Busmopolitan – Essex and District Bus and Rail Newspage. January 2019.

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Edited by John Podgorski BA Hons, MSc, CMILT.

Welcome to the January, 2019 edition of Busmopolitan.
Dons of Dunmow still runs some Leyland Olympians – and one has been named.
First Essex has imported more used buses – from Glasgow and Leeds.
Flagfinders has now repainted all bar one of the ex Graham’s coaches into their fleet livery.
Galloway has a fleet of brand new Scania/Levante IIIs to replace the original coaches ob the National Express Ipswich-Stansted-Heathrow 250 service.
Panther Travel has entered into an interesting partnership with one of the Stansted to London coach operators, and has vacated its original base.
On the rails, testing has begun of the new Class 755 Stadler Flirt bi mode trains on Greater Anglia.
In the air, Flybe has a new owner.

Vauxhall Vivaro EY65 RKJ has passed to Copart, Rochford (dealer), following accident damage. Also sold is Peugeot Boxer TUI 2146.

(John Podgorski).
VV15 ERN is an ex City Circle Irizar i6. It is currently plain white. It is pictured (above), on depot on 26/1/19.

DAF SB120/Wright Cadet 3528 (LF02 PNE) was reinstated, to cover for Dart SLF 3421 (AY54 FPZ) – which was under repair. 3421 returned to service in late January. DAF SB120/Cadet trainer 3524 (LJ51 DDX) was at work here again, at the end of January.
Unusual sightings: 11/1/19: Volvo B7RLE 3819 (GN 07 AVF) on 2. 14/1/19: DAF SB120/Wright Cadet 3521 (LJ03 MYG) on 1. 17/1/19: DAF SB120/Cadet 3528 (LF02 PNE) on 1. 22/1/19: SB120/Cadet 3534 (LF02 PNU) on 1. 26/1/19: Volvo B7RLE/Wright 3817 (GN07 AVD) on 133. 28/1/19: 3534 on 1.
Contactless fare payment was available from 27/1/19. Some buses received external posters to promote this.

ADL/Enviro 200 3986 (GN07 DLO) was on loan from Ware from late January. Also loaned was Optare Solo 2485 (YK07 BEU).

Above: In the new driver training livery, DAF SB120/Wright Cadet T3530 at Forth Avenue depot, Harlow on 31/12/18. These trainers actually work right across the Arriva KT area. (Simon Austin).

DAF DB250LF/EL 6260 (FD02 UKS) is reinstated. This type regularly appears on route 29 (Southend-Belfairs).
Contactless fare payment was available from 27/1/19. Some buses received external posters to publicise this.

From Cathedral, Gloucester is Ford Transit M16 YT16 ZPX.

Withdrawn is Iveco Eurorider/Beaulas V218 EAL.

Withdrawn are ADL/Enviro 200s SE38-46 (LX10 AUR/T-W/Y, AVB-D). They passed to Ensign. LX10 AUT/U/Y, AVB/D were resold to Sullivan Buses, South Mimms.
Dart SLF/Pointer DP205 (BT04 BUS), latterly with London General and then Bear Buses of Feltham, has been resold via Ensign for scrap.

Above: DP205 at Ensign on 19/1/19. (John Podgorski).

It has been announced that the level crossing just east of Grays Rail Station is to be replaced by a pedestrian underpass. This crossing has suffered much misuse in the form of trespass, including being used for unauthorised access to the station. There is an existing subway around 200 yards further east.

From Go-Ahead London are Scania N230UD/Optare Olympuses 870-878 (PN09 ELO/V, EMF/K/V, ENC/E/F/O). They has London fleet nos 877/78/82/83/84/86/87/88/93. They have/are been converted to single door, led destination fitted and repainted in fleet colours.
Scania Omnidekka 803 (YN55 PZE) went on loan to Hedingham at Kelvedon at the start of January, with Hedingham 812 (YN55 PZR) coming in exchange. They were swapped back on 11/1/19. Then on 18/1/19, Dart SLF/MPD 286 (HW54 BTY) came from Hedingham, while Omnidekka 805 (YN55 PZG) went in exchange for 810 (YN55 PZO). 801 (YN55 PZC) went to Hedingham on 31/1/19, with Hedingham 813 coming.

