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Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the November, 2017 edition of Busmopolitan.
In response to the shortage of qualified pcv drivers. Hedingham and Chambers has taken the initiative of starting driver training in house. The main shortages are at Clacton and Chambers and two instructors have been appointed; based at each of these locations. Most training is centred on Clacton, where a dedicated training vehicle is based, and part of the yard is being set aside for reverse practice etc. It is understood that there was much interest for the trainee driver vacancies at Clacton.
Currently, some drivers from fellow Go-Ahead companies Konect, Plymouth Citybus and Southern Vectis have been seconded to Clacton and Chambers.
In early November, the Maldon Road/Southway area of Colchester resembled a building site. At the western end of Southway, ongoing work to make this section of road into “shared pedestrian and vehicle space” was well in hand, while the junction with Maldon Road was temporarily closed for 6 days, to allow replacemnent of a water main. Most affected bus services, were diverted out of Colchester through the old garrison, with only Arriva using the “traditional” diversionary route along Beverley Road and Cambridge Road. It is understood this was due to low tree branches along the latter throughfares and the fact Arriva’s fleet is now all single deck.
Ipswich Buses has made more second hand acquisitions to upgrade its fleet – this time the the shape of ex London Scania Omnicity double deckers.
On the railway, works for the Crossrail project continue. Following the completion of track laying in the running tunnels, Gidea Park depot is now being remodelled, to make it suitable for the new Class 345 trains and improve access from the country end. Deliveries of Class 345s continue apace, with around half the new fleet delivered by the end of November.

New are Renault Trafic 8 seater LJ67 ACX-Z, ADX, AGX, AHE.

Volvo B7RLE/Wrights 3817/18 (GN07 AVE/F) were loaned to Southend for 1 day on 18/11/17. This was to cover for double deckers on Greater Anglia rail replacement.
Between 6 and 11/11/17, Ambrose Avenue bound route 1s and Tollgate bound 4s were diverted via Lexden Road, Beverley Road and Cambridge Road due to Maldon Road being closed at its junction with Southway for water main replacement. Greenstead bound 1s and town centre bound 4s were rerouted via Salisbury Avenue and Butt Road.

Above: DAF SB120/Wright Cadet no 3527 turns out of Cambridge Road into Maldon Road on 10/11/17. (John Podgorski).

Route 4 has been diverted at its outer end along Church Lane and Plover Road, in the new Hampton park housing development at Tollgate. It then runs to/from its terminus at the Medical Centre along the new Stanway by-pass.

From Arriva Kent & Surrey is Optare Versa 4235 (KX13 DHE).

SN66WHW 6503 AR SD (GA RRP NP) 29-10-17
Above: ADL/Enviro 400 MMC no 6503 at Newbury Park on 29/10/17, on GA RRP to Wickford. (John Podgorski).

Above: Colchester depot, seen on 17/11/17. (John Podgorski).

Dennis Dart SLF/MCV Evolution AE56 OUL has gone to Shelton Motors, Ely – for scrap, via Ensign.

A driver training school has been established, with certain functions shared with Hedingham.
Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 260 (EU56 FLR) transferred from Hedingham during November.

Sold is Mb Sprinter 413/UVM welfare bus 116 (WX55 HXF).

2/11/17: 60087 on 6L44 Oxwellmains-West Thurrock. 70817 on 6L37 Hoo-Whitemoor.
6/11/17: 70808 on 6L37.
7/11/17: 70811 on 6L44.
8/11/17; 37219 + 37611 + 6261 on 1Q90 NR test train up GEML.
10/11/17: 70809 on 6L37.
14/11/17: 56301 on 6L74 Wembley-Barrington. 70814 on 6L44.
16/11/17: 70807 on 6L37. 70811 on 6L44.
20/11/17: 70809 running light, “down” through Stratford @ 1649. On 0V30 Hiksey Yard to Dagenham, to form 6V30 return to Bridgend.
21/11/17: 60095 replaced 70814 on 6L44 and ran 4 hours late. 66850 on 6L37.
28/11/17: 60056 on 6L44.
30/11/17: 60095 replaced 60047 at Toton on 6L44. 66850 on 6L37.

