schoolbus 3 (Halstead-The Teys-Coggeshall) was taken back from Flagfinders, again ex subcontract.
Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere 11 (W649 FUM) and Volvo Olympian/Alexander RL 75 (S300 XHK) have passed to preservationists.
Collected by Alpha Recovery for scrap were Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH 83 (M273 UKN), Volvo Olympian/Alexander RL 74 (R702 DNH), Volvo Olympian/NC Countybuses 67 (P605 CAY), 70 (P612 CAY), 72 (R629 MNU). 71 (R626 MNU) has been donated to a school in Norfolk, for static use, having latterly been stored at Ellough.

M273UKN 83 & R279LGH 95 HO KN w 20-10-17
Above: Volvo Olympians 83 and 95 await collection from Kelvedon on 20/10/17. (John Podgorski).

A “new” ancilliary vehicle is Ford Transit 85T280 MWB van 8035 (EK56 MGE), from Go-Ahead London. It was pictured (below) at Kelvedon on 5/10/17. The fleet no was subsequently altered to “035”. (John Podgorski).

EK56MGE 8035 HO (KN) 5-10-17

Ex Metroline former First London Scania Omnicity ‘deckers YR61 RUH/W, RVL have been acquired via Scania. More are due.
Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 11 (LG02 FCX) has been sold to Scania, Worksop (dealer). Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander ALX200 138 (Y262 FJN) is now with Eastley and Otley College.
DAF DB250LF/Optare Spectra 53 (X153 LBJ) has passed to Lynx of Kings Lynn, as that operator’s first double decker.

KLARNER, COLCHESTER. Setra S315 T55 KCL has reverted to its original identity of LV51 ZHL and been sold.

The last Fokker 70 was withdrawn after service on 28/10/17. This ended a 97 year association between the Dutch Flag Carrier and the Dutch aircraft manufacturer. PH-BZU was the very last on KL1070 from London Heathrow to Amsterdam, which traversed “Busmopolitan airspace”.

DAF SB200/Wright Commander E20 DGE is YJ03 PFG again, with the E20 DGE mark transferring to Toyota Coaster/Caetano Optima BU08 EJF.
DAF SB120/Wright Cadet YG52 CLY has ben donated to a school for use as a classroom.
Unusuad Dennis Trident/EL Lolyne T272 BPR is scrapped. All Leyland Olympian G297 UYK is now with My Fun Bus, Scarborough, while open top Leyland Olympian/NC Countybus tree lopper PJZ 9463 ex K110 YNN has passed to Essex Arboriculture, South Woodham Ferrers.
Bedford OB/Duple CFV 851 has been named ‘Diane’.

CFV851, TMY700, LTA752 LODGE (CANVEY) 8-10-17
Above; Line up of Bedford OBs at the Canvey Museum Open Day on 8/10/17. LTA 752 (far right) is a ‘toastrack’, by the way. (John Podgorski).

LX05EYZ WVL203 GAL 257 (WHIPPS CROSS) 20-9-15
Above: Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini WVL203 at Whipps Cross on a TfL257 short working on 20/9/15. This was one of a batch of ex London General (Putney) vehicles used. (John Podgorski).

TfL257 (Walthamstow-Stratford) has been lost to Stagecoach East London. (qv). The WVL Class Volvo B7TL/Geminis that were used on it have moved to London Central (as paint floats) or been redeployed on other work at Northumberland Park.

Class 315s and Class 317s now work on the Romford-Upminster branch.

315803 LOROL (LST) 30-9-17
Above: 315803 at London Liverpool Street on 30/9/17. Note the fashionable ripped jeans to the right. (John Podgorski).

Above: 1992 Tube Stock 91003 on the rear of an Epping bound service at Theydon Bois on 14/10/17. This is one of the Central Line stations which is beyond the Greater London boundary in Essex. It’s in a surprisingly rural location. (Simon Austin).

Neoplan Skyliner SF56 TYT has been noted.

New are 345020/21. Delivered so far are 345001-21. 345010 has been used for staff training at Gidea Park.
315851/54 had moved to the back road at Aldersbook CS on 9/10/17. They are Reserve rather than withdrawn.
345007 visited Gas Factory Junction on training on 27/10/17.
On 28/10/17, 345021 was used for clearance/gauging tests between the tunnel portal at Pudding Mill Lane and Abbey Wood. ROG 37601 provided the traction.

Scania/Levante tri-axle BK14 LGL now has a super rear advert for ‘Powerpuff Girls’, a cartoon available on NX VUER. Several sisters have super rear adverts for VUER.

Dennis Trident/Plaxton President T97 KLD and Trident/Alexander ALX400 X331 HLL have passed to Essex Motors, Clacton (dealer) – for resale.

Ex Amber Optare Versas YJ57 XWD/F/G have passed to Centrebus, via Ensign. Ex Amber ADL/Enviro 200 KX08 HMD is now with Ago/ATG, Coventry. Other ex Amber buses sold are Dennis Dart SLF/Caetanos KM51 BFY, KV02 YBE, HV52 WTA/K, CC05 BLU.
Dennis Trident/ELs BIL 4419, BIL 6538 have reverted to their original T401/4 SMV marks, and been sold.

Above: A pleasant autumnal scene at Dedham on 21/10/17, featuring ADL/Enviro 200 DC62 PAN, shortly before it went for repaint (see below). (Alex Hazell).

Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere N611 APU has passed to a preservationist. It joins some other ex Eastern National/Thamesway vehicles.