Above: Scania N230UD/Olympus PN09 EMK at Hedingham Omnibuses, Sible Hedingham on 3/1/19. (John Podgorski).

Above: 878 at Ensign, Purfleet in late January 2019. (Ensignbus).

Has AEC PRV ‘RML’ Routemaster JJD 445D, ex Ensign.

Sold for scrap are MCW Metrobus C374 BUV and Iveco 59-12/UVG N418 UWN.

2/1/19: 66846 on 6L37 Hoo Junct-Whitemoor.
3/1/19: 70805 + 66846/47 on 6L37. 70815 on 6O36 Whitemoor-Hoo Junct.
9/1/19: 37099 tnt 37521 on Crewe-Colchester NR test train, with 977868, 5981, 977983, 6264.
11/1/19: 37099 tnt 37521 + NR test train visited Ipswich.
25/1/19: 66847 on 6L37.
29/1/19: 66848 on Hoo-Whitemoor.

The O licence has been surrendered, although in practice this operator stopped in 2015.

Optare Electrocity OM1 (YJ16 DBO) was on loan in late January.

4/1/19: 66086 on 6V12 Chelmsford-Acton aggregates.
7/1/19: 66121 at Bow yard, with blue VTG hoppers.
8/1/19: 59202 on 1054 Chelmsford-Acton.
12/1/19: 90034 at GA Ilford depot.
21/1/19: 66162 tnt 66135 with VTG box wagons on Ipswich-Neasden.
22/1/19: 66015 at Bow Olympic with VTGs from Burngullow.
23/1/19; 66129 at Marks Tey sand yard, early morning.
30/1/19: 66079 at Bow Olympic.

Leyland Olympian/Alexander RL F602 MSL is now named ‘The Old Girl’.

(Shaun Kinsella Ilot).

1/1/19: 57303 hauling GA 90009 and MkIII set Norwich-Bounds Green, via Cambridge.
2/2/19: 57303 dragged 90015 + stock over same route as 5Z25.
3/1/19: 57303 towing GA 82102, 90009 and stock on 5Z25 Norwich-Bounds Green via West Anglia.
11/1/19: 37407 towed GA DVT 82115 Norwich to Willesden, then as 0Z12 light engine Willesden to Norwich.
14/1/19: 37403 on 5L37 Bounds Green-Norwich via NLL and ECML.
17/1/19: 37423 Norwich-Willesden light engine via GEML.
18/1/19: 88007/8 on Willesden-Ipswich and return.
21/1/19: 37424 as 0Z37 Willesden-Norwich.
22/1/19: 37716 on Ilford-Norwich light engine.
28/1/19: 37423 + 57303 hauled GA DVT 82102 on Bounds Green-Norwich ECS.
31/1/19: 37405 + 37716 as 0Z31 Norwich-Willesden light engine.

Now at Harlow are Renault Trafic LY15 USU and Iveco 45C15 GN59 LFZ.

Above: Ex Glasgow ADL/Enviro 300 67750 at High Street, Kelvedon on 25/1/19. (John Podgorski).