Above: Bow Midland yard on 17/11/17. The wagons are defective, or “cripples” in railway parlance. (John Podgorski).

1/11/17: 66108 at Bow Olympic
2/11/17: 66108 at Bow Olympic.
3/11/17: 66044 on 4L45 Wakefield-Felixstowe. 66164 at Bow Midland on Plasmor.
w/e 4/11/17: Burton to FLX flow ceased; replaced by GBRf Hams Hall to Southampton flow.
6/11/17: 66053 on sand at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich.
7/11/17: 66011 on Mountsorrel-Harlow Mill. 66108 at Bow Olympic.
8/11/17: 66108 at Bow Olympic. 66176 on 6L53 Mounsorrel-Chesterton Junction.
12/11/17: 66009/174 on 3J32 GN RHTT.
13/11/17: 66158 at Griffin Wharf, Ipswich on sand @ 0800.
14/11/17: 66125 on Wakefield-FLX. 66176 at Broxbourne on 6M76.
15/11/17: 66053 at Bow Olympic.
16/11/17: 66053 at Bow Olympic.
20/11/17: 66155 at Bow Midland on Yeoman hoppers.
21/11/17; 66075 on Broxbourne-Mountsorrel aggregates.
23/11/17: 66040 at Bow Olympic. 66119/165 now on GN RHTT
24/11/17: 66011 on West Thurrock-Mountsorrel STP.
27/11/17: 59104 at Bow Midland. 66059 on Wakefield-FLX. 66070 at Cambridge North.
30/11/17: 66083 at Bow Olympic.

59201 DBS (IVER) 14-3-15
Above: 59201 brings up the rear of a west bound aggregates train formed of HKA hoppers at Iver, Buckinghamshire on 14/3/15, (66200 was leading). The service would have likely originated from Marks Tey sand yard or Purfleet Stone Terminal in Essex and travelled via Acton. 59201 is one of the former National Power Class 59s. When this picture was taken, the OLE for Crossrail had yet to be erected. (John Podgorski).

Above: Bombardier B92 Stock unit no 52 awaits departure from Woolwich Arsenal on 4/11/17. (John Podgorski).

66421/24/26 on GEML RHTT in early November.
6/11/17: 37405 + 37419 + 57303 + DBSO 9705 on Norwich-Crewe, past Witham @ 1047.
7/11/17: 37059/69 – Stowmarket to Ilford.
9/11/17: 66116 at Bow Olympic.
10/11/17: 66116 at Bow Olympic.
14/11/17: 37059/69 on Southend Victoria line with 3S60 RHTT. 66421/24 at Ilford for tyre turning.
15/11/17: 37425 on Norwich-Willesden light engine.
20/11/17: 66303 on Wembley-Stowmarket light engine move. Then paired with 66426 for RHTT.
21/11/17: 37218/419 on GEML RHTT. 57301 + 37606 on Willesden-Norwich light engine move up GEML.
23/11/17: 37059/69, 57002/7, 66434 on 0A81 Stowmarket-Willesden Brent light engine move. 37259 + 37605 on Willesden-Stowmarket light engine.
25/11/17: 66421/24 on Stowmarket to Doncaster Roberts Rd light engine.
27/11/17; 37218/606 on GEML and Clacton line on 3S60 RHTT. 66304 on 4L48 Daventry-Purfleet.
28/11/17: 37607 with ultrasonic test train down West Anglia line from Cambridge in late evening.
30/11/17: 37607 and test train stabled at Colchester.

Belvedere depot, latterly with Go-Ahead London (London General), has closed, with work moving to Morden Wharf at North Greenwich and London Central at Bexleyheath. It was originally opened by Harris Bus for TfL contracts in south east London, and replaced an outstation at Crayford. It had been coded as BV with London General.

BD52LNF MAL49 BVw 4-12
Above: Back in April 2012, Belvedere was being used to store withdrawn Mercedes Citaro bendybuses. MAL49 (BD52 LNF) was pictured on April 30th. (John Podgorski).