Above: N611 APU at Matching Green depot on 23/9/17. (John Podgorski).
Below: N611 APU making its preservation debut at the Canvey Museum open day on 8/10/17. It was seen at the seafront with preserved former London Transport Leyland National LS24. (John Podgorski).
N611APU 7 KJD524P (CANVEY) 8-10-17

ADL/Enviro 200 DC62 PAN has received full fleet livery.
DAF DB250LF/EL AB02 PAN has been offered for sale.
Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer S303 JUA has been re-registered BIG 7006, received Panther fleet names and is no longer for sale.
Accident damaged Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Super Pointer BIG 7006 was re-registered back to Y182 CFS. It was then collected for scrap by Takeley Metals.
All Leyland Olympian BIG 9249, which had been in store, was in use again in mid October. It was still for sale at this time.
Plaxton Primo DC04 PAN made its first appearance on X15, 80/81 on 25/10/17, covering for SLF/Pointer DC02 PAN.

Above: DC04 PAN in Dedham on 25th October. (John Podgorski).

Leyland Olympian/Alexander RL K508 ESS has appeared as a seat store at Matching Green, having been moved over from the airfield.

3/10/17: 37884 at Ilford EMU depot, having arrived from Leicester via ECML.
27/10/17: 37601 hauled Class 345021 on Old-Dalby-Ripple Lane move. Also see MTR Crossrail notes.

New is Irizar i6 YN67 VDD – named ‘Aurora’ and delivered in plain light metallic blue. Scania L420/Irizar PB V23 ROM has reverted to its original PB10 BUL mark, and sold to Irizar (dealer), Worksop.

On 4/10/17, a flight from Lithuania to Luton was diverted to Stansted after a hoax bomb scare. It was escorted by two Typhoon jet fighter planes.

Mb Sprinter 515/KVC OIG 2895 ex YN08 HZC, has been sold.

MAN18.220/Alexander ALX300 22060 (KV53 FAK), now has led destinations, ex dot matrix.

Megabus liveried ADL/Enviro 400 19825 (LX11 BLF) is now at Romford North Street (NS). This has been at various Stagecoach London garages.
TfL257 (Walthamstow-Stratford) was gained from London General North from 14/10/17. New for this are ADL/Enviro 40H MMCs 12426-32. They work alongside existing (mostly 62 plate) E40Ds, from Leyton (T).
TfL 103 (North Romford Chase Cross-Rainham Interchange) and TfL175 (North Romford Hillrise Estate -Dagenham New Road) passed to Arriva London North from 14/10/17. This has resulted in the withdrawal of more Tridents, such as 18201 (LX04 FWL).

LX03BWE 17791  175 (DM NEW RD)  31-1-15.jpg
Above: Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 17791 at the southern Terminus of 175 – Dagenham New Road, on 31/1/15. (John Podgorski).

Trident/ALX400 18478 is delicensed.
Trident 17883 (LX03 NGZ) has passed to Lombard (dealer), Rotherham.
Tridents resold through Ensign are:
LX03 BXS, BYA, OSB – to Springfield Coaches, Warrington; LX03 BXY – to First Bus Stop, Gravesend.

Ceased operations after 28/10/17. It had run its 767 Stansted Airport-London Kings Cross-St Pancras route since October 2015.

Above: Mb Tourismo BG65 VXK at St Pancras International on 30/3/17. (Tony Smethers).

Three Rivers ADL/E200 477 (EU66 AVB) was working at Maldon w/c 2/10/17.

Volvo Olympian/Alexander Royale N119 UHP has been returned, ex loan to Turners of Essex.
Several heritage vehicles have been offered for sale. These include AEX PRCV Routemaster JJD 535D; Bristol KSW/ECW open topper WNO 480; Bristol LHL6L/Plaxton Panorama Elite UAR 929M; Bristol LHS6L/Plaxton Supreme ESU 815X; Bristol MW6G/ECW 573 UVX; Bristol RELH6L/Plaxton Panorama Elite SGF 483M; Bristol VRT/ECW open topper CBV 2S; DAF MB200/Plaxton Supreme YJN 455S; Leyland Atlantean/ECW RVW 90W; all Leyland Olympians H47/48 MJN; Leyland Olympian/Alexander RH open topper J343 BSH; Leyland Royal Tiger Doyen CAZ 2747; Leyland Titans OHV 747Y, A620 THV; VH T815 G103 CJN.

New is Airbus A320-214 G-TCAE.

New is SX-ORG, an Airbus A320-232.

Above: ADL/Enviro 400 DN33641 at Marble Arch on 10/10/17. (Daniel Acott).

ADL/Enviro 400 DN33784 has moved internally to Lea Interchange (LI).
Withdrawn are ADL/E400s DN33776-81 and Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis VNW32364/75.
The old Atlas Road garage has had its lease transferred to RATP London United. This was effective from 19/10/17. RATP will run ex Tower Transit TfL18, N18 from there from 11/11/17. Vehicles for this began to arrive from late October.

Has Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer SN54 GPV, via Ensign.
Sold to Shelton Motors, Ely – for scrap are Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander ALX200 Y243 FJN, Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer KM51 BFO and spares donor Volvo B10BLE.Wright Renown W129 XRO.

Scania Omnidekkas YN03 DFV/X have been sold.

47237 on 1Z73 Southend East-Gloucester ‘Steam Dreams’ charter train. This was steam hauled from Southall.
20/10/17: 47760 on 5Z60 Norwich-Southall ECS via Broxbourne.

With thanks to: D Acott, M Allen, Anglia Gen, S Austin, Ensignbus, Essex Buses Yahoo, A Hazell, Hedingham & Chambers, L Kinsella, LOTS, P Mullender, J Sadd, T Smethers, A Spooner, B Sycamore, S Walsh.

Courtworth Banner cropped

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