From First Leeds are Volvo B7TL/Wright Geminis 37027 (YJ06 XKS), 37036/37 (YJ06 XLB/C), 37042 (YJ06 XLH). The latest ex First Glasgow ADL/Enviro 300s are 67736 (SN62 AHV), 67750 (SN62 AOG). All of these are at Colchester.
Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 37009 (WX55 VHU) suffered an engine fire at North Station, Colchester on 13/1/19. The cause was an electrical fault in the engine bay. It will be repaired.
The Chelmsford Park and Ride ADL/Enviro 200MMCs 67189-97 have received external advertising. It is exclusively for Kendrick’s Kingdom indoor soft play facility in Chelmsford and includes super rear adverts.
Ex Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 65678 (YP02 ABN) has been withdrawn by First Eastern Counties. Sister 65675 has gone to Alpha Recovery for scrap.
Unusual sightings:
2/1/19: Route 62 B9TL 37136 (SN57 HCU) on 64. 4/1/19: Route 62 B9TL 37133 (SN57 HDO) on 75. 7/1/19: StreetLite 63337 (SM65 EEV) on 71. 10/1/19: Trident 33086 (LN51 GMG) on 174/175. 11/1/19: Trident 33088 (LN51 GMU) on 174/175; Route 62 B9TL 37133 (SN57 HDH) on 75. 12/1/19: Volvo B7RLE 66810 (MX05 CDF) on 62. 17/1/19; Trident 33196 (LT52 XAG) on 174/175. 25/1/19: Route 62 B9TL 37139 (SN57 HCY) on 75.
24/1/19 for 1 week: Yorick Road, West Mersea, closed for electricity works.

Sold is Ford Transit 8 seater KM55 HWW.

ae54fmg flagfinders livery (norman way, cr) 8-1-19 (a hazell)
Above: Ex Graham’s Mb 0814D/Euro AE54 FMG is now in blue/white fleet livery, ex silver. This is the first ex Graham’s vehicle to be so treated. It was seen at Norman Way, Colchester on 8/1/19. (Alex Hazell).

Also now in fleet livery is ex Graham’s Mb 0814D/Euro AE07 NZB.
Native Iveco Eurorider/Beaulas LV02 LLF has received the new fleet colours also.

Has been been bought by a consortium of Stobart, Virgin and Cyrus Capital Partners – as Connect Airways.

Above: Bombardier Q400 G-FLBE on finals to London City Airport on 5/4/16. (John Podgorski).

11/1/19: 86608/13 stabled at Ipswich. 90016/041 on 4L41 to Ipswich.
13/1/19: 66957 tnt 66540 on autoballasters “down” through Ingatestone @ 2012.
14/1/19: 66614 on Dagenham-Hope cement.
15/1/19: 66542/418/501 on 4E23 Ipswich-Leeds.
18/1/19: 66604 at Marks Tey sand yard. 66606 on 6L34 Tunstead-Bow.
19/1/19: 66420 tnt 66414, 66418 tnt 66418 and 66955 on Broxbourne-Cheshunt engineers. 66531 with JNAs on Whitemoor-Ruckholt Road Junction engineers.
30/1/19: 66617 at Bow Olympic. 90043/47 on 4L41 Basford Hall-Ipswich.

bf68lce 102 nx-galloway 250 (cr b s) 19-1-19 (s austin)
Above: Brand new Scania/Levante III BF68 LCE at Colchester on 19/1/19. (Simon Austin).

New for National Express are Scania/Caetano Levante III tri-axles 101-108 (BF68 LCC/E//G/J-N). They have replaced 61 plate Volvo B9R/Levantes and are primarily used on 250 (Ipswich-Stansted-Heathrow), but will also appear on 481 9Felixstowe-London) and 484 (Walton-Clacton-London).

2/1/19: 66706 on 0P33 Ipswich-North Walsham light engine. 66757/61 on 0L33 Peterborough-Felixstowe light engine. 66758//73 on 6L36 Hoo Junct-Whitemoor.
3/1/19: 66771 on 4Z26 Felixstowe-Masborough.
4/1/19: 66706 on Ipswich-N Walsham light engine.
5/1/19: 66774 on 6T62 Whitemoor-Brimsdown engineers.
7/1/19: 66761 on 0Z41 FLX-Parkeston Quay light engine. Then on Harwich-N Walsham tanks.
10/1/19: 66725 on Hams Hall-FLX. 66761 on N Walsham-Harwich Tanks.
13/1/19; 66712 on 6T62 Harlow-Whitemoor engineers. 66743 on 6T61 Harlow-Whitemoor engineers.
14/1/19: 66757 on 4L22. 66773/58 on 0L33.
16/1/19: 66760 on N Walsham-Ipswich light engine.
17/1/19: 66760 on Ipswich-N Walsham light loco.
18/1/19: 66743 on 4L02.
19/1/19: 66785 tnt 66728 with JNAs on 6T64 Whitemoor-Ruckholt Road Junction engineers.
21/1/19: 66738 on N Walsham-Ipswich light loco. 66758/43 on 0L33.
22/1/19: 66728 on 4E00 London Gateway-Maborough intermodal. 66738 on Ipswich-N Walsham light loco. 66761 on 6L61 Thrislington-Chesterton Junction.
26/1/19: 66772 hauled South Eastern EMU 466005 on Slade Green-Ilford ECS.
27/1/19: 66753/59 on 0L33.
29/1/19: 66708 on Thrislington-Chesterton. 66709 on N Walsham-Ipswich light loco.