Sold are Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400s 902 (LJ54 BCZ) to Goodwins of Eccles; 904 (LJ54 BDU) to Kent Coach Tours of Ashford and Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 157 (LX04 FXS ex WLT 307) to Aintree Coachline of Bootle.

Ex AVIS, Heathrow is Mb Sprinter BG63 VUV, It is now plain white with led destinations.
Dennis Trident/Plaxton Presidents LK03 CEU, UFU have gone for scrap to Shelton Motors of Ely, following a period of store at Ensign. Also gone for scrap are Dennis Dart SLF/Caetanos 754 (KX03 HZW) and 758 (LK03 NLF).

Ex First West of England is Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 42968 (WX06 ONC). It is at Chelmsford (CF).
Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 62409 (YS03 ZKG) is the latest repaint into Refreshed livery. Sister 65683 (YR52 VEU) has moved back to Colchester (CR) from Clacton (CN), while 65688 (YS03 ZKH) now has Route 74/76 branding. 62407 (YS03 ZKB) and 65683 (YR52 VEU) have had their dot matrix rear service number apertures replaced by led units.
The last Marshall Capital bodied Dennis Dart SLF, 41730 (X503 JLO) is withdrawn, while sister 41735 (X735 HLF) has gone to Alpha Recovery for scrap.

Between 6 and 11/11/17, Maldon Road in Colchester, was closed at its junction with Southway, for water main replacement. Routes heading south from the town centre were diverted through the Garrison, with 64/A, 75/A being affected. 75/As running into Colchester were rerouted via Salisbury Avenue and Butt Road.

SM65EFC 63344 FE 64 (NAPIER RD, CR) 10-11-17
Above: Wright Streetlite no 63344 on diversion at Napier Road, Colchester Garrison on 10/11/17. (John Podgorski).

SN57HCX 37138 FE 62A CR B S DIVERSION 12-11-17 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini2 37138 at Colchester Bus Station on 12/11/17, but not calling at the usual stop for an eastbound 62A. The stand it is on, at Stanwell Street – is for express coaches. This was due to High Street being closed for the Remembrance Day parade. (Simon Austin).

YY66PBV 66167 FE X30 on 42 (CF RLY STN) 17-11-17 (S AUSTIN)
Above: X30 branded ADL/Enviro 200 MMC 66167, at Chelmsford rail station on 17/11/17, on town service 42. They have also been noted on 71 to Colchester and the Chelmsford Park and Ride, on occasions, and 66171 was seen on 31X on 21/11/17. (Simon Austin).

Below: X30 E200 MMC 66170 at Chelmsford, on a 71 on 25/11/17. (Simon Austin).

YY66PCF 66170 FE X30 ON 71 (CF) 25-11-17 (S AUSTIN)

Above: Ex First Essex Volvo B7RLE/Wright 66979 was one of a batch which moved to First Eastern Counties in 2014; initially at Ipswich and later to Norwich. This shot, taken on 18/11/17, shows it at Castle Meadow in Red Line livery. (Simon Austin).

Below: Dennis Trident/Plaxton President 32801 is one of three ex First Essex Tridents on loan to First Eastern Counties at Great Yarmouth; the others being 32809/49. It was seen at Caister Road depot on 18/11/17, in company with ex First West Yorkshire Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini2 36187. (Simon Austin).

T801LLC 32801 + BN12JYK FEC YAR 18-11-17 (S AUSTIN)

66563 FLHH (STRATFORD) 4-11-17
(John Podgorski).

2/11/17: 66606 on 6M80 Bow Olympic-Tunstead.
4/11/17: 66563 at Stratford on ballast. (Pictured above).
8/11/17: 66606 on 6L71 Coalville-Chesterton Junction. 86604/8 on 4L91 Trafford Park-Ipswich/FLX.
9/11/17: 66529 dragged 86604/8 from Ipswich on 4M88 FLX-Crewe.
12/11/17: 66555 on Ruckhold Junction (Leyton) to Whitemoor engineers’.
15/11/17: 86609/4 on 4M88 Ipswich-Crewe.
16/11/17: 66505/64 on 4E22 IPS-Leeds. 66601 on Dowlow Sidings to Chesterton.
17/11/17: 66602 with rake of WWAs, “up” through Colchester @ 0822. 66614 ‘Poppy’ at Bow Midland @ 0928.
20/11/17: 86609/4 + dead 70015 on 4M88 FLX-Crewe.
24/11/17: 66596/8 light “down” through Romford @ 1400. 66603 at Bow Olympic.
25/11/17: 66596 on up slow at Gidea Park.
27/11/17: 55568 with JNA wagon at Gidea Park CS on construction duties.
66549 at Gidea Park with JNAs and one MLA.
29/11/17: 66615 at Bow Olympic. 86638/39 on 4M88 IPS-Crewe.
30/11/17: 66613 on Tunstead-Marks Tey stone.

66602 FLHH (CR) 17-11-17
Above: 66602 heads through Colchester on 17/11/17. (John Podgorski).

2/11/17: 66728 at Ilford depot on 3Z40 EMU move from Wolverton, with 321320. 66765 at Bow Midland.
3/11/17: 66776 on 6T63 Whitemoor-Shenfield engineers’ and returned on 5/11/17.
6/11/17: 66702/67 on 0L33 to FLX.
7/11/17: 66718/24 on 4L02. 66771 on North Walsham-Harwich Tanks.
8/11/17: 66702 on 4L29 Birch Copice-FLX. 66705 on 4M21 FLX-Trafford Park. 66765 on 4Z27 Masborough-FLX.
11/11/17: 66720/28 on 3S70 RHTT along Southend Victoria line. 66763 on 4Z81 Masborough-FLX.
12/11/17: 66718 on 6T66 Whitemoor-Tottenham South Junction engineers’. 66724/53/56/57/62 on 0L33 PBO-IPS light engine.
13/11/17: 66724/62 on 0L33 IPS-FLX. 66744 on 4Z81. 66747/29 on 4Z27 Masboro-FLX. 66753/56/57 0L33 FLX to Parkeston.
14/11/17: 66769 at Bow Midland.
15/11/17: 66753 on 6P41 Parkeston-Walsham empty tanks. 66769 on 4L02.
16/11/17: 66710/23 on 3S81 West Anglia RHTT.
17/11/17: 66771 at Bow Midland @ 0928.
18/11/17: 66729 on 4Z26 FLX-Masborough. 66747 on 4L29 FLX-Birch Coppice. 66770 on 4M28 FLX-Hams Hall.
20/11/17: 66705 on 4Z27. 66779 on Harwich-North Walsham tanks.
21/11/17: 66705 on 4Z26. 66724 on 4Z81. 66769 on 6M47 Bow-Bardon Hill. 66770 on 4Z33 FLX-Doncaster. 66772 on 4M29. 66779 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks.
22/11/17: 66779 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
22/11/17: 66705 on 4Z27.
23/11/17: 66753 on 4M23. 66779 on N Walsham-Harwich tanks.
24/11/17: 66748 at Bow Olympic. 66758 on 4Z33. 66772 on 4M29.
26/11/17: 66703 on 6T63 at Ipswich. 66739 on 6T61 at Ipswich. 66756 on 6T62 at Ipswich.
27/11/17: 66739/64 on 0L33 IPS-FLX light engine. 66779 on 4R03 Parkeston-FLX.
28/11/17: 66710/23 on 3S81 Broxbourne RHTT. 66716 on 6M14 Harlow Mill-Bardon Hill aggregates. 66769 on 6M47 Bow-Bardon Hill. 66779 on Hams Hall-FLX.
29/11/17: 66746 on FLX-Hams Hall.
30/11/17: 66703 on Harwich-N Walsham tanks. 66779 on 4L02.

Mb Sprinter VU53 FYR has been repainted.