Above: 90011 arrives at Colchester on the 1403 from Norwich to London Liverpool Street on 22/12/18. (John Podgorski).

In the first week on January, night time testing of the new Class 755s began; initially between Norwich and Diss. 755405 has been used regularly.
321327/28 are the latest Renatus conversions.
5/1/19: 90005 on 1G69 2015 Norwich-London Liverpool Street “footex” (football special); then returned as ECS to Norwich.
7/1/19: 90009 on Norwich-Crewe light engine.
12/1/19: 317338/653 on 0800 LST-Braintre and repeat. 317343/652 on 0900 LST-Braintree and repeat.
14/1/18: 317508/651 on 1Y34 Livepool St-Ipswich.
19/1/19: 317324/52, 317515/668, 317657/344 on Liverpool Street-Braintrees.
22/1/19: Newly converted Renatus 321322 on 5L21 Doncaster-Ilford ECS.
25/1/19; 153306 on Marks Tey-Sudbury.
30/1/19: 755405 on test to Ely and Thetford.

5/1/19: 387140 visited Ilford depot for mods for Heathrow Airport services. Towed there by DRS 57305.

387141 gwr (iver) 14-10-17
Above: 387141 at Iver on 14/10/17, on a Maidenhead-London Paddington service. This is on part of the future CrossRail route. (John Podgorski).

New is Ford Tourneo HT68 BUS. It replaced Ford Transit EY62 VVA.
Ford Tourneo HY68 BUS has been named ‘Drizzle’.

Ex London General are Volvo B9TL/WAright Gemini2s BCT0119/0219 (LX60 DXF/J).

Transferred from Konect is former Anglian Bus Scania Omnitown 456 (AN61 BUS). It has replaced Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere 5 (N664 THO) at Sible Hedinghsm, on a Hedingham School contract. 5 is now withdrawn.
Received on loan from Chambers at the start of January was Scania Omnidekka 803 (YN55 PZE), with Hedingham 812 (YN 55 PZR) being exchanged. They were swapped back on 11th January. Both are/were at Kelvedon. Then on 18/1/19, Dart SLF/MPD 286 (HW54 BTY) went to Chambers, while Omnidekka 810 (YN55 PZO) was swapped with 805 (YN55 PZG). 286 returned later in January. Omnidekka 801 (YN55 PZC) came from Chambers on 31/1/19, with 813 (YN55 PZU) going. 805 also went back to Chambers in this month, but then came back.
Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President 573 (W491 WGH) has been re-engined.
Gone to Alpha Recovery for scrap are Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 251 (PJ02 RHE) and Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400 743 (X386 NNO). Both had been “parted out” at Sible Hedingham before disposal.

LX05EZH 525 HO X76 (CR) 29-12-18 (D PRETTY)
Above: One of the latest single door conversions to enter service is Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini 525. It was seen in Colchester on 29/12/18. Note is retains black and yellow relief in its livery – its sisters are plain red. (Daniel Pretty).

Vauxhall Combo vans FN54 SXC, W761 TRE have been numbered 9003, 9004 respectively.

Above: 9003 at Sible Hedingham depot on 3/1/19. |John Podgorski).