5/11/17: 90008 at Bounds Green depot.
8/11/17: 90008 back to Norwich via NLL and GEML as 0Z38.
10/11/17: 90005 towed 37423 light engine down the GEML from Norwich.
16/11/17: 321342/440 on 0900 Norwich-Liverpool St.
17/11/17: 90004 back from Bounds Green. 317501/667 + 321304 5F98 ECS at Witham @ 1135. 321320/409 on 0900 NOR-LST.
20/11/17: 321409 on 1P04 and 1P23 Liverpool St-Norwich and return.
21/11/17: 90002 light from NC to Bounds Green with DRS 57301, with 90010 returning.
22/11/17: 321447 + 344 on 1P23 NOR-LST.

A driver training school has been established, based at Clacton depot. Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere coaches 8 (R453 FWT) and 9 (S290 TVW) have been converted into driver trainers, but remain available for pcv use too.

LB02YWX 510 HO (COGGESHALL) 2-11-17
Above: Volvo B7TL 510 at Coggeshall on 2/11/17. (John Podgorski).

Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 510 (LB02 YWX) has been received from Konect. Retaining blue/yellow, but now with Hedingham fleet names, it had briefly been at Hedingham before – in late 2016/early 2017 – but had been returned following an engine failure. It it allocated to Sible Hedingham (HD), which required an extra double decker following the taking back “in house” of Honywood school bus 3.
Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 251 (PJ02 RHE) appeared at Kelvedon in early November, and was used on 91/92/95. 260 (EU56 FLR) has been transferred to Chambers. (qv).
Ex Thames Travel short ADL/Enviro 200 507 (SN10 CCY), moved on from Kelvedon to Sible Hedingham on 1/11/17; for repaint into fleet colours, and service prep. 504 (OU57 FGZ) entered traffic from Clacton (CN) in late November, retaining its overall advert but with red Hedingham fleet names added. 504/506-8 (OU57 FGZ, SN10 CCX/Y/Z) have been renumbered 294-97 in the Hedingham series. 295/97 subsequently moved on to Konect, for use on ex Anglian services.

OU57FGZ 504 HO EX THAMES 50 (CR B S) 22-11-17 (S AUSTIN)
Above: Ex Thames Travel ADL/E200 294 ex 504 at Colchester Bus Station on 22/11/17. (Simon Austin).

Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 739 (T117 DBW) is delicensed due to major engine failure.
Collected by Alpha Recovery, for scrap are Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premieres 4 (M571 XKY), 6 (N667 THO), 7 (P530 CLJ); Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH 84 (M276 UKN); Volvo Olympian/NC 93 (R259 LGH). 4 has minor rear accident damage and 7 had been cannibalised. Volvo Olympian/NC 90 (N427 JBV) has been donated to a school.
The “native” Scania Omnidekkas are having their heating systems modified, so that they can be controlled from the cab, rather than by a thermostat in the engine bay.
Scania Omnidekka 911 (OY54 PGZ) was deemed to be unsuitable and has been returned to Carousel Buses. It had been long term VOR at Carousel, and defects found were considered beyond economic repair. The wording on its overall advert is somewhat ironic …………………….

OU54PGZ 911 (REAR) HO CN 30-10-17
Above: Omnidekka 911 at Clacton depot on 30/10/17. (John Podgorski).

Ancillary vehicle news is that ex Go-Ahead London Ford Transit SWB mid roof engineers van EX61 MZL is now here, numbered 9001 and at Clacton. Vauxhall Combo van W761 TRE is back at Kelvedon from Sible Hedingham. It is used as a depot runabout at KN.

YR61RVL 43 IB 93 9CR B S) 22-11-17 (S AUSTIN)
Above: 13 ex Metroline Scania Omnicity ‘deckers are being acquired. no 43 was pictured at Colchester bus station on 22/11/17. They were new to First Centrewest and sourced through Scania. Hants & Dorset Trim refurbished., repainted and converted them to single door. (Simon Austin).

Below: Vehicles to be replaced by these “new” Omnicities include ex London United Dennis Tridents, such as no 16. This was caught on Crown Street in Ipswich, on 22/11/17. It retains the old IB livery. It is on the Monday to Friday only 37 service, which is a town centre circular. (Simon Austin).
LG02FDN 16 IB 37 (CROWN ST IP) 22-11-17 (S AUSTIN)

Withdrawn is Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 17 (LG02 FEM).

New is Embraer 175STD PH-EXR.