Odd sightings: 16/1/19: B7TL/President 571 on 63/19; 584 on 19. 17/1/19: Dart SLF/MPD 291 on 15 pm. 18/1/19: B7TL/President 561 on 19/63. 21/1/19: B7TL/Gemini 525 on 50. 25/1/19: SLF/MPD 290 on 15 pm. 30/1/19; short ADL/E200 292 (EU59 AFF) on 63. 31/1/19: ADL/E200 295 (SN10 CCX) on 82/83 and 15 pm.

Withdrawn are Optare Excels 171/72 – leaving just no 170 active.

New is Mb Tourismo BF68 ZFV.
Setra S250 XJI 7902 has reverted to its original T117 SOA mark.

VDL SB4000/VH AL06 DGE has been re-registered back to YJ07 JFK. It was then sold to Lee, Langley Moor, Durham.

Scania Omnidekkas YN56 FDK, FEG have been resold via Ensign to York Pullman.
Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President Trainers W536/37 WGH went for scrap to Shelton Motors, Ely – also through Ensign.

Electric working on the ‘Goblin’ Gospel Oak-Barking line, commenced on 28/1/19, with 378232 running the inaugural service. It has been temporarily shortened from 5 to 4 cars, and is a stopgap for delayed new Class 710s. Two more shortened ‘378s are due. As a result, the Class 172 DMUs have had a stay of execution, but are due to leave for Abellio West Midlands Trains by March 2019. So far, 172002/3/6 have been withdrawn for transfer.
Aventra 710263 reached Chingford overnight on 25-26/1/19, on a test run from Liverpool Street and return. The ‘710s entry into revenue service has been delayed by technical issues. Deliveries had reached 710115 in January.
Reinstated 315858 has been allocated here to replace 315813.
6/1/19: 172006 arrived at Ilford depot.
24/1/19: 710269 on Willesden-Broxbourne test run; returned as 5Q93 – in early hours of morning.
26/1/19: 172006 on 5Q66 Ilford-Rugby ECS.
29/1/19: 172003 to Ilford depot.

Neoplan Tourliner MM68 NBUS is new here. It was initially exhibited at the Coach and Bus Expo at the NEC, Birmingham – and was first registered in December 2018.

Scania K380EB4/Berkhof OW07 YVJ is now M15 TVL.

3/1/19: 345012 – IL-OC. 345016 – OC-IL.
14/1/19: 315858 hauled from Wolverton to Ilford by ROG 37884 as 5Q50. It is destined for London Overground (see above).
28/1/19: 345010 – OC-IL.

Volvo B10M/Jonckherre Mistral W864 AAY is now with Skelton Coaches of Guisborough.

BU51 ZAK ex FE51 RDX is a Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere, ex Simmonds and Griffin, Abridge.

OF61 OXF is an ex City of Oxford Scania K360EB4/Plaxton Panther2 – supplied via Ensign.
Sold is Volvo B10M/Plaxton Panther Y5 TRU.

Above: White Roding site on 26/1/19. The old A Barham and Sons/Panther premises are at the far end. (John Podgorski).

White Roding workshop has closed. Matching Airfield storage site has also been cleared. Operations are now focused in north east Essex, at Parkeston depot, Colchester outstation, Witham outstation and Weeley workshop (also Great Dunmow, again). White Roding was the original base of A Barham and Sons, from whom Panther Travel evolved. Some derelict buses that had lain at White Roding went to Takeley Metals for scrap; Leyland National Greenway GUW 452W, Leyland Olympian/ECW C73 CHM, Volvo B6BLE/Wright V259 HBH.
Great Dunmow outstation is in regular use again; Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panther DC53 PAN was there during January for rail on the B Stortford/Stansted-Cambridge line and a new contract providing duplicates for Airport Bus Express. A dealer stock ADL/Enviro 200 (YX10 BGO) is also parked there
Unusual sightings: 2/1/19: Dart SLF/MPD BIG 9856 on X15.

Above; DC53 PAN on Airport Bus Express at Victoria Coach Station, London on 28/1/19. (Alex Hazell).

14/1/19: 37884 light through Manor Park as Ilford to Wembley @ 1515.

Lothian Volvo B8L/ADL tri-axle “megadecker” SG68 LCA was borrowed at the end of January and road tested, including on the North Cambridgeshire Guided Busway.
Ford Transit MWB hi cube publicity van YE63 KDF has been debranded.
On hire from Enterprise is Ford Transit van WR68 UBL.

Trident/ALX400s resold through Ensign are:
LX53 KAE – to Crown Christian Heritage Centre, Droitwich; LX53 KBF – to Gloucester Minibus Ltd.

The former depot at Taylors End, Stansted is now occupied by Ryanair.

Above: The old Citylink, Stansted premises, on 26/1/19. (John Podgorski).

Ex Abellio London are ADL/Enviro 200s 445 (YX10 FFC) at Rochford and 446 (YX10 FFA) is at Haverhill.
Above; The current Braintree depot, in the old First yard, on 26/1/19. Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 459 and ADL/Enviro 200 465 are present, with Peugeot Bipper van WP59 LCZ. (John Podgorski).

Ex Blue Triangle via Ensign are ADL/Enviro 200s AE6-10 (LX10 AUT/U/Y, AVB/D).
Withdrawn is MAN14/MCV Evolution MM824 (LK57 AYV).

DAF MB/Plaxton Supreme YJN 455S is now with Youngs of Cambridge.

x598usc tendring travel (walton rail station) 6-1-19 (a hazell)
Above: X598 USC is an ex Tyrers of Adlington, Lancashire Dennis Trident/Plaxton President. It was new to Lothian in Edinburgh and is one of two bought. It was pictured at Walton on the Naze on Greater Anglia Rail replacement to/from Thorpe Le Soken on 6/1/19. The old railway station building (now flats) is in the background. (Alex Hazell).

YJ57 BSY is an acquired Temsa Safari.
Volvo Olympian/Alexander RH S678 PAG has been damaged in a collision with the low railway bridge at Kirby Cross.

Acquired for spares only is Iveco 50C FN55 EDO, ex Atherton, Sheerness.

New is Wright StreetLite DF WM46001 (SM68 ERZ), as an extra vehicle for TfL339 (Leytonstone-Shadwell).
On loan wad AD/Envioro 200 MMC demonstrator YX17 NKX – numbered SED1.
VDLSB200/Wright Pulsar2 hydrogen fuel cell bus WSH62994 (LK60 HPL) has moveD from route RV1 (Tower Gateway-Covent Garden)to TfL444 (Chingford-Turnpike Lane), with its sisters to follow.
Frequency reductions on TfL236 (Hackney Wick-Finsbury Park) and TfL444 meant some Wright StreetLites were surplus. These were transferred from Lea Interchange (LI) to Westbourne Park (X), for new TfL contract 228 (Central Middlesex Hospital-Maida Hill), gained from Metroline from 19/1/19.

Above: StreetLite WV46103 on the 444 at Chingford Station on 15/12/18. (John Podgorski).

Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini LK04 HXD has gone to Shelton Motors, Ely for scrap – via Ensign.

Acquired via Ensign are ex Connexions Buses, Tockwith Scania Omnicity saloons YN04 GMV/X. GMV is named ‘Brian Horner’, and is in NBC poppy red livery with West Yorkshire fleetnames ! GMV arrived with registration 5480 WY, but quickly reverted to its original mark.
Dart SLF/Mini Pointer HW54 BUO has passed to Red Route, Northfleet.

Dart SLF/Pointer 130 (KP54 BYK) is now with Kent Coach Tours, Ashford.
Scania Omnicity Saloons 356/57 (YN53 GEY, GFG), Dart SLF/EL Esteems 509/10/12 (PE56 UFL/M/S) have passed to Ventura, Cranfield (dealer).

With thanks to:
Angliagen, S Austin, D Ayres, EBN, Ensignbus, A Hazell, Hedingham, JWF, S Kinsella Ilot, LOTS, D Osborne, D Pretty, PSVC.

Courtworth Banner cropped

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