The overhead wires on the ramp at Woodgrange Park, were installed by 20/11/7.

96023, 96063 LUL JUBILEE (STRATFORD) 4-11-17
Above: 1996 Tube Stock units 96023 and 96063 at the Stratford terminus of the Jubilee Line on 4/11/17.  The crowds are a combination of shoppers for Westfield and football supporters attending a match at West Ham, who are now located in the Olympic Park. (John Podgorski).

New is 345023. 345002/15 were delivered to Ilford on 16/11/17, ex tests at Old Dalby. 345002 went to Old Dalby in late November.
Gidea Park depot was been temporarily closed for remodelling from 25/11/17. Work expected to take 10 weeks. Displaced stabling moved to Ilford and Shenfield for the duration. 345012 on 5C87 was the last train to depart. The work involves renewal of all OLE and the installation of a new crossover at the country end to allow access from the Shenfield direction.

Above: Gidea Park depot, looking west, on 11/11/17. (John Podgorski).

From Crawley Luxury is Volvo B10MT/Plaxton Excalibur X661 NWY. Sold are Volvo B12T/Jonckherre S64 UBO ex WCF 99, 5304 VC – to Travelsafe, Swilland and Iveco Eororider/Beaulas X888 MUL to Cawthorne, Barnsley.

Oxford Bus Company: New for NX 737 (Oxford-Stansted Airport) are Volvo B11RT/Caetano Levantes 56, 57 (BV67 JYR/S).

Scania K410EB6/Caetano Levante BX64 FKM has a super rear advert for ‘Ben 10’ on VUER.
Volvo B9R/Caetano Levante FJ12 FYR has a super rear/wrapround advert for the Scouts.
Scania K340EB4/Caetano Levante SH18 (MIG 9443) is long term VOR at Start Hill Scania, having been there since September.

There have been some changes to the Northumberland Park shuttle. The western terminus is now at the TfL bus stand on Northumberland Park Road, as due to construction works, buses can no longer turn around on Marsh Lane.
Northumberland Park outstation has moved to the Volker Fitzpatrick Meridian Waters construction compound on Meridian Way, from alongside the railway station at Marsh Lane; again due to construction works.

Above: Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointer DC56 PAN outside the old First depot at Harwich in October 2017. (Alex Hazell).

Optare Excel R835 FNG has gone to Takeley Metals for scrap. It had never been used by Panther, having lain at Parkeston depot, since it was taken over from Hedingham in July 2014. It had been a static store.
Dennis Dart/Alexander Dash BIG 8843 has moved from secure storage to Parkeston to take this role, but is mobile and no longer for sale. Parkeston parking area has been extended and a larger office has been occupied in the Mack Transportation building. This follows GBN Logistics leaving the Iconfield Park site.
Leyland Olympian/Alexander RL store K508 ESS has gone from Matching Green to the secure storage site. Its place has been taken by ex K Line Optare Solo S626 JRU.

Above: K508 ESS at Matching Green on 28/10/17. (John Podgorski).

Above: Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer DC02 PAN at Harwich Quay on 11/11/17. The ship in the background is ‘Galatea’, owned by Trinity House. (Chris Sampson).

Withdrawn is LDV Convoy P78 UCL.

6/11/17: 2-6-4T steam tank loco 80078 transferred from Epping & Ongar Railway to Mangapps Farm Railway, by road.

Optare Tempo PO1 (YJ56 WVX) is now a store shed.
Optare Solo M780s 210/11 (YJ60 KHB/C) have passed to Rotala Group PLC. 210 was allocated to Wessex Bus, while 211 went to Diamond West Midlands.
Gone for scrap are Optare Solo M780 204 (YJ58 CDE), Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Mini Pointers 614/15 (Y252/58 NLK) and Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 1304 (X263 NNO).
613/15 retained Metroline livery, ableit with the blue skirt repainted dark red, while 1304 retained overall blue from its time with Quentin Kynaston Academy in north London.

10/11/17: 37601 + 345021 on 5Q45 Maryland-Old Dalby.
13-17/11/17: 47815 + 47848 on Wembley-Barrington 6L04 and 6M07, for Colas. Apparently due to RMS/Locotech putting their fleet up for sale. But Colas 56301 also used, on loan to ROG.
w/c 20/11/17: 47815/48 on 6L04 again.
20/11/17: 37601 on 0L50 Wembley-Ilford light engine; then 5M42 Ilford-Crewe with 345002 – 345 eventually to Old Dalby.

This small (8 vehicle) operator, the trading name of Godfrey of Rochford, has gone into administration.

Above: Ex Viking Coaches of Swadlincote Setra S315 KIG 3581 ex RG51 FMV, 02-TN-1 at Kelvedon on 5/11/14. This was one of three full size coaches at Solitaire, the others being mini/midis. (John Podgorski).

Green Scania N230UD/Enviro 400 15463 (AE09 GYN) is VOR at Cowley Road depot, Cambridge following a major mechanical failure. Also parked up there in late November were Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 34420 (KY53 EYW), and Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s 17175 (V175 MEV), 17180 (W187 CNO), 18355 (AE55 DJU). MAN18.220/Alexander ALX300 22021 (AE51 RYX) remains there in a cannibalised state.

Preserved Euro6 repowered AEC PRV Routemaster RM1005 (5 CLT) was at West Ham (WH) in late November for examination.
Withdrawn are Dennis Trident/Alaxander ALX400s 17898/99 (LX03 ORN/P), 18213 (LX04 FXA).
Scania Omnicity ‘decker 15131 (LX59 CMK) is now with Morton, Dublin.

The Taylors End, Stansted depot is now To Let, by Glenny.

Dennis Dart SLF/Caetanos D1, 2 (X2 SUL, DN02 SUL) have been re-registered X314 BBY, LM02 NYT.

All Leyland Olympian H47 MJN has been sold to Mr J Patterson, in Norfolk.

The first double decker here is Neoplan Skyliner KP04 GJX, ex Barkerbus of Roydon.

Having acquired the lease of Atlas Road at Park Royal depot from Tower Transit, RATP London United took over TfL18 (Sudbury-Euston) and N18 (Harrow Weald-Trafalgar Square) from Metroline from 11/11/17. RATP initially used a mixture of new and existing VH Class Volvo B5H/Wright Gemini3s and some ADE Class ADL/Enviro 40Hs. Meanwhile, Westbourne Park (X) garage has been extended with an open air “bus deck” which was built to replace space lost by adjacent Crossrail works.
Resold via Ensign are Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini VNW32380 9LK04 HZL) – to Elite Chaffeurs, Limerick and Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini2 VN32691 9BX12 CVO) to Yellow Buses, Bournemouth.

Gone for scrap are long withdrawn Dennis Javelin/Neoplan Transliner X293 AKY and Dennis Javelin/Placton Excalibur R123 XWF.

Acquired through Ensign are former Southern Vectis ex Go North East/Plymouth Citybus/Damory Optare Solo M850 NM02
Scania L94UB/Wright Solars YN04 GMG, YN05 WKC now have led destinations.DNU ex ON02 DTX, and ex Metrobus Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointers SN03 YBK/S.
Gone for scrap are Dennis Dart SLF/Caetanos 754 (KX03 HZW), 758 (LK 03 NLF).

DAF DB250LF/Optare Spectra 201 (YJ53 VBN) has passed to enthusiastic Optare user Lynx of Kings Lynn.
Withdrawn is sister 202 (YJ53 VBO).

This Belgian airline, which ceased operations in June 2017, after filing for bankruptcy, has resumed – on its Antwerp – London City route.

Ex Cardinal Buses, New Haw, via Chartwell, Horsham 9dealer) is ADL/Enviro 300 SN04 EFS.
Sold are Scania L94UB/Wright Solar WS313 (X474 AHE) and Volvo B10M/Jonckherre Mistral WC203 (H129 YCL ex Y391 KBN).

With thanks to: M Allen, Anglia Gen, S Austin, A Barham, R Delahoy, Essex Buses Yahoo, A Hazell, L Kinsella, LOTS, R McGregor, C Sampson, T Smethers.